NORML Election Night 2012 LIVE

Tonight, we stand on the precipice of a historic shift in how our country handles marijuana policy. Three states (Washington, Colorado, and Oregon) will be deciding on full legalization of adult use, while three more (Massachusetts, Arkansas, and Montana) will be voting on medical cannabis measures. For a brief synopsis on all the marijuana initiatives at play tonight, consult our Smoke the Vote Guide.

Below you will find our Election Night Live Blog. Starting early evening on Election Day, NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri will be posting live updates including the latest exit polling, first result numbers, information from our activists on the ground, and more.

So after you’ve cast you’re own ballot and driven every friend and family member you can find to the polls, stay glued to this page for the latest news as it breaks. Tonight we can legalize marijuana, let’s SMOKE THE VOTE.
NORML Projects Victory for Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

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Periodic video updates and call-ins from guests will appear below

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  1. Im tired of taking pills for my back pains from my shingles. I live in New York i hate taking drugs that just make me feel sick and with withdrawals. I have a job, go to school, and sometimes i just cant get a good night rest. I hope all ballots pass this is the umph that this country needs to legalize it and tax it and liberate all those weed felons out of jail and go out for the Murders, Rapist, All VIOLENT OFFENDERS. Weed Dont Kill, People + Guns Do!!!

  2. The number one most useful plant on the planet. Food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation.

  3. Many thanks to norml for liveblogging this, I’m looking forward not to a country painted blue or red, but green!

  4. It looks like every single marijuana bill PASSED, or WILL PASS! Is anybody ready for a sea-change in the laws regulating marijuana? Is anybody ready for a little FREEDOM and JUSTICE for a change?

  5. This is how alcohol was legalized, at the Federal level, after prohibition. It came one state at a time, until a LOT of states legalized it, and the Feds had to give in. Yay! It may be happening, right NOW!

  6. 11 Responses by the time I post here, on historical changing news.

    You’re page is way too complicated and cluttered to get to where you can actually discuss the topic. You guys need help, I work cheap.

  7. Greetings from Philadelphia!
    It is a great news. I have many years of experience using herb and can say it is good for your health and absolutely safe.

  8. Y’all are doing the happy dance now, but just wait till you see the sticker price/ tax on your meds. Say bye to all those lovely dispensaries and affordable prices.

    [Editor’s note: Medical cannabis laws, as stated in the initiative language, under the passage of I-502 do not change.

    BTW, since the current state medical cannabis law does NOT allow for sales…patients in WA are paying prohibition-based pricing. After cannabis can be sold and taxed, patients can and will likely seek them out for price and choice, which is a good thing for patients and society. Patients going to illegal sellers is a worse alternative for them and society.]

  9. Any hope for Texas legalizing it to?it will probably take care of many issues with drug trafficking on the borders.

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