Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan On Medical Marijuana: “I Support States’ Rights”

In a clear departure from his more socially conservative top-of-the-ticket running mate Mitt Romney, vice presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan, in an interview this afternoon on KRDO in Colorado Springs, when confronted with a question about whether or not he supported patients in Colorado having legal access to cannabis for medical purposes, Ryan said that although he personally opposes medical cannabis use he would defer to the judgment of each state to make up its own mind on the issue.

Watch KRDO video here.

Of course, Representative Ryan’s public policy position, as articulated here, is not much different in scope or tone from what George W. Bush and President Barack Obama claimed too when running for president, only to commit significant Department of Justice resources in closing down hundreds of otherwise lawful, state-compliant medical cannabis dispensaries.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has historically opposed any legal access to medical cannabis and rejects states’ efforts to create policies different then the federal government’s. At the 2:35 mark in the video capture below from an interview Governor Romney gave to a Denver TV station during the primaries, he not only affirmed his opposition to even medical access to cannabis (which approximately 75% of the American population supports), but is equally dismissive of states’ efforts to come up with alternative public policies to that of the fed’s abject failure.

Looks like Romney and Ryan are not exactly two cannabis seeds in a pod…

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  1. How naive can you be? Can’t you recognize a trial balloon when you see one? If Romney/Ryan did choose to play the states’ rights card, then they do what Obama should have done, without alienating the socially conservative far right.

    I know you’d like to think that Obama has to be more reasonable one on this issue, but Obama/Holder need to deflect from the administration’s monumental screw-up on Fast and Furious by getting tough on weed. As ridiculous as that may be.

    Geez, you’d think that the president of a national marijuana reform group would be at least somewhat politically savvy.

  2. Paul Ryan was just trying to get extra votes for Mitt Romney by making those States rights speeches that everyone likes to hear.

    It’s going to get ugly when November 6th gets here.

  3. Well written Allen. All the facts given. It’s unfortunate Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith would NEVER allow marijuana for ANY reason. Mormons believe marijuana is Evil and against God, and ANY one who uses marijuana for ANY reason are against God. Search—– did JESUS use marijuana, and links will show you the versus where JESUS did in FACT use Cannabis Oils made from ONLY the biggest TOPS of large Cannabis Flowers as anointment oils and for spiritual rituals for the highest ranks and those closest to JESUS within his circle. They didn’t smoke marijuana, they rubbed the raw super strong oils on their skin as anointing oils so they could be close to God. They were tripping balls man!!! God says that JESUS is as he himself is, which makes him God also, therefore,it is written that God also being JESUS used marijuana. It’s funny how some people can stand against marijuana when God himself proclaimed it as GOOD.

  4. It’s part votes, part belief. Ryan supports the constitution and freedom; Although it might not be within his own beliefs, he respects the right for others to have different beliefs.

    Generally, those to focus on the constitution and not specific personal opinions will support medical marijuana.

  5. OMG, Paul Ryan is a stronger supporter of medical marijuana than is Obama? What a disappointment he is after being so open during his last campaign about his own youthful experience with smoking it and then shutting facilities down as president! He could be an amazing president but he has been so horrible on this policy that this article is just sad for those of us who thought Obama was on our side!

  6. You know, I don’t like Mitt. But at the end of the video “I’m not running on marriage and marijuana. Those are state issues shouldn’t they be?”

    Why not just come out and say you will allow the states those rights? I guarantee it will get you some votes(especially from us on this site) over Obama’s crackdown policies.

  7. Paul Ryan Talks Medical Marijuana Legalization: ‘Let the States Decide’…Hell ya. Obama has lied to the cannabis community and done it more damage than 2 Bush’s and a Clinton. Mr. Ryan, not only will you get my vote, you will get a donation from both myself.

  8. ALL politians are professional liars.Ryan (and before him Obama) makes statements like these to “suggest” to potential voters (suckers) that they are cool with alowing personal choice and liberty.They “hint” that once they are in power, they won’t waste federal resourses continuing pot prohibition, or in this case, claim it’s a states rights issue.BULLSHIT!
    Once in power they will do as they damm well please and to hell with the now forgotten fools who believed the spin.The “states rights argument” translates into the “states rights” that they approve of.
    Watch a state overwelmingly vote in favor of gay marrage and legalised cannabis and watch their so-called support for “states rights” magically vanish.
    These people are HYPOCRITES, do not be fooled again.

  9. Skunky fingers your the man couldn’t have said it any clearer. Doesn’t matter what ryan says romney is hardcore anti weed.

  10. Gary Johnson said “I am for the legalization of distribution, possession, and production of marijuana.”

    Republicans and Democrats are done in this country. GET A CLUE AND WAKE UP AMERICA!

    Gays are welcome here. Mexicans are welcome here. This is America. Voting on RELIGIOUS issues IS NOT THE WAY OUR CONSTITUTION WAS WROTE. It makes me SICK to hear people complain that the liberals are not for the Constitution, but yet conservatives are. IF CONSERVATIVES ARE FOR THE CONSTITUTION, then they must be for the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. If you are a liberal for Freedom of Speech, then you should be FOR GUN RIGHTS.

    Conservatives-“FOR LESS GOVERNMENT”-but yet they are the ones making laws to tell you who you can and cant marry-can or cant watch porn-can or cant smoke marijuana….seems to me that they make laws they want to support what they want

    We are no longer in a Democracy people. We are in a Facist government. We will soon be a Dictatorship.

    I remember when Bill Clinton was running for office. He was a draft dodger. My Republican dad and mom and grandpa and grandma and every other family memeber was pissed off saying they would never vote for ANYONE that hasnt served in the US military. Now people like Mitt Romney are saying leave the “Health care reform up to the professionals.” Well now you are just a bunch of HYPOCRITS again. Ron Paul served this country IN THE US MILITARY. HE IS A DOCTOR THAT HELPED PEOPLE HAND IN HAND WITH HIS PEOPLE.
    I am sick and tired of this country. EVERY US citizen over steps their Constitutional rights BY INFRINGING on OTHER PEOPLES Constitutional rights.
    I hope Romney gets elected. I cant wait to see him sign over the US to Russia for $440 million.

  11. Anyone who smokes weed should be able to see that Mitt and Paul are fake, plastic robots. I’m not very happy with Obama, but I still think he would be more likely to support some type of legalization. However, I think right now, he would see it as a harmful move politically. Once things are said and done, and Obama is re-elected as President, I believe he will feel more free to be able to support *some* type of legalization.

  12. It doesn’t matter what Paul Ryan thinks, he isn’t the one who will be president. Mitts position on medical marijuana is terrifying and if you are stupid enough to donate to his campaign or vote for him because of what his pandering vice president says you can thank yourself when MITT shuts down all medical marijuana. Ryan has even said he doesn’t agree with medical cannabis, at least Obama admits cannabis has medical properties!!

  13. I’m still not voting for shit romney. Talk about hypocrites. They’ll say anything to get into office and then make 98% of the country work $2K extra for the already rich 2% so they can get a tax break. Isn’t that just fucking precious!

  14. You people are idiots if you vote romney. he’s not for legalization!?! remember 2008? financial disaster as big as stock market crash. its cause of republican policies. romney will just destroy the usa and you dumfucks are like, “der, paul ryan talking about states rights. you’ll have my vote.” You dumb motherfucker! You aren’t rich! You are’nt going to see any tax break, you idiot, you’re gonna pay more! And he’d ruin the country. we NEED social security and medicare. And anyone who votes for romney cause he says hes religious is a fool too. Osama bin laden was religious and he was one of the most evil men in history. And Barack killed him. Use your head Romney is more for greed than good. I can’t wait until he DIES and any fucking mental retard that would waste a vote on him. You people should be arrested for Treason and given cyanide in the gas chamber. May the Gods change your brain from dark to smart.

  15. Pandering politicians are a plague that strikes every 4 years,,Johnson/Gray to speak out against insanity and force the political parties to defend the war on marijuana/hemp.

  16. The root of the problem is the Federal Reserve and it’s inflationary powers of using fiat paper money.
    Democrats and Republicans can only promise you more hell unless they get rid of the Federal Reserve. We must go back to the gold/silver standard.

    Having inflationary devalued paper money and claiming it to be legal tender and not having it backed by anything is power to the Devil.
    Employment and Economics cannot thrive on credit and the declining value of the dollar.

  17. Sorry folks but you seem to fail to understand that Paul Ryan is lying when he says he supports state rights. Many times a vice president will be made to lie in order to achieve more votes for the presedent they are running under. Gary jhonson is also running for presedent and has said that he will legalize cannabis. Look him up and im sure you will see somthing you like. In the mean time, please do not donate to or vote for those who oppose gay right as well as the legalization of cannabis. Or we might find our selves in another bush era war zone.

  18. What strikes me is that he did not state what the consequences of our decisions would be. Respect could easily be a double edged sword.

  19. Maybe I was overly gullible, but it seemed like during Obama’s campaign, he seemed like he could at least be persuaded to address the problem. the. problem. of pot prohibition.

    I got swept up into the elusive and ultimately ethereal imaginings of change and hope, enough to believe Obama would have done something about the major problems caused by prohibition. Alas, I was wrong.

    This VP candidate basically says that first, he’s against pot legalization on a personal level. That is first, it’s primary to him. Then he adds some tidbit about letting the states decide.

    Obama said that. His attorney general even said that they would not interfere with states. They acknowledged that it should be decided by states and once decided, no intrusions. What a lie that was, it turns out.

    So, after Romney’s VP candidate makes any mention of cannabis which lacks outright attack and criticism, it’s deemed as possibly good? Maybe?

    It’s BS. What he said was totally without substance. To paraphrase, he said:

    I don’t like pot (it’s bad not good) but the states are deciding and I don’t know we can do anything to stop it short of sending in the troops so I’ll fake neutrality but in a spirited tone of voice (unlike that Mitt monotone, like he’s parroting the same thing for the millionth time)

    Ryan’s first statement is that as a D.A.R.E graduate (with certification), he follows the policy model where government teaches “Kids, some drugs bad, some drugs good but when you’re older, ok?” Then warring on particular drugs whose legalization, regulation, and taxation pose logistical problems or loss of revenues for special interests certain government agencies that either make money from drug trafficking themselves (like CIA and heroin/coke), or those which receive extra funding to play cat-and-mouse with the organized crime created by the inane policy itself, meant to protect people from themselves, when it’s just a trampling of citizen’s, state’s, and human rights, that has gone on far too long.

  20. Mormon faith ? Christianity ? Liars, & Jesus said ” do onto others as you would have them do onto you ” . ” Treat your neighbor as thyself ” .Well, liars i am not voting for any of you and your Corporate money . I’m voting 3rd party this November .

  21. He’s only saying this to get elected . Remember what, Obama said before he was elected .? Now he’s brought dispair, joblessness,hopelessness to California’s economy further sinking California down the toilet .

  22. The way I see it is that the only reason marijuana is A gateway drug is that drug dealers have the control over it,and they bring the other drugs into the picture.Remove marijuana from their revenues cocaine heroin meth become more difficult.Republicans and states rights seems the way for me to vote and hope for A more enlightened candidate next time.

  23. Fucking pandering Lying RyAnN pig. Typical politician though. Let’s see if Barry can do him one better (another fucking lying ass politician) and reschedule it. Don’t hold breath.

  24. Ryan won’t be the president, and he’s just pandering for votes.

    Fuck Ryan! And the horse he rode in on!

    Fuck Romney! And the horse he rode in on, too!

    The sequestration cuts, if the Congress ever actually has the balls to go through with them, had better get the feds the fuck out of the MMJ states AND D.C. The feds need to be disallowed from spending any money against legitimate MMJ enterprises and people. Call off the IRS, DEA, DOJ and whoever the fuck else the feds are who are fucking up things.

    I saw on Chris Haye’s MSNBC show that Jerry Nadler and the bunch were talking about how the Congress might not go through with the sequestration cuts because the Republicans are against the cuts that would be made to the military budget.

    Let’s see if Paul Ryan is states’ rights when it comes to sequestration cuts that get the feds out of MMJ.

    I doubt it, little rich chicken shit.

  25. JJ,

    You sorta got it right; but Romney wouldn’t sell the US to Russia, he would just get them involved in America’s wars. My friends, we are living on the edge today. World tensions are way too high and there is the likelihood of Israel and the USA setting of a world war. Our economy is quite literally teetering on disaster… the kind where hordes unemployed, homeless, hungry,nothing-to-lose zombies take hold during a complete economic shutdown due to a crash in the dollar and all inflated and manipulated dollar denominated markets, and I’m not kidding. All that and you have marshal law lock down because of foreign attacking armies, terrorists, and revolutionaries, due to complete breakdown of Western economic infrastructures and hyper-inflated currencies that become worthless to the people.

    And then you the political circus of Coke vs Pepsi. Romney and Obama will get you the same thing. It is called world government unification or a New World Order. This means the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, etc. all have a standardized government under a governing world body. And this “standardization” does not include having marijuana legal….anywhere(!) There are not going to be any special states rights, just one big happy FED/NWO. That is why I think President Obama sent the emerging medical marijuana dispensary back underground. He had to achieve this standardization for his handlers, to even be in the whole political game in the first place, even if he secretly favored marijuana patients. I think an important thing that all marijuana consumer must consider is that for the most part, patients have been protected under President Obama. You may read about dispensaries being closed, but you don’t read about mom and pop – grow their own – patients getting busted. This is significant.

    Now under big business get it done Romney, he would be the first to attack patients after the dispensary problem is mopped up. I think we could see medical marijuana reform under a more compassionate, and less religious Obama. Romney would be an attack dog compared to President Obama. Obama is also much more likely to achieve a world peace because of his unwillingness to attack Iran with Israel. Marijuana patients and consumers should vote Obama 2012. Romney is a certain disaster on many fronts.

  26. Here are votes Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) has taken in congress:

    May 8 2012: On the Rohrbacher Amendment to House Resolution 5326 which would have prohibited the government from spending money to attack production and sales of medical marijuana in states where it legal
    RYAN VOTES NO. Allowing funding to continue.

    Not an isolated vote — he voted the same way when the amendment came up in 2007 and 2005:

    His votes are exactly the opposite of what he said. Draw your own conclusions.

    [Editor’s note: Excellent point!!]

  27. The GOP needs Colorado to win in November and is worried about losing votes to Gary Johnson. The Colorado pro-pot vote should be out in force this cycle given a decriminalization of recreational use ballot initiative. Paul Ryan is a smart guy; he knows that pot is not a state issue in that any use is a felony under federal law. Ryan also knows that medical marijuana is not the issue this November in Colorado…the issue is recreational use. I’ve voted for the GOP my whole life but not anymore. I’m voting Libertarian until other major pary candidates specifically support repeal of prohibition.

  28. Typical spineless, bullshit answer. How do you try to appear to be moderately tolerant to appeal to pro cannabis reform voters while trying not to alienate your wacko wingnut base? Give the same bullshit answer Paul Ryan just gave. Bunch of pricks, like I always say, the only way to get our freedom back is to take it back. Begging and pleading with our ‘political masters’ will never work. We must stop our infighting, vote yes on legalization measures and then take the Feds on in court. There is no other way!

  29. Somehow I see him changing his mind on this one in about 2 months, win or lose. I firmly believe that someday in the future a Republican president may support your right to grow a plant in your backyard and smoke it,(being the party of small govt, states rights individual liberty, etc..) but that’s hundreds of years from now.

  30. Rep. Ryan voted against the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr-McClintock Amendment, which would end federal interference in states’ medical marijuana programs.

    He may believe in states’ rights but this isn’t reflected in his congressional votes.

  31. For months I have feared the idea of Romney becoming our next president. It still scares me. I really want either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson to be our leader. However, I also fear that any vote not for Obama might help Romney to win…

    That said, there comes a time when you have to find the courage to vote your heart, and my heart tells me the hell with the Democrats and the Republicans. I’m voting for Gary Johnson – period! I hope everyone who feels the way I do will too. Regardless of who ultimately wins, if Gary gets a reasonably high percentage of votes it will send greedy nanny-state politicians a strong message that we’re not going to take their crap anymore!

  32. Fact: Obbummer has failed to live up to his campaign promises of 2008 .
    We got instead: Trillion Dollar Defiect, High Unemployment, $4.10 gallon of gas, Fast n Furious Scandel, Anti- God , More War and more misery for USA
    Barry will lose this November due to a Chicken Sandwich. Stop blaming others Barry since you have been in charge for the past 4 years. Real Change is coming this election. Fresh start for America. The United States of America under God will thrive under new leadership. Romney/Ryan 2012

  33. Menace Motors….

    I am glad that you have said that “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”.
    Typical Christian horse shit.

    You hypocrit.

    First Off, Obama, if anything, is not at war with GOD, he is at war with JESUS loving, hate spreading, people that need to not BE VOTING. YOU ARE BRAIN WASHED!
    Personally, I have watched first hand at the ways of Christian voters my ENTIRE life. My FIVE PEICE OF SHIT step fathers pranced around their houses saying they are not racist BUT THEY ARE AGAINST ABORTION. LETS SEE HOW FAST PAUL RYAN, MITT ROMNEY, BUSH, ANY WHITE REPUBLICAN SUPPORTS ABORTION WHEN THEIR DAUGHTER GETS PREGNANT FROM A BLACK MAN!
    All Christians do is vote for other Christians. THEY ARE FOOLS that dont GIVE A SHIT about REAL PROBLEMS WITH THE WORLD! They give a shit about making everyone else live the way they want. If you Christians give so much of a shit about abortion, why are you not over in CHINA where they KILL AND MURDER ALMOST EVER GIRL CHILD BORN in their genderocide. If you care sooooooo much about the economy THEY WHY ARE YOU STILL VOTING BASED ON SOMEONES SOCIAL STANCE? Social conservatives DONT KNOW SHIT other than how to say, “Im a Christian, I hate all people that do not believe in what I believe. I am a good person.” BUT THEN YOU GO HOME AND BEAT YOUR KIDS, BEAT YOUR WIFE, then turn around and cheat on your wife, moleste your child, and forever change the coarse of an innocent life or lives.
    I walked in on one of my CHRISTIAN JESUS FEARING dads screwing a black guy in a shed. He BEAT ME until I laid in a hospital bed for 3 weeks. I WAS 8.
    I watched my Vietnam Vet JESUS LOVING Christian asshole beat my mom MANY TIMES, choking her, and then turn around and TALK ABOUT HOW “N-WORD” and “Fag*ots” are ruining youths and destroying the fabric and morals of America. WELL I CAN TELL YOU IF THIS IS THE WAY AMERICA IS GOING TO BE, A BUNCH OF JESUS FEARING CHRISTIANS THAT LIE AND STEAL AND CHEAT AND DESTROY, THEN SCREW YOU ALL.

    The United States Of America was founded by people that feel the way us youths do today. We are for FREEDOM, that means free from RELIGION as much as it does freedom of CHOICE of religion. THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION ensured our freedom from ThE RICH AND ELITE that had oppressed people for years, making them work for little to no pay, watch their children suffer and die because WE SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH WHAT WE HAVE CUZ GOD MADE US POOR. OLD ENGLAND was BETTER of a country then that the USA could ever be now.

    I now sit and watch the news. less Mexicans coming across the border, China-Russia-Syria-Cuba-Iran are all teaming up to DESTROY the IDEA OF DEMOCRACY, Christian preachers molesting millions of children, and people’s quality of life has deminished to HOPING TO MAKE IT FROM PAY CHECK TO PAY CHECK. America has failed in its dream.
    The only way to come out of this is either ONE OF TWO THINGS. Split the USA into TWO COUNTRIES. Christian asses on one side and the REALIST hemp growing, peace keeping, REAL GOD loving people on the other.
    Maybe the Chinese will take pity on your religion when they enforce a dictatorship on America. Maybe they wont. They dont show too much kindness to their own so I would say Christianity will be done away with.

    OH and one more thing. Bible says Jesus was born in northern africa…..that means he was middle eastern and NOT WHITE WITH BLUE EYES. TALK ABOUT WORSHIPPING FALSE IDOLS.

  34. The other way the problems of this country can be solved, this website will not allow me to state, so use your imagination. It rhymes with “hemp-o-lution”

  35. AND your precious MITT the witt is a cheat. He isnt allowed in Italy because of his tax violations because he cost the Italians MILLIONS in taxes. France hates him also because of BAIN. oh, but we cant talk about BAIN and Mitts taxes. UNLESS THE HACKER GROUP PUTS THEM INTO PUBLIC CIRCULATION. Then ALL will see he is like Pete Rose, bets against his own team to MAKE HIMSELF RICHER

  36. “Obbummer has failed to live up to his campaign promises of 2008 . We got instead: Trillion Dollar Defiect, High Unemployment, $4.10 gallon of gas, Fast n Furious Scandel, Anti- God , More War and more misery for USA”

    This is just retarded to blame President Obama for all this….these problems have been brewing for decades. And now some people want to blame the nigger?

    Get REAL people. There would still be a trillion dollar deficit regardless who took the White House. This the the life support that is keeping the country from falling into complete economic meltdown.

    Don’t blame Obama for high unemployment; blame yourself(!) for patronizing places like ChinaMart instead of buying locally. As far as $4.10 gas, well you have to blame people for over consumption of finite earth resources for decades. When is the last time you had your fat ass on a bike? I got news for you, Fast n Furious was not started by Obama, this goes back to at least two administrations. ‘THEY’ just left the nigger holding the bag. Anti-God? I don’t want some Mormon crackpot telling me that marijuana and playing cards are evil. We need a balanced approach to Church and State that we get with a more neutral Obama. And far as more war, don’t blame Obama blame the bankers who are trying to save their precious, and abused dollar from collapsing as a reserve currency.

    President Obama, although not perfect and still a puppet, is a much better human being than throat-cutting big businessman Romney who sent your job to China. And will then send your ass to prison because he thinks god wants him to clean up a marijuana problem.

  37. While September is the month when both Democrats and Republicans are trying to get their shit together. October is time when it hits the fan with debates. I’m no fan of either one of them.
    Unfortunately I cannot smoke pot and think deeply what they are saying, so I might as well drink beer and laugh at them like a bad football game.
    Ron Paul drew the line, and which one of the two candidates will try to cross it to get more votes?
    You have to read one of Ron Paul books to find out which of the two candidates are dumb and dumber.

  38. Actually the two candidate are not really that dumb, they are just trying to rely on your stupidity to vote for them. Not every one knows what is going on with your money and that is what they are betting on.

  39. @KrisWV…thanks for showing us “Lyin Ryan’s” voting record…typical lip service.

    @Elaine…ik what you mean…right there with you…for good or bad I’m voting for Gary Johnson…I think if all of us that believe in legalization would vote for Johnson it would start a conversation for sure…and considering the 2 party vote split, he could win if we could come together on this.

  40. Romney is such a sniveling, condescending, putrid lying ugly sack of biological waste. Marijuana is a significant issue. Romney is severely irrational and beyond stupid for saying it isn’t. He’s studdering his words saying ” The economy, The econ, the econo, the economy, the economy, aah, the growth of jobs, the need to put people back to work, the challenges of Iran” If he was as smart as he thinks himself to be he would understand that marijuana ties into every economical issue we have. For instance, jobs. You can’t put people back to work if the job discriminates people based upon their drug use. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t discrimination illegal for employers to do whether it be race religion or gender? Smoking marijuana for some happens to be part of their religion and or spirituality. You can’t keep people employed if they loose their job due to prohibition. I know this first hand because I was very productive and responsible. I worked as a full time butcher and was a full time student in college. I was eighteen with my own car and home that I paid for myself and one night I was pulled over for not making a turn signal on a ONE WAY road, a one way road! Then I was arrested because he had spotted a bud on my console. He said he wanted to search my home. He told me I could refuse but that he would get a search warrent anyway and the charges would be more severe. I was detained and I lost my job. I had to re enter school and I was unable to recieve pell grants because of my felony conviction. I know the sole reason I can’t get a GOOD job anywhere despite my degree is because of my conviction. I don’t have the money or credit to start my own carpentry or private butchery business or I would. Now I am a jobless bum, in debt, living with my mom. I’m too ashamed to even step outside sometimes because I’ve been living this aweful way for four years. I’m not on welfare and I don’t want to be, I’m not a beggar asking something for nothing. I don’t want to be taken care of by my mom, I want to take care of her and pay her back the generosity she gives to me. It feels like the only option I have is to become a career criminal. One who robs people, but I’m not like that. I wonder how all these other convicts manage with my same problem. I’m not a free mason and I don’t have connections like that. I could get a job as a pizza delivery agent but I don’t have a car now.

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