Final Week Polls Indicate Washington State Likely to Pass Marijuana Legalization

In what is likely to be one of last polls coming out of Washington State prior to Election Day, Initiative 502 to regulate marijuana is still holding strong to the commanding lead it has developed over the past few months. Data released from King 5 and SurveyUSA has I-502 leading among likely Washington voters, 56% stated they would vote yes on the measure with only 37% planning to vote no. There are just 7% still undecided.

This continues a several month trend of Washington’s I-502 leading in the polling data. A poll released last week by Strategies 360 had the marijuana initiative’s support leading opposition 54% to 38%. King5/SurveyUSA’s previous two polls from October and September had I-502 ahead at 55% to 36% and 57% to 34% respectively.

With just a few days left until November 6th, it seems unlikely the opposition will be able to overcome such a significant gap, putting Washington State on track to be the first state to legalize adult use of marijuana. Though, that may depend on how quickly the votes can be counted. The latest polling out of Colorado had their legalization initiative, Amendment 64, leading 53% to 43%.

Don’t become complacent because victory appears in sight! Check out NORML’s Smoke the Vote Guide to learn all about marijuana in the 2012 election. You can also read our “7 Simple Ways YOU Can Help Legalize Marijuana” and find some quick and easy ways you can help us sprint across the finish line. One of the most important things you can do with the remaining days is call voters in Colorado in support of Amendment 64 by using SSDP/NORML‘s online phone bank or JustSayNow‘s online program.

We WILL legalize marijuana. Let’s start on November 6th.

After publishing this story KCTS9 in Washington released another new Washington State poll. Adding credence to the King5 numbers, KCTS9 found that 55.8% of registered voters were supportive of I-502 with only 36.7% opposed. Those numbers held strong when looking at just likely voters as well, who support the marijuana regulation initiative by 55.4% to 37.6%.

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  1. Come on America!

    – (it should be noted that WHEN marijuana is legalized NORML will have been an outstanding part of this historic movement!)

    Thank you, NORML!

  2. Thank you NORML for everything you have done over the years. This is the year marijuana prohibition begins to crumble. The people of Washington State have had enough. And if we can do it the rest of the world will know that they can do it too.

    The battle truly beings November 6, 2012 when Colorado and Washington fire the first shots. Don’t be late!

  3. This will have the government trolls hitting the boards heavy this week,,their attempts at splitting the voters has failed,,,more tax dollars wasted trying to protect their corporate master’s profits and their own bureaucratic budgets.

  4. Oh my Goodness… after so many decades and patient waiting could this finally be reality?

    I am a California Medical marijuana user and I just have to say, THANK YOU NORML for being so consistent and optimistic all these years.

    The Smoke the Vote Guide is well put and all your meticulous efforts are finally paying off for good! I hope Washington and Colorado changes History in just a couple of days.

    I am so excited and so hopeful I can’t sleep nor believe this truly happening. When 2010 prop 19 failed in California, I was so devestated I thought nothing would end Marijuana’s terrible prohibition, but We finally might see the end of this gigantic tunnel into a blissful paradise.

    I am so happy I can’t even describe how joyful I am. Thank you again NORML! ~Cheers

  5. It took one state (NY) to begin the ball rolling of repealing alcohol prohibition. We now get to start the ball rolling with two states 🙂 for the end of cannabis prohibition.

  6. When I first heard of Norml in High Times magazine in 1983 I thought this would come much sooner. Now I will be happy if it happens in my life time.

    Thanks Normal, thank you responsible smokers!


  7. My questions with all this:
    If legalization passed in these states, would you have to be a state resident to purchase and consume cannibis? Would this be off-limits to people visiting those states? How would this affect transfer to neighboring states where is isn’t legal?
    Thanks and keeping my fingers crossed, too!

    [Paul Armentano responds: This provision applies to adults over the age of 21. The statute would not offer protection to those transferring cannabis to other states, as the laws of those states would still apply.]

  8. Wonderful to see this in my life time. Just a few year ago, you couldnt even talk about MARIJUANA. When it does happen the Feds are going to show they’re real true colors. It going to be historic.


  9. I don’t even like the Headliner where is says Marijuana LEGALIZATION because it is not legalizing it at all.

    [Paul Armentano: Under I-502, cannabis — if possessed by one over age 21 in a quantity of up to one ounce — will no longer be classified under state law as contraband. State law enforcement would not be able to seize cannabis in this situation (which they can, and must, do under decriminalization), or use the possession of cannabis as probable cause to go on a fishing expedition to pursue criminal activity. Simple possession will not be subject to criminal or civil sanctions. What would you call it?]

  10. so, how will state legalization affect the present federal drug classification (schedule 1 ) and, what do you suppose will happen legally.(because, federally, it is still a class one narcotic)…..could this mean that the feds could get all dolled up in their black suits to hunt the state government? their is still so much i dont understand about it all but, im wishing for freedom right along with you all…peace…

  11. I’ve got a question for anyone really.. maybe you guys at NORML would know. Say this does pass, my job when I graduate will be in a hospital where drug tests are obviously going to be conducted. But if it were legal in that state in the same manner as alcohol, would that violate their stuff? Its an interesting scenario i think

  12. Everyone, please vote YES to these intiatives; this is about much more than your state or even the US, this is important to legalization efforts worldwide. Snowball effect has to start somewhere, and this is our best chance in decades, if not ever.

  13. Shar,,walking around with an ounce of marijuana,a bag full of cookies and a bottle of cannabis beer is a lot better than getting arrested for a roach.

  14. Holy shiznit I can’t wait! My fingers are crossed and I don’t want to start counting chickens yet but WOW!!! It’s really happening! Unfortunately for myself I build airplanes and am subject to drug tests if ever I am involved in an incident which causes any airplane damage so I won’t be smoking anything anytime soon. As soon as I can smoke without fear of losing my job, I can go home at night and really relax! Thanks New Approach Washington and Norml for your support. Go I-502!!!!

  15. Stan,
    I can’t answer for NORML, nor can I say what the hospitals will do. However, I have a suspicion that should MJ become legal in more and more states, drug tests will inevitably decline. How many jobs test for booze? I think, however long it takes, it’ll eventually happen.

  16. I think this is great now if the feds just pass it too I hope the rest of the state’s see this and do it too the drug war is a losing battle sell it tax it and stop the drug cartels frommaking all the money and killing people I love it

  17. Dont mean to sound negitive but If this does pass the Feds will use every option they can to punish the state. Pull every federaly funded program in the state. Go after any political figure that ever thought about legalization. Simply because nobody is going change anything until the big boys say so. It will turn into a power struggle this country has never seen. There are a lot of unseen factors involved. A lot of billionaires have invested in drug testing and rehabs and that only on the legal side not to mention who has a stack on the illegal side. It all goes back the who’s really making the money off of prohabition. It’s going to be interesting to see how our democracie really works. True colors will show up.

  18. Even though I live in the Land of Big Tobacco (Virginia), I do so hope that somewhere in America marijuana is finally legalized so that it can then spread to the less fortunate areas of the country. I’ve written to my State’s leaders many times regarding this subject and the vast majority have simply gone unanswered. What few have been answered were just form letters indicating they don’t give a damn… It’s embarassing to be associated with the mentality here in Virginia but I still hold out hope for change; the kind I thought Obama was promising 4 years ago!

  19. I know for sure where me and my friends will be going for on our next vacation and that is whichever state(s) finally legalizes! You can all be sure that state(s) is going to benefit tremendously from sales of marijuana itself, the growing supplies, paraphernalia, new jobs, new tax income, but also from increased tourism.

    That state(s) will also benefit from lower incarceration rates and thus less criminals! The police, which are currently feared rather than respected by a great many of us, could start focusing on real crimes. When someone is not in jail or prison they can contribute to society instead of being a burden on it.

    It is just so incredibly stupid of our Govt not to allow this even in the face of a multi-trillion dollar deficit (that they stupidly created in the first place).

  20. I really find that folks complaining that the federal government will come down hard on washington really do not understand that federal drug laws are not given as powers of the federal government. Under the 10th amendment, it is clear that federal drug laws can be challenged. Once wa state law is changed, the attorney generl of wa is obligated to sue the federal government and this dispute will end up at the supreme court. Scotus has to rule on this because of the conflict of state law with federal law.

  21. Folks, it’s important that we all vote this year. It’s as important as any election we’ve ever had.If the republican party gains power anywhere in our government, it will amount to throwing a wrench into the process of legalizing marijuana. If any of the three states manages to succeed, it will set up the challenge. I think things would go easier with a president who can’t have a third term, than a president who needs conservative support for reelection.

  22. Romney has made it very clear. He will fight against all efforts to legalize marijuana. Obama is willing to talk. This is a no brainer.

  23. Forgot to add, A society that bans the only plant on the planet that can provide all a human being needs to survive. Will, itself not survive.

  24. I believe Gary Johnson is the solution to your no brainer there gb.. Why vote for Obama when he has taken no strides to stop the punishments he could have recieved for smoking.. Even more he rubs it in the publics face that he got away with it in his books.. Then has the audacity to feature Harold and Kumar in his commercials!?! Obama is fine with the police persecuting cannabis users..

    If you’re tired of the two party system or believe there are more views in this country than two, investigate your third party candidates.. Don’t cast your vote for anyone who would imprision you.. That’s ignorant..

  25. And like how crack heroin & alchohol are like the three biggest dangers to our society & our communities not fucking cannabis!!!

  26. The next step is to let the people in Washington GROW the herb. With the way 502 is, that is still unlawful. People should be able to grow this plant anywhere they want to. Period.

    [Editor’s note: Correct! End cannabis’ legal status as ‘contraband’ first, build out consumer-friendly regulations soon after passage, including allowing home cultivation for personal amounts.]

  27. So when will we officially find out if the vote passed?

    [Editor’s note: By midnight (east coast time) on election night WA, OR and CO legalization ballots will be largely totaled.]

  28. sadly, after reading the initiative and comparing it to the initiative for legalizing medical marijuana in WA, I fear that major portions of I-502 will be vetoed by the governor, even if it does pass.

    A state government CANNOT require a state official to sell a license to a vendor, processor or grower; doing so is the equivalent of legally requiring a state employee to break federal law.

    I hope I’m wrong about this, but I don’t see why 502 won’t meet the same fate.

    [Editor’s note: You’re in fact wrong and should vote to end cannabis prohibition in WA.

    1) If you did read the initiative language, you would have read the section about the current medical cannabis laws not changing under legalization and 2) the Governor can’t veto an initiative and 3) the fear you profess that the Governor would try to stop implementation because the feds will arrest state workers who implement cannabis law reforms is unfounded as the feds have NOT harassed government workers implementing tax-n-regulate policies for medical cannabis in CO, NM, NJ and ME.

    Governors have not intervened in these states in fear of the feds. Once these state become a ‘player’ the feds tend to back off.]

  29. Looks like this could happen, but remember the federal enforcement will play a big part. So when your voting remember who you want influencing that enforcement… The man who is weary of caffine or the one enjoys himself.

  30. I’m still puzzled as to how any state can deny anybody property rights of cannabis when it is a clear violation of the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. I seriously don’t understand how this happens.

  31. Federal officers are not going to come to any state that legalizes personal use just so they can hunt down someone who’s carrying 1/4 oz of cannabis home, just FYI. it is unfounded fear and a scare tactic (“OMGZ fed law trumps state law!” <– wrong) Federal officers do not get involved over such trivial amounts, they are more concerned with pulling ditchweed out of the ground along railroad tracks nationwide because… HEMP FOR VICTORY. (See Youtube)

  32. It’s a wonderful thing to see America finally waking up to the fact that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol.Marijuana has medicinal values and try to find someone who has died from pot.YOU WON’T FIND ONE!

  33. I have voted in favor of I-502, but I believe I may have been unclear in my previous post, or been misconstrued.

    I was not meaning to imply that the medical marijuana laws were affected by this Initiative. It is clear that they are not.

    I was referring to Senate Bill 5073’s partial veto by Governor Gregoire (, specifically where she states: “Senate Bill 5073 would direct employees of the state departments of Health and agriculture to authorize and license commercial businesses that produce, process or dispense cannabis. These sections
    would open public employees to federal prosecution, and the United States Attorneys have made it clear that state law would not provide these individuals safe harbor from federal prosecution.”

    I HAVE read the initiative, and it would require state employees of the state liquor control board to oversee, regulate, and issue permits for dispensaries, processors, and producers. I fail to see how this requirement in I-502 differs from the requirement in 5073.

    I applaud the work done by NORML and the intent of I-502. That does not change the fact that a state law cannot REQUIRE someone to violate a federal law. Making the state liquor control board employees monitor, regulate and license marijuana related functions does so.

    [Editor’s note: OK Mr. Contrarian Voter….Strangely, you vote for an initiative, but then go out on to public forums online and propagate incorrect and misleading information about the legal outcomes you claim you support.

    The federal government is not going to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate state employees who process state licenses for cannabis-related businesses. This is a ridiculous speculation in the face of current evidence to the contrary in the states of CO, NM, NJ, ME and VT (soon to be joined by DC, CT and MA). All of whom are ‘violating’ federal laws re cannabis distribution and taxation. In all of these states, according to your viewpoint, the state employees who’ve processed the medical cannabis licenses/permits, as well as collect the supposedly ‘illegal’ tax money too, are subject to federal busts.

    OK then, where are the busts? Where are the feds going after local, county or state employees who create paperwork regarding regulating and taxing cannabis?

    Same is going to happen in WA….enjoy legalization and please stop spreading misleading information about cannabis law enforcement in America.]

  34. I just donated $5 to NORML. They have helped tremendously with this, and are a big part of this movement. I currently have no job, and money is tight, but this is bigger than that. This is happening. This is real. And it will come to all 50 states in due time. But it’s not free. And it’s not easy. So share just a little bit of what you have, the return is getting part of our freedoms back.

  35. I’m from Colorado & I believe that 64 will pass with flying colors.
    soon will have legalized marijuana
    and a new president!!!

    Obama has extremely hurt the marijuana industry.

  36. YA’ll do realize there is a very real possibility of the fed coming in and shutting it all down. dont forget state legalization or not the DEA and the federal government have the last say.. I’m not saying we will never get there i just hope everyone is perpared because this is not over not by a long shot.. within the next 20 years maybe the struggle isnt over yet but thanks NORML for all the effort i think the crimes against humanity are an atroshous example of how much misery truley loves company fight on friends I dub the all stoners of the round circle

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