Sen. Elizabeth Warren Takes Dig at Pro-Legalization Senate Candidate Dan Winslow

At a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston this past weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) took a jab at pro-legalization Republican State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk), who is currently vying for the Republican nomination for Senate in Massachusetts’s upcoming special election.

Addressing the crowd, Senator Warren said, “I advise everyone to pay very close attention to Dan Winslow’s platform. He has a 100 percent ranking from the gun lobby and he’s for the legalization of marijuana. He wants us armed and stoned.”

According to statements received by VoteSmart, Rep. Dan Winslow’s stance on marijuana policy is as follows:

I disfavor decriminalization of marijuana because it increases demand from illicit sources. Instead, I think we need to legalize marijuana (likely starting with medicinal marijuana in view of the current federal prohibition) and then regulate it and tax it. Only be lawful production of marijuana will the cartels, crooks and drug dealers be put out of business in the US. – State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk)

Representative Winslow is currently engaged in a primary for the GOP nomination, if he were to receive it he would face either Democratic Congressmen Stephen Lynch or Edward Markey in the June 25 special election.

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  1. It seems this breakfast is an annual time for MA politicians to make jokes at each others’ expense. Perhaps NORML should look into that before posting this as a breaking story.

  2. Id rather be armed and stoned .what’s the alternative? Jacked uppp on pharmaceuticals ? Look where that gets you.

  3. I thought Chief Warren wanted the her people to be able to smoke the peace pipe. Sheeeit.

  4. Elizabeth Warren has been in favor of legalization. Perhaps here statement was not so much about the legalization of Marijuana, but the combination of the guns with marijuana?

  5. LOL the grand old party is slowly dieing off like old white racist people should 🙂 the gop are at each others throats over all kinds of issues LOL this is great none of them can see eye to eye anymore,by 2016 this country is gonna be dem controlled

  6. Looks like Fauxcohontas is caught in more lies. Color me surprised.

    You also have to love how she puts together two things (shooting guns and being high) in the same sentence to draw the false conclusion. I’m all for decriminalization of marijuana for the same reasons that alcohol was decriminalized, but that doesn’t mean either of those should be mixed with guns. What’s next for Warren – saying he’s in favor of driving cars and against prohibition of alcohol, and therefore advocates drunk driving?

    That woman needs to take a long ride off a short pier in Ted Kennedy’s car…

  7. You guys did read the whole thing right she said she wants to legalize pot, she was just complaining that he only wanted it to be decriminalized.

  8. What’s unconstitutional about having a gun and some pot? Too bus Warren is just another trojan horse fake-ass progressive who wants to shit on the constitution (which was written on hemp)…. I find her comments offensive and idiotic. Another safety Nazi who want sheeple to trade liberty for security (they get neither BTW)

  9. I actually thought she was good until this comment. Shouldn’t she be focused on fraud,corruption and banksters? No wonder we need guns (protection) and weed (for our PTSD from being robbed by said banksters)

  10. How do these politicians come up with this stuff – Just because someone doesn’t think people should be arrested and demonized for marijuana doesn’t mean they want everyone stoned. Liberal politicians are very confusing, they want equal rights and fairness for everyone but pot smokers. WTF

  11. If Stevie Lynch wins D-primary and Winslow takes the R, then the Republican will be to the left of the Democrat.

    Anybody but Markey!

  12. I can’t believe she’s taking this kinda stance on this… Maybe, she feels like its ‘too progressive’ – and she has to be conservative on a couple things.
    Or, she jumped on the chance to *take a hit* – at the Pro-Gun & Pro-MJ Legalization Republican?
    An opponent who might be ‘Centrist enough’ that he could appeal to Libertarians, Independents, and Democrat Nanny-Staters… if not for his views on guns & marijuana.

    She’s essentially ‘writing off’ the people (like myself) that have tended to vote for Democrats – But, WILL NOT support any sort of Nanny-Stater garbage policies, disguised as “Common-Sense” Regulation/Laws.
    I’ve been finding myself as a bit of a ‘rare breed’ lately = Because, I just so happen to believe that “Gun-Control” (Bans of any sort) are just as ineffective & misguided as Drug Prohibition.
    I reject the Rahm Emanuel logic of:
    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
    Or, in this case “Let no tragedy go to waste” – jumping on these events creating an emotional, a tear-filled appeal attempting to exploit the public’s sentiment about a tragic shooting is reprehensible. I don’t accept the “for the children” excuse for drug laws & I truly despise this very similar exploitation of 20 dead children, to push their gun-control agenda that they had ‘sitting on the shelf’ – just waiting for a “perfect opportunity” to present it as a despicable reaction to that tragedy.

    They literally waited until it was a shooting involving a large number of very young kids to go ‘full speed ahead’ with their public push/media campaign and at this point – (IMO) it’s gone *far beyond* vile, creating a new low-point in the definition of opportunistic.

  13. Armed and stoned … Heck, that was the order of the day if you were a U.S. soldier during Vietnam …

  14. To be fair, the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast is a roast atmosphere for local pols to rib each other and sing Irish songs. Senator Warren was joking so everyone chillax.

  15. Sounds like one is for our freedoms and the other is not. The squabbling is just now starting. These polititions don’t know which coat tail to get on. There will be turn coats and die hards but the Feds are going to have to change.

  16. Senator Warren, taking a stand against marijuana legalization won’t be helpful if you decide to remain in politics. You’re much too hip not to see that. Slow or fast, marijuana will become legal and the sky will not fall. Get on board.

  17. its a shame, I was just starting to like her, based on her digs about banks being “too bog to jail” I”m actually surprised by her hard line stance on this

  18. Riddle me this Elizabeth Warren… you never smoked cannabis while you were attending college on the public dime? Not everyone has forgotten how you lied about your ethnic makeup to sham the system. Maybe you should listen to your constituency and not the party line.

  19. Dan Winslow wins on this platform would be huge in the legalization movement. It says being pro legalizations means votes and wins.

  20. So, here is a case where I cannot criticize those who criticize a Dem. Old Guy, are you reading this?

    I like many of the things Warren stands for, especially her attempts to rein in the big banks. But, you can be sure that I will send her office an email about this issue, expressing my dissatisfaction, or maybe I’ll even call her office. Maybe she needs some reeducating.

  21. This is like when Obama jokes about drones and the thousands of innocent people he has killed around the world.

  22. Elizabeth Warren will most likely regardless of her stance on Marijuana. I would vote for her even if she does not support legalization. I support Legalization of Marijuana. I challenge anybody to show any GOOD thing the WAR ON MARIJUANA has acheived. The goverment lied to us about the Vietnam War, the Iraq war and the Afganistan war. Why would anybody believe they are not lieing about Marijuana. If they want to prove their point, make Marijuana a schedule II drug and let universities and medical centers around the USA do the research.

  23. Funny how when a woman wants an abortion, it’s my body my choice,,, but if a woman wants to smoke a joint,,, NO,,, It’s bad for you,,, we THINK!

    Now either the Christians are not doing their job,, or big Pharma has more pull than God!,, You decide!

  24. So, lets see. I am stoned and have a gun. Loook!! A cute deer. “Wow man look at that deer.” Puff. Puff. “Wow man look at that Squirrel!!!” “You know dood I forgot to bring ammo!”

  25. You can be armed and drunk and no one says a word,even though alcohol makes you want to fight and more apt to use the gun on someone else.That is perfectly fine right Elizabeth.

  26. This is baloney and no ‘news’ and no black eye for Liz Warren. Senator Warren was invited to the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, held EVERY year in South Boston, an old traditionally Irish Boston neighborhood, where all the politicians make jokes at the expense of each other on St Patrick’s Day. (Think of the ‘roasts’ done back in the 70s with Dean Martin and friends.) It’s done in jest and good humor. It shows they can poke fun of each other and have a good laugh. I thought it was a great joke and quite funny. Armed and stoned. lol


    Smoking cannabis regularly does NOT impair your ability to operate machinery. In very rare cases of someone who has not smoked in a long time using some very powerful weed, it may affect your driving ability for a half hour or so. Nothing like alcohol can do. I have smoked pot every day in the morning before work and never had an accident that was my fault. I had a few car accidents when I was very young which were found to be no faults. They did not involve weed either. Other than that, every day pot smoking and NO accidents at all while working all day.

  28. Elizabeth Warren, and I Qoute,…. I Am all for anything that will help a Patient who Is suffering as long as its prescribed by a Doctor, And Under Close Controll.
    Democrats favorite word over the last 5 years is CONTROLL!

  29. What an Oxymoron. Who the hell would smoke some pot and go shoot somebody.
    Maybe if they ran out of their Narcotic Prescription Medication, which by the way, is also becoming impossible to get without going through a Mountain of Medical Bureaucracy…

  30. I am in favor of anyone from either Party who has the common sense to see that smoking marijuana should not be a crime. I am also glad Adam never had any traffic accidents that were his fault, stoned or sober.

  31. For people who are giggling all the time, you all really don’t have much of a sense of humor

  32. I assume she didn’t actually say this. If she did, she lost my vote. By the way, firearms can now be produced that can’t be fired by anybody other than that own them. As an example, a father and a mother can have their new firearm imprinted with their palm prints. From that time on, it can not be used unless it is reprinted with somebody elses palm print. Bottom line, no more kids are going to shot a sibling accidentally. It can be done now.

  33. Not likely that a palm print would be all that effective. I am notorious for having fingerprint scans fail to work at work. Very very frustrating. …And if you needed a firearm to defend yourself, dangerous.

  34. Elmer Fittery, you forgot one thing… What about all of the Firearms in the United States
    we have now. I do not know the exact amount, but I am sure ints in the millions.
    And E. Warren did say what I stated in my earlier comment. He Mother or Father suffered from cancer and were in extreme pain. Thats wy she said it, its fact, and it was “Of Course” before she beat Scott Brown for re-election.

  35. As a hard-core far left progressive who lives in WA state where we not only legalized marijuana, but gay marriage too, I am appalled at Ms. Warren’t comment about marijuana. There are now either states that want to decriminalize pot, or be allowed to grow industrial hemp like Kentucky.

    I am quite positive that the entire White House, CIA, some senators, and of course the elite are smoking and choking it up every night with a glass of Bourbon, just laughing it up and just how stupid the population is to marijuana.
    The government has know for centuries that marijuana has good properties in fighting all kinds of ailments, but of course, they wouldn’t make a profit if they legalized it. It makes me sick watching cops rip up these plants, yet they won’t prosecute sex offenders, rapists, etc. Our government is just “smoke, mirrors and lies”

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