A Vision for a New NORML

A Message from the Chair of NORML’s Board of Directors, Norm Kent:

NORML is the pioneer, the grand patron and founder of the marijuana policy reform movement in America. We are still here and by your side, and we are needed now, more than ever.

Some have said that as our nation moves towards medicalization, decriminalization, or legalization, our tasks will be diminished, our duties lessened, our essence threatened.

The truth is that it is just the opposite.

Now, with cannabis reforms about to blossom in city after city, from small communities to large counties, our nation needs a respected consumer advocacy group more than ever.

Our nation needs a lobby such as the new NORML, firmly planted, and nationally respected, which will protect the rights of cannabis consumers, as no one else has in the past or can in the future.

Our nation needs a new NORML, which ensures that the distribution of cannabis to anyone is universally safe, readily accessible and fairly affordable to everyone.

Our nation needs a new NORML that ensures that the laws which legislatures pass favor freedom and fairness, not moneymakers or mercenaries.

Our nation needs a new NORML that ensures patients have access to safe medicine, consumers acquire healthy products, and distribution mechanisms protect gender, age, and race, available not just to corporate conglomerates but individual entrepreneurs.

The new NORML today contains a NORML Women’s Alliance representing the power of feminism and professionalism, bringing passion and gender diversity to the cause of personal freedom and individual choice.

The new NORML brings vast youth advocacy to the table, with hundreds of chapters in 50 states, young men and women fighting with their heart and soul to ensure scholarships are not revoked, driving privileges are not taken away, and jobs are not lost because they make legal decisions to use cannabis responsibly.

The new NORML will bring activists and academicians, economists and entrepreneurs, to political forums, explaining how justly taxing cannabis legally today can stop the bleeding of state, city and village budgets tomorrow.

The new NORML will still need and provide the national canvas with a network of criminal defense attorneys to represent clients who are wrongly arrested and unjustly prosecuted, from patients with medical conditions to adult drivers illegally stopped.

The new NORML needs to remind Americans that decriminalization in 18 states means we still have a ways to go in 32 others, where nearly a million Americans a year still go to jail for consuming cannabis.

Thus, the new NORML needs to remind everyone that apathy and inertia has no room for intrusion; that our advocacy must still be engaged, that our voices still be heard.

The new NORML thus needs to blend innovative social media tools to drive activists with initiatives from coast to coast and in community after community. With hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, and millions of cannabis consumers living and supporting our cause all across America, our word must be spread on the web and throughout the country. We must remind Americans everywhere that it is unjust and unfair for adults consuming cannabis privately and personally to get arrested anywhere, anytime, or in any place.

The new NORML needs to be advocates not just for patients who want access to safe medicine and fair distribution systems, but adults who demand the right to responsible use along with just access for righteous, recreational use, needing no apologies for exercising their individual sovereignty openly and freely.

The new NORML also needs to be advocates who rectify the injustices of past decades, for individuals whose futures were destroyed by a drug war that failed to do anything but ruin good lives with bad laws.

The new NORML needs to marshal public policy so that the laws are changed everywhere not in the next few decades, but in the next few years. To achieve national reform, we need to harness the energy and network of drug policy reform organizations throughout this country. We need to speak with a common voice and universal message.

The message to be shared and the story to be told is not just that prohibition was wrong all along, or that the drug war has been a financial and moral failure. That is a past we have learned all too well.

The message for the new NORML is to state that Americans citizens have always come to support equal civil liberties for all, from women to African Americans, to our friends in the gay and lesbian community. After decades of pain, that morning has come for cannabis consumers. The new NORML will celebrate the future, not condemn the past.

For 40 years, NORML has been on the side of those who embraced individual choice and the responsible use of cannabis, as an extension of personal freedom.

Now, more than ever, the new NORML will remain by your side in order to ensure that as cannabis is distributed and disseminated to consumers from state to state, or coast to coast, it becomes readily accessible, equitably affordable and universally safe.

Thank you,
Norm Kent
Chair, NORML Board of Directors

Please consider making a donation to NORML today to help support our ongoing efforts to legalize the responsible adult use of marijuana by clicking here.

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  1. This vision the best type of seriousness NORML has to offer in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle of self-responsibility and freedom.
    Much better than the prohibitionist vision.

  2. Upon arriving home from a long weekend. (A weekend in which my meth using roommates were supposed to have vacated my home) I found my basement door wide open. A door of which I am the only key holder. And had the hutzspa to be standing by that door in my kitchen with a smirk on their faces when I arrived home. They ransacked my personal space, stole irreplaceable family airlumes which included my grandfathers WWII medals along with some other items of value. After an hour or so of calming myself down and contemplating what action to take, I walked upstairs and I slammed that basement door and went to my bedroom. Never said a word to anyone, never threatened anyone. The female roommate called the police and said “she felt threatened” because of the way I slammed the door in my own home. I was arrested for probable cause of domestic assault, spent 3 days in the pokey. She told them I smoked pot. They never found pot in my home, on my person, in my blood, or in my urine and i never admitted using to them. But subsequently ordered me to call a color wheel type random UA program for the last 6 months and pay $15 every time my color gets called. $3000.00 for the attorney. Got me fired from my job by calling them up and telling them I was on drugs. Drugs? I’ll admit I smoke pot. Why they never found any traces of it in my urine or blood is beyond me. To think that so much harm could be done by one person flapping their lips to my employer/cops is unbelievable.

    I joined the MN Norml chapter yesterday. Yeah, I know it was only 25 bucks, so what right? Well I don’t look at it that way. I was smoking pot because it was the only substance I have ever used that gave me an entire new outlook/lease on life. Because i am in so much physical pain from my condition, it manifests itself into a psychological one at times and I need it to stop the spasms, cramping, and pains. I have been suffering 16 years with some type of GI disorder. The Dr. doesn’t even know what condition I have. Something about my gall bladder not functioning properly and my stomach not digesting food properly, In any event. Who is the government of the united states to say what you and I choose to consume? Cheeseburgers, cigarettes and booze are far more harmful that weed. IF CANNABIS ALLEVIATES MY PAIN AND EACH OF THOSE THREE THINGS I JUST LISTED CAUSE PAIN AND SJCKNESS IN MY SYSTEM WHY I AM NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE CANNABIS?

    Please if you are reading this think about donating or somehow trying to get involved with your local Norml chapter. I was someone who would always come to this website and read the articles and use the resources here for free. But yesterday, it dawned on me. This is a fight not just about legalizing a substance that should have never been illegal in the first place. This is fight for standing up for what is right. This is a fight for standing up against the bureaucracy. This is a fight to give all the chance to have a healthy and peaceful experience in this thing called life. Not all of us were created equal. Some of us need cannabis to fix what poor genetics handed us. So be it. And so help me god from this day forward I will do whatever I can to further the cause. Peace and goodwill to all of you, my brothers and sisters of the world!!!

  3. With our BPD Federal government, we’ll need norml for years and years to come. After all, BPD’s excel at “bringing the drama”. And what is it we’re fighting for? A harmless, but extremely valuable plant. Only folks that “feel” failure as “winning” fight wars against reality.

    The anti-marijuanaros are clearly saying, “Stepping down on someone is better than giving them a hand up. It is what they deserve. You smoke pot, you’re guilty of other people’s crimes.” Marijuana is just one excuse they use to justify anti-social behavior; but they will not let it go as long as they think it has traction with the general public.

    Even the tiniest little bit of traction. And if they don’t have any, they’ll try to create some with more lies.

  4. We need to take a page from the NRA’s playbook and have our own Magazine or eZine at least.

    Has anyone at NORML ever thought about contacting the NRA? The War on Drugs is one of the big things we have in common with them. If we did not had big pharma preventing marijuana based anti-depressants, most of these wackjobs that have been doing copycat killings at schools would be sitting at home, happily and properly medicated.

    Unlikely bedfellows for sure, but we share very common foes

  5. Thank you NORML. Please do not forget the many non-violent marijuana inmates who are serving Life Without Parole for the crime of selling marijuana. There is a continuing need for those who have advocated so valiantly to end the war on drugs.

    We still desperately need you.

  6. i personally would feel alot safer having norml beside us should cannabis ever become legal..thank you norml for no intention of fading away….

  7. So eloquent. If you don’t like cannabis, you’re not gonna like the future. I
    Visited the state Capitol Tuesday. Call, email, visit your reps. Educate. Cannabis, is there anything it can’t do?

  8. in colorado weed may be legal, but it won’t be sold. most counties have already banned stores, denver is sort of the last hold-out for weed stores. how about covering that? i haven’t even heard a mention of it here, nor any other weed related site, sort of a shame. ‘thanks for voting colorado, but we do what we want anyway’ seems to be what’s happening. builds a lot of faith in government i’m sure. at least they can’t stop personal possession and growing, but you’ll probably never see a retail weed store in CO, it’s gonna stay medical only.

  9. We really need a stronger push here in Florida. The medical marijuana approach is fine but lets go further like Colorado and Washington. I still believe the term Medical Marijuana is just another media hype and by only having that right they are still in control. Many of us are well educated on the benefits of Marijuana that dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. That said I don’t think a doctor needs to approve anything lets be free and in control. Its a plant its a herb its a sacrament. Just plain LEGALIZE IT. Well I’m glad the ball is rolling finally so its a start.

  10. First off Iwould like to say a big thanks to Keith Stroup for ever standing up for all of the beliefs ofthe people who write on here daily.
    As hard as everyone works or donates money time and ideas, the one thing that haunts us all is that we have been plauged with one simple problem, our image.
    A long time ago Mr Harry Jacob Anslinger produced an image of cannabis users to be monsters and it has stuck with the public ever since. I dont want to offend the 60’ish style or image rather of people but it also is an image of society that the anti-cannabis people hold and use againts the movement.
    Just like everything in life image is everything. I am just trying to make a point but incase it is missed sometimes its best to just say it.
    The people who wear pot leaf glasses and your tiedye clothing and the hula hoop girls at all events are what scare people.
    Dont ya see,Mr Harry Jacob Anslinger did his best to portray the group of people for cannabis to be different than your everyday hardworking class, and that the IMAGE would show the anti cannabis people what side to be on because of image…..but it is the fear of image that society grabed onto.
    I am all for Individualism even if it means it turns into a social group. or the hippi look or pot glasses , however it is an image that will confuse the fence sitters.
    cannabis is a plant,……it is a plant with many properties.
    start with the image that people like mr Keith Stroup, and our Presidnt of the United States, and people who hold professinal position in and around us, this will be the ultimate gain for popularity of cannabis.
    Image is what cannabis needs,
    an the one it has right now will only keep this movement from where it needs to be.
    remember we only have fireworks on the 4th of july and it’s the image of freedom.
    Clean up the image of cannabis and we will have our fire works for the end of prohibition .
    dont be offended, just ask your self are you willing to become the new image of cannabis for a new start or unwilling to change to stay in a fight for a war that cant be won with an image that mr Harry Jacob Anslinger predicted would keep the anti cannabis suporters in control.
    sorry if I hurt the feeling of the 60’ish style I am just an outsider looking in.
    as always
    thanks for reading

  11. The details of how the regulations for managing cannabis will have impact for decades. Critical issues like rights to grow your own cannabis. For those who juice the raw cannabis, growing your own is the only option.
    The legislators around the world will need access to the best information about cannabis, and it’s up to their constituents to ensure their leaders are well informed – often, the grassroots movement in a local community in any-town North America, will look to the leaders, like NORML, for the strategies and research to help regulators make the best choices about organizing all details of cannabis production, distribution, taxation and more.

  12. Wow what a drag down by methheads Monsterman! I can’t imagine that. They are the a$$holes making us look bad. Write some editorials all! Show those politicians who writes laws in all those states where its criminalized! Advocate a sliding scale of fines 20$ for less than a gram, up to 1500$ per pound. That just might be pallatable for some.

  13. I know for myself as well as others………..WE THANK YOU NORML for all you do in the fight against a government who has so much money to blow that they need to get rid of some by harassing Innocent people. This is so totally ridiculous that in the year 2013 our unintelligent communist government is putting people in jail and wasting millions upon millions of borrowed Chinese money to put people in jail for nothing.

    Well thank you NORML its good we have you.

  14. Hear, hear!! In a post-prohibition society, we will need NORML more than ever to protect our new freedoms!

    I can think of no other organization who will so fiercely fight to protect cannabis once it is legal than NORML.

  15. NORML has plenty of work to do for years to come. No doubt about it. Keep up the good work NORML crew.

  16. Wonderful! Our little NORML is growing up.

    I agree with Samuel Taylor’s comment that marijuana could ameliorate the cruel effects of mental illness that drives people to slaughter their fellow earth men. Ironically, I saw one of the Congressional gun violence hearings on CSPAN yesterday. Suddenly, Charles “Chuck” Grassley, D-Iowa asks some law enforcement guy about some violent drug dealing kingpin in Colorado and simultaneously about enforcing gun bans against medical marijuana patients. The enforcement guy said they’d go after the kingpin, but going after individuals simply was not a efficacious use of limited resources.

    Grassley then stalked out of the meeting as if he’d injected some real insight into the meeting. But what was his point?. He was a Democrat, so I thought he may have wanted assurances that patients would be left alone, but something in his dour demeanor said otherwise. Sure enough, a quick visit to his website showed him to be an irrational, downright hateful ideologue on the topic of marijuana. Not too long ago, Congress would have appropriated another $100 million dollars to go after patients. Kudos to NORML.

    I think I suspected something was wrong when the dour look on the sourpuss curmudgeon’s face reminded me of my elder’s response to Beatle haircuts all those years ago.

    The good news is that when he stalked out, he was stalking into history.

  17. I send my best wishes and thanks to the good folks at NORML. Truly, your organization has done more to fight for American liberty than our Govt has done in more than a hundred years.

    It is very important to me that marijuana be legalized and that people who choose to use it not be subject to draconian archaic idiotic laws. I see marijuana prohibition as the tip of the iceberg however. What is really at stake is our rights as Americans; indeed, at stake is our human rights! That is something our Govt has either forgotten about or has decided to take away from us. I’m not sure which, but it is terribly wrong!

  18. @Galileo Galilei: Charles “Chuck” Grassley, D-Iowa does not represent the will of either the Democrats or the Republicans. He should be removed from office as far as I’m concerned.

    Wake up Iowa, vote this guy the hell out if you ever want any liberty to come to your state!

  19. I wish you could do something about UK NORML. They seem more concerned with trips to Amsterdam and social clubs than changing the law or promoting medicinal use. They even prefer to go to Amsterdam rather than appear at a UK “420” protest. The UK is very far behind in the quality of cannabis we have and how it is used (almost always smoking and mixed with tobacco). There is almost no knowledge or acceptance of medicinal use (possibly because cannabis is seen as an additive to tobacco) and I have seen many people suffer and die for lack of this medicine. If they had lived in the US (even in a state where medical marijuana is not legal) those people would at least have considered using cannabis to alleviate their conditions.

    The battle may be nearly won in the US but in many parts of the world it has hardly begun

    (“When the rain fall it don’t fall on just one man’s house”)

  20. well thats good that norml takes care of that now all we need is to try to get taxes way lower all that is… is greed and the black market will still be going strong with lower prices… and say if i go to colorado and buy from a store where am i gonna go after? cant go to the bar cant go to a social club so dose that mean i have to go in the woods and if seen you still could be charged with smoking it in public even though i can drink till i get alcohol poisoning at a bar wow you think of it law makers… im telling ya they dont think at all its like hey lets have people come here buy it then lets have are cops charge them for being in the wrong place for smoking it and then lets put high taxes on it not thinking about the black market that is all but thank you norml for what you done so far

  21. Judy, it is on purpose. People with good intentions don’t hide behind an endless list of lies and libel. Our laws, for the most part, have been engineered by people who are not grounded in reality.

  22. Samuel Taylor says on February 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm:

    “We need to take a page from the NRA’s playbook and have our own Magazine or eZine at least.”

    YES, YES, and YES! Not everyone has direct internet access, and a printed national publication, direct mailed to subscribers is critical outreach. It will make the NORML brand and benefits accessible to rural cannabis consumers, and help define the public’s perception of who cannabis consumers are.

    Enhanced social networking strategies could also increase brand recognition and supporter participation. Work with a college and get interns to drive traffic to your web pages by engaging visitors, and flooding other pages with NORML posts. Many organizations offer promotions, prizes and drawings for their supporters to keep encourage their frequent return.

    Take Sam’s advice and let’s get this train a’rollin!

  23. I’m not a big NRA fan, but if we did work with them, the mellowing effects of our favorite herb could benefit both our concerns. Plus we’d see fewer Americans slaughtered as much. Sounds like a win win to me.

    Just sayin’….

    [Paul Armentano responds: The NRA has absolutely zero interest in taking on any issue related to cannabis and has been silent on the federal guidelines forbidding state-authorized medical cannabis users to excerise their 2nd amendment right to legally bear firearms.]

  24. NORML had a vision and its becoming clear now. I will support 100%. Aside from the Medicinal, Decriminalization, Regulations efforts why hasn’t Religious or Sacramental approach been considered? For many this is the reason of its usage being its a God given Herb which has been used by many cultures.

  25. to chris
    im with you on the image thing. people who dont know about cannabis see the image that has been put out by the pukes of this country.im wishing more folks were not in fear of allowing those who do not know the good in folks who consume it. those in the bubble need to see real people who consume and lead a financially responsible,family loving, otherwise law abiding life style.Real citizens whose lives receive benefit from cannabis. but, how can we show the real people that we are if we cannot step out and let people know the truth? even i find i can talk to strangers outright about it but, cannot allow my awesome family to know for fear it would hurt my relationship with them because they do not understand about cannabis. their must be something found to show the good in our lifestyle.i dont wear tyedye and pot glasses. my hair is short and yes sir and no ma’am spewes from my mouth on a regular basis. how do we change our look to those in the bubble? speak up people…..

  26. Act now! Now is the time for federal law enforcement of cannabis prohibition fall victim to the sequestration in order to take that money and use it to fund other things, such as flu shots for children, food, health care and so on. You know all that shit got cut. In Pennsylvania it got cut by the state, and who’s picking up the slack? No money for prohibitionist DEA, IRS, DOJ, Postal Service, Treasury, any federal entity to interfere with state laws legalizing cannabis. Nada!

    The fog of other cuts for things Americans care more about is the perfect cover. Motivate people to go for the money in cannabis legalization by keep running the economy into the ground, keep in on the edge of recession until cannabis is legalized. There’s been far too much death and suffering because of cannabis prohibition. The now estimated 70,000 Mexican deaths in the past several years do indeed matter. Look how many states it is, and the direction it’s trending. If prohibitionists realize that cannabis will be legal in 10 years anyway, then to hasten the end of Prohibition II and save all the lives and money that will be lost between now and then, this needs to happen. Then when other states see the feds are penniless and powerless to do anything about states legalizing cannabis in any way they will jump on the cannabis money train too.

    Make the plan happen.

  27. “[Paul Armentano responds: The NRA has absolutely zero interest in taking on any issue related to cannabis and has been silent on the federal guidelines forbidding state-authorized medical cannabis users to excerise their 2nd amendment right to legally bear firearms.]”

    Seriously, it’s just as well since I have very little respect for the NRA! They are all about arming both sides and then wanting them to fight and buy more of their weapons. This is the opposite of what, I’m pretty sure, most of us believe in! Most of us just want to live a peaceful life and not be in constant fear of getting busted by law enforcement.

    Am I wrong???

  28. chris- When Harry Anslinger did his crusade (his smear job against cannabis) It was decades before the concept of a long haired hippie even existed.He was going for a racial slant ,and the things that he was targeting :interacial- ralationships and jazz music–are very much the norm in today’s culture,Obama and Eric Holder are both of mixed european and african ancestory. no big deal in today’s society.

    Right now,you could find cannabis use in every demographic, lifestyle and culture imaginable.So the things that the media will have to use for modern demonisation will be random isolated incidents of self abuse that are confined to a persons own mental illness or character flaws.I saw an episode on the Dr Oz show, about a women who was abusing laxatives and was down to 80 pounds,does that mean that we should ban laxative’s? or how about foods that have high cholesterol that could be attributed to so many heart attacks and strokes in this country? I doubt it. it comes down to the individual and how they choose to use or abuse it. .

    But getting back to this hippie stereotype: in the 60s, the hippies where deemed such a threat because they where protesting these corperate wars(that are still continuing today) and where seeking a self-sufficient lifestyle.A lot of discoveries including harnessing solar and wind energies, are just now starting to be utilised on a broad scale.And then you have scientist like Karry Mullis or Steve Jobs,
    both who could be classified as ‘counter-culture hippies’, that created technologies that ironicaly are being used by the military and law-inforcement agencies today.

    So from Jazzers to the beatnicks, R&B funk and soul, the psychadelia of the 60s,the rastafarians, from punk to shoegaze to techno-ravers, even country music. You name it–they have smoked it!

  29. @ Gallileo and Elaine above, hate to break it to you, but Chuck Grassley is a dyed-in-the wool Republican. He’s never been a Democrat, as far as I know.

    @ Samuel Taylor, I want nothing to do with the NRA. Pot and guns don’t mix. Why would you even combine the two subjects in one conversation? Pot smokers have been victimized and prosecuted by the govt since early in the last century.

    Gun owners in this country, by contrast, already enjoy more freedoms than do gun owners in almost any other society in the world. I don’t understand your beef, frankly.

  30. Fuck the nra (paraNoid, intellectually Retarded Assholes). The only way we’d get their help is to make a bill that says – Legalize Pot and Uzi-sub machine guns, or if we could make guns or ammo out of hemp, hemp oil. No brain Racist road Apples(horse shit). They probably want it illegal so the black market gun trade will continue. I think we should be allowed guns but the people of the NRA stink! Charelton Heston indeed.

  31. When will the healing really begin? When will the bullying end and people who need medication for their ailments quit being tortured and encaged for an illness they can’t help? How inhumane? When will people be able to just go in the store and get their marijuana without associating with real life psychopaths and criminals?

  32. I would like to say and add that I smoke pot for no more of a reason than a person thats drinks beer. Am i a bad person, for that I dont think so. I belive that I have a right to use it.

    A great woman once said,”If the words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.”
    – Terence McKenna

    I see the USA as the greatest country on earth, but I wonder if i’ll ever live to see my country live up to it. Its time for common sense laws that help and not hinder our own advancement.

  33. @fed-Up
    With what your saying I am on board with but i think my point was mis-interpreted.
    As far a the mixed culture of people we have had over the years is nothing to do with what i was going for, and the 60’ish people were run over because our rights to peacefully protest anything couldnt be taken so the dirverted it to cannabis which Harry Anslinger warned american’s “working class” would gu up the system so that is kinda what im trying to get at is that when we show our individuality (even if your a dr that wears tie die and pot glasses) it is a reason people go the other way and dont think twice that your a good person, regardless of your professionalisim. I stand by what I said Image will be the hold up for any progress with the will of the fence sitters, even if they believe it should be legal with a bad image they will stray away.
    Think of it like this If i were the smartest wall street guy in the market and new where to put your moneis and when to pull your moneies for the highest return , but when you cam down to the office it was in the back ally of some old abandened building, how is my image for you to trust me. it doent matter if im black, asian of white it my image that will break the deal of working together. image builds trust. Our President smoked cannabis, but he didnt run for office wearing tiedie. get the point now. and as far as the people who want to take pooping pills and lose wieght , yes it is a problem but we dont through them in prison for it, and go ahead and take on the fast food “joint”, againg not cannabis debate, but i do understand your way of thinking, its just a little of base.
    I think we both agree that no matter what our beliefs on image is that no matter how its all played ,simply applying the brakes and looking at what is really going on, and regrouping a failed sytem is the key in progress…..along wth “IMAGE” lol sorry.

    @ ST. Nick
    The NRA has its own conflict with man vs self and man vs man to deal with. please quit trying to start fights with organization that are on a different mission, it makes the cannabis movement look weak when we call other hard working oganizations names to make us sound better , not to mention it makes you look childish. You have better thoughts than this, ive read them.
    Yet another image of hate , not helping .Think positive thoughts.

  34. Yesterday my friend Jason Bradford lost his life. He was a wonderful person that never harmed anyone. Jason is a victim of prohibition. He was charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana and the arcane and cruel mandatory minimums were too much for him to bear. Jason, I love you man. I cannot believe this is goodbye. Please don’t let prohibition claim another life. Support NORML and let’s end the madness once and for all.

  35. @Mike: “Its time for common sense laws that help and not hinder our own advancement.”

    You are so right! The idiotic laws have hurt all of us, not just those who go to jail or prison, in ways most people will never realize. The archaic backward laws have caused tremendous harm to our country. I believe we would be a much stronger nation if not for the prohibition of marijuana.

    You have to wonder just how many people, who would have had a very successful life, had their lives totally ruined by getting caught with an herb that is less harmful than aspirin…

    How long are America’s leaders going to cling to this stupidity?

    Come on Mr. Obama, surely you know better! Please find the courage to help the culture you were once a part of!

  36. @Clay – I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. This sort of thing should never happen in a civilized society. A lot of people in power just don’t get it.

    Many times I have watched law enforcement personnel (via various videos) say what they do (busting marijuana users and growers) justify their actions by saying something like: “Everything I do is worth it if I can keep even one person away from marijuana”. These people need to understand that saving that one individual from the “demon weed” is not worth ruining the lives of the many. Besides that, what are they really saving that one person from?

    There is absolutely no good reason why your friend, Jason Bradford, had to be punished. I’m sure he was a good person. It would make more sense for these idiot cops to help people like him instead of this imaginary person they think they are saving…

    Sorry for the rant but the stupidity, arrogance, and ignorance that leads to these tragedies really get me fired up and angry.

  37. Marijuana poll: Californians’ support for legalizing pot at record level; ‘Public opinion has been shifting’
    Steven Harmon/Bay Area News Group and Grant Scott-Goforth/The Times-Standardtimes-standard.com/
    Posted: 03/03/2013 02:16:06 AM PST
    March 3, 2013 10:17 AM GMTUpdated: 03/03/2013 02:16:07 AM PST

    Californians support legalizing pot in greater numbers than ever — and they want the federal government to cool it with the crackdowns on medical marijuana dispensaries.

    In a Field Poll released Wednesday, California voters, by a margin of 54 percent to 43 percent, supported allowing legal sales of marijuana, as long as restrictions are in place on age, driving under the influence of the drug and licensing those who sell it. That represents the highest level of support since the Field Poll began asking the question 44 years ago, when most California believed pot was the gateway drug to more hurtful substances.

    Only 13 percent of California adults supported legalizing marijuana in 1969 — the year of Woodstock.

    ”Now, we’re getting to the point where baby boomers have lived with this stuff for most of their lives,” said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll.

    Humboldt State University sociology professor and member of the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research Josh Meisel said the result doesn’t surprise him.

    ”Intuitively, it makes sense to see an upward tick,” he said. “Public opinion has been shifting.”

    Two-thirds of 834 registered voters said they opposed the Obama administration’s raids on medical marijuana outlets, in which nearly 200 dispensaries — most in California — were targeted in President Barack Obama’s first term. Local governments have taken cues from the administration:

  38. @ Chris,

    I have to stick up for St. Nick here. I know that I only commented about the NRA because of messages that others have posted here; I’m sure St. Nick did so also.

    This is a marijuana pro-legalization site. It was not created by NORML–I’m fairly certain– as a sounding board for every issue under the sun. I personally would prefer if others restricted their comments to the issue of MJ. As long as they don’t, as long as they feel a need to push their other agendas, I for one will feel required to respond. I assure you, I could throw in a side-message every time I commented about MJ, too. But I try to keep on topic. Wish others would keep their assides to themselves as well. If you don’t like the responses, perhaps you should direct your complaints to the original posters–in this case, those pushing the NRA.

  39. This was like a manifest for the Brave New World – Aldous Huxley´s vision to have the citizens drugged and CONTROLLED. Terrible!

  40. I believe everyone s/b registered to vote and that one should email or send a msg to their Federal level senators and HR and too at the state level. My real question pretaining to this is the bombardment level. Should it be a constant barrage or more restrained? At what point does one saturate the msg to the politicians? Are they too obtuse and subtle doesnt cut it? I want to be the most effective I can to get the job done. What should the plan be? How bout a little advice from Norml on this.

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