Marijuana Legalization Proponents in Washington Unveil First TV Ad

The campaign behind I-502, a ballot measure that would end cannabis prohibition in Washington State this fall, unveiled their first TV advertisement in support of the initiative. This commercial kicks off a recently announced million dollar ad campaign, which aims to keep marijuana legalization at the forefront of Washington voters’ minds as we approach November. You can view the ad below:

Polling data taken in July by SurveyUSA shows an upward swing in support for the initiative, with 55 percent of likely voters approving of the measure, 32 percent opposing, and 13 percent undecided.

Get all the latest information on cannabis law reform in the 2012 Election by viewing NORML’s voter guide, Smoke the Vote, here.

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  1. I think the fact that she does not use cannabis, but shares a pro cannabis argument is a great way to appeal to less open minded people.

    I am waiting for the response to this commercial with the recycled video of a bus driver smoking a joint before they pick up some kids.

  2. I like the ad – it’s smart to target anti-legalization proponents with facts and benefits that will make sense to them. I think it’s a better ad than the ones running for the similar measure in Colorado.

  3. I like the ad myself. Short, to the point, provides some good background. And in my opinion (the most important part) it lacks details. Because the ad is short viewers may question where these points come from and may look into it further, educating themselves and ultimately coming to an informed decision as opposed to a quick decision based off the idea itself.

    The fact the person in the video does not enjoy it (“I do not like it myself”) also sides with the non-users that the benefits could outweigh the cons by a large amount!

    Well done Washington! (I myself am a Mass. resident)

  4. If you smoke pot, you could become the greatest Olympian in the history of man kind, (Michael Phelps!) Nothing wrong with smoking weed!!!

  5. i agree with what she said we should stop putting people in jail for peddy drug charges that would save money and also the goverment can regulate it and get out off this hole that its in

  6. I like the ad. She needs to add that “heaviness” to her aura that people who don’t smoke have. We’d all listen more, then. But a really good job no less. I can’t wait till I see my first pro-pot commercial on TV. Just legalize it! 12×35=420 Everyone must get stoned!

  7. Overall I like the spot, but the opening line “I don’t like it personally” didn’t strike me as she doesn’t use marijuana, it comes across as she doesn’t like it and the first thing out of her mouth is basically “this is bad, but we have worse things to worry about”. I’d prefer that line was not in the spot at all. It’s a qualifier and as the first thing heard, the most important take away I had was marijuana smoking is bad, even its supporters say so.

  8. She definitely has a conservative look about her, even looks a little like Michelle Bachman

  9. Decriminalizing only would still lead to responsible users losing there jobs if they get tested at work. We must go all the way!!

  10. Don’t forget about the #warondrugs; Let’s end it; together!; we have a chance; A third choice: +Gary Johnson ;America; presidential candidate; Libertarian; Gary “I will end the war on drugs.; legalize cannabis; pardon those of non-violent marijuana charges”; The Atlantic: [two min];

  11. I personally can’t fathom, how a government or any body else can actually tell any adult what they can or can’t put in their bodies. It just makes me think it’s not a nanny thing, but more like the U.S. thinks it own it’s citizens; exactly like when a soldier tries to commit suicide(which cannabis reduces by the way)the soldier gets charged with: Destruction of government property.

    It seems the U.S. want’s to blur the lines of who own’s who in this arrangement called government.

    Keep fighting against any and every law that inhibits personal choice and freedom! Use your power to vote and change these antiquated nanny laws while you still have the ability to!

  12. Sometimes I think I’m slow, or, I’ve missed out somewhere, but, has therenever been any kind of lawsuit brought against the feds or states for allowing legalized poisons to be bought and sold? I mean, governements tax, license, and encourage selling of tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals (sp?). Isn’t there anything anywhere that has delt with this?

  13. Every time people start defending legalization on other websites, someone invariably resorts to the “shut-up you stupid pothead” mantra…

    …This video is the message that says, “I don’t smoke, but I don’t want to see our government continuing to embrace bad policy.”

  14. I like the mention of taking the profits out of the hands of gangs, and the better utilization of our limited resources. I also like the very pragmatic approach in general. Glorification of cannabis would get us nowhere in the effort to regulate cannabis like alcohol and tobacco – and the tone of this commercial appeals directly to those who may be unsure of how they feel.

    Good job New Approach!!

  15. this add schould be used nation wide all 50 states a pot charge record leades to other frivolious and serious charges persacution s its time for leagalization

  16. Comments on comments:
    I too don’t like that she starts right out by saying “I don’t like it” except that the add supports one of the unnoticed reasons why legalizing pot wouldn’t create stoner mayhem: that there’ll be people that might try it just because it’s legal, but won’t like it and won’t continue, just like I don’t like wine myself. so that’s a talking point that should be brought up in discussions.

    yes, legalization, all the way. Anything less is leaving employees wide open for discrimination even though there is no evidence that using cannabis creates any loss of productivity and may even enhance it. One reason why I became self-employed though I fear somewhere somehow someday the drug testing fairy will enter my world again.

    Jim-yes yes yes!!! This is one of the preambles in the Washington State declaration concerning the bill to legalize mj in that state-that the feds have no right to interfere with the “life, liberty or pursuit of happiness” of its citizens.

    Dana-yes, and also someone should bring a lawsuit against the pharmaceuticals that have created and promoted so many drugs that have side effects such as obesity and addiction, and sidetrack the patient from making necessary lifestyle changes. One of the biggest drug problems emerging is addiction to pain meds and antianxiety meds. Also so many of these drugs are used for overdoses, and all too often antidepressants are less than50% effective and the side effects of lethargy and obesity just lead to more depression.

    Legalize cannabis nationwide and see how much it lowers the costs of health care.

  17. “There’s an old Vulcan expression, ‘only Nixon could go to China’.”

    —Spock to Kirk
    Star Trek VI,
    The Undiscovered Country

    We need the conservatives on board. Otherwise they’ll clobber any attempt at reform.

  18. This is a very persuasive ad that is professional and speaks to the mainstream voters, not about selfishly wanting to get high, but about the policy reasons for regulating the sale and distribution. This ad will hopefully solidify Washington 502’s 55% base of support, while perhaps swaying some of the undecideds.

    Folks, ONE state for legalizing possession and sale is all that’s needed to bring this dark horse down! The dank aroma of victory is upon us soon!

  19. The woman in the video seems like an uptight conservative but I think that’s a good thing!!! She represents the very kind of people who are generally anti-freedom if it doesn’t fit into their small mindset. When someone like the way she is depicted sees the video they may well see themselves and be affected in a way that truly helps our cause!

    Responsible adults should be allowed to consume marijuana any way they choose! Do we not own our own bodies? Gods – This is America after all! The greedy bigoted hateful people within our Federal Govt (the DEA in particular) have absolutely no right to force their ignorant laws upon us!

    I know, I know… Preachin’ to the choir here…

  20. I felt like I had stubbed a toe on a concrete block when I watched it. Do we really have to join the chorus of ‘pot is so dangerous we have to take all these regulatory actions to protect folks from it’ tact? It hasn’t worked for the past forty years.

    It’s NOT A DRUG. It is an herb and one of the safest and most effective ones on the planet. Certainly, any kind of legalization is better than what we have now. I’d vote for it given the opportunity, but I don’t like it because it is not honest. To my eye, it appears to be pandering to a false belief system. The first step in working with people who have delusions is to avoid entering their broken thought system. This campaign appears to have accepted this error as necessary. That’s a rookie shrink mistake. By ‘this campaign,’I’m referring to the nation-wide effort to move legalization forward. I certainly support the effort, if not the approach.

  21. People drink alcohol everyday JUST to get drunk. They smoke 2 packs of cigarettes every day JJUUSSTT to get stimulated and feel adrenaline. People take Aspirin JJJUUUSSSTTT to FEEL BETTER. People eat chocolate and sugar JUST to feel good. And that’s all legal, but if people smoketh the herb weed JUST to get high-that’s suddenly a problem for those who don’t smoke. What ever happened to live and let live? And people in states that allow pot have to make up all these elaborate excuses of why they need illegal medicine. God Dammit! Never stop. Never give in. Don’t listen to assholes who don’t know of what they speak.

  22. I am pro legalization. I support the removal of the false stigma that has been built up around cannabis and the people who choose to use it. I truly believe that since more and more states have begun the process of decriminalization and are on their way to full scale legalization the sheltered masses who have been duped for decades are seeing that it’s not something to be afraid of. Cannabis consumers are generally hardworking, tax paying, law abiding citizens who tend to be very responsible with their intoxicant/medicine of choice. Isn’t it great that it is both!

  23. Not a bad ad but instead of saying let’s talk about legalizing marijuana she should of said, let’s get on the ball and do it . Enough with the talking already . It’s time to legalize .

  24. Meanwhile in, Humboldt County they are letting the meth users out of jail but jailing the Potheads :

    ***** Horton and Derlyn Riley were arrested and booked into the Humboldt County jail on suspicion of possession of paraphernalia and methamphetamine at about 1:10 a.m. Monday, according to Knight. Derlyn Riley was released less than two and a half hours later, according to Knight, due to jail overcrowding.

    Sheriff’s office Lt. Dean Flint said crowding is an issue with some inmate populations, most notably females.

    The Humboldt County Drug Task Force served a search warrant Wednesday morning at a residence on the 1700 block of Tompkins HIll Road in Fortuna, leading to one arrest and the seizure of about 250 growing marijuana plants.

    ****** Brian Keith Zacharias, 40, was arrested at the scene and booked into the Humboldt County jail on suspicion of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale, being armed in the commission of a felony and maintaining a hash lab. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

  25. If all drugs are bad than Marijuana is not a drug! Seriously, not many drugs are more bad than good-let’s see:Pcp, ketamine, Heroin and derivatives, coke, crack, meth, and salvia divinorum. Half of those are legal in some way. I take drugs everyday: lithium and geodon plus others. Oh and when I have weed and cough and cold medicine I’ve been known to have good times. We seriously have the numbers, we could take over. I want the cartels to go out of business.

  26. *perfectly acceptable drugs which are “not bad” (legal) but are WAY more dangerous. lithium esp. too much geodon will make you fall asleep. I just have imbalances of chemicals in my brain. I have too many of the LSD like chemicals. everyone has lithium in their bodies. Thats why drugs are drugs-they CLOSELY resemble the naturally occuring ones in our body. Cannabis gives you the feeling of being full from food only more so. tobacco is adrenaline. heroin is endorphines dopamine norofinefrin whatever. coke is dopamine. DMT is what you dream with. God, it’s almost as if drugs are a part of us… hmmm

  27. The local news carried the story, but tempered it with a police chief saying:

    “I don’t know how it makes good sense to legalize something that serves no other purpose than to cause impairment,” said Ed Holmes of the Washington Association of Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs.

    Holmes, who is also Mercer Island’s chief of police, said simply taxing and regulating marijuana will not make the job any easier for law enforcement officers.

    “People (using marijuana) say things they wouldn’t say, they do things they wouldn’t do, they commit crimes they otherwise wouldn’t commit and that’s the concern we have with smoking marijuana,” he said.

    link to story with video:

    I registered to vote for the first time a couple days ago because of I502. I am nearly 50 and a life long resident of Washington.

  28. The lady in this video reminds me of [Wary Jane], who thought she was allergic to marijuana. Turns out, it was the smoke that bothered her. Now she is all fired up and ready to Roll! We can join [Jane] in demanding this simple definition of marijuana which actually shows respect for our Constitution:

    16. The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the pant Cannabis sativa L.

    For more information, google Talking Points for the Peloton.

  29. I don’t like the first line. Too many people will think she personally thinks it’s a bad thing. A better line would be “While I don’t use Marijuana myself…”

  30. Neal, that is one of the points. Even if you do think marijuana is a “bad thing”, there isn’t any “good reason” to be putting people in jail over it. Get it???

    Even if someone personally hates marijuana and will never take it (for whatever reason) can still support other people’s rights to make those choices for themselves. Like cilantro. I hate the crap!!! But I’m not about to start telling other folks they cannot grow/buy/sell it. That’s just un-american.

  31. humanity has spoken. give him what he wants. the true meaning. it’ll take time. majority rules. boris said. government.

  32. iv’e never known anyone who ever smoked grass that did not like it.
    it is in all of us by nature.

  33. I am thoroughly satisfied that the lobby will continue this line of rhetoric. Don’t you EVER forget, she said that she doesn’t care for it, personally. ha

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