Colorado Has Legalized Marijuana

In a historic vote that will reverberate around the nation, the Denver NBC affiliate has projected that Colorado will pass Amendment 64 and will legalize marijuana. By a vote of 53% to 47% (with 38% of the vote tallied) news networks have begun to confirm that Colorado’s Amendment 64 has been passed by voters.

This marks the first time in history that a state has moved to legalize marijuana outright for adult consumers. This vote shows that, like alcohol prohibition before it, cannabis prohibition is a failed, unpopular policy that largely relies on state and local enforcement. Alcohol prohibition came to an end when a sufficient number of states enacted legislation repealing the state’s alcohol prohibition laws. With states no longer doing the federal government’s bidding to enforce an unpopular law, the Feds eventually had no choice but to abandon the policy altogether. History is now repeating itself.

Until now, no state law has defined cannabis as a legal commodity. Some state laws do provide for a legal exception that allows for certain qualified patients to possess specific amounts of cannabis as needed. But, until this evening, no state in modern history has classified cannabis itself as a legal product that may be lawfully possessed and consumed by adults. Thanks to the support from their voters, Colorado has now taken that brave first step.

Stay tuned for more information on this momentous event, as we’ll be writing much, much more about it in the coming days.

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  1. I’m in tears!!! THANK YOU NORML for all you did to advance this effort. I’m so proud tonight! Here’s hoping many other states take the same steps and we finally see an end to federal cannabis prohibition forever!

  2. Mother of God…it’s finally happening! Once other states realize how much revenue is being made from taxation & regulation all others will follow suit! This is very exciting news!

  3. Colorado and Washington state have legalized cannabis! Hooray!

    Don’t forget to consume in your preferred manner in celebration of this historic night!

  4. This is an amazing step. I was cheering the whole time from Ohio. Hopefully this will sweep the nation the next couple years. WATERSHED MOMENT

  5. I know this blog post was likely written in haste, but there is a typo in the second-to-last paragraph.

    I assume it was supposed to be:

    Colorado has now taken that brave first step.

    [this comment can be deleted]

  6. Colorado making me proud. What a great state. I hear Washington has done the deed too. So awesome to hear that more than one state has done this in the same election. Let freedom reign.

  7. Thay called for us
    The power of all of us
    so far beyond this blacked sky tonight
    Glorias forever more of us
    we are Victous and so alive

  8. When Medical Marijuana passed in California almost half the other states followed in their footsteps, to date.

    Thank you Colorado for setting the bar toward what will more resemble real justice, where punishments more appropriately fit the crime committed and cannabis use was never really a crime, only unjust and unreasonable policy.

    I feel highly privileged to have been a member of this voting cohort, to have taken part in what is and will be *the beginning of the end* of tragically poor public policy where a facade of “concern” justifies a war declared on a country’s own (American) citizenry, imprisoning more of its citizens than any other country.

    Hearst, Anslinger, Nixon, Mitchell. Their pathetic legacy is finally coming to an end.

  9. Finally people will have the freedom to use marijuana if they choose. Only you can prevent forest fires!

  10. this is friggen….AWESOMMMME. now…watch your backs folks. cover all the issues and, for god sakes good people of Colorado…use good sense and judgement while being free to use the herb to be a great example so , other states will see fit to join in on this freedom…..CONGRATULATIONS !!!…

  11. Sweet? I love it? opon the different situatons …..Romney?

    possibly about a mercury.


    I love still love ….. you????

  12. Congratulations from Europe!
    People from all over the world are following this historic event. Hopefully it will mark the beginning of the end of the inhuman and harmful ‘war on drugs’. Let’s stand side by side, there’s still a lot of work to be done!

  13. I am amazed and delighted that this has happened in my lifetime! I have not been a smoker for many years, but I have always thought pot should be legal and regulated in the same way as alcohol. What a huge step forward! It will be VERY interesting to see the next States that have this on their ballot in the next election!!! Also, implementation will be interesting. It is up to Colorado and Washington to make a set of laws that are sensible, comprehensive and ENFORCED.

  14. This is the best possible news to come out of this election! FANTASTIC JOB Colorado & Washington state voters!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Congratulations Colorado!
    Job well done! Stand firm in your decision to end prohibition for all. Thank You to all the supporters and Thank You to for all you do to help free “We the People” from this political oppression.


  17. I am happy for this not because now when I visit Colorado I am comfortably enjoy some cannabis and not hide behind a fake medical reason, (Not saying that’s what people do, it’s what I would have done if I lived in Colorado or California) My greatest joy in this is how it will hurt the cartels. I live near the Mexico border and I hope this lowers the violence, hurts their profits, and allows funds normally spent locking up users and focus it in a more constructive way.

  18. Reforms are coming 2 by 2, hoo-rah, hoo-rah
    They’re coming to a state near you, hoo-rah, hoo-rah
    Reforms are coming 2 by 2,
    And coming to a state near you
    But I’ll grow my own smoke when all this crap is done.

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