Tell Obama To ‘Just Say No’ to Joe

A White House online petition telling Obama to listen to the voters of Colorado and Washington about the future of cannabis legalization, not the famously anti-cannabis/pro drug war architect Vice President Joe Biden, only needs 7,000 more signatures to be brought to the president’s attention. The signatures are needed by Wednesday, January 9.

If you’ve not yet taken a moment to let the White House know that you too support the voters of Colorado and Washington, please sign the online petition to put it over the top, and get the White House on record to not interfere with the will of voters in states who no longer support cannabis prohibition and want it legalized and taxed.

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  1. Listen to the voters of Colorado and Washington, and people all around the nation, about the future of cannabis legalization. Lower budgets in prison and jails. And you can TAX cannabis at a high prices. It would be a smart move and would make the people happy; your people.

  2. President Obama it is time to start listening to the people and realize that marijuana laws are hurting and not helping the our country. If you are a president for the people listen to the people.

  3. Dear Mr. President,
    I ask that we follow the principles set in place when this country was founded and respect the rights of the individual state. Please respect the residents rights in the states of Colorado and Washington to enjoy they laws that they had voted on and passed. Thank you for your time and understanding on this important issue.

    Zackary Dyess

  4. We know that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that has proven the fact that weed cures cancer! Has over 250 medicinal properties and is the safest drug on the face of the earth! It is not what FEDS or DEA have intentionally lied about for the last 40yrs. It’s borderline insane to keep misleading the American people with lies and falsehoods that weed is in the same or anywhere near the class as schedule 1 drug such as is heroin! It’s bold face lie and to be truthful America is tired of this corrupt law against weed! To keep weed illegal is a crime against humanity. Weed is as safe as Ice Cream. What country spends $583 million a month fighting a Ice Cream war? This one does! This hate against weed and wishes of 78% of America must stop!

  5. just signed it. you know how much easier it would be to go off weed to lower your tolerance if it was legal and always there for you? Why do people have such a problem with other people feeling good? They probably have no pleasure for themselves and don’t want others to feel good. Alcohol sucks! So do cigarettes. Why the FUCK are those our 2 choices for recreational drugs? Fucking amazing! Such are the follies of humans… Try to be a good person. Not a pile of crap like john boehner or the dea. Money doesn’t matter cause you WILL die eventually. You’re not going to live to 158… God dam!

  6. The only way Obama is going to respond in the affirmative is if we play the race card. Tell him over and over again that the origins of marijuana prohibition were directed specifically at YOUR RACE. Had you been arrested for your own personal use as a youth, you would not be president today. Therefore you have AN OBLIGATION to end prohibition.

  7. Dear Mr. President,
    Why must we continue to suffer and punished, are families torn apart because of what should b legal or decrimminalized at the least. Our jails continue to be filled with our love ones not belong in the system. I personnally have to take 10 different prescriptions ,a back stimulator, pain patches, shots, really if the system was smart they would use Marijuana as a new commodiy and make a lot of revenue and no deficit. Even.stoners can figure out , THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER , HEALTHIER PLACE TO LIVE!. SINCERELY SUFFERING MOTHER!!!

  8. Dear Mr. President,
    Why must we continue to suffer and punished, are families torn apart because of what should b legal or decrimminalized at the least. Our jails continue to be filled with our love ones not belong in the system. I personnally have to take 10 different prescriptions ,a back stimulator, pain patches, shots, really if the system was smart they would use Marijuana as a new commodiy and make a lot of revenue and no deficit. Even.stoners can figure out , THE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER , HEALTHIER PLACE TO LIVE!. SINCERELY SUFFERING MOTHER!!!

  9. re: St. Nick’s post-

    – and then some-
    1) cigarettes are as addictive, if not moreso, as heroin! (I have a friend who was able to quit heroin and cigs were just as bad to him, his statement was ‘harder to quit than
    2) alcohol affects one’s ability to function more than almost anything else!
    (I have only ever seen 2 chemicals prevent a person from being able to use their cell phone:
    crack and alcohol)

    MORE addictive, and MORE confusion causing
    yet THESE are allowed

    between cigarettes and alcohol
    most other drugs are less bad for user and society, and health, and should therefore be legal-
    let alone that marijuana is about as unhealthy as a bowl off oranges-
    – oranges in too large a quantity can cause some issues, and some are allergic
    but most are fine with marijuana…

    the lack of logic on the other side in this debate is amazing

  10. Dear President Obama, My mother is in the hospital dying from congenative heart failure. For years she has been prescribed a miriad of drugs to help her deal with chronic pain caused by scoliosis. At 62,I too have the same disease but I refuse to put chemically altered drugs in my system.
    I ask you if this was your beloved mother in law, who was suffering, which would you rather have her using? Something that destroys the kidneys, eats holes in the stomach lining, weakens the heart muscle, jeopardizes the liver and has caused millions to overdose,or something natural, that no one has ever died from. Please take a moment to put yourself in my shoes and let this become legal in my lifetime. The choice should be up to each individual and their physician and not some politician. Tell Biden NO! Thank you

  11. everyone is concerned with debt.make it legal and tax the hell out of it.WE will still pay and we can get rid of synthetics if its cheap and legal to purchases the real stuff.alchohol is proven to be worse for you and the safety of others on and off the roads,Yet we can get it anywhere…WTF…

  12. some of us are smokers not drinkers…where is our buzz…..we dont want bud light .just the bud for me please….

  13. when you drink you get into wrecks,fights,bad women lol,and all kinds of trouble.when you smoke you make friends get happy and hungry.which is the one that should really be legal

  14. Please Please Mr President take your lips off the spinkter valve of the corperate dictatership.

  15. I did my part, my wife just got her MMJ card. We still need to regulate and tax like alcohol….. Free the Weed!

  16. To whom it may concern,
    Victimization, demonization, and inappropriate litigation of marijuana smokers in an uncouth and unjust practice on American citizens by the so called American justice system. Legalization and taxation of marijuana [in small quantities and among persons over a legal age] is not a threat to civility and nationalistic esteem. Let the voters of individual states decide what laws on marijuana should be made. As a matter of fact, make legal at the federal level, that way, this conversation is irrelevant.

  17. One point that is disturbing, The DEA sets the listing of substances that make it onto the CSA’s list of controlled substances. So the they are in charge of their own dictatorship. Only they can take substances off or put substances on. If money is to be made, what incentive would they have to taking something off the list? Even in the face of science, they will not move. I think this power should be taken away from the DEA, who have become tyrants over the population. They do it in the name of “safety”, but in reality, they are in it for their own survival. Without the money from Cannabis, they would, more than likely, go out of business.

    Let my people go, DEA.

    I pray for the persecuted prisoners.

    I have written my Senator, stating that this should be taken away….what are you waiting for?

  18. What really made me ill was when Obama and Biden met with the I think firefighter in the White House Garden to have a beer and talk over things. I dont know why you can sit there and drink a substance that is much more harmful than marijuana and be against legalization of marijuana. Kids get it now easier than alcohol so we need to legalize it to get the kids consumption down.

  19. Dear President Obama,
    decriminialization and legalization is realization. We, as a nation, should see, and have already seen the benefits of medical marijuana. Alcohol is physically addictive, and is one of the few drugs that can cause death from withdrawal. And opiates? Highly addictive, expensive and devastating. Please say “yes” to saying “no,” maybe someday Iowa will wake up to the idea as Colorodo and Washington have.



  20. You guys realize that they pick and choice what to respond to ? I have signed and seen several petition meet the 25k signatures ,not one has been replied too O_O in fact the things they do reply to are pretty stupid topics imo

  21. Please listen to what the people want and legalize weed. There are so much more harmful things that are legal.

  22. Most of us has seen how the incumbent vice-president Biden have acted during the vice-president debates against congressman Paul Ryan. Therefore, vice-president Biden is also that way with marijuana reform. There is no way anyone can get through to Biden with the facts. And it doesn’t matter anymore of the outcome of his reefer madness because president Obama has won his second term.

    The states must stand their own ground. It is each of the states strong will that made this country great. They’ve earned it. If they don’t have a voice from the people, then it’s slavery.

  23. Dear Mr. President,
    I have but two questions.
    cannibis itself hurts no one and has so many proven uses industrially and medically.
    The only organizations truly profiting from cannibis is the drug cartels, and the county jails (ex: the government).
    1. Why is that the case?
    2. Having admitted smoking pot. Do you think you would still have become president if you had been put in jail for smoking it?

  24. Why haven’t these people been arrested for smoking “the pot”?

    Wiki link :

    Bruce Babbitt b. 1938 Governor of Arizona, Secretary of the Interior Democratic [13]
    Michael Bloomberg b. 1942 Mayor of New York City Independent [14]
    Bill Bradley b. 1943 Senator from New Jersey Democratic [15]
    George W. Bush b. 1946 President of the United States Republican [16]
    Jack Conway b. 1969 Attorney General of Kentucky Democratic [17]
    Paul Cellucci b. 1948 Governor of Massachusetts Republican [18]
    Lincoln Chafee b. 1953 Senator from Rhode Island, Governor of Rhode Island Independent [19]
    Lawton Chiles 1930–1998 Senator from Florida, Governor of Florida Democratic [20]
    Bill Clinton b. 1946 President of the United States Democratic [21]
    Steve Cohen b. 1949 Member of the House of Representatives Democratic [22]
    Andrew Cuomo b. 1957 Governor of New York Democratic [23]
    Howard Dean b. 1948 Governor of Vermont, Chair of the Democratic National Committee Democratic [24]
    Joseph DeNucci b. 1939 Auditor of Massachusetts Democratic [18]
    Mary Donohue b. ? Lieutenant Governor of New York Republican [25]
    John Edwards b. 1953 Senator from North Carolina Democratic [24]
    Newt Gingrich b. 1943 Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Republican [13]
    Al Gore b. 1948 Vice President of the United States Democratic [26]
    Gary Johnson b. 1953 Governor of New Mexico Republican [27]
    Joseph Patrick Kennedy II b. 1952 Member of the House of Representatives Democratic [18]
    John Kerry b. 1943 Senator from Massachusetts Democratic [24]
    Ed Koch b. 1924 Member of the House of Representatives, Mayor of New York City Democratic [28]
    Richard Lamm b. 1935 Governor of Colorado Democratic [29]
    Connie Mack III b. 1940 Senator from Florida Republican [20]
    Kyle E. McSlarrow b. 1960 Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy Republican [30]
    John Miller b. 1938 Member of the House of Representatives Republican [31]
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  25. Allen,you need to advertise better.
    I’m sick as hell and I know what works after twenty different types of pills that almost killed me. Nausea 24/7,vomiting , diahreaa. I’m consumed by gastroparesis. I know what works for me cannabis. But I can’t get any anymore. I might as well just die. I have no quality of life.I KNOW WHAT WORKS AND IT”S NOT JOE> I”M FROM DELAWARE> GET IT!
    Thank you

  26. The White House’s Response?

    “Marijuana is on the Schedule One List of Narcotics, meaning it is federally illegal for the possession, sale, consumption, anal insertion, blah blah blah, of marijuana. Marijuana is not a benign drug, blah blah blah.”

    They’re going to just give another canned response like last time.

    I’d like to see a petition started off by asking Obama if he thinks its right that millions of others have spent jail time or had to pay a crap ton of fines for something he always got away with doing.

  27. a black man in a gang smoking weed? bloods, crips, or chooms. he should be jailed,ha ha just kidding free the weed so nobody goes to jail!!do i care if someone rides a unicycle or is gay or shoots heroin or eats flys for dinner,no i fucking dont ! just dont force your agendas on me,i ride 2 wheels my 1 friend is gay another ex heroin adict my chicken eats flys for dinner and of coarse I SMOKE WEED SO LEAVE US ALL ALONE!!legalize drugs..scripts kill more people than heroin and crack..a drug user knows the risks a hospital goer doesnt..

  28. anyone that dose not sopport cannabis like joe here wants these thugs that work in the drug companys and people that work in law enforcment and courts that also dont want it legal want people dead including children because every single drug you could possibly take that the hospitals gives you other than cannabis witch you cant get it every where kills you slowly again whats the magic number of deaths from cannibis taken in any way from ANY AGE never the less ZERO and it doesn’t even kill brain cells thers NO argument so why oppose it??? I could make any one feel like **** in a courtroom if i ever got arrested for cannabis because ill talk all day about this and shoot down all myths there mind games dont work on me

  29. Time to get out of the dark ages. Legalize marijuana. Make the laws for legalization “for the people” instead of “against the people”. Use the tax money for more constructive things…like paying down the debt (state), schools and the likes. OR does that make too much sense?? Might even slow crime down…ya think?

  30. So the tax man comes. Who works hard and pays taxes. I do, Tax the hell out of weed no. When it comes to weed and the war on drugs I just don’t feel like I owe the goverment a whole hell of a lot.

  31. If you people really think the fascist pig that is Obama actually will help us than you’re living in a dream world. You don’t need to a petition to show him, its well known that more than half the country wants it legalized and Im sure he knows this, yet he does nothing about it. Every American needs to stop paying their taxes. They they can’t arrest everyone in the country right?

  32. Big pharma nearly killed me, they can’t have any more of my $. Nature provided the cure; prohibition of marijuana is a crime against nature AND humanity. Get your head’s out of your asses, filthy politicians.

  33. Exactly folks, the only issues that seem to negative regarding marijuana are people that are suffering from a particular type of schizophrenia. And this makes sense, since marijuana effects the number of new synapses by increasing them. In most people this will help you learn; but in schizophrenia the new synapses are somehow directed into the wrong places. So pot can exaggerate the symptoms of this one mental disease. So what? So can a lot of other things or even just situations. On the flip side, there are hundreds of other conditions that marijuana can help with.

  34. I feel it is our right and private business to medicate how we feel is best for each individual himself. Marijuana has so many good qualities and benefits I am wondering why it was criminalized to begin with. Maybe we wouldn’t have so much cancer, ADHD, ADD or Alzheimer had it been legal all along. I know our forefathers had intended for us to use hemp and all parts of this weed that was to help make our country grow strong. Please tell Joe no and make our lives much, much better. Thank you for listening! Have an incredible day:)

  35. I support the recent voter approval legalization in Colorado, and Washington states. The Federal government needs to let the people decide about the legalization of canabis and support the will of the people.

  36. You do realize that the web site is a bunch of phoney baloney bs. They only respond to petions they want to doesn’t really matter how many people sign it.just saying.I support norml

  37. Back at what Michelle said. The USA would of been much better off if cannabis would of never have been prohibited.Marijuana prohibition has alot to do with global warming

  38. Im from California where medical cannabis is legal. We can only get delivery services and there is not very many dispensaries open here anymore. We legal paitents need our dispensaries back but with a fair reguations wich will prove safe for those who legaly qualify. More people are dying from legaly prescribed by a doctor pills.cough syrups,uppers,downers,death more from alcohol and guns.even tobacco is a big killer. But can you find a record that has been broken saying that millions of people die everyday from simple o cannabis? The Answer is No! It has been found throughout its History to be beneficial and harmful for thousands of years. At one time in America cannabis was legal or not criminalized like it is today. Times have change,people are going back to natural medicines and herbs that have always proved beneficial for various ailments. So Mr. comander and chief please consider cannabis patiants make it easier for us to get our Meds.

  39. “Weed is as safe as Ice Cream.”

    not true. ice cream, consumed consistently in large quantities, can lead to obesity, which can lead to death. marijuana, consumed consistently in large quantities, can lead to falling asleep.

    ppl have literally died from having pianos fallen on their heads (like in cartoons). so you’re more likely to die from that, or a vending machine tipping over onto you, or being kidnapped by a terrorist, or being mauled by a Siberian tiger, or being outside on a really hot day, than from using weed.

    technically, you can die from laughter. so i suppose that though it hasn’t reportedly happened yet, you can die from weed that way.

    yeah nvm weed is really dangerous, it’s better to keep it illegal and keep cigarettes and alcohol legal, those are much safer alternatives and they’re even healthy for you (mentally and physically).

  40. Obama must listen to the vote voice of CA & WA. Cannabis fertilization has to be make legal so that all the people will get its medical benefits. I agree and have to issue about putting some rules like children going to school not to have smoking .

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