Listen To Voters President Obama, Not The Vice President!

According to Rolling Stone: “There are not many friends to legalization in this administration,” says Kevin Sabet, director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida who served the White House as a top adviser on marijuana policy. In fact, the politician who coined the term “drug czar” – Joe Biden – continues to guide the administration’s hard-line drug policy. “The vice president has a special interest in this issue,” Sabet says. “As long as he is vice president, we’re very far off from legalization being a reality.”


We’ve got a decidedly baby boom president and former leader of the Choom Gang as the so-called elected leader of the free world, but reform of cannabis prohibition is supposedly being held up by the World War II era-influenced, and current self-described “drug warrior” Joe Biden?

Let’s send a clear message to President Obama to sensibly pay attention to public polls and election vote totals regarding the tenor of America quickly moving away from the failed eight decade-old federal cannabis prohibition and embracing logical public policy alternatives–notably taxing and regulating cannabis products in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco products–and NOT to his stodgy, longtime prohibitionist and disconnected Vice President.**

Please sign this White House petition here.

**Joe Biden, when he was a Senator from Delaware, led the Democrats’ efforts in the 1980s to try to rebuff longtime and successful Republican efforts to paint Democrats as ‘being soft on crime and weak on drugs’ by helping to create the Office of National Drug Control Policy (AKA Drug Czar’s office) and inserting into its mission statement one of the most anti-democratic and anti-free market charters of all time in a government bureaucracy.

According to Title VII Office of National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act of 1998: H11225:

Responsibilities. –The Director– […]

(12) shall ensure that no Federal funds appropriated to the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812) and take such actions as necessary to oppose any attempt to legalize the use of a substance (in any form) that–

is listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812); and
has not been approved for use for medical purposes by the Food and Drug Administration;



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  1. “ Federal funds appropriated to the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in schedule I…”

    I despise this kind emphasis of ideology over science. It’s reminiscent of the stories about Galileo and Darwin or the more recent head-in-the-sand attitude toward climate change.

    This language shows a calculated effort to thwart the advance of medical science. This is NOT just another political trick. This is a crime against us all.

  2. “”We’ve got a decidedly baby boom president and former leader of the Choom Gang as the so-called elected leader of the free world, but reform of cannabis prohibition is supposedly being held up by the World War II era-influenced, and current self-described “drug warrior” Joe Biden?””

    Need some history refresher courses,,Biden was on the committee that wrote the ONDCP Re-Authorization Act,,you know,,the one that requires the drug czar to lie and do anything necessary to keep marijuana schedule 1.

    So he IS a drug warrior and as evil a son of bitch that has ever walked on 2 legs.

    When the Democratic Party put him as VP it was to keep Obama from changing anything and I suspect in the same capacity the Johnson had with Kennedy,,in case he tried anything.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Biden did eventually come around on the disparity in sentencing on powered cocaine versus crack. Of course in the intervening years drug warriors decimated the black community, saddling people with criminal records that preclude employment and guarantee more reliance on the welfare state.

  4. Marijuana is teribbly dangerous…but apparently necessary in the presidential resume,as the last three presidents partook…and went on to be leaders of the free world…President Balack Obama is a liar

  5. I think Vice-President Biden, should back off,just because he is against legal marijuana, dosen’t mean cannabis should not be legal! We want legalizion and we want President Obama to tell Congress to leave us alone. I would like to have all of Congress get the boot at the last election, but they are still there. Voters keep voting for the same asses.

  6. “The vice president has a special interest in this issue,” Sabet says. “As long as he is vice president, we’re very far off from legalization being a reality.”

    Tell us now after the election. Obama, you screw this up and your party will end up like the Republicans. Go ahead, make our day.

  7. You have to wonder about a man who says he won’t crack down on medical marijuana and then perpetuates more busts in four years than his predecessor did in eight years. The same man is the one who picked Biden to be his vice president. I would advise keeping your eyes and ears open.

  8. IT’s pure and simple. Leave pot and the users alone, and concentrate on IMPORTANT THINGS helping the poor, and balancing the budget, give us jobs and uphold God as the supreme ruler..everything else is useless.

  9. Please Sir,Do the rite thing. this craziness has got to stop,you are incarcerating and killing good hard working families. Thank you

  10. our leaders can not lead from behind … they are behind an entire generation on this issue they need to get out of the way and remember that what the people want is supposed to matter

  11. On claygooding comment: I applaud your wording of your comment! I respect the notion that you speak the truth. I have been a victim of prohibition and also know that our government is bent on conspiring against the will of the people. What bothers me is that, most of the dispensaries will probably be run by people who have a kinship or relationship with the government, thereby reaping the rewards of the marijuana culture and creating a “monopoly” for themselves. I know of present day dealers here in Georgia that are police instigators, postal workers and kin to policemen in some form or fashion. And wouldn’t you know it…none of them ever get harrassed, busted, etc. They just make money to compliment their lifestyle with no oppression from government whatsoever. We still have prohibition because of the corrupted government scumbag working their conspiracy and monopoly against us all. Huh, no wonder they don’t want marijuana to be legal or decriminalized. You said it right about Joe Biden but I think they are all son of a bitches.! Spread the word about government conspiracy and government monopoly and such.

  12. The crack/cocaine sentencing disparity is still ridiculous and based, as you said, in ideology and not science. Its still discriminatory and sensless and I don’t think Biden deserves any accolades for such action.

    Just more political pandering, remaining tough on crime by continuing to unfairly manufacture criminals while throwing reformers a bone to make him look some kind of progressive. You can put lipstick on a turd but it still smells like shit.

  13. it is not only dangerous, it is also NOT the gateway drug. doctors, therspists and anyone in the medical+ fields have acknowledged this many years ago. theyve had studies done over and over, w/marijuana vs alcohol and it comes up winning every time. look at statistics, things proven to show us that alcohol is much worse (drunken driving=altho im not suggesting driving high, it HAS been proven that it is better than). am i saying that we need to prohibit alcohol? no. but people have got to learn. it does not agitate, or hallucinate, its not aggressive at all. if someone smokes it, and they dont like it, they just dont do it again.
    this is not a platform for bashing the president, this is about something that has been proven to help medicinally, and ive seen it. i suffer from a rather large amount things=i used to smoke pot, and i was not on all of the pills i am now. i have seen one other person, w/a simlilar affliction of one of mine=she easily popped up backwards on a kitchen counter to chat like we used “to back in the day”. i am almost 6′, and i had to use a step stool, my mother helped me up to the counter, and i still could not get back far enough or stay , w/my legs hanging because of the pain. i want off of so much of of these pill. if you dont suffer from anything, including more serious conditions, you have no room to talk. dont act scared, and protest. TRY TO LOOK INTO IT, AND DONT BE SO CLOSE MINDED. YOU MITE LEARN SOMETHING BESIDES THE FACT THAT YOURE IGNORANT.

  14. To those folks who still believe that Cannabis is a dangerous drug. Newsflash!! there are more perscribed and over the counter drugs that are more dangerous. Need to leave the Dark Ages and read some. It’s not a political dilema Obama is not running for office he has nothing to prove, he already defraud us with this like the NDAA. It’s more about noticing what hasn’t been working and that’s the war on drugs. Secondly, if you do some research -the internet is great for that I’m sure you’ll find out how to use it someday. You can actually learn that marijuana has many medicinal usage. So please before you open your mouth with ignorances do eveyone and favor and educate yourself before you bad mouth Cannabis.
    If it was up ignorant folks as yourself (johnny d) we would all be living in the Dark Ages. Sad to believe that folks like you folks also consider banning alcohol. LIVE FREE AMERICA! One love!

  15. Seriously – President Obama and Vice President Biden should sit down and drink a couple of those White House brewed beers. While together they should discuss the numerous reasons why marijuana should be legal! There is no doubt in my mind that Barrack Obama knows these reasons. I ask that he advise his second of these reasons and make sure he (Mr. Biden) understands! In fact, as I probe these thoughts further, I think it would be a real good idea for him to include AG Holder in this little get together.

    Only good could come from such a meeting!

  16. Well just consider the source when it comes to Biden. Everytime he opens his mouth what ever he was trying to say seems to come out backwards. Anyway Biden didn’t give Obama 4 more years we did. But will that matter? Time will tell.

  17. johnny d. If you’re still ignorant enough to believe marijuana is ‘terribly dangerous’ you need to do some research. You obviously know NOTHING about the subject except the lies they told you as a child.

  18. Seems like the simplest approach (and easiest politically) is to re-schedule cannabis! Then the quoted text in the Reauthorization Act above won’t seem nearly so heinous to us peaceful supporters of marijuana. Long run, it may be ideal to take Portugal’s path of essentially legalizing everything, but for now — get pot off of Schedule I!

  19. Biden is a Catholic. The Catholic Church(of which I am a an ostricized member), despite its commitment to social justice, is anti marijuana because some pope decided it fell under the catagory of witchcraft and worshipping false gods. And they call the pope infallable in his teachings…………

  20. We The People Have Spoken we want to have our rights fulfilled, we want you to fix this problem, please be your great steadfast self and do this for us; I know you can do it Obama, You are intelligent or I would not have voted for you and I speak for many such as myself, do what is right and that is this and this is now-thank you in advance

  21. How can one man stand in the way of millions of people? Joe Biden, please be a responsible American and yield to the will of the people! This is the way this country is supposed to work. One man, with a hardon for marijuana, can’t stop science, medicine, business, economy, and millions of Americans right to a legal marijuana economy. Right Vice President?

    And don’t throw “the children” under your prohibition bus. YOU and your heartless, illogical, wasteful, racial, xenophobic, drug war allow drug cartels to push drugs on kids by allowing an out of control black market.

    It is time to get smart on drugs, Mr. Vice President. The marijuana community help put our president in office. We have spoken for change and the people have decided.

    Now stop being a bully and allow progress to happen for the United States of America!

  22. did someone say create jobs??? how about the money NOT spent combating the weed? fiscal cliff??? worry no more! free the weed and all the jobs it will create. billions of dollars made in taxes alone. it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon but I guess you politicians are a special kind of stupid. who gives a rats ass what those dust farting half wits think? their way of thinking is dying along with their generation. look forward not back to the 30’s!!! CHANGE something mr Obama.

  23. From reading the story it seems the best solution all around is for President Obama to move marijuana off of Schedule 1. The law mentioned above revolves around Schedule 1, so that’s the problem. Marijuana has never belonged on that tier.

    As for Biden, he should listen to former President Carter and back off this particular cause. Why fight for prohibition when people obviously don’t want it. Biden’s home state of Delaware should push for legalization and show him that plenty of his neighbors not only favor legalization, but enjoy the herb itself.

  24. With all due respect, Mr. President, if you, on occasion, drink alcohol legally, and believe marijuana should remain illegal, you are a HYPOCRITE, just as anyone else who does and believes the same is. The time has some to end the war on marijuana. Please be the President who recognizes that fact, too.

  25. The only reason Biden backed reducing Crack sentencing was it helped him. He is a Political WHORE just as Obama seems to be.
    Maybe just maybe Obama will do the right thing during his last term. We will see if he has the backbone to Stand Up against Big Pharma and the Evil DEA.

  26. Not many people have signed the petition. I tried and the Cyber Police would not let me.
    Joe Biden is a Poltical WHORE just as Obama seems to be. Maybe Obama will do the right thing as this is his last term.

  27. Joe Biden is Hot Air. He talks and talks and talks some more. He’s next to useless. The fuckhead can’t think, but he can talk and talk.

    A weak president and a creepy older VP with too many issues about hating on his fellow Americans, where have we seen this before?

    Fact: Obama and Biden are non-leaders. Which is why the police that work under their direction are writing their policies for them. Which is what Obama is calling “evidence based”. People who are making money from arresting innocent people keep telling me they like it. So this is evidence arresting them is helping… Is this how weak minded Obama really is? A leader will say lets try something different and test your theory about marijuana and crime. But what do we get from Obama and Biden? Hot Air. Maybe they should be filling balloons; at least the hot air will be doing something.

  28. I certainly believe that Joe Biden is capable of the worst that we can imagine, but I’m also not about to believe anything based solely on the word of Kevin Sabet.

  29. Hey Paul, Riddle me this; How is it that the Fed’s can withhold funds from a state in order to get the state to go against the will of the voters when we pay Federal Taxes? Isn’t that Taxation without representation? They use this POWER to treat states like we are foreign countries.

    [Editor’s note: Regrettably, there is ample precedence for the feds to use the purse strings to try to compel states to do it’s bidding, even if the state does not naturally embrace federal overtures, i.e., in the early 1980s the federal government used gas tax money to compel states to adopt higher age to legally consume alcohol, from 18 to 21 years old.]

  30. Supposed the democrats are the “liberal” party and the republicans are the “conservative” party, but in reality they’re one and the same. The republicans, who are supposed to be for smaller government, actually continue to EXPAND government, while the democrats, who are supposed to be more “hip” and “progressive,” have just as many anti-drug zealots as republican administrations do. No matter which party is in power, the same policies remain and the phony “war on drugs” continues. I wonder how many of these people profit from cannibus being illegal? How many of these high ranking officials own stocks in stuff like drug testing labs and drug rehab centers? There’s got to be a connection somewhere. Obviously there’s a lot of money to be made by keeping weed illegal. The question is, who’s profiting from this? I believe weed and hemp are illegal in order to protect certain industries favored by the government, such as big pharma, the lumber industry, drug test labs, drug rehab centers, etc. The real crimes are being perpetrated by the thugs who run the government, not the average Joe who likes to toke a doobie from time to time.

  31. Obama, back off, listen to the majority of the people that voted for you. Please don’t be a f**ken liar, and tell your vice president to take his head out of his ass.

  32. so i just got off the phone with about 8 medical marijuana dispensarys and you cannot legally buy marijuana anywhere this is such BS. It wont be up for legislation until summer SO LISTEN UP PEOPLE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE STILL BEING ARRESTED!!!! IF YOU BUY OR SELL IT IS STILL ILLEGAL THERE IS NOTHING LEGAL ABOUT MARIJUANA IN COLORADO RIGHT NOW SAME OLD STORY. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOUSED TO SMOKE IF YOU CANT BUY IT THIS IS BS

  33. Yes, the jerk that pushed this to become acceptable is Frank Lautenberg. His reason? Alcohol hurts your brain if you’re below 21. Never mind about your rights. Never mind his theory is total bunk. If you’re eightteen, you have the right to drink; Frank is just a control freak who has to lie and outright strongarm his opposition instead of working with facts and respecting others.

  34. Forget about Obama, he never has to ask for anyone’s vote ever again. Organize in Ohio and Florida where every single vote matters. Today’s trivia, a few weeks ago a frontrunner for 2016, a govenor, told his legislature to decrim MJ, without googling can you name the Govenor and state. Last month a pro pot congressman was elected in Texas, Quickly,, who??? The Democratic party’s of three states added MJ decim to their state party platform, name one. How did you do. That’s why Marijuana is illeagle.

  35. this reply is in reference to chris comment at 6:52 and Patriot1 comment at 3:30–
    Now you two guys are not blind like so many others that fail to see what is really happening:
    Patriot1 is exactly right, smells like government corruption and conspiracy against the people here. You people know something is fishy with this legalization deal. Chris is also absolutely’s legal but you can’t buy it anywhere legally unless you have a medi-card and go to the government kinship store to let them hornswaggle you out of your hard earned money, which is pumping up the lifestyles of the very ones that have been on the prohibition wagon. We the people are the victims…the government is determined to be in complete control so they can continue to rob us all and lead us around by our collars until they squeeze us of all of our hard earned dollars in the process. The government treats we the people like a bunch of fools. Which is just exactly what they want us to be, blind fools while their informants, instigators, postal workers, police and government kindreds, etc. etc. of the such, if you catch my drift, get away with robbing us by making us buy weed from them while we are thinking they are cool because we are not supposed to think they are really setting us up with one of those Mcdonalds bubble type of survelience camera is watching everything, recording all the purchases. Sometimes, if not most of the time they use dirty gestapo tactics like selling you a bag of stuff that smells halfway decent, but after you have had it for a couple of days, it is almoast worthless in terms of good stuff, sometimes they sell you a bad bag so maybe you will take it and then bring it back to them later that day or the next day for a refund or exchange under their survelence camera. They are doing this purposely so they can record you getting a refund or exchange so as to make it look like you are selling drugs. Even if they didn’t have a camera watching you and recording the whole thing, they now have your fingerprints on the bag that they can use as evidence against you in the court. Anytime you go to get some weed, let them open the bag for you so you can check it out without touching the bag. Never look at more than one bag by picking them up and putting your fingerprints on those bags unless you are going to buy each one you touch, because if you touch more than one bag and then only purchase one of them, guess what—bingo, they now have your fingerprints on at least one of those bags to use as evidence against you in court. I know it sounds looney, but you people better go think about it. Get smart people, don’t be dummies. Those government scoundrals want your money, your life , your ass, your home, your car, the clothes off your childrens back and everything else they can take you for. It’s their business, and believe me, they are some conning, cunning, scoundralous, corrupted, etc. etc. Just go figure..Now don’t you see why the government wants to be so bent on keeping Mary Jane illegal? Also, the government has laid claim to a patent on the maryjuana plant like they were the almighty creator of the plant itself.
    This is conspiracy against the people. Please excuse the typo’s and don’t forget to read between the lines. I could give you other scenarios to think about , but I’m almost out of time today. I would add that if the government steps in against the will of the voters…than “all states should band together, seceed from the union and get out your sticks and march on Washington in masses! Similar to the ousting measures used against the rulers of Egypt. We will have to show them we mean business I’m almost positive of that. Chris your right…It’s supposed to be legal now, but you can’t buy it anywhere legally. BULLSHIT for that is right!

  36. Yea, that’s right people..It’s really all about a Corrupted government MONEY GRABBING SCHEME. And believe it or not, those corrupted government scumbags have numerous ways to implicate you and get at your hard earned money from your pocket into theirs and at the same time instigating you and implicating you into a crime when they are the real criminals.

  37. Yes, one more thing I forgot to mention…their term of processing means, “extracting all the THC” from the weed and selling you whats left for the regular price…What a rip off.

  38. Biden is a dick wipe, no doubt in anyone’s mind. Does he think he can win a presidential election after Obama? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  39. Very interesting article…

    And you know what, it now makes sense.

    Joe Biden has always been hard on drugs. I remember his attacks on the raver/MDMA scene. He even stuck a rider in an unrelated bill making it easier for club owners to be liable for drugs used at their establishments. However, I have to look this up because that was awhile ago.

    I like Joe Biden, but I must disagree with him on this. And ultimately, Joe needs to understand that he’s fighting a losing battle. Here’s the money going to come from to keep fighting this drug war, Joe? And we have nothing to show for it! Drugs are cheaper and more plentiful than ever. This was not suppose to happen. There are more consumers in jail than suppliers and distributors. That wasn’t suppose to happen either. Meanwhile, people who are suffering from addiction are ignored.

    This makes sense to me now. And by the way, Obama is not a baby boomer (or at least barely one). Obama is a Gen-X’er (or a at least a segment of Baby Boomers known as “coasters”). Joe Biden is the baby boomer. It was Joe’s generation who brought weed to the mainstream and now he wants to continue fighting unwinning war against it. Joe, you need to stop it! Besides, weed will become legal whether you like it or not!

  40. No matter what they want, it’s going to come down to what it did before. A majority demanding one direction or another. You could have 0 people in Government wanting one certain direction, but as long as a majority chooses another direction, they must follow that direction. We are still a democracy, so they must still follow the US Constitution.
    A majority says something… they can downright hate it, but they must still follow it.

    Isn’t the Internet nice? That’s why and how people are starting to wake up these days. It only took better then 75 years, but people are realizing, that they were lied to.
    Eventually, (5 – 10) years? It’ll be legal in all 50 states. It could be less, all depending on whether or not CO and WA sellers wanna ship to illegal states. In that case, there’s going to be a lot of States changing their laws in 2013. The States sharing their borders with the States which made Marijuana legal. They’ll probably take an open vote on it, to help to regulate it, just so it’s easier to handle. If not legalize, fully decriminalize just to help deal with a growing amount of pot coming across their borders.

    So… Biden can downright hate it… but if a majority demands it legal… he must do what he swore in to uphold… The US Constitution.
    Him and the president must uphold the US Constitution.

    So, A Majority is still a majority, no matter what anyone else wants.

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