NEW POLL: Washington’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative, I-502, Holds Huge Lead

A new poll just released by SurveyUSA, shows Washington State’s Initiative 502 is maintaining its commanding lead heading into November. The latest survey data has likely voters in Washington supporting I-502 by a large margin, 57% of respondents stated they planned on voting yes, 34% said they would vote no, and 9% are undecided. Worth noting is, unlike previous polling in other states, I-502 does not seem to have a glaring gap when it comes to support from female voters. 57% of women said they support the measure alongside 58% of men.

This is a slight increase in support over SurveyUSA’s previous poll, which had support at 55%, opposition at 32%, and 13% undecided. You can view more details on this latest survey here.

A state initiative would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution and possession for people 21 and over. It would remove state criminal and civil penalties for limited possession of marijuana, impose an excise tax on marijuana sales and earmark some revenue for substance abuse prevention, research and education. Should the measure be enacted into law?

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  1. i hurt everyday,, I cannot function on all the drugs they put me on,, I dont want to be a couch potato,, I want to particapate in my life,, Free me, free others from being judged, we are not criminals! we dont want to support drug dealers,, give us safe access! in the Name of the People for the People by the people! its a choice and its already been made by many! give them their Life back! God Bless!

  2. Great! The Govt is trying to stifle legalization at every turn.. It’s nice to see WA isn’t cowing to their threats. Let them show themselves as the agenda driver Prohibitionist Parasites that they are.

  3. Do you know why polls say these things will pass, but they seem to always fail? Duh…

    SHOW UP AND VOTE DUMMY! No really go F’in vote you lazy bastards. Baked? Who gives a shit, leave the bud at home and GO VOTE!

    This isn’t that hard; we ARE the majority now. No more excuses.. If you don’t vote and I find out I will bitch lap each of you. How hard is this? Ugh!

  4. “A state initiative would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution and possession for people 21 and over. It would remove state criminal and civil penalties for limited possession of marijuana, impose an excise tax on marijuana sales and earmark some revenue for substance abuse prevention, research and education. Should the measure be enacted into law?”



    It seems likely to me that our ‘leaders’,
    those who lead from behind,
    will swing around and have suddenly been
    ‘long-standing supporters of properly legislated legalization’.


    Several things, aside from legalization,
    need to be addressed:

    1) full plants available to adults
    2) seeds available, and not modified
    (as in, as I understand it, [limited, to be sure], there are crops, agricultural commodities which are genetically altered to not allow re-planting. – They are 1 generational plants.)
    3) there should be no laws barring smoking in one’s one apartment nor home, save, I would argue, not smoking with children ‘under age present’ *(this would have to be set)

    I do not want to see this finally realized
    AND YET become a corporate enterprise, solely,
    while homegrowers are hindered with such silliness as some of the laws for the medicinal, (low number of plants, low amount to be carried, etc.)

    I want to see this blight corrected,
    and I don’t want to see the laws turn and hose those who then claim their rights.

    We need to identify, so please add items here,
    the significant areas in which the laws must protect the future legal adult partakers.

    I do not want to see us win, only to lose in the small print.

    Good amount set for adults to carry
    High number of plants to be cultivated
    Able to consume in their own residence

    Thanks again, NORML,
    for keeping us up to date.
    And thank you to all NORML supporters-

  5. I remember when Proposition 19 held a huge lead in California too. Ahead of the election, it was practically a sure thing. But we all see how that turned out. So I’ll believe it when I see it this November.

  6. If I did not like marijuana, I would still vote “yes”. The “no” vote brought 40 years of gradual loss of freedom to the point of pure hell caused by the federal government’s inflated ambition to take on full control of everybody’s life.

  7. @ Doug E Fresca

    The definition of “limited possession of marijuana” in the proposition is the possession of 1 oz of cannabis. 🙂

    Yes, that isn’t a lot. But it’s better to be allowed legal access (for cheaper, legal prices) of 1 oz of cannabis, instead of being illegal. Plus it being legalized could entail (better) changes to the law, once skeptics see that the legalization of cannabis doesn’t create drugged-crazed chaos in every adult and teenager. Everyone in Washington, please vote yes!

  8. i want this to happen very much but, i just do not see it. our government will find a way to bury legalization in every way possible. the crystal palace that runs this country stands to lose too much. their reasons are as old as anslinger yet, they will fight to the bitter end. i am doubtful that i will see it in my lifetime now after what they are doing in the medical cannabis states. they knew the truth before we did about the goodness of herb but, they will never admit to it. money and power , people…..someone burn just a little for me…i miss it!…peace to all.

  9. I’m curious what this might mean for drug testing in the workplace. Now, I assume some places would probably not care. But, I’m going to graduate soon and be working in a hospital, now I’m curious if an employment drug test or random ones would fire you for having THC in your pee..

    any insight anyone?

  10. Realistically,
    1 – IF the movement is able to cross the threshold-
    to become real and tangible, in even a single region in this country-
    2 – AND IF the laws are enacted in such a way that they do not foster a disaster
    3 – AND THEREFORE the revenue created becomes visible and tangible
    4 – THEN these laws will overtake the rest of the states.

    If, for no other reason, than it is PROFITABLE.
    And moreso in the market than even in the
    legal system.


  11. Question: If this passes in WA (hard to believe that it’s actually possible after so many years!), does anybody know when we can start to indulge legally?

    I for one would like to celebrate the day after the election, but when would the new law actually take effect?

  12. The Pharmaceutical and Prison/Police State Industrial Complex will rig the election. It’s going to take a revolution and overgrow of Washington DC before it’s legal nationwide. If this fails we know it will be rigged by the Feds so it will signal the populace to storm DC and plant a billion seeds on every square inch of Federal property. It will be war people get ready. Old money will not give up easy and the Feds will not give up their Police State empires without a fight

    and if it passes

  14. We are counting on you Washington to bring back sanity to this issue. Now matter what you think about pot personally the criminal justice system is helping to turn us into an absolutely dreadful country sucking the lifeblood out of families such as my own, and turning law enforcement, prosectors, and judges, into agents of doom. Please vote yes Washington

  15. You can indulge legally, december 1,2013. Remember, this is an initiative which then goes to the legislature, which does not go into session until january 2013. They then re required to pass the law. Expect the law to be challenged by the feds, triggering a supreme court ruling on the tenth amendment grounds..

    [Paul Armentano responds: False. This measure does not go before the legislature. In fact, if passed, it can not legally be amended by lawmakers for at least 2 years.]

  16. im glad to see my home state to be one of the first to do the right thing and legalize this essential part of our health and well being. i even did some reaserch on juicing raw cannabis and the benifits are absolutley amazing!! its said that its a super vegetable because of the leaves. its bout time we can fully appreciate this superb source of health and happiness!

  17. I live in Florida where one seedling is a felony with jail of up to 5 years. A traffic stop automatically gets you searched for illegal drugs. You people out west do not know how much freedom you truly have. Get out and vote and strengthen your freedom because people like Floridians that live in a corrupt police state have no freedom. Only oppression and power corruption. Out of state cars are targeted. Our Attorney general could make Medicinal Marijuana legal by her signature. Instead she said on T.V. that marijuana is a felony.and when you have a felony you are a felony and you have no rights. Get out and vote in November you do not know how lucky you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Aren’t the DEA former supervisors the beneficiaries of six figure pension funds tied to the government’s seisure of earnings from cannibis businesses, confiscations of personal properties without due process, and intimidation tactics at fiscal controls?

  19. When God made the earth he made all seed producing plants for made.who are the gov. to say we can’t have cannabis,it is good for lots of things pain,cancer,depression etc.

  20. Washington state needs that revenue – Washington state right now has all the pot smoking and none of the reveue – we need that money. Washington needs schools, libraries, hospitals, universities, water districts, we can raise taxes on rich people maybe one day – but this is easy.

    You know who doesnt need that money, for the sake of Washington State, is Al Capone – the DEA cant protect America at all from Al Capone – all the DEA does is make excuses. All that tax money should go to Washington State.

    I condemn prohibitionists, I dont care if you “claim” to be for legalization, 502 will effectively legalize marijuana, marijuana and pipes and bongs and smoke will no longer be any cause for arrest. In this day and age to assume someone supporting a reactionary cause has any sincerity about what they claim to believe. I condemn both right-wing centrist and left-wing-claiming prohibitionists. I condemn both short haird and long haird prohibitionists

  21. It’s about time we legalize this plant and take some of the powers away from big Pharm. Our prisons are filled to capacity with people who would rather smoke pot than drink legalized alcohol. Total support from this family who moved away from the police state of Texas. My sons got addicted to crack cocaine in TX because marijuana was dirt weed and hard to find. By moving to WA state, we are please to finally be in a progressive area that feels marijuana should be legalized, and regulated. It’s time to end the war on drugs and tell our government to take a hike.

  22. Can people in Louisana vote on this???? What about us? And every other state that have zero despencerices zero tolerance for the plant and a abundince of ignorance and alcholic liars . I contribute for the cause yet see nothing. Sure wish I was fortunate enough to be born in a different state wtf makes Cali so special so sick of hiding smoking mexi when 18 year old fuks get a little card and get cream of the crop.

  23. Legalization better happen soon! We the people I thought freedom ? Life Liberty, Prosute of happiness? Well we all ready choose yet get ignored

  24. I have several medical conditions/problems that necessitate taking 17 to 22 prescriptions(depends on if I need any of my optional pills for the day). That is after I got my “Green Card” and dropped a few of the more toxic meds, I still have a lot, but at least the 5 worst of the bunch are gone thanks to MediJuana.

  25. Medical Cannabis works very well in Washington, where I live. In addition to providing safe, unadulterated product to law-abiding consumers, a legalized and regulated Cannabis industry will also provide new jobs for many citizens, a wealth of tax revenue to ease the deficit as well as profits for many legitimate businesses to help stimulate the economy. Who is getting these perks now? The vicious foreign drug cartels, who have turned our Southwestern states into a killing field and our boarders into a sieve. The wisdom of finally ending this failed and disastrous social experiment is no theory at this point. We currently have working models in seventeen states and the District of Columbia which clearly demonstrate that legalization works, which is more than could ever be said of the alternative.

  26. I don’t want to be That Guy, but 5 nano grams per millimeter, is like me walking by someone smoking a dubbie. My career involves driving so I get pulled over and get a DUI, over someone else smoking it, is outrageous. My mother is amedical,patient so just cause I live in the same house as her I can’t drive. Also pushinf this onto some prescription drugs, as well. I’m cool with people using for medical purposes, but most of the people trying to get this through just want to legally get high.

    [Paul Armentano responds: False. Second-hand smoke exposure would not trigger concentrations of or near 5ng/ml THC in blood. Further, the presence of metabolites are excluded under this provision.]

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