Oklahoma: Majority Of Voters Endorse Marijuana Law Reform


Oklahoma, City, OK:  A majority of likely Oklahoma voters back legalizing the use of medical marijuana and also support de-penalizing pot possession penalties for recreational users, according to survey data released by SoonerPoll.com and commissioned by the Oklahoma state affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Seventy-one percent of respondents said that they support amending state law to allow for physician-authorized patients to consume cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Twenty states and Washington, DC, have enacted similar policies since 1996.

Oklahoma citizens also strongly backed amending state criminal laws that presently outlaw the plant’s social use.  Fifty-seven percent of respondents said that they preferred treating minor marijuana violations as a non-criminal, fine-only offense.  Violators of such a policy would not be subject to arrest, face jail time, or receive a criminal record.  Sixteen states already impose similar ‘depenalization’ policies.  Two states, Colorado and Washington, have eliminated all criminal and civil penalties surrounding the possession of small quantities of marijuana by adults.

Finally, over 81 percent of Oklahoma respondents agreed that state lawmakers, not the federal government, ought to be the final arbiters to decide whether “[state] laws regarding whether the use of marijuana [are] legal or not.”

Over 400 hundred likely voters participated in the statewide scientific poll, which possesses a margin or error of ±4.9 percent.

Oklahoma’s marijuana penalties are among the most punitive in the county.  Sales of any amount of cannabis are punishable by two years to life in prison.  Subsequent minor marijuana possession offenses are punishable by two to ten years in prison.

For more information, please contact: http://norml.org/chapters/ok.

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  1. It is a corrupt and immoral public
    policy that jails cannabis offenders
    when statistacally speaking
    Cannabis is much safer than

  2. “Sales of any amount of cannabis are punishable by two years to life in prison.”
    You know, someday, people will look back on these old drug laws and see it the same way that we see burning witches at the stake. They’ll be appalled at the stories of police busting down doors, killing pets and sometimes innocent people.Then, they’ll be really surprised when we tell them that the government had these ‘forfeiture laws’ that said that they could steal everything in sight !They will be just as frightened as we were as children, when our parents told us about Nazi Germany !!!

  3. Ok Oklahoma good for you! Now close your eyes, and take a trip back in time to Nazi Germany 1938;then open your eyes and come to Idaho.

  4. A link to THE SoonerPoll survey data would be helpful…

    Is this being politically hidden / suppressed???
    (Nothing RECENT found by using Gooogle search).
    Nothing displayed on the OK NORML pages, either… 🙁

    Despite this lack of definitive data,
    I still believe that ordinary Oklahomans are way ahead of their cannabis-repressive guberment and so-called representatives.

    At least Oklahoma HAS a citizen’s initiative process
    in which petition signature-drives for legal reform IS possible.

    This is unlike the state I presently reside,
    where letter-writing campaigns to a primarily
    cannabis-hostile / cannabis-ignorant “Repug” House and Senate majority
    (“reps” whom I never voted into office / always voted against electing in),
    is the ONLY option.

  5. The Oklahoma Observer article
    “New Poll: Sooners Embrace Medical Marijuana”

    provides the greatest-detailed percentage-numbers from the SoonerPoll… 🙂 😀

    citing that
    “..opposition to marijuana reform, (is) from lobbyists from private prisons, pharmaceutical corporations and some law enforcement agencies…”

    …in other words, the USUAL culprits…

  6. Great article! I was amazed when you said, “Finally, over 81 percent of Oklahoma respondents agreed that state lawmakers, not the federal government, ought to be the final arbiters to decide whether “[state] laws regarding whether the use of marijuana [are] legal or not.” That’s such a large number. Good for the Oklahoma people to stand up for what they want though!

  7. Considering that tattooing was just legalized in Oklahoma in 2006, I fear that the MJ reform will be late for Oklahoma. We are way behind in times and seems that we are fueled by religious interests and ancient tactics, such as the “War on Drugs.” This is my home state and am proud of it no matter what; but for change to happen, the votes must show in favor.

    Seems that its always been the same type of hate infused nut case that always gets into political power in OK. I still have hopes that things will change, but wont hold my breath.

  8. Truly, it seems like Americans in all 50 states favor legalization, or at a minimum, decriminalization of marijuana. It is only the out of touch politicians that desire to continue the failed policy of prohibition. They all need to be thrown out on their butts!

  9. As a fellow Oklahoman I found this article to be representative of the common view of most Oklahomans. Marijuana is prevalent and has widespread acceptance amongst young adults(21+) and middle aged adults(35+).

    A trip to the OU campus on a weekend evening will show this easily. Usage often continues after college, as most users are aware of the relative harm it causes compared to alcohol. Oklahoma appears to have a steady supply of medical grade quality marijuana that circulates the area. Head to the Paseo for a relaxing time with some local artists.

    Be sure to check out the Art Festival each year to meet up with Oklahoma’s more liberal side. Oklahoma is home to The Flaming Lips, a psychedelic rock group, who have the honor of Oklahoma’s Official State Rock Song: “Do You Realize?”.

    So from a distance yes, the state is still very red, but support for cannabis in Oklahoma isn’t the least bit polarizing for the younger generation.

  10. I have great conversations with Connie Johnson about the progress of the Oklahoma Marihuana Legislation she put in place.

    I am a medicinal marihuana smoker. Let me amend that: I am a responsible user of Marihuana as medicine. As soon as I have the freedom to take my medicine wherever I want, whenever I want, I must choose pot vs pills. freedom vs incarceration.

    I have been through the penal system twice on account of our silly laws. The only price I paid was a mere $500 fine, 20 hours of community service. BOTH times.

    So, even the punishments in Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains are not as bad as the propaganda tells us. Isn’t that ridiculous!

    It won’t be long now. Until then, I choose pot over pills and pot over pain. Suck it, DEA!

  11. I’m from Oklahoma and got a 10 year sentence for growing 10 plants so I know the pain and can’t believe that this is even being recognized. They are soooo corrupt here and have one of the highest prison rate in the country. Its legal to our north boarder but I go to prison if I hop a imaginary line. NOT FKN FAIR. and they sit there like wolves trying to catch someone coming back from CO. they give me 180 10mg lortabs a month from a broken neck but marijuana is bad . There killing me slowly but that’s ok ? Damn this is solo wrong. My 2 cents

  12. It is about time backwards ass Oklahoma becomes unfucked. I got a 10 year sentence for 2 ounces. It was to much for a possession charge.

  13. She is paid off by big corp.s Anyone who would sign a bill in favor of Horse Slaughterhouses in Oklahoma, home of the Fricking Cowboy Hall of Fame” is a lunatic!!!!

  14. My life is personally being destroyed by these Marijuana laws. I’ve been put in cuffs, humiliated on the side of the road. Had my car trashed by cops and drug dogs, 1000 of dollars in property was just stolen from me anything of value in my car they just took. The courts charge me 1500 the first time and I’m currently paying off these gangsters another 2500 dollars or they throw me in jail for 2-10 years with thieves and murders and rapists. This is the best part, they suspend your license for six months and require you do a 500 dollar drug assessment, at my expense off course, and require you to be employed but ban you from working with the clever policy making they do with the HR departments of MOST occupations in Oklahoma. Call it what you want they extort money out of you or put you in jail. My name is Matthew Cason and I hate living in Oklahoma because of this PROHIBITION.

  15. I live in Oklahoma. And it SUCKS ¡!¡ They make laws WITHOUT a vote from the people. Like starting Oct 01 2013 to swab the in side of ur mouth to test for THC if u test pos. U loss drivers lic. For 180 days find $1000. & charged w/a mistermeaner. And to murder horses. After having a 50 year Ban on killing them for there flesh. And lets not forget fling Drone aircraft over head. Living in the land of Back set Mary Fallen or as I called the baboon butt lipstick wherein bitch. Matteress Mary. Its sad that she is making Oklahoma a Nazi state. I was burnt 110% out by a neibor on perpose. But okc pd refussed to charge him because debree field no.1 of the fed. Marrah building is buryed on his land. Plus off duty okc pd use his land as there private shooting gun range. And its city limits. I wake to live gun fire and some nights it continues past 2a.m. Plus this guy is a criminal with burglary, asult & battery crank charges, guns, poss. Of stolen merchindise. He is a Tug. With police protection. And Ive been totally destroyed by his fire. But no help or money or donations. At ALL. But let t twester come through and people donate to them. But the money goes to build a park or to the bank accounts of red cross, salvaton army.and those kind of places and even they keep it $. Only handing out a SMALL percentage of the money to the people it was ment for. And keeping the rest for there selves I was turned down for help after the fire. By all of them.Assssoon as Im able I want to move out of my home state. I miss my life. I miss my animals. I miss my freedom !

  16. I have long considered the State of Oklahoma to be the closest thing to a Nazi state anywhere in America. In fact, it is closer to a Nazi state than most places in the entire world.

    I sure wouldn’t want to live there!

    I feel bad for the good people that have to suffer the injustice that I am sure is commonplace there. I hope things get better but with the current crop of useless jerky politicians, it sure isn’t going to happen any time soon! Don’t give up hope though.

  17. Oklahoma is a corrupt and backward place, reform will never happen here. Even when the entire country has changed Oklahoma will be the last state to hold out.

  18. I have to agree, Okla. is a totally corrupt and backwards state. Even though I was born here and lived most of my life here I’ve been trying to find a way to get out and stay out but most other states I’ve been to are also, in their own little ways, corrupt and backwards too. I’m sure it would be a safe bet to say that Okla. will probably be one of the last, if not the last, states to legalize. Maybe we could have a blog with the theme:”My State is more _____ than your state because…” (Insert: “backwards, stupid, crooked, inept, crappy, repressive, poor, etc.)with a prize going to the very last state to legalize. Oh, yeah,you may say:”Throw the bums out when Election Time comes around!” Alas, no good. Doesn’t matter if they’re Dems or Reps, it’s basically a choice beteen “Dickhead A” or “Dickhead B”. Many years ago it was half-way tolerable, but nowadays people don’t go out anymore because it’s such a hassle. What passes for a music “concert” these days is some sort of family-friendly, smoke-free, kiddie fest sing a long and if go to the lake or river, don’t even think of building a fire or sparkin’ one up. If you so much as pop the top of that brew you could find yourself tossed in the clink ’cause these fkn cops ain’t got nothin’ better to do the whole damn day than pull over motorists and tromp through the woods spying on campers and swimmers. I used to work at the local newspaper in the part of the state touted as a summertime “Tourist Destination” (Tourist Trap) where one could come see a rodeo, paddle a canoe and meet an Indian, however, it was the unwary out-of-towners who usually got scalped before they could get away. I remember how much more space the police/sheriff/courthouse report page would use at that time of the year, filled with names of people from all over who thought to come out to “get away from it all” only to find themselves hundreds of dollars lighter in order to extract themselves from the clutches of Johnny Lawdog. I’ve had my fun in my younger daze, but I feel sorry for the kids nowadays that they missed out on cruisin’, rockin’ concerts, keggers on the river, growin’ a little patch. But if they’re happy plopped in front of the tee-vee with Grand Theft Auto XVII, well, alright. Personally I’m happy these days on the back porch sparkin’ one up & tunin’ the ‘ol Epiphone- that is after I scan the area for personnel with binoculars.

  19. If thats the case then is legalization happening? Since the majority backed this why isn’t the process being started?

  20. Because governor Mary fallin said she would not leagslize it while she was in office. So I pray they don’t reelect the cunt next year . She won’t listen to the people that elected her
    Because her family owns private prisons and she will loose money
    She needs togo play in traffic .

  21. I been smokein along time cuz im alwats in pain cuz my back an leg but i mean if they made completly legal in oklahoma an sold like cigs it lower people from mexico from geting over cuz there be less $ goin in to there an i also think it messed up u put people in jail for weed with worse people an they ed up comein out all f up in the mind it time to say f wat us law state says cuz its says for the people but it not only people how are on top get to say wat we can do an not an thats called fashizum

  22. They just need to make it legal and look at all the tax money they would get they always say the state is broke problem solved

  23. Dude. It’s wrong and stupid that Oklahoma is a town of messed up dumnasses just all because they refuse to legalize weed. People need to understand that’s the GD problem! Everyone is going crazy! No weed equals no sanity! I was not raised here In this stupid town! It sucks! And guess what it sucks balls too! The government is spending billions of dollars that they don’t have! The reason why Oklahoma is full of psychos is because of the damn pharmaceuticals! Their synthetic and they kill people everyday! Atleast weed is natural! It needs to be legal period!!!

  24. I do not smoke or vape, but I do have medical conditions that leave me wth moderate to severe pain on a daily basis. I would definitely try pot to relieve the pain if it were legal. Unfortunately, anytime I start a new job I am drug tested and maybe tested at anytime.

  25. Im from tulsa Oklahoma, and just to be brief Im. 24 I love this state and I would never leave for good but Im so thankful to.hear this uplifting news. More of us are on board than polls represent, I work in the service industry so I talk to a lot of people young and old,we are on board just like everyone else, the biggest problem is getting people to register to vote:( bur people like myself will stay on thsm so hopefully one day we can be a leader!

  26. I grewup in calif moved to ok in my twentys ok is a mess but they have good people they need to learn to vote.and get some good people in office its time for change and its going to take the people standing up fot there rights

  27. Shout out to Diane! We must reach more voters like her. It seems to be the case that we are all preaching to the choir, so to speak. Which is fantastic that we do what we do. If we didn’t then Diane would probably not be familiar with the medicinal benefits of marihuana. I know things will change soon. Diane, I can recommend a Pain Management Doctor in Tulsa that prescribes Marinol. It delivers the side of Marihuana that helps with pain et. all without getting you high. Now, the medicinal benefits of the other (with the psychoactive property THC ) side delivers different medicinal benefits. Look into Marinol: it helps until it is legal.

  28. Your right jim i slso was born in cali,desert hot springs an moved to okla, and its corrupt but thete are good pple that nred to stand up for there rights and change this in reality Cherokee an other natives land they gave them an stole and killed them all out..

  29. Wow, 2 years in prison?? That’s insane!

    With 71% voting for the legalization of it, things are going the right way I think.

    Decriminalizing it only makes sense.

  30. man they need to legalize it in Oklahoma i have family members and friends that are on 2 years to life and on probation for 2 years n 7 deferred or suspended its ridiculous people the cops are such assholes against marijuana they treat it right next to heroin when people have houses blowing up cause of the stupid meth heads in this state why mess with the pot heads o after the toothless dumbassses excuse my language u wanted somebody to type from oklahoma

  31. Upon writing the governor and other representatives of Oklahoma over a month ago about this issue, they have declined to write back with any response concerning Marijuana. It appears to me that they have no interest in helping with the prohibition but are on a course to continue to jail law abiding citizens. Fill the jails is their answer…

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  33. Us Okies do vote, however when you have a brain dead ass that is so hell bent on doing things her way our votes really don’t matter..Just think us Okies love our horses like city folk love their latte’s …but our gov. Went and decided to kill one of the animals we hold most dear…SHE DONT GIVE A SHIT it is her way or the highway…. so when it comes to pot which I think if it was legal there (hopefully) would be less pill popping going on ….We work our ass off her just like everyone else and TYLENOL dont cut it so why not have something help people that is all natural, stingy state can make their bank, and less people addicted to prescription meds al because they are tryin to make it through the day.,,,

  34. As a born and bred okie (and yet somehow liberal lady) I can honestly say that I do not see this reform happening anytime soon. Not as long as our state government is the way it is. Unfortunately the state with a paodi peace pipe on its flag will be the last to legalize.
    My friend (who is from LA) was just recently busted for possession and probable intent to sell. I heard his story of getting arrested. I saw how much his bail was and the staggering amount of bond he has to pay. He’s home for break but his court date is in January. I feel so bad for him because this could easily ruin his chance at finishing his degree. And he is so close.

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