Survey: Most Americans Say It Is “Unacceptable” For An Employee To Be Fired For Their Off-The-Job Marijuana Use

Nearly two-thirds of Americans disagree with workplace policies that allow employers to sanction an employee for his or her off-the-job consumption of cannabis, according to a just released HuffPost/YouGov poll.

Sixty-four percent of the poll’s respondents, including 62 percent of self-identified Republicans, said that it is “unacceptable for a company to fire an employee for using marijuana during his or her free time” if the employee resides in a state that has legalized the plant’s adult use. An equal percentage of respondents similarly said that it would be unacceptable for an employer to fire an employee for after-hours drinking.

Only 22 percent of respondents said that it is acceptable for employers to fire workers who consume cannabis legally after-hours.

To date, the Supreme Court of three separate states — California, Oregon, and Washington — have all similarly ruled that an employee who uses cannabis legally while off the job can still be sanctioned by their employer.

Forty-five percent of respondents in the HuffPost/YouGov poll agreed that it should always be unacceptable for an employer to sanction an employee for his or her off-the-job marijuana use, even if the use took place in a state that classifies cannabis as illegal.

Conventional workplace drug tests detect the presence of inert drug metabolites, non-psychoactive by-products that linger in the body’s urine well after a substance’s mood-altering effects have subsided.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll surveyed 1,000 adults and possesses a margin of error is +/- 4.8 percent.

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  1. This is stupid you should not be fired over marihuana use if its legal in your state and especially if its during your off hours. I believe drug testing in the work place is only after one thing, if marihuana did not exist would drug testing in work places exist?

  2. Tell this to the company that was SHOCKED when I failed a random test and still fired me as Senior Manager despite my nightly cannabs use obviously never affecting my job performance… Star employee to dirtbag in zero seconds flat!

  3. I’m currently in a upper management position where I am in charge of upholding company policy. I however absolutly refuse to enforce this policymeanwhile you can go home drink as much alcohol is your heart can’t take fly off the handle beat your wife and kids drive to the store and kill somebody if you have a good enough lawyer and get off can still come to work the next day. Fuck this 1940s state of mind

  4. Drug testing for work is insane. Its like the government foesnt want people to work and pay taxes. It’s no wonder nobody wants to work anymore. I get tested fequently.i use quick fix every time and pass.

  5. The last urine and blood test I took to get my medication, I was denied treatment because they found marijuana in my system!! I was denied treatment. Is this legal? I do not have a script for mj.

  6. Drug Testing….just another sinister plan on manipulating the young prospects who are increasing in numbers and are heavily in debt and to kick out employees. The days of keeping experienced employees are numbered because of the fast new innovations in technology and training. So drug testing becomes a tool like many other things to justify weeding out employees for the many new college graduates who are pre-trained through computer games, technical devices, and watching reality shows were kicking out people becomes part of life.

  7. in my opinion, drug testing is a ploy for the feds to get what they would not suprise me that employers are offered some kind of incentive of tax savings from our government to drug test!it may also come from our wonderful insurance industry what is in bed with our government as well! it sucks that our government can use our employment as a form of conformance to law regardless of ,if it is right or , in this case of cannabis….WRONG!! my employer of 35 yrs began hair testing almost 5 yrs ago citing, safety issues, yet our safety record has not changed since….you tell me!…

  8. this is one of the most important parts. You can’t dabble in marijuana. if you smoke its in you for a very long time, so basically your in or out. you can test positive 4 weeks later. CDL drivers have a legal 4 hour rule which states:
    no alcohol within four hours of driving commercially. So if you smoke 4 weeks before driving your out, but if you have a beer with lunch you can drive a truck at dinner time. which means even if you visited a legal state and smoked, four weeks later you could get drug tested and your fired.

  9. I do not want to work with or around anyone that is impaired by anything it is a safety issue; but urine and hair samples can only determine if you were impaired last week or last month and most informed people have known that for 20 years; my job does not pay me to get high but when I clock-out it doesn’t pay me at all!!!!!!

  10. Please change this law, it is unfair to humans in pursuit of any righteous freedoms. In the name of Jesus.

  11. Like manny individuals, I have lived in fear and have yoused cannabis sparingly so I can pass an employer drug screen that violates my constitutional rights, but you have to give up your rights for a job because we must take care of families. Times are a changing!
    We can start suttle changes by starting conversations with our friends or coworkers were we play stupid and say things like, “I heard on tv that alcohol is worse than marijuana, can you believe that?”. I have a boss that thinks its ok to get loaded on Alcohol until your liver hurts, yet he complained loudly about Colorado legalizing pot. So what should you do when you hear this bs? When your having drinks casually mention that your kids learned at school that alcohol, tobacco, and cafeen are all drugs like marijuana. My boss was defensive that alcohol was not a drug, but you dig in and say, “we’ll if its not a drug it sure gets us in trouble and can make us do stupid things.

  12. @lockedoutofmyshed: You are absolutely 100% right that the government is giving employers tax incentives to drug test us. The fact is that most employers who started drug testing in the eighties had ended the program by the nineties because it just wasn’t really reliable and therefore not cost-effective–it just wasn’t catching enough users to make it worth the expense. So Uncle Sam stepped in and MADE it worth the expense, by covering the cost with taxpayer money. Employer kickbacks are either twofold or threefold, depending on where you live. First, they get to write off the cost of the drug testing, which means taxpayer money is effectively paying for all drug testing going on in this country and makes drug testing essentially free service for all employers, and therefore risk-free. Second, they give them hefty tax cuts for doing it at all, so not only is it a free service paid for by you and me but they also get a lower tax bill just for accepting this free service! Third, some states actually subsidize a company’s worker’s comp insurance if they do every form of drug testing (suspicion, accident, pre-emp AND random)–and where do you think that subsidy comes from? Taxpayer pockets!

    Which makes the “private employer can do what they want and the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply” a load of bollocks. When the government stops paying the corporations to test their employees, effectively subcontracting out 4th Amendment violations to the so-called “private” sector, then that might be true. Until then, no.

    @HR: It’s pretty much impossible to entirely root out every possible impaired person from the job. In fact, simple fatique (esp. the kind that comes from erratic scheduling) is more of a safety risk factor in the workplace than all illicit drugs combined, but no one is pushing to force employers to give their employees reasonable hours and schedules! Because it was never about safety but about using the private sector as a law enforcement tool–the perfect law enforcement tool, because the private sector is supposedly not bound by the Bill of Rights (not even if the government is paying them to violate the Bill of Rights on its behalf, apparently). It was about stopping drug use in its tracks by making users unemployable. In actual practice, it has only made marijuana users unemployable and has been directly responsible for actually increasing the use of hard drugs like cocaine.

    Thing is that every safety study that came out about drug testing early on–the unbiased ones that weren’t paid for or conducted by the drug testing industry, that is–showed conclusively that drug testing DOES NOT improve safety in the workplace. This was ignored by an ignorant American public in a moral panic about the Scary Drug Boogeyman, and the myth of drug testing improving workplace safety seems to have been a later fabrication, pushed after drug testing was near-universal and most people were obediently dropping their pants on command without a thought, assuming that since it’s been around so long and is so universal it MUST have some safety benefit.

    Here’s a question to ask someone who thinks it’s a safety issue: If we can be tested for illegal drugs as a safety issue, then why doesn’t our timeclock have a breathalyzer on it? Because the negative effect of alcohol on workplace safety has been consistently shown to dwarf ALL illegal drugs combined. If companies were truly concerned about safety, no one would be allowed to clock in without having passed a breathalyzer first. Ask yourself why this is not the case.

    And then the most tenacious and stupid of the common-man drug testing cheerleaders were born–physical, intellectual, and moral cowards who cling to their security blanket and would have every single one of us strip-searched on every street corner to preserve their illusion of safety. I have nothing but contempt for those people, and when marijuana is inevitably legalized within the next ten years and drug testing dies (as 98% of all positives are for marijuana and using drug testing as a tool to find hard drug users is ineffective) I look forward to seeing each and every one of their empty heads explode.

  13. BTW, since this is on-topic, I would again like to pimp my site,, as there is a by-no-means comprehensive list of links to various sources that have proven that drug testing is inaccurate, unreliable, and immoral. It’s linked to the sidebar, but here’s a link too:

    Anyone who would like to learn the untold story about drug testing–the story that the drug testing industry has buried over the last thirty years by demonizing and terrorizing their opponents–should give it a look.

    I’ve kind of gotten waylaid recently, so I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but that list is always valuable–and I do have a couple more links to add to it, hopefully soon, that cover the fact that drug testing increases hard drug use. I have several copies printed out and keep them with me at all times to give to people I get into conversations with about drug testing. More and more people are wanting to learn the facts, and this is one of the best times we’ve ever had to spread awareness–and it’s getting better every day!

  14. Cannabis comsumption must require you give up working, driving, and all perscription medication? Punishing patients has reached a new level of institutionalization.

  15. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person—

    (3) is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act

  16. Reasonalble people easily understand that you can’t get fired for off the job alcohol use or tobacco use if at the time of impairment you’re not on the job. I would argue that a hangover does affect job performance if someone frequently shows up for work hung over, and that’s a bad hangover, not just a slight one. Just because something is detectable in your system doesn’t mean impairment, and there’s no hangover with weed as the choir knows.

    Then there’s these productivity shit arguments prohibitionists have, with sick days and all. Give me a freakin’ break. Lost productivity from any kind of alochol hangover or even sleep deficit has got to be worse than someone who relaxed with cannabis the night before and got enough sleep, you know, and cannabis can help you get a good night’s rest, nice sound sleep without the alcohol or prescription.

    My 2 cents preachin to the choir.

  17. I worked for a company that violated its own policy by pulling a drug test van into the parking lot and testing everyone on the spot. They wound up firing all the good workers and keeping all the pill popping old ladies. They even fired the employee of the year.

  18. One must understand that the insurance giants control this; your rates are dropped as an employer if all your employees can pass a test. Given that, the obvious Question is whether or not people actually care about weed, or “drug testing” is just another backdoor way to scare people off of cannabis by the industrial giants…the answer is clear and it makes me hopeful that opinions have changed and its a matter of getting fascist corporate policy to follow

  19. I agree that it’s outrageous that we should get tested for a drug that is far less harmful than one that is accepted: booze.

    I completely understand the outrage directed at the govt for encouraging this situation. But I also blame the companies–private or otherwise–for conducting these tests. The notion that the private companies may be doing this in order to gain monetary rewards from the govt, is no excuse–but instead merely one more example of their unremitting greed.

    In short, there are plenty of assholes in govt–and the private industry.

  20. @Jackson D.: I second Voice of the Resistance. Thank you! If more managers took this sort of stand, we could end this injustice. Keep up the good fight!

    @retromuffinman: Many thanks!

  21. In short.
    What an employee does off the clock, should always be their business. If they do good while on the clock, who cares if they smoke pot off the clock.

  22. Ok President Obama Sir, that’s good and jolly fine. You may fumble your own balls, but please don’t fumble mine.

  23. The time has come for everyone to insist that this government end its witch hunt.
    Drug testing is the ultimate “guilty until proven innocent” policy. Just un-american.

    Remove cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act. Entirely. Completely. Immediately.

  24. I love how this country is set up to commend those who keep there body mind and soul away from cannabis only to be told that your reward is a job.
    I know lots of people who are willing to work but not as a reward, and this is the biggest problem with america. its that we are taught to believe that a job is a reward, and the truth is that with out workers there would be no companies and a smaller government because if they were to test everybody everyday for a year they would soon find out that our little country is hooked on all kinds of drugs and cannabis and without this fact we dont exsist.

    cannabis smokers are more in tune with the fact that they are happiest when work is at work and home is at home.

    just amazes me how haters are keeping every lie they can so it can allow them to brain wash the next generation.

    i myself am tired of hiding the fact that cannabis is a part of my life and its not abused nor do i become a monster while using cannabis.
    No amount of education is going to make the people who think they have it under control, change there minds ,only when god takes over and their mind’s body’s and soul’s become useless and can no longer affect those who can still live and change the world.

    or maybe we are all the ones who cant see that they have the best bussiness in the world …….controling a natural resource…..either the people can live in the open with cannabis or hiding on the side lines but either way cannabis is never going to go away.
    so clock in or dont clock in
    most employers in the uper management dont take drug test like the rest of us anyways , with out warning… randoms even tho they might appear on the paper trail that they are , they never get tested……..

    as always
    thanks for reading

  25. And this is the crux of it all. MJ will never be legal until the testing for employment stops. Until the testing stops for employment, and as long as it remains a fire able offense, then it really is not legal no matter what people say.

  26. @ Koen,

    Sorry, I don’t. I’ve been assured by a cousin that one of those kits work–can’t recall which right now–but have never taken that chance.

  27. @Sinsibility: Too right. This is a witch hunt, right down to the fact that the stupid dupe at work who thinks drug testing is a-okay can speak freely and openly wherever she wants, whereas I have to speak to individual in quiet areas and hand out my lists of informational links like some kind of secret agent, because if it ever came out openly that I oppose drug testing I’d be immediately “suspected” of drug use and “randomly” tested.

    Also, if you look at history, the victims of the witch hunters (or their families) were given bills for the torture. Honest to god bills. They actually BILLED the victims of torture for the “service”! Just like we’re being billed by the government for drug testing, and just like the victims of cavity searches are being billed for their medical-themed sexual assault.

    This is what the Drug War and all its methods need to be made synonymous with in the public mind: the classic witch hunt. It has every one of the qualifiers.

    @chris: “most employers in the uper management dont take drug test like the rest of us anyways , with out warning… randoms even tho they might appear on the paper trail that they are , they never get tested……”

    Of course they don’t, just like our government leaders don’t get tested at all! How else do you think they can get them to test us? It’s a free service, you get access to medical information about your employees or potential employees that you wouldn’t otherwise be allowed, you get all the benefits of authoritarian control by instilling the master/slave psychology/delineation in workers’ minds by forcing them to submissively urinate for you, and best of all, you can use testing as a silencing method against your workers, making sure they are so afraid that they will never speak up for fear of losing their jobs (no, not just users: drug testing companies are NOT tested regularly for accuracy, and when independent sources do test them on their own volition they have found that up to 30% of positive tests are false positives, which means that up to 30% of people who lose their jobs for “drug use” have been wrongfully fired, and there is little to no recourse against it. In fact, I will wager that when the Drug War ends and they open the books on these drug testing companies, they will find that employers and testers made deals to find certain undesirable employees “positive” on a “random” test, just so they could have a “legitimate” reason to fire them).

    @Dave: It’s a vicious cycle for sure, but here’s something good: It can’t last forever. It’s just going to have to be a grassroots thing, which is working. They keep trying to eighty-six any legislative efforts to legalize marijuana, but prohibition’s most staunch supporters are in their seventies and up and dying off. 58% of Americans and rising support legalization and 62& and rising think it’s unacceptable for an employer to fire someone for MJ use. Every time it goes before the people now, and especially since the Fed said they wouldn’t try and overturn the will of the people in legalized states, and that will keep happening more and more. Eventually, inevitably, most or all of the states will be legalized, and at some point, possibly before the point of near-total state saturation, there will be state laws that come out that will make it illegal to fire people for MJ or even test without suspicion of immediate use, like with alcohol. Random, at least, will be a thing of the past. And eventually the federal law will fall, once we hit that halfway point at the state level. And it will become apparent that the numbers of “users” drug testing companies cite, the supposedly large numbers of positive tests that show how very many “dangerous” users have been supposedly screened out of the employment pool, will fall to absurd lows, as 98% of all positive drug tests are for MJ. The fact that drug testing is unreliable and ineffectual will become obvious when they are no longer allowed to screen out or even test for MJ users.

    Of course, it will still be an essentially free service of the government paid for out of our pockets, so the real motivation for drug testing won’t entirely be gone. But the other factor that is the real reason companies test (PR points) will be gone, and some companies might consider it better at some point to get on the bandwagon of anti-Drug War public opinion and give the people a place they can be proud to shop. And the support for the Drug War in general is on the same route, with record lows and dropping in support (again, most support coming from those of incredibly advanced age), so at some point the government tax breaks, tax write-offs, kickbacks and subsidies for drug testing programs will be gone too.

    Someday we will look back on all those references to the Drug War and drug testing in popular entertainment and wonder what was wrong with this country, and future generations will look on it as an oddity and atrocity (an oddtrocity?) in the same way we look at Prohibition-era propaganda.

    BTW, did anyone else watch Ken Burns’ Prohibition? I was particularly taken with how precisely Prohibiton II seems to have mapped to Prohibition I, albeit on a much longer time frame (unfortunately). I was especially struck by how the Prohibitionists managed to get Prohibition in in the first place: by demonizing and lying about liquor in propaganda, and actually forcing–get this–propaganda programs into schools where they could lie to young children about the evils of booze! If they’d been able at the time to force everyone to take random breathalyzers and especially as a condition of employment (and, of course, used as a tool to silence opponents by threatening their jobs if they speak out, thus controlling all public discourse) they might have kept Prohibition I going for a couple more decades too.

    Also @chris: You’re right. Some people get mad at me when I say this, but I say that employment is neither a reward or a privilege, it is a right. People do not work for fun, they work to survive, and when you have rigged an entire capitalist system in which one must work to eat and you have eliminated all historical outs to this system (such as taking off and living as a hermit, impossible now that every inch of land is now either protected or owned by someone), you OWE them a job! You don’t get to create such a system, and then say “meh, you have to work to eat and I, through my money, have eliminated any other option you might have besides employment to survive, but I don’t owe you a chance to work either!” THAT is corporate feudalism, the ultimate goal of corporations in this country. All they’ve done different in modern feudalism is to cut off any and all loopholes an average person might have to opt out of the system, allowing them a never-ending source of slaves with no options and no chance, and through some capitalist dogma allowed themselves the ability to cull the herd whenever they want and however they want (such as drug testing or corporate monitoring/controlling of your private life) and pretend it’s moral or right.

    Which was the real reason for drug testing in the first place, IMO. People have to work to eat, they have nowhere else to go and no other choices in life, so you can force them to sacrifice their rights and humiliate themselves physically for a job (and maybe even continually throughout their employment) and you get to pretend through your dogma that it’s just “private company, they can do what they want, and you have a choice to say no, you just won’t get hired”, despite the fact that our system has made private companies have a hell of a lot more impact and control over every inch of the common man than the government has, and despite the fact that without a job you’ll starve, so you don’t have a choice about taking a drug test–they’ve forced you to choose between your rights/dignity and your survival.

    By the standards of the drug testing proponents, armed robbery should be legal. After all, you had a free choice to either take a bullet in the head or give the robber your wallet and you CHOSE to give him your wallet (or take the bullet through the head), so you have no business charging the guy with either armed robbery or murder, because the victim had a choice after all.

    Drug testing supporters make me sick to my stomach.

  28. Darn it, I forgot the point about employers not being drug tested while drug testing us at the bottom: How else do you think they can be encourage to test us? You force your underlings to piss in a cup, realize all these benefits of a free service provided by the government using tax money taken from those peons at the bottom (taxes the untested rich never have to pay) AND you get a free pass and can take any drug you want as much as you want (hell, you can afford it!) without any repercussions and without living in fear. If they started testing those bastards at the top…

    Well, that assumes honesty. We all know that they’d flash some bills and buy a negative result, just like they can flash some bills now and buy a positive result on a worker they want to fire but can’t find any legal reason to fire otherwise. There is no word in the english language to describe how foul these people are.

  29. When , I started working for the company, one of the main employers sold me Cannabis, but they also knew, I drank alcohol, used cocaine,. They watched me as time went on, that one of these habits would be my downfall. You could drink and drive, almost kill somebody, and still keep your job…the blame was get her for the Cannabis use..find a way to fire them. Cause them the worse episode to experience, so, they will know, how much we hate people who use drugs in any form..
    Yet on the job, we have our pushers working as’s there job to kick butt..including yours as far as they can…Stupid!!!
    Now with a spinal cord injury…pay back for the alcohol use cause accident…we will apply it to the Cannabis closed.
    today we have to use Cannabis for severe back pain, and muscle spasms..If God made this plant for our use…what and why are we still using man made chemicals,

  30. I’m finding, mostly for my own use in 45 years of Cannabis…It has been the best life saver on the planet…mentally, spiritually, and emotionally..this is sanity at it’s peak..we all want wholeness, well being, and happiness. We all want our world to be the best place to visit…sit a spell..enjoy this life..but so much evil and wrong doings is choking the life out of the majority of peace keeping , loving, hard working citizens at bay..because of not being willing to compromise a Natural Plant; for what they promote as a non cure…man!…look at what has transpired in 70 years of illegal propaganda by the worst people on earth..who smoke, drink, and snort nothing less then the Best of the BEST ; and call the kettle…What??? We go to jail…they roll the dough…we lose our freedom: our jobs, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness..they laughter because they can control you one way of the other…back a cornered person in a cell..they have done there job period…who is willing to help in breaking down these walls of injustice against Humanity:

  31. for what it is worth…as much as i HATE this drug testing issue, i do feel that a company should have the right to test for safetys sake. i would SO walk in to work at any time and perform a reasonable test…EVERY DAY if necessary if it would allow me to consume a reasonable amount of cannabis in a responsible manner in my personal time away from work.i do not need to consume it to get through my workday because, i know that ill be able to aquire some peace after work is done.(it will be the better half of my day)!…i have communicated this repeatedly to my employer in an open fashion many times and i get…im sorry but we just cannot do that…
    @demonhype,thank you for verifying what i have been feeling all this time. i just knew that ‘the safety issue’ was not the reason at was all about reducing cost at that peticular time when our economy was headed for the dirt. now it all fits has caused me to lose belief in a company who still says they operate so differently with their employees…..have a great day!

  32. @MotherEarthsChoiceNow: “what and why are we still using man made chemicals”

    Because the man-made chemicals make certain dishonest businessmen billions of dollars and bankrupt the poor people like you and me, whereas the effective treatment can be easily grown in a window box cheaply. The only way that sort is going to support MJ as a medicine is if they are allowed to run it through the laboratory grinder and turn it into something either useless or dangerous, like morphine, charge an arm and a leg for this now ineffective marijuana product to bankrupt the average person, and ONLY THEN will they allow it to be used as a medicine.

    These people are scum, and they are losing the public will. They know they’re finished, unless they can somehow overturn our entire democracy and stop people from voting their will. And because of the strong bi-partisan support, voter suppression tactics won’t do them any good.

  33. @Demonhype
    Thanks for your input, I believe alot of what your post says a lot the truth.

    I know both sides of the upper managment and the workers and have enjoyed the life with both sides and everything you said is factual.

    I kept my cool when told those ways of the company and just sat there while listning to it thinking ok do i become the hunted or the hunter?
    I have since become the hunter, meaning that i became honest with my company and left before the chance of anything breaking bad for myself and the well being of my family.

    I have since told any employer about my consumption and let them know what i do at home is not going to change because of them and that i will out work and perform above any guild lines they want to set, even against their best workers…….I never consume at work…..NEVER……

    Work is work and home is home…

    To me employment drugtesting for cannabis is like the cameras at the stoplights….Meaning the law is to lazy to do their job so they allow something,or someone else to do their jobs ie. drugtesting.
    We all know cannabis is illegal under the guildlines of the dea so the federal governmet is not going to listen to the people only the machine they allow to be created which is destroying us as a whole,
    but so is turning our military aginst its citizens…WACOTX……its all which side of the story your want to be.

    as always
    Thanks for reading

  34. @chris: It’s worse than just someone too lazy to do their job. I can’t stand the cameras at the lights either, and I think they should be eliminated, but drug testing is even worse. Drug testing effectively puts the camera inside your body in your own private home, and on top of that it’s nowhere near as accurate as a camera. Imagine if the cameras weren’t able to differentiate between people with a similar characteristic, like if it couldn’t tell white people from other whites or blacks from other blacks, up to 30% of the time, and that up to 30% of people penalized for these camera’s revelations were penalized wrongfully. Imagine if through some quirk in the nature of how the camera system worked the cameras ended up actually increasing speeding through intersections instead of decreasing it, and ended up catching mostly low-level speeders while somehow the high-level speeders were less likely to be caught.

    Drug testing is a fraud. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. When you sell a product that is supposed to have a certain result and all independent studies show it actually not only works but does the opposite, what you are selling is snake oil and your product and your company is a fraud. Go ahead and sue me for saying so. I DARE you, drug testers.

    And I bet my life that when the Drug War ends and they open the books on those companies, they will find a lot of not just outright fraud, but illegal deals with employers to finagle the results they want, or to test for legally protected conditions (which they’ve done before and you know they haven’t stopped, as they are unregulated). There is absolutely no transparency to this industry and they have been allowed for thirty years to do as they please without oversight, while taking government money to do so. It just isn’t right.

    Sorry. I kind of go off a lot, because this is my main cause. But yes, work is work and home is home, but that’s not what the powers-that-be want. They want to return to the company store model. Kind of like how Romney visited one of those live-in sweatshops in China, where they work 12 hour shifts minimum and live stacked on top of one another on company property as livestock and have their intimate private lives controlled entirely by their employer…and actually said “this is the ideal economic model”, that is is how life should be across the board. The rich literally owning the poor and controlling every minute of their lives, the total elimination of the very concept of private rights, private bodies, private time or private property for any but the upper 1%. The fact that ANY American leader could look at that and want to implement it in America both sickens and terrifies me–and drug testing is a major factor in laying the psychological groundwork for public acceptance of this company store model. It’s a policy that states “your body is company property, not your own personal property”, and now that so many people just piss in the cup and accept the underlying message without complaint has emboldened them to try and expand their ability to monitor our lives to other things, like social media. They do not want you or me to have any place to go where we can question, or talk things over, or support political movements they don’t like, without standing the good chance of our employer finding out and cutting off our lifeline in reprisal. As far as they are concerned, the money they pay us is still their money and they should be allowed to control how we spend it, and they should be allowed to make sure only people who support their agendas are allowed to eat.

    Of course, I think they have underestimated the strength of the people’s will. And I think they need to review their history and realize what happens to tyrants who overstep their bounds the way they have. Hint: it involves guillotines.

    What you did there took a lot of guts, chris, I have to admit. And if that happens more, it could really help. At some point, the increased awareness of marijuana will help and the de-stigmatizing of MJ users and the decreased need for MJ users to have to hide themselves (thus allowing the myth of “all mj users are lazy slacker stoners” to crumble) is going to help eliminate that federal law and the Drug War, but it is one hell of a risk too.

    I’ve taken a similar stand: though I’m not a user, I have handed out my link list to various people at work and spoken to people on the issue, and I still get worried that they’re going to target me for the crime of spreading awareness–all the while this one stupid girl there is constantly spewing pro-drug testing lies and propaganda whenever she likes, while I have to operate in the shadows handing out my link lists like a secret agent. She’s a Drug War cheerleader and so she is allowed to speak without fear of reprisal while those on our side have to worry constantly just for expressing our opinion too. That, I think, has got to be one of the most infuriating things about this whole thing, that when they implement drug testing the only people who are allowed to express an opinion are the uninformed cowards cheering “hooray, only when we are all criminals in the eyes of the law and our employers can we ever truly defeat the bad guys, and it’s our patriotic duty to accept this a priori conviction and sacrifice our rights for the Greater Good! Hooray!” without a single thought in their head about the realiity, including the fact that they are not only not safe, but are less safe when their workplace drug tests.

    Can’t we just fast-forward ten years? Please? 🙂

  35. I chose a career path which drug tests, was once arrested for smoking mj. Background check was required at my job and I complied admitted I was arrested for mj. The arrest was 8 years prior me getting hired. I was hired and now happily working for 6 yrs. I was harrassed after getting hired by my jobs secret police about 13-14 times within a 24 month period. Always clean and always will be until the law changes. I don’t drink alcohol anymore due to its dangerous encounters. Black outs, hangovers, and hurting people in my life. Cant wait for prohibition to end.

  36. People addicted to nicotine spend about an hour a day hitting up 4-5 times. Yet we wring our hands over lost productivity blamed on at home marijuana use and spend big bucks to test us all. Bizarre!

  37. Wouldn’t it be interesting it was turned around and we had a war on political corruption. The FBI would go for it. Zero tolerance and all.
    The federal government has proven that invading privacies and due process is nothing when it comes to national security.
    Just a thought….

    Thanks NORML

  38. enotifications@pain-org. is a web site that will let you know drug testing has become an $800 billion dollar industry. The government is making a killing and so are a lot of other companies on kickbacks. Medicare pays for doctors to drug test pain patients all the time. Test positive for marijuana and you are denied treatment, it doesn’t matter if you are dying of cancer or have cronic pain. Look up Ameritox and see the scam they pulled about lying about patients drug levels, and all the government did to them in a law suit was told them not to do it again, not even a fine. They are still one of the biggest company’s to receive money from the government for drug testing. It’s all a get rich scam for the chosen few or in this case the many in the medical field.

  39. @lockedoutofmyshed: No, employers should not have the “right” to perform any test they want to, not even if they “feel” it increases safety, especially since drug testing companies are not regulated and are not given regular and random tests to ensure their accuracy. Any test an employer chooses to give should be required to be proven accurate through robust peer-review and independent confirmation, and there needs to be robust evidence that such a test actually improves workplace safety, which also needs to be robustly peer-reviewed and verified by independent sources–something, again, that drug testing companies are exempt from.

    The fact is that drug testing does not improve workplace safety, it increases hard drug use in the general population, and it can and has been used as a tool to screen out people with inconvenient-yet-protected health issues and as a weapon used by employers to create a “legitimate” reason to fire workers who speak out for their rights. If you think that employers should be allowed to continue this fraudulent practice just so long as they ignore the MJ users, you are sadly mistaken.

    Now if you’re concerned about workplace safety, look up what NASA does with safety sensitive positions. It’s called “fitness for duty” testing, which tests reflexes and reaction times and actually does increase workplace safety by testing for immediate impairment without differentiating between causes–which means whether a worker is impaired from drug use, alcohol use, fatigue, illness, or anything else, it can be caught before that person actually starts operating a crane. Unlike drug testing, which has no regulation or oversight and does not actually test for immediate impairment but for off-the-clock use of substances and therefore is entirely useless as a tool to increase workplace safety.

  40. One more sad country song story.
    6 years with my employer
    promoted from the floor to management
    responsible for spending $2 million monthly
    nothing but praise from company execs
    fired when they pulled up the testing bus in the parking lot

    It’s pretty weird when they are apologizing to you and firing you and offering you letters of recommendation and denying your unemployment for gross misconduct all at the same time.

  41. The law should simply not prosecute marijuana possession or cultivation at all.
    In addition. corporations should not be allowed to search the urine of job applicants nor employees.
    Unfortunately, too many Americans pay lip service to liberty while still electing the same lying professionals to represent them, not that there are any suitable alternative candidates who will act any different than those already elected.
    It is a sad fact that the draconian laws against marijauna have wrecked so many lives. Law enforcement places the blame squarely on the victims of their persecution efforts of the past with no apology whatsoever offered.
    It is a war which they have used every means at their disposal to force their way upon the public while the only effective measure allowed to the victim is nonviolent protest which the law can conveniently ignore.
    Indeed, users are encouraged to continue to protest against the unjust laws against marijuana by lighting up every chance they get and dedicating a prayer to the Creator while enjoying the gentle blessing and relief from the stress and pains of civilization that the gentle plat can provide.
    The use of force to prevent the user from lighting up will be countered by the nonviolent act of protesting against such unjust laws by ignoring them as it applies to ruling our individual lives. The marijuana smoker can demonstrate peacefully by lighting up and enjoying a 4:20 break, and berate the law mentally by denying the rule of its Unjust principles over one’s individual liberty.


    Lazarus Cain

  42. @demonhype,
    ..are you sayin NASA does not drug test? that is a shocker to me for sure.
    now concerning hair testing (no pissin), we are told that it covers a wide variety of drug use.i do not believe any reason they will offer except to here what we have talked about here so, i know that any other form of testing will never happen with my employer.i would just go to that point to be free when off the clock.
    i do not want any testing at all but because i personally do not feel that the cannabis issue will be resolved with the crystal palace that runs this nation before i die,i would just like to be able to find a way to work as i have at a good job and have my personal life back.i have consumed for 32 yrs and am like a fish out of water now. i must wait another 10 yrs to retire if i make it that long.know what i mean? are you in this same spot? please do not take me wrong. i agree with you my friend and respect what you are saying but their are many that are VERY fortunate that they can work and consume herb.i just wish i were still one of those people.good day to ya……

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