Study: Cannabidiol Holds Promise For Treating Psychosis

Cananbidiol (CBD), a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, alleviates psychotic symptoms and may hold promise as an alternative antipsychotic treatment, according to a review published in the November issue of the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

Investigators in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom reviewed preclinical and clinical data on the use of CBD as an antipsychotic agent. Authors reported that both animal and human studies document the ability of CBD to mitigate symptoms of psychosis. Specifically, CBD administration is associated with improved symptoms in clinical evaluations of patients with schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, and ketamine-induced dissociative and psychotic symptoms.

Investigators also highlighted a 2012 double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial assessing CBD versus the prescription anti-psychotic drug amisulpride in 42 subjects with schizophrenia and acute paranoia. Authors reported that both CBD and the prescription drug were associated with “equally significant clinical improvement” in this patient population, but that cannabidiol “possessed significantly less side effects.”

Researchers concluded: “[E]vidence from several study domains suggests that CBD has some potential as an antipsychotic treatment. … Given the high tolerability and superior cost-effectiveness, CBD may prove to be an attractive alternative to current antipsychotic treatment.”

Previous human trials assessing the administration of CBD in healthy human subjects report that the cannabinoid is “safe and well tolerated.”

Separate investigations of CBD, primarily in animal models, have documented the cannabinoid to possess a variety of therapeutic qualities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-epileptic, anti-cancer, and bone-stimulating properties. Recently, the FDA approved the experimental use of CBD extracts for the treatment of a rare form of intractable pediatric epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. Preliminary clinical trials assessing the safety and tolerability of the compound in children are scheduled to begin imminently.

Full text of the study, entitled “Cannabidiol as a potential treatment for psychosis,” appears online here.

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  1. Red Cloud,
    My son has been on CBD for almost 2 weeks now. We have noticed significant improvement! Less voices, less visions. Sleeping through the night first time in years. We will gradually increase dosage over the next two weeks. So far, so good. Will continue to keep you posted.


  2. @Mtrollo
    That’s very good to hear, I’m glad your son is experiencing such positive results! Don’t forget to document everything. Information, and testimonial like yours will surely help our cause, in the long run. Please, continue to keep me posted, and Best of luck!

  3. @Mtrollo i know someone who wants to try to treat their schizophrenia with CBD this person has it for about 6 years already and wants to eliminate or make the symptons less and im really instrested in knowing how you can buy CBD and how you can control the dosage. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me i beg of you. please

  4. @Chingchong

    Don’t forget that there are still a Lot of states that don’t even have the rights to the medicinal use of marijuana products, so I’m not sure how much that would help.
    I’m interested in trying the CBD treatment as well, since I’ve done personal trials of the plant material for My specific case of schizophrenia, and what not, and found Very positive results, however, being in a state where the substance is illegal, I’m risking quite a lot, and also, because of the lack of medicinal rights, I can’t really talk to any doctors in my state about Why I’m getting positive results, from mostly predominantly sativa hybrid strains, though I have yet to try a pure sativa strain. More work needs to be done, so we can have more information to go on, but with these ridiculous, ignorant laws, in a Lot of cases, there’s very little that can be done. That’s why it’ so important to get at Least the medicinal usage of this plant legalized across the board, in All states, so we can have people All over the country coming together and working on this, instead of small groups in certain states just doing what they can. We Can do better, Right Now, if not for these stifling laws, and That’s the real issue here. We Need to know more, and we Need the freedom to be able to study this plant, and it’s affects More, and though we’re Kinda on the way, I find it’s too slow, too many people, who are in the position to make decisions for collectives in certain states keep dragging their feet on the issue, or just don’t take it seriously, because it’s an intoxicant plant, completely disregarding the Many opiates used today, just to mention One out of Many intoxicating pharmaceutical product that’s used Rampantly.
    However, thank you for the link, and I hope that “Help” is in a state where he/she can get that treatment, and Hopefully get positive results. “Help”, if you Are able to get this product, please keep us updated on the progress, and I wish nothing but the best of luck for you.

  5. Help, Red Cloud,
    While I don’t suffer from psychosis, having lived with my 38 year old son,
    I have a sense and understanding of the pain and desperation that comes with the disease.

    We are now entering the third week of CBD treatment with our son. The results so far have been really good. However, as you probably know, we are afraid to be too optomistic. Will he reach a plateau? Will he develope a tolerance? We have been here before. However, this feels different. Time will tell.

    The company we are buying the CBD oil from is online. The website is

    It is really expensive, but it is the purist form of CBD you can buy. But we pay $3000 for 60 grams. It is very thick, and we have not found anyway so far to make it soluble. The best, and most effective way is to put he dose under the toung, and Letitia dissolve for 45-60 seconds. Our son ain’t gonna do that. So I fill up empty dissolvable capsules, which probably cut it’s effectiveness by 25-30 per cent. It’s made from hemp, so it is totally legal in all states. I don’t know why it’s so expensive, but it seems to work.

    I will keep you all posted on my sons progress, and anything else I learn.

    God bless

  6. @Mtrollo

    I understand Exactly where you’re coming from, I too have that fear, especially since, having to deal with street vendors, and only being able to afford small amounts of medical grade product, not enough to cook down, or process, for better dosage management, I constantly have to watch my intake, because if I start using even a Bit more, I become used to that amount, and have to use the same amount or more, next dose, and it can snowball from there, very easily.

    Specifically, a case like yours, is why I keep repeating, and cannot stress enough, that we Need to know More. Every bit of information you provide helps, but we also need doctors, chemists, pharmacologists, neurologists, and what not to run tests, find out the why’s and hows, so we can more efficiently use this medicine.

    sheesh, I’d never be able to afford 3000 dollars for medicine. I suppose it costs so much, because it actually Works?

    You can probably try putting the CBD liquid in foods? Something sweet would probably help, I’m not sure if it has a bad taste or not, but I assume what ever taste it has, is Strong. I’d say experiment a bit, but with the cost, I’d say you’re better off doing what you’re doing now, just in case one of the experiments doesn’t work well, and you lose a dosage.

    Yes, thank you, please continue to keep us updated, and I wish you and your son the best of luck.

  7. @Mtrollo, I notice the cbd product you use is 2350mg CBD per tube. Question: What dosage size per day are you giving your son, and how long did it take to begin having beneficial effects? Thank you very much in advance!

  8. Planetbill,
    We’ve been giving him about 450mg per day.
    We just upped it to 500mg. So far, seeing continuing improvement.
    Sleeping through the night(huge!), no raging violence and self hurting (huge!),
    And much more focus and less manic behavior.
    When I called the company to see if there was someway to get a better price,
    The person in sales & marketing asked me what I was using it for. After telling her she said they have a special discount for people like my son. It is still very expensive, but the discount was substantial.
    Good luck to you. I hope this information is of some help.

  9. Planetbill,
    It took about three days of 250mgs per day before we saw noticeable changes. Mtrollo

  10. @Mtrollo

    Those are some quite impressive results.
    Hopefully, with the continued increase of safe
    access of more states, till they all have some
    form of proper medical marijuana treatment plan,
    if not flat out legalization, these types of uses
    will most likely be made more readily available,
    thus driving down the price. Also, would be nice
    to have the option to acquire necessary information,
    and/or peripherals for producing similar medications
    in ones own home, to further reduce costs,
    as well as for convenience sake among other things.
    Hopefully, time will tell. Thank you for sharing,
    and I look forward to your next update, if you feel a future one to be necessary.

  11. Dear Mtrollo, Thank you very much for your reply. My daughter has recently been having issues with auditory and visual hallucinations, along with some paranoia. She also has other medical problems as she was born with Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1a, and recently has also been becoming insulin resistant. We are trying to keep on top of all of her medical issues. Your input about dosage is very important and we really appreciate it. We have ordered some of the product from the site mentioned but in smaller quantity (it is really expensive). We look forward to trying it out, and hopefully it will help our daughter. We hate the idea of putting her on a strong pharmaceutical with possibly bad side effects. We are also looking into mineral and vitamin issues and supplementation. My wife found a website that sells a unique vitamin/mineral blend for schizophrenia. Your son may benefit as well. The website is: I recommend you check it out as it may be beneficial alone, or perhaps even better in combination with the cbd solution you have chosen. I wish you, your son and family well. Cheers! Planetbill

  12. My 21 year old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 18 months ago. He does pretty well, for the most part, on antipsychotics, but I am concerned about long term effects from the drugs. He smokes regular weed almost daily with his friends, and we can not control this. I was happy to discover today the new research about the high CBD cannabis and it’s effects on this disease. We live in CA….so we went right down today and got him his medical marijuana card. The doctor was familiar with the German double blind study showing promise for the tx of schizophrenia. My question is….does anyone have any experience with what the dose would be if it is smoked? Since he is smoking anyway…might as well provide him with a therapeutic dose of his meds at the same time. Thanks for any info.

  13. @ Jayne

    I grew up with childhood schizophrenia, and have been running my own personal trials with medicinal cannabis, without the use of any pharmaceutical treatments, such as anti-psychotics, with surprisingly positive results. However, due to being located in a state without laws protecting cannabis users, all I can say is start off small, and work your way up. Watch closely how it affects him, and adjust the dosage accordingly. I would strongly advise looking into CBD extracts, such as those mentioned by Mtrollo, as I got a chance to meet the people she was getting her extracts from, when I went to the ASA Unity Conference in Washington D.C. last weekend, and was able to get their input on CBD usage in accordance with mental illness. So if you get a chance, that’s where I would start, and think of all other cannabis usage as a trial, to be adjusted as needed. I hope this helps, and thank you for being open minded on this issue. People with mental illnesses Need support from family and loved ones, and when they aren’t open minded, or educated enough to understand how effective this medication can be, and only look at it as a drug, it becomes detrimental to their development. You have my respect, and I wish nothing but the best for you and your son, and the progress I Know you will make.

  14. Jayne,
    I am not sure that you can smoke what I give my son.
    Or what the effects would be. However I am positive that
    smoking pot is VERY harmful to people with any form of
    psychosis. The THC in pot can make things a lot worse.

  15. @ Mtrollo

    That’s not 100% true, as stated before I grew up with childhood schizophrenia, which only got progressively worse over time, and the Only way I can get medicated via this plant, in my state is via smoking, and it’s had wonderfully positive results, I do however know My response is not the universal response.
    It is true that Some cases of schizophrenia exhibit a negative response to certain strains of cannabis, and this can be due to Many variables, including, but not limited to the existence, amount, and/or ratio of CBD vs THC, also, whether the nature of the specific case of schizophrenia is due to a chemical imbalance, either over or under production, or a receptor issue, either over responsive, under-responsive, or un-responsive. The Real issue is we have no significant studies done, to give us accurate answers, so this kind of thing can be regulated properly, giving people with this illness the opportunity, and variety they may need to properly medicate. Some people hate smoking, some edibles make some people nauseous, or both, and there are options for them too, with extracts and tinctures, and even patches. If he’s already doing it now, with little to no negative side effects, I don’t see a problem with looking into medicinal grade products.

  16. Mtrollo….There are cannabis strains that are grown specifially or its high CBD content and low THC content. The THC is what increases the psychosis. We were going to purchase the high CBD cannabis. Not all cannabis is the same

  17. I suffer from schizophrenia and I’m wondering if this cbd will work on me. I’m sick of taking haldol

  18. Dan, what state do you live in? I would consult your doctor before doing anything.

  19. We started my son on the extract about a week ago. It is going very well so far. We dropped the dosage of his meds by half and he seems to be fine. I was happy to discover that the dispensary sells the extract for $20 for a 2oz bottle. It is labeled for 12 doses, that is 1 tsp or dropper for each dose, and each dose contains 1100mg! We started him on 1/2 dose, as that is close to what the trials are doing. It easily dissolves under your tongue. Yay California for its medical marijuana laws!

  20. I too currently suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. I love to smoke weed for the affects it’s does on calming me down. But I live in a state where it is illegal so I’m only limited to certain strains of bud, mostly high THC level buds, which is a problem because it does make my psychosis worse every time I use. I might be making a move to a legal state so my question is will the higher level buds with CBD and CBN reduce my psychosis state when I’m medicated? Or will it just be the same? Please I need answers. I really don’t want to result in taking anti-psychotics

  21. @ Dan & Zach

    This is what Julie Holland told me:
    “Cbd helps positive symptoms. High cbd strains are the way to go. Or cbd capsules or oil. See my chapter in the pot book. Research by zuardi is cited.”

    Which I agree with, based on my understanding of how the chemicals react psycho-pharmacologically, but I suggest doing your own research, asking whoever you can, who’s a verifiable, accredited source of information,
    in this, and related fields. Best of luck.

  22. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2011 and hospitalized 3 times for psychosis.. Now I’ve been stable in an anti psychotic medication for about 3 years but I still suffer from intense anxiety and derealization. I have started using the cbd gum available online for anxiety and derealization and it works for me surprisingly well. When I chew a piece for 30 minutes for anxiety it goes away within 5-10 minutes, and the derealization gets reduced or completely goes away within 15-20 minutes as well. I have yet to be able to afford the syringes of pure cbd oil, but I am very excited about the potential affects that this pure oil will have on my symptoms. I can only speak for myself about the ability of this medicine to treat these symptoms, but I recommend everybody begin taking cbd oil and build it up in your endocannabanoid system for greater overall health and well being.

  23. @Jayne glad to hear this is working for your son! And glad you have access to suitable forms for treatment. I live in a non-legal MMJ state. Are there any sources online to purchase something similar to what you’re getting locally? I’m trying to help OCD/anxiety symptoms. Thanks in advance – please keep us posted on the progress of your son!

  24. I was hoping you guys might be interested in sharing a story I did recently with my own blog and podcast here in Mississippi of all places. I met with the senator who recently wrote the bill (that passed!) for the legal use of CBD oils in our state, along with the mother of the child who it is named after. I will post a link here. My goal is to share it with as many as possible to show that the movement for medical MJ is reaching it’s peak. If Mississippi passes it, you can be sure everyone else can’t be much further behind.

    CNP #33

  25. @Jayne, where did you purchase your extract? Mtrollo, how is your son’s therapy coming. My daughter (in her 20s) is suffering from psychosis. She does not tolerate high doses of anitpsychotics. Mtrollo, how high of a cbd dose did you end up giving your son?

    Thank God for your help!

  26. Eva,
    We took our son off CBD for about a month, his behavior during that month
    Returned to raging, not sleeping, and talking with the bad friends in his head.
    We just returned to giving him 500 ml per day.
    While he still has a lot of issues, he is significantly better with te CBD.

  27. We purchase our CBD at a dispensary in Shingle Springs Ca. It was recommended by the doctor that gave him is presciption. Seems to work pretty well when he takes it, but we have a problem with him taking it consistently. And he continues to smoke regular weed with his friends which is a huge problem because it makes symptoms worse later I think. Good luck with your daughter.

  28. Jayne, is your cbd derived from medical marijuana or from hemp? How high is the thc content in the extract?

  29. @InsaneEntrepreneur
    CBD isn’t enough to act as an anti-psychotic, you need a psychoactive, like THC, however, you Do need a higher cbd to thc ratio, that much is true. CBD only won’t get the most efficient results, not for schizophrenia. Look man, here’s my hypothesis, based on my own experience, and understanding of psychopharmacology. All you really need to do is have some understanding of botany, and cross breeding, then start out with a BASE LINE of high cbd/low thc strains, but this is by no means the final product, what you do from here, is go one 2-3 month trial periods, and tweek the ratio of the Other active cannabinoids, because those have potentially positive effects, like appetite reduction, if your worried about munchies or whatever, that’s only the minorest of examples. I’m trying to find ways to get out to states so I can do more in-depth research on this, so I can find a satisfactory base line for each individual type of “debilitating” chemically based psychiatric condition, because you CAN NOT have the Exact same ratio for every patient, and expect it to work the same, and the reason for that is, Everyone has differences in the ratios of their own brain chemicals, and this becomes More important to take into account, when a psychiatric condition is involved. However, so long as the Base line is high cbd/low thc, there should be no extreme or harmfull negative effects, only a lack of efficiency.

  30. For those who have tried Cannabidiol, which symptoms does it help with most? My main issues are Paranoia, thought broadcasting, anxiety, and insomnia. I can deal with the paranoia and broadcasting, at least most of the time but the anxiety and insomnia make all of my other symptoms worse. Does it help with negative symptoms? How does it feel vaporizing CBD? I have only tried marijuana a handful of times and never liked it. Is there really no “high” effect?

  31. My son has tried it all we live in a legal we know all about green effects. He has had every RX for psychosis. Look up Dr. Hoffer and Dr. Pfeiffer No RX worked for my son made voices and insomnia and rage worse.What does work for him is ginko B6, zinc, niacin, C, and of course CBD. Read Rethinking madness and drop Doc who have no hope you probably have plenty of no hope don’t need a doctor to feed fears of hopelessness. You can get better. Parents don’t give up…this happened 2000 years ago mental health and the spirit are tide together the bible has tons of help. What gut health too read GAPS. God bless.

  32. I posted on May 6 on how I would like to try CBD. I’ve been taking Haldol for 15 years. I’m zombified on it and it makesme sick, depressed and sometime diskenisia, but it is the only thing that kills the noise in my head. Last month my brother took me to colorodo and was able to try cbd harlequin. Was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes and it killed the noise in my head. I vaped it and was great. I was I colorodo for 6 days and it was the best 6 days in 20 years. I live in a non medical state Florida. But in November florida is voting for medical and would be good. If florida does not legalize I will be moving to a medical marijuan state.

  33. To insane enter…… All my life, I hated Marijuana because it makes my symptoms 10 times worse. however CBD, is what it’s all about. CBD allows me to settle down in a calm non paranoia, no anxiety, no voices, no auditory hallucinations. It’s as if a switch turns on in my brain and allows me to think freely without fighting with these voices that fill my head. I urge all schitzo affectives, schitzo patients to try CBD no thc material. Today I sit at home some what depressed. I have taken Haloperidol today because I have no CBD and the side affects seem to never get any better nor worse. My side affetcs include, sleepiness, de motivated, and anxiety. Sometimes these side affects out weigh the negatives I’m feeling that day but still Haldol is killing me, slowly.
    I’m really tierd of medicating my illness with poison medicines when CBD is the key to relieving all my symptoms. Any questions ?

  34. Dan, My son was on Haldol for a while. It is a terrible drug,
    and as you are painfully aware, comes with terrible side-effects.
    Right now, his daily meds consist of Triliptal, Serequil, Lithium and Risperdal. While we have been including 500mg of CBD daily,
    we have been afraid to reduce any of them except the Lithium.
    However we have noticed a remarkable improvement with the CBD.
    The place we get it from is in San Diego. They just came out with a
    purer product they call Gold CBD. It is way easier to administer to our son (who in addition to being Scizophrenic, Bipolar, and manic depressive, is moderately retarded with an IQ of 50). It has much more viscosity than their blue label product. However it is much
    more expensive. About $2800 per month. But we have noticed significantly more positive results. This could be because it is able to get into his system more efficiently due to its being more liquid.
    in any event we have noticed significant improvement with the Gold stuff. We live in Hawaii which although more tolerant than most states, his insurance will not cover it, nor will his doctor prescribe it. We are fortunate that we are in a situation that we can afford it. If you can find a state that will cover it under insurance, and a doctor that will prescribe it, it could be what will change your life for the better.
    The product is so pure, that it is totally legal in all 50 states.
    The major hurdle is the cost. The name of the company is Hemp Meds PX Phone: 866-273-8502. Good luck

  35. I have been diagnosed as bipolar with psychosis, I quit meds eight months ago and started cbd oil. I started on 100 mg a day, now I am on about 36 mg a day. Cost in the uk about 200 pounds, even less. I would like to up my dose but can’t afford it. I am however still suffering from the side effects of the antipsychotic so I don’t feel great but I am better than before. So cbd works in psychosis even im small doses don’t get discouraged about price. In Europe you can get good cbd from endoca. Com or naturalwonoil. There are many discounts and offers available. Don’t end up like me permanently damaged by antipsychotics.

  36. @Sassy

    I’m glad you’re showing positive results, however I still believe my method to be a more efficient one. As a person who also suffers from psychiatric conditions, and someone who’s been independently researching this particular subject matter, though in a broader spectrum, botanically, and thus chemically speaking, I just think my method works better. In my experience, CBD has been more of a treatment for symptoms, as apposed to a treatment for individual patients.
    Don’t worry though, once I’m able to show conclusive results for my research in Droves, my method will popularize, and I’ll be trying to work with other humanitarians in getting this sort of thing to the public, as well as the knowledge to go through the necessary steps yourself, as well as the initial treatment itself, and it won’t cost a thing. I’m of the mind that putting a monetary value on health, in Any spectrum is an inhumane practice, so I’m going to do whatever is within my power to Break that system. It’s not an impossibility, it’ll just take a fair amount of time, and commitment, from both practitioners as well as patients. Sooner or later, the power of healing via this plant, in all its variation, will be in the hands of everyone, not just doctors, and not just patients. You never know when it might come in handy. Never forget Knowledge Is Power.

    Also, for your own benefit, please keep a well documented journal, giving much more detail then your previous post. Exact objective details would be best. Trust me, it helps in the long run.

    Best of luck in your continued treatment.

    -Red Cloud-

  37. I’m schizoaffective mamic depressive. I’m currently taking the highest does of geodon. But I’ve been reading all the miracles Cbd can offer. I was jus wondering if it’s safe to take with geodon too. Help

  38. Hanna,
    We have been giving our son CBD for almost half a year.
    He is on a variety of anti-psychotic meds.
    We have not seen any negative interactions whatsoever.
    Best of luck.

  39. Hi! Cannabis for me is very dangerous, being the trigger of my illness. Even the slightest whiff will set me off again, having binged on it through my teens. I would say it is to be avoided by anyone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia (street cannabis), avoiding it is the reason I have achieved such a massive increase in health over the last few years. Of course if this CBD helps then by all means give it a go, but for me I never could…. Come read my story at scizm!

  40. @ Jack Lawlor

    As a fellow schizophrenic, I understand your apprehension with thc, however, my own experience, being the opposite of yours, leads me to believe that these sorts of reactions are Highly subjective, based on a broad spectrum of variants, including, but not limited to:
    main family strain
    latent cannabinoid ratio
    individual condition
    individual brain chemistry
    individual synaptic response
    delivery method (as this determines the spectrum of cannabinoid variants and bio availability rate/ratio for pharmacokinetic processing)
    As well as the individual psychopharmacological reactions to varying cannabinoid ratios based on these variables.

    I’m not the only one to exhibit positive results in using cannabis as a treatment for schizophrenia, so I know there’s at least some form of viability in this hypothesis, or theory, as it were, however I’m not so arrogant as to assume that I am the rule, and not the exception.
    Stories like yours are far more common then ones like mine, but I’m working on changing that.

    It’s important to be aware of what you’re putting into your body. Get educated on cannabinoids, and what they do, as well as the variations in what they do in conjunction with each other, in varying ratios, then just consider your own brain chemistry, and recognize that most common strains especially those sold on the street, aren’t breed for psychiatric application, not in the chemical sense. Therapeutic, perhaps, but when one has a chemical imbalance that could drastically affect, in a negative way, behavioral patterns, then you must be Very wary of what chemicals you allow into your body. Be more aware of this, pay it more mind, and educate yourself on all the things you consume, and there should be no further complications.

    -Red Cloud-

  41. @Jane

    Jane, can you tell me the name of the dispensory? That price sounds almost too good to be true. I just bought a 500mg bottle for $160. I would love to know more about your purchase, maybe just the name of the shop?

  42. The canabis clinic is in Shingle Springs Ca. Its called All Natural Inc. This is near Sacramento, Ca.

  43. Hi everyone. My son is still doing well with CBD.
    We have been buying it from a company in San Diego, CA for about a year now. It is really expensive! Around $3K per month. Half this cost is due to my son not being able to take it the prescribed way, which is to administer the dose under the toung. I Have to put in capsules so he takes it like the rest of his meds.
    This causes him to absorb it much more slowly, and about half of it goes through his body before being absorbed. However, it works.
    The company is having a sale that only lasts for a few more days.
    50% off. I couldn’t believe it. I ordered online, and used the promo code they sent me in an email. In the year I have been buying from them, I they have never offered this much of a discount.
    The Promo code is HOLIDAY50.
    It is the purest CBD there is.
    I hope some of you can take advantage of this, and I hope all of you the
    best in 2015.

  44. Sorry,I forgot to mention the name of the company!
    It’s called Hemp Meds.
    They are a public company, and we have had a good experience in dealing with them, other than the cost.

  45. Hi I want to try Cbd oil I have pychosis twice and I M on antipsychotic meds.i want to know whether you guys had success using cbd oil from hemp meds and how long have u taken or given to patient thanks

  46. my thirty year old daughter has had a very rough time the last two years. she is diagnosed as schizoaffective. she is currently in the hospital. she has been very sick and destructive. she wants to come home, however, i am afraid. she loves to smoke weed. she is not responding well to the meds anymore. she hates taking meds so she stops abruptly and breaks. it has been horrific. is there a doctor who treats patients with CBD or a hospital that uses it with patients before they are released? we are in california. thank you.

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