Marijuana Legalization Measure Introduced in Oregon

Legislation has been introduced in Oregon by the House Committee on Revenue that would legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana.

House Bill 3371 would establish a regulatory system, similar to the one in place in the state for alcohol, for the cultivation, production, and sale of cannabis to adults over 21. Adults would be allowed to possess up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana and grow up to six plants in their homes, in addition to purchasing it from regulated retail outlets. You can read the full text of the legislation here.

If you needed any further proof that elections have consequences, we now have a total of seven legalization bills pending in state legislatures, whereas we rarely had even one in previous years. The voters in Colorado and Washington set the ball of legalization rolling down hill and it seems unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

If you live in Oregon, please click here to quickly and easily contact your elected officials in support of this legislation. If you don’t live in Oregon, click here and see if there is any pending marijuana law reform legislation in your state.


In November 2012, two states legalized marijuana. Help us win the rest. Consider making a donation to support NORML’s advocacy work today.

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  1. We need this to happen in Canada.. specifically Ontario. I’m happy for the States that they are making progress in the fight to legalize Marijuana, but at the same time I’m pissed and super jealous of you guys for that! lol

  2. 24 ounces?…that gotta be a typo..gotdam..

    [Editor’s note: Indeed! Medical patients in OR can possess up to 24 ounces of cannabis for their personal use. It is because of this high weight threshold that NORML believes that OR medical patients/providers are not as harassed as patients/providers previously have been in states like CA, WA and MT.]


  4. It’s a regulatory system similar to alcohol except there’s no limit on the amount of that much more problematic drug an adult can possess, And I’ll bet the regulated retail outlets for cannabis don’t include every corner market and grocery store.

    Still, this is real progress and most of us can easily live with those conditions. I wonder, however, if at some point the comparatively open access to much more dangerous alcohol and tobacco products will be recognized as inconsistent by legislators.

  5. Don, here in Oregon, hard alcohol is only sold in state run stores–that is where cannabis will be sold.

    The non-commercial regulations are the same as our medical–six mature plants and 24oz (currently, the best in the nation.)

    I hope that the national laws (when passed) do not lower the limits–because, while I would prefer no limits on non-commercial (as was in our ballot measure) at least six and 24 are functional.

  6. Thank you NORML! I wish I could afford to donate more money but I barely make it from paycheck to paycheck… Those who can afford it should donate as much as possible to this wonderful organization. Without NORML helping to spread the truth about cannabis, we’d be living in even more of a police state in this country than we currently are.

    I’ve sent numerous email’s to Virginia’s leaders about prohibition but don’t ever get any response… I get the impression they are happy continuing to lock people up for marijuana while condoning alcohol and cigarettes.

  7. I agree with @Don Berry above it cannabis still going to be more heavily restricted than alcohol. People will still be under the misapprehension that cannabis is bad for you and alcohol is OK (people often add a qualifier such as “ moderation”). It will take a long time for cannabis to prove itself. People cannot believe that all those years of lies were really just lies because no one is being brought to account for perpetuating them. Scientific Institutions, Medical Organisations, Educators, Politicians, Law enforcement, Religious Institutions have all been guilty of telling lies – that is the real problem to overcome. It rips society apart from within.

    After all that I need to get stoned ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  8. I hope everyone spreads the message of legalization to their friends, family, legislators, etc.

    We cannot hope to permanently, at all governmental levels, legalized marijuana without the support of the masses.

    It doesn’t take much to reach out and share truthful information. Take a few minuets every day to try to inform someone on the truths of marijuana and the benefits of legalization.

  9. to phrtao
    I agree-
    however, the doors are opening
    and, in time, the truth shall prevail

    NORML to the rescue!

  10. Yes we will see the fall of prohibition of cannabis soon enough! What will people say in 50 years when we find out all the ailments this beautiful plant cures and does better as medicine than anything else we currently have? What if this plant contains the cure to many types of cancers and our government officials have suppressed its use for so long? I am so happy this day is coming so soon no matter how much the ignorant and corrupt don’t want it to.

  11. Time for my 1 acre of hemp to be planted soon hopefully if this pases! Also no more laced-with-meth ounces of weed from tweaker dealers! XD

  12. Michigan really needs this… we did some very good work last year, but we can improve. I know we have a Republican for a governor, but even the Republicans are weakening towards this issue.

  13. Im all for legalization, but why introduce legislation that has such obvious overreach that it will never pass?

    Seriously? (b) – (e)?? Employers should be allowed to say “sorry, you cant be intoxicated during working hours, and dont bring weed to work” – I can only imagine this sort of non-starter language is there to have something to negotiate away?

    (b) To prohibit an employer from prohibiting the manufacture, delivery, possession or use
    of marijuana in the workplace;
    (c) To prohibit an employer from adopting a policy that prohibits the use of marijuana
    by employees or independent contractors during working hours or that provides for the
    testing of the use of marijuana by employees or independent contractors;
    (d) To prohibit an employer from refusing to hire or engage an employee or independent
    contractor who uses or has used marijuana;
    (e) To prohibit an employer from terminating an employee or independent contractor who
    uses or has used marijuana during working hours;
    To prohibit an employer from prohibiting the manufacture, delivery, possession or use
    of marijuana in the workplace;

  14. My expectation is cannabis legalization will WIPE OUT hot burning overdose $igarette paper technology (replaced by vaporizersandone-hitters) and binge-drinking so it is moot whether you can find all the hooch you want, no one who KNOWS how to use cannabis will be interested in overdosing on any drugs.

  15. I think the idea is great and the country seems to be moving towards the legalization of Marijuana, but as an economist I believe this bill is doomed. The main incentive for local governments to legalize marijuana is to collect tax revenue. The bill states that adults are allowed to grow up to six plants in their homes. In allowing adults to do so, this eliminates a portion of the market from purchasing the good and reduces tax revenue for state. Also, the federal governments primary concern is “leakage” from states legalizing marijuana. Allowing adults to grow their own product will only add to the federal governments concern of “leakage” due to the inibilty for the state to regulate the industry. The individuals writing this proposal really need to contact an economist to help after this one fails. More power to the state in terms of regulation and for generating tax revenue is what’s missing!

  16. Can someone from NORML tell me about the stupid state of Utah? Is it probably going to be the last to legalize Pot? How do you speak out without incriminating yourself? Do I have to move to a cool state that it’s voters know that Marijuana is safe. And to all those people who are against legalization of Marijuana and you drink alcohol, then I hope you drink yourself to death, then there won’t be anybody against smoking pot. HELP ME NORML!

  17. I would just like to say that i am suffering in MN with a medical condition. The only substance that alleviates the pain and symptoms of my condition is high grade medicinal cannabis. I soon will be moving to one of the more friendly states to treat my condition and begin to live a norml life once again. It’s either that or commit suicide. Tonight I lay here in bed, and clutch a pillow with tears in my eyes because of my stomach pain that eventually take over and manifest into complete body pain. F the government and the corporate thugs who have taken away something that never was theirs to take away in the first place. Land of the free? I wish I knew someone who was a drug dealer here. I would openly and freely break the law to obtain some pot and face the consequences no matter how great. However I do not have those types of connections. I have pondered walking the streets and asking someone, anyone if they knew where I could get some to help me. I will gladly pay any price they deemed fair. If I got shot trying to get some, I would be willing to take that risk. I know i am not the only one suffering.. my only salvation in this life has been marijuana. Please. Everyone I beg you. Do everything you can to legalize it. I beg you. I don’t know how much more of this I can take…. good night to all my brothers and sisters. Keep fighting the good fight.

  18. When is the vote taking place? When would it take effect if passed? When can I stop having to avoid responsible use of a drug that is significantly less dangerous and harmful than alcohol and also makes me enjoy every small thing to an infinite degree and encourages me to be more empathetic with my fellow man and consider that every little action a person takes has a grander effect on the world and therefore makes me strive to be a better, more scrupulous and caring person on a daily basis?

  19. I have noticed that people who are unfamiliar with marijuana tend to assume its effects are equivalent to some kind of super alcohol.

    I guess we need to convince them that it’s NORML to smoke marijuana.

  20. I went to the dr almost a year ago.
    I told the dr that i had been using cannabis for 23 years, and that me hideing from my wife and work that i was willing to quit smoking daily , which was only in the evening after all chores and said school functions were over with.
    The Dr. sat and listened to me spill my honesty out, because i didnt hold anything back, just like my wife said to do. “Tell the truth and it will set you free” she said. after about an 1/2 hour or so of me telling the Dr. why i smoked cannabis daily, for the everyday aches and pains, the tensions of everyday stress, like how to work and pay for everything in life like school for the kids, house payment food bills..ect, the dr then started to tell me how wrong cannabis is and how bad it is for you and how it can cloud up my life and make me make bad decissions to hurt myself and others.
    i was shocked at this because in the 23 years of using cannabis none of those things were ever a choice for me other than if i were to fail a drug test then it would stop me from getting a paycheck. so I ask in this new age of medicine is there anything that he could prescribe me that woul do for me what cannabis has done for all these years……..he kinda grinned and chuckeled a little and said you need to just stop using cannabis and deal with everyday life like the rest of us.
    Confused at this responce I said this is your advise or your remedy?….He replied that he would give me a prescrition for alprazolam, which i was on a low dose of already,but he said i needed a higher dose that would make me control the problems i was facing.
    for the first month i ran out of the pills (that only made me a zombie) i went back to get a refil on the prescrition and my dr wasnt there so i had to see another dr or wait a week till he came back to get a refil. so i chose to see the other dr not worring about anything. so she asked why i needed a refill 5 days early and i then tryed to explain to her what me and my dr had discussed and then it all came undone.
    She called me a “drug addict” and told me that i was depressed and that i didnt need a refil, that i needed anti depressents and until i took a drug test she wasnt going to refil my presrition ( for the weekend only because i had an appt wth my dr the follin week
    They told me i had to pay for the drug test and i had to wait till they sent it to the hospital to be read befor i could get a refil for 15 pills. after waiting for 5 hrs for a stress pill i got the result back that there was no cannabis in my system and they would call in the prescription.
    SO i went 2 block down to the pharmacy and waited another 2 hrs for them to call it in. then as i waited suddenly the sheriffs department showed up and waited with me asking question to the pharmasist like “was i causing problems”, as i sat in a corner by myself, and if they needed him to stick around until i left.

    All the 23 years of smoking cannabis i was never treated like a drug addict until i asked for help from those who are educated to help. i was called a drug addict and told i was depressed and had the cops called on me for waiting for a precription. All to be legal. I have been taking the pills now for alittle over a year and have tryed to slow down on the use of these pills and guess what , now i am a drug addict because stoping these pills isnt like quiting cannabis, you just cant walk away and make it a memory, these pills come with a price to pay.
    all this for being legal,
    thanks big pharma for allowing me to be hooked by you, now im something i never wanted to be. An addict…….
    sorry for such along story but i needed to tell those who are scared of cannabis.this isnt as addictive as most drugs offered by the dr’s. cannabis isnt for everyone but those who are brave enough to not be terrified from a plant need to know that there are far worse choices in medicine
    I built my life with a great family and in a great city and all with the help of the stress reliving power of cannabis . im not your trashed up poster child like the anti people of cannabis believe look like . im your neighbor , your person who picks up the paper for the old lady across the street and puts it on her porch because it’s hard for her to get around, and holds an honest image in my community.
    as always
    thanks for reading

  21. If this passes, I’m going to move to oregon and buy myself a pound and a half of weed.

    At the rate I smoke, that should last about 30 years!!

  22. Ryan…Employers can test for impairment. They still have every right to require a certain level of motor function to operate something. I do agree that the language appears to be a nonstarter, but it is most likely there because the medical cannabis community has pretty much proven that cannabis actually improves performance for enough people and has less impairment of function that such a rule is not unreasonable. It is like saying you cant take betablockers, or in my case, sleeping medications because it leaves you feeling a little funny. I was surprised by it to because people are really dogmatic, but in an objective environment, I can personally defend the rule as well as any other truly competent protagonist. Impairment with cannabis is mostly a problem for naive users.

    At the very least, it will be interesting to observe the outcome of this. I would like to see the specific discussions made by the people involved in approving the institutionalization of this measure.

    Also, you should consider that these bills are amendable. So parts of bills are not necessarily nonstarters.

  23. @Ryan and bongstar420, you are misreading the legislation. The wording is:

    (2) Sections 1 to 47 of this 2013 Act may NOT be construed…

    (b) To prohibit an employer from prohibiting the manufacture, delivery, possession or use
    of marijuana in the workplace;
    (c) To prohibit an employer from adopting a policy that prohibits the use of marijuana
    by employees or independent contractors during working hours or that provides for the
    testing of the use of marijuana by employees or independent contractors;


    Please read the language of the legislation carefully before jumping to conclusions and making false claims about it! This bill does NOT prevent employers from drug testing, etc.

  24. Chris, wow!!! You’re not supposed to take alprazolam for an extended period of time. Two weeks to a month and then switch off to a less dangerous and less addictive drug before you can become chemically dependant on it. Jesus, it sounds like they are/were trying to get you hooked on drugs by giving you one of the most addictive drugs on the planet!

    If they had you off of it, then you should have stayed off of it. Your description of your treatment sounds horrible you need new doctors ’cause you’re are currently seeing quacks.

  25. @bongstar420 I guess I disagree about the nature of cannabis impairment – the way I see it there is a particular *nature* to how cannabis impairs, and there isn’t really a debate about whether it does or doesnt. There are some jobs that are well suited and would be unaffected by cannabis impairment, and there are other jobs where cannabis impairment makes you pretty much suck at your job. Its those employers that probably feel like they ought to have a right to prohibit cannabis intake, or ought to have the right to fire the less efficient worker due to cannabis.

    I guess I get frustrated because I see prohibition as severely detrimental to our society, and I feel we need middle of the road legislation that has a chance of consensus vs some fantastic overreach to create a society where people can take cannabis anytime, anywhere, without consequences. Thats how I see that proposal, and Im already sympathetic to the cause. Imagine the people who are one the fence who still need to be swayed. This kind of legislation drives them away, making it harder to reach our goals.

    But yes, I did mention that perhaps the whole reason this sort of language is in there is to provide concessions for negotiations.

  26. I am so ready for this war to be over, maybe soon I’ll be able to focus more on making raw milk more available to us ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Woo Hoo From Maryland.

    Hope Martin O’Malley reads this one. Someone, has any state employee ever been arrested for taking names for your MMJ program? Thats his excuse. (Laughter)

  28. Chris,im surprised the doctor didn’t give you a prostate exam,haha.
    but seriously,a benzodiazapine as a substitute for cannabis,really?

    look up” benzodiazapene withdrawal symptoms” on google,if you want to get scared.

    I guess at this point, you could lie,and turn it into an art-form, like the way a competent politician does… or you could do research on your doctor’s to find out who is sponsoring them.?!

  29. and
    @fed-Up ….
    benzodiazapine are very addictive drugs, and the dr told me this when i went in for about my 6th month refill. when you have anxiety these pills can alter that situation for people , which i am one of them that it does wrk for. The dr must have know a litte more about cannabis than i thought because when i went to the web to do my research on benzodiazapene’s i found out that cannabis also handles anxiety issues. Ive also read that is causes anxiety, but honestly i was on a low does for minor isues with anxiety already. I personaly dont think that the cannabis caused any aniety but rather soothed or supressed any. Now with the benzodiazapene i dont have any aniety either but now suffer from more issues than i have ever wanted like, tempory loss of staying alert ( meaning just do what your told ), unwanted desire , and worst of all i have no want to go out and be with or do anything with the public. I blame these pills for this because even being Paranoid from the use of cannabis i still had the wants and desires to be part of something as a whole. I think others will dis-agree but i hope that my state will aprove medical cannabis soon (not wantng to sound selfish) because along with others who need it for more serious problems then mine, i to want my life back. I quit being an all day everyday user after i had kids, and that was over 15 years ago, however i did use everyday after the end of the day to let go of all the stresses for the day. once cannabis is in your system yes it does stay there but it stays in your system for a reason. people should look up th fact that even a non smoker of cannabis could infact fail a drug test if tested correctly because our bodies produce some of the same properties of cannabis naturaly. this is no coincidence.
    All in due time will cannabis be allowed , i just wish we could start a fire of truth with this knowledge like Harry Jacob Anslinger did so many years ago. remember that the number one killer is not drugs in the world , its stress, why do so many people not see this. good luck to your cause Oregon.
    As always
    thanks for reading

  30. @Steve Thanks for clarifying that, I totally missed that negating clause earlier in the legislation, and thus *did construe* all of the latter things to be what the law was trying to accomplish. No wonder why it seemed like such a massive overreach. It was simply clarifying how it was *not* overreaching. In that case, Imagonna call my local representative.

  31. @Ryan, no problem. Glad I could help to clarify things. I can see how misconceptions about the legislation could start to drive the narrative, so I feel that it is very important to get all the facts out there. It looks to me like a sensible, pragmatic bill.

  32. federal law only applies to the 10 mile square called D.C. get a clue of who you are whom they are.

  33. This would be great! Alcohol is legal, yet the health risks are far higher than marijuana! Hangovers, due to dehydration, sometimes violent behavior, liver disease, etc. yes, there is a slight lung risk, but easier on your body. I have never seen violent behavior, due to marijuana use either. For someone who struggles with daily pain, as I do, this would be a blessing. As long as it is used responsibly, and kept away from children, I see no downside.

  34. I’m an OMMP patient and I too believe that the high weight threshold keeps law enforcement at bay. The fact that most cops don’t know SHIT about the law helps a lot too….

  35. And federal law is hilarious. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s me laughing all the way to the bank!

  36. Talk about employers testing for cannabis use There’s a hospital here in PA that recently announced it will not hire smokers They said you have to be tobacco free for at least 6 months and if you’re caught smoking even out of the work place you can still be fired How is that like even legal in a free society?

  37. @ goatlord3
    WTF are you talking about?! If anyone has lower intelligence here, it’s you. If we had elected $hit romney we’d have to bust our asses to pay for already rich people’s tax breaks. Look at Bush. Dubya. Why don’t you go back to listening to morbid angel and take your Bullshit claims elsewhere, tool. Carry on

  38. i think it would be good if employers tested. that said, its the type of testing that matters. saliva testing would be fine if they can get it regulated and dependable. set it up so that it could show a number of hours since one last consumed (level). i dont have a problem being tested for work. walk in, get yer swab at the door roll it around yer pie hole an go to work. if yer over the predetermined level…your fired…simple!!! just do not tell me what i can or cannot do in the privacy of my own home!!!

  39. “When would it take effect if passed?”-anonymous

    If you read the bill the very last section provides the anwser: Immediately upon passage.

    Keep in mind much in the bill is left up to the state regulatory bodies to fill-in-the-blank so other then the personal grow safeharbor,I’d expect a 180-360day delay in actual implementation.

    This bill is one of the better ones I’ve read though, I doubt it i’ll pass though, localities may push back hard because it bars them from placing their own ad-hoc restrictions, not to mention additional local fees or taxes.

    @Steve – Thanks for pointing that out for everyone, while reading I was thinking many would miss that, glad you were able to clear that up for Ryan and for others who may have thought the same.

    @Nick – There is no goatlord in this thread, and if there was a troll don’t feed into them with more rubbish.

    Re:Employer testing.
    I think it should be up to each to decide on their own, except perhaps where medically required and their is no obvious and demonstrable impact to the employee’s performance.

    Ie.. I certainly don’t want air traffic controllers impaired (by anything), or say my taxi driver, or the guy operating that fork lift, however the walmart greeter or the guy down the hall in accounts receivable cube who sits at a desk all day who tokes up during lunch to mitigate some medical or pain condition I could care less about so long as the their on-the-job performance is otherwise fine, no different then a person with say back problems popping an rx oxcy. In the latter case it would be nice if there was a carve-out to protect that person from no-tolerance corporate policies, but then again any employer that can’t use common-sense is not one you want to be working for anyway.

  40. Another thanks norml I like to keep updated and share when i can you guys are spreading peace!

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