Historic Number of States Debating Marijuana Law Reform Legislation — Is Your State One of Them?

A record number of statewide marijuana law reform measures are pending in 2013. Is your state one of them?

To find out — and to contact your state elected officials in favor of pending legislation — just click here, find the legislative alert applicable to your state, enter your name and zip code, and a pre-written letter of support will be electronically sent to your state House or Senate member. (To contact your member of Congress in support of federal legislative reforms, just follow these same steps.)

Here’s an overview of just some of these pending statewide measures:

Five states are considering legislation to legalize the adult consumption and sale of marijuana.
Nine states are considering legislation to decriminalize minor marijuana possession offenses.
Eight states are considering legislation to legalize the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

If your state is not listed, please continue to check back to the NORML website often as we update legislative alerts daily. Over the coming weeks, several additional measures are expected to be introduced.

If your state is listed, please be sure to use this page to contact your elected officials. They hear from our opponents; they also need to hear from you! Those who sign up to receive NORML’s electronic newsletter here will also receive time-sensitive legislative updates to let you know when hearings and votes are pending on these specific measures.

Get active; get NORML!

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  1. This is beautiful news. I wish my State of Idaho would follow suit, but they will probably be the last State to do anything everyone else is doing. It’s revenue for them to lock people up for marijuana, and they do it often.

    [Paul Armentano replies: Unfortunately, Idaho lawmakers are presently lobbying for measures that further codify their opposition to marijuana law reform. Sad but true: http://www.khq.com/story/21101828/idaho-senate-advances-measure-opposing-marijuana.%5D

  2. a lot safer than booze and can not get hook on it, and nobody can ever O.D. from it and the government could make millions in taxes (but they got their heads up their butts)

  3. I have an anxiety disorder and would prefer a holistic approach other then putting a chemical in my body!

  4. with it looking like there will be 10 or so state with fully legal canibis in the next yr or so how lon can they keep it illegal for us smokers in the more “backward states” i.e. my state of texas ? can it really be a schulde 1 drug in half the states and legal in the other half ?

  5. It appears that some sanity has prevailed in some states as to the consequences of cannabis prohibition. Are we making more criminals out of good people, building more prisons just to keep up with the arrests being made. Is all this worth it ? Ask Colorado and Washington state those questions and you may conclude it is not worth it.

  6. Why heck no, Alabama will never break the pattern of inbred stupidity to actually legalize the devil weed. There are still dry counties here and blue laws everyplace.

    I moved here for a job from the West. I have regretted this every since. I hear the talk down here about freedom and constitution and all the other rights BS they preach. But when it comes down to it they want to restrict more rights than they ever have supported.

    The family trees down here dont branch and brain cells are as rare as full sets of teeth. I never expect cannabis to be anything less than a criminal offense punishable by jail time in this state.

  7. Can we get a map that stays updated and graphically shows all these states and which reform measures they have pending?

  8. My gramps use to tell us that it was the law for farmers to have to grow cannabis and the pharmacist used it as medicine for a lot of ills in his day. Everyone he new smoked it in pipes or rolled their own. Maybe that’s why he lived in perfect health with no Alzheimer’s until age 98 without cancer etc. Life expectancy was double then it is now. We came from England as farmers from 1789 – to this very day. Have family records to prove it. Don’t know what all was grown but surely they grew it all.

  9. Was on here looking around and found my state and clicked on it and it is saying that “Illinois NORML has drafted various proposals seeking to legalize and regulate the adult use of cannabis. You can read more about their efforts here.”
    now this is the first i have read of this and am wondering are we doing something different than medical?
    Things change everyday, but is this a mis print or has there been a change of plans for Illinois?
    As many states that have laws in place and are gaining more . why is Illinois still in the shaddows. I know ROME wasnt built in a day but it ws still built. Im just curious what pushes such a serious matter to the backburnner. What is to be so scared of with this substance.
    Remeber those who hate will compair this situation first to….
    The kids. and other harder drugs and murder, and prostution.
    If they would compair it to laughter , hard work, and compassion and puppies , then the mood isnt so negative about cannabis, shame on you haters for trying to confuse the situation.
    To be honest there needs to be some tv exsposure. SHOW PEOPLE WHAT IT IS.Show the world that your upper managment people use cannabis and they still function as a whole. I think that the majority of the people who are scared of cannabis think that it is only used in the trashiest conditions. In reality its really consumed in a more professional environment.
    The boogie man is in the dark, not the cannabis users.
    Illinois people need to not worry so much.
    Its cannabis not the plague.
    as always it just my opinions
    Thanks for reading

  10. why did we allow drugs to be illegal to start with. we are not all low IQ mormons that need to control childern to compansate for the fact that the female never had orgasms so she tissue swapped and says o it is the mans child, childern should look like the female. the legislature can not pass law that is against the constitution read your state and national constitutions. they have passed law that never should have been

  11. I thought Florida would be the last state to decriminalize, but it looks like Alabama and Idaho are even more backward.

  12. Actually, I suspect this is about to be rescheduled off Schedule I. This hemp bill in KY has Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul behind it. We have Leahy thinking about rescheduling, and even the conservative sites are calling for libertarian approaches – tired of big government and supportive of Federalism, I’m seeing more as more conservative commentary wanting to push to the states.

    I’ve also noted what seems to me to be a marked increase in cannabis busts nationwide. Perhaps it’s just me missing the forest for the trees but I think LEO’s nationwide are doing a fast, hard crackdown, especially on distributors. And I’m not talking about dispensaries per se. I’m talking about people moving MMJ across the country, and the amazing rise in grow-op busts in suburban homes everywhere in this nation. I swear I think this is really on the rise.

    I’m speculating, but this feels very much like political back room maneuvering in preparation for a new thing. Because, once the prohibition is lifted, cops cannot go after once illegal operators. They want to get them now.

    It’s also may explain why we are seeing local zoning changes as local officials anticipate a land use issue not previously promulgated. I’ve seen a number of these recently, and while many are a reaction to either passed or soon-to-pass bills, I’ve seen a number that had no such imminent legislation.

  13. I want to issue a traveler’s advisory for Idaho state route 30 out of Ammon, and through Soda Springs. The police here view it as a known drug trafficing corridor and target out of state, out of area, license plates. You’re not safe in Idaho.

  14. Please Florida,let’s not be the last state to legalize. At least let’s get medical approved,are you listing Pam Bondy? Too many pill mills killing people,so at least give us the option to use medical marijuana so we won’t keep feeling like pills are the only option. Help us in Florida

  15. I’m rooting for MN. We have all democrats in charge (which isn’t a guarantee but it helps a bit). Let’s get Medical and Hemp, at least! Lotsa farm land and too much corn… our friendly Manitoban neighbors to the north have been doing it for years. Our turn, you betcha!

  16. I’m just hoping and wishing to hear something bout Ohio trying to do something this year, all the states bordering us have something goin on. What’s the hold up?

  17. Certain things will start changing now, as the truth gets more widespread. A growing majority is wanting pot to be legal, as this happens, laws will eventually change. We are on the forefront of a large change, which will end many wars. It’s actually in a way exciting, seeing changes slowly made. Peace will be larger and more widespread.

    Keep pushing everyone, the end of the War On Drugs is near.

  18. I read somewhere last year, how a group in FLORIDA was going to try and get Medical Marijuana on the Ballot for 2014. I hope it happens, and that it gets passed. I think if it gets on the ballot, that it will pass. I have watched Florida news papers over the last couple years, and every time they have a Medical Marijuana vote in one of the local papers, the Yes votes for Medical Marijuana has won every time at 60% or better and as high as 74% in one paper. If Florida gets Medical Marijuana on the ballot, I’m fairly certain that it will make it above the 50% mark needed to pass. Maybe one of these Senators will find a way that they can make millions off of the marijuana industry, and they will get it through and get it passed full legal at the State level. That would be great! Not holding my breath on that one, but if the other States start doing it and making money, then doors will start to open that were once closed. Come on Florida, let’s get something done at least at the Medical level!

  19. Its about time that some progress is happening with marijuana.In New York,we should have medical marijuana and its regulation and potency should be determined by doctors and not by politicians,currently people who receive medical marijuana, go back to the black market because the marijuana is of poor quality. Also the hemp plant has been an effective,inexpensive,safe weed killer for over 200 years and is an alternative to pesticides .Also if government can regulate and tax whiskey and other alcohol beverages,they can do the same with marijuana.Alcohol beverages are enjoyed by millions of people in the United States and they same is true with marijuana. It is time for this country to take marijuana out of the hands of the mob and put it the hands of more responsible people .

  20. I fell 28 Feet! Was on Workers Comp. for 7 years,had reconstruction Surgery on L1 to L5, S1,S2 Vertebra’s almost 19 Years ago! Took 3 Surgery’s, After many Years of Pain killers and Muscle Relaxers I am now seeing Pink in my Urine(blood)! Even when I take Tylenol,Motrin any type of Pain pill My kidneys hurt and I start urinating blood! As long as I don’t take them my Urine is the proper color and my kidneys don’t hurt! I live in Georgia a NO Tolerance State!! They will take your children from you just for finding a seed in your car or home! I am looking for HELP to move to Colorado! I called and talked to the Georgia NORML Chapter and this is the best Option for me at this time. I have been on Disability for 2 years now and medicaid/medicare starts in April. All i know to do is for me to drive to Colorado and live in a tent for about 2 months until i can come up with enough money to Rent a place! While maintaining the bills for my family in Georgia,I WILL CAN NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES OF LOOSING MY KIDS! If anyone has any better idea’s Please let me know! All States Should Support Medical Cannabis for Acceptable Reasons!! NO Person or their Entire Family Should never have to leave a place where they was born and Raised because of an accident then they are forced to take harsh chemicals in order to stay out of pain! When Cannabis is a Natural Remedy to so many illness!! I have no Criminal Record, and attend Church when my Back allows. Please give me some Advice!! I BEG ANYONE THAT CAN HELP!

  21. Well, apparently Georgia isn’t even ON the list! IMO, Florida is pretty screwed as long as Gov. Scott is in office…. He’s in bed with the pharmaceutical co.’s & the pill mills… Legalization would mean a hit to his pocket…

  22. @OldGuy – Insulting your fellow citizens in AL is definitely the way to win friends and influence people. /sarc AL and my nearby state of GA like many others are going to take time,expecting otherwise is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Patience.

    @HmmmSaysDavidHume – Regarding your first paragraph, it’s been that way for some time among the grass-roots no pun intended. The problem has been getting candidates not to be afraid of it and frankly it’s never been (nor should it have been), high on the priority tree.

    @Steve-O: That’s a good suggestion for Norml or perhaps a contributor to maintain.

  23. we got to do something here in Idaho they just say i smell weed and they. search your cars and threaten to take your home. This is getting ridiculous. We need some help here!!!!!

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  25. Any word on Wisconsin ????

    This beautiful plant not only helps our ill people but it would help our nation get out of all it’s over spending and help our economy grow again.
    Hemp oil has been proven to cure cancers if we could grow MJ we can save lives.

  26. Fl.is a very bad state with perscription pain pills and also lots of dangerous street drugs.fl is not the tourist attraction one might think from t.v. if marijuana cant be treated like alcohol is treated in fl then we really are only living for the dollar here,because as im writing this, pain clinics are still hooking everyone on redneck herion.please help us here at the bottom.

  27. Please help us in Florida!!! For Medical use,then we can use it for recreational use,tax it,and help save social security! Let’s not be the last state in the union,let;s be the next state!

  28. Fl…fl…tsk tsk ive been living here 5years and i am living proof of how bad drugs are down here.from the pain killer problem to the synthetic drug problem(bathsalts yuck!)ive watched it go from a small problem to a big one..some of my friends have even fallen victim to the epidemic.

    Please please PLEASE help us out here in fl.

  29. What can I do in Minnesota? The land of lamos that gave you the likes of Michele “creepy” Bachmann. The land of 10,000 mostly now polluted lakes. The land of police who allow their officers to drive 70 mph(and accelerating) with no lights and no siren in a 30 mph zone on a sunny july day in a place that was once labeled the most racially undiverse city in the “United”States. And after broad siding my mothers car and killing her and my brother are now fighting me saying the officer was following procedure. This land that will arrest me if I smoke a f**king weed!

  30. I live in Florida and believe marijuana should be legalized. 21 and older and take it out of the hands of our children. Ask them for pot and they can find it in hours. Ask them for alcohol and they cannot come up with a 6pak. Heavily taxed, an unbroken tax seal while transported in car, harsh penalties for smoking in car and giving to minors. I believe this is the only way we can compromise and get it legalized. Hopefully this will get done before I die. I am 55 and have smoked steady for 40 yrs with zero health, mental, nor social issues.

  31. The state of Minnesota shut down government for a couple of weeks in 2011. The repercussions were terrible. People died. If MJ was legal and taxed this may not have been “necessary”.

    Dana L Wichmann

  32. For all of you in states that seem to be behind the times, me too (Texas) but I must tell you to keep the faith. There is no need to post all the good things about cannabis on this site, we all know them and our rights are being violated up to and including our religious rights (Genesis 1:29) and yes I am a Christian who smokes! I think the best possible thing we can do is to continue to lobby, support and get the word out. Most importantly is to find the politicians that do not support the reform and get off of our tails and vote AGAINST those politicians getting elected. Our votes will count and our voices will be heard when we start putting people in office who can make educated decisions on cannabis and stop believing propaganda. Are we North Korea? Do we believe everything we hear? Maybe NORML could post names of the politicians we need to oust from office????

  33. I am sure Florida will get medical marijuana all you Floridans out there. Dont worry. If they are handing out all that pain medication theyll do something. Its Texas that everyone should be praying for. We are goners over here with the freaky and very embarrassing Gov. Perry. Who votes for these crooks. I just do not understand.

  34. Yeah, it’s a long road to legalize here in Florida. Gov. Scott, a large healthcare business owner and medicare swindler pleaded the fifth in court after extracting over 150 million from taxpayers. He then spent over 60 million to win the election. The GOP have a tight grip on all legislative matters in this state, increasing it through the corrupt redrawing of district lines to benefit the repubes, this in a state that not long ago had 100 years straight of democratic control. Any progress towards the people’s desire of legal cannabis is facing a huge barrier of blantantly corrupt politicians who care only for big business such as sucking dry the tourists.

  35. I hanging there with you other Minnesotans. At least we’ve had it decriminalized for a long time (up to 42 grams or something). I think if only Minneapolis residents were voting on legalization, we’d have a shot…

  36. Well, well,well. Actual legislation (bill 1250) will be presented in Fl legislation to legalize medical MJ. Wonders never cease. Front page of yesterdays newspaper stated that 70% of Floridians approved. Now just need registered voters to sign the petition to get it on a ballot. I’ll be contacting the proper authorities to see how I can help make this happen. If your not registered to vote then please, go do it. This is one chance to REALLY make a difference vs just voting in some typical election.

  37. Louisina needs help too but racism drives the drug laws here – it’s an excuse to put black people in prison. I was popped for shrooms recently, and in my lawyer’s office, a Black lady was telling me her son had been in for 11 years for a SEED. I spent only 2 days in jail, and when I went to the bond hearing, my partner and I were the ONLY white people in chains and ALL the judges, staff and state lawyers were white. At my partner’s hearing to determine council, ALL the inmates were black males, and the court staff, again were ALL white!!! Before I hired my private lawyer, the public defender assigned to me told my father, “she will get a slap on the wrist because she is a white girl with no record!” I notice the NOPD ALWAYS pull over black people and never white people – I only got caught because my friend ratted me out!!! The point is, MOST drug laws, especially here in the Deep South, are DESIGNED to IMPRISON our black brothers and sisters!!! NO ONE talks about this, but I had to put in my two cents because the War on Drugs as evil on so many levels and this is one few people know about!!!!

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