A New Year’s Message to All My Friends at NORML

The gravesite closest to President John Kennedy in Arlington belongs to a courageous, but assassinated congressman from Long Island, Allard Lowenstein, who fought many years to bring an end to the Vietnam War. His tombstone reads: “If a man stands his ground and there abides, the whole world will come round to him.” As the four decade long war against cannabis consumers comes to a crashing halt in America, I think of those words today.

I think too of the 1960’s folk singer, Phil Ochs, who once penned a remarkable song, “The War is Over.” The drug war now is. We have won. Nothing can stop us now.

We have climbed every mountain, challenged every foe, met every test, and we have proved to America that marijuana is medicinal, cannabis is recreational, and responsible adults ought to be able to consume it under the law, not outside it. The days of jail and bail need to go the way of Jim Crow laws. Let’s find a scale instead.

The public has spoken. Whether it is CNN holding a nationwide poll, or regional balloting in rural and urban communities, the marijuana majority is finally, after all these years, being heard. The popular numbers for allowing citizens to access cannabis are over 80%. Politicians have seen the polls, and their failure to listen to you will now take a toll on them.

Still, there is a lot of work for NORML to do, and many ways for you to continue to help us. Complacency leads to a bad place. We can’t just kick back on the carpet and roll joints just yet. Let me outline ten steps you can employ to carry the momentum forward. We still have to move the needle, control the debate, and gain supporters.

First of all, let’s not forget while the tide has turned in 22 states, our America has 50. Don’t be fooled by the long lines in Colorado as long as we are still jailing people with long sentences in Cheyenne. Organize locally and let your chapter’s voice be heard loud and clear in every state capitol. Whether you focus the debate on harm reduction, medical use, or decriminalization, get the discussions going where you live.

Second, in those states where progressive legislatures are taking the first steps to alter their cannabis laws, participate actively in the process. Insure that the regulations are reasonable, that taxes are not prohibitive, and that the consumers are protected. Insist that the instruments of decriminalization do not become tools for over-regulation. Make sure the product is pure. NORML has always been the voice of the cannabis consumer. Now we need our individual members to become the voice of NORML.

We need to guarantee that the cannabis delivered to the marketplace is pure and clean, free of herbicides or criminal cartels that would corrupt these new initiatives. You need to insure that the rules for your dispensaries are fair, and that your friends are following the rules. If we allow the process to become fractured, our own goals will be shattered.

Third, remember this drug war has taken a toll on innocent people. Your friends have been jailed, denied scholarships, turned away from jobs, and altogether demonized with criminal records for marijuana arrests. Don’t just work to free the leaf today. Work to rectify and right all the wrongs of yesterday. We are in the process of undoing the social stigma of being a cannabis consumer. Let’s see if we can also undo some of the many legal injustices already inflicted.

Fourth, don’t use this time of change to criticize the voices who for so long opposed us. Respect their willingness to alter their own course. We don’t need to demean those who fought us. We need to now have them on our side and to fight with us.

A few days ago the former Republican governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, told me that he had been wrong in the past about the medical uses of marijuana. As he runs again on the Democratic ticket, he has endorsed a statewide constitutional amendment to provide medical marijuana for Floridians. We need new friends. Let’s welcome them today so we are better situated tomorrow.

I was in a local retail store the other day, and ran into a 65 year old salesman with Bell’s palsy.
“You know,” he said to me, “I have been smoking for years and it has helped me so much, so much more so than all the prescriptions the doctors have given me. But I couldn’t tell anyone.”

I understand, of course, and so must we all. We have to respect that so many of our friends had and still have reason to fear. There are jobs and lives and freedoms still at risk.

Still, the fifth thing I would ask of you is to learn what the LGBT community has learned in fighting for its rights. Come out of the closet. Speak up and be heard. Today, become one of the millions who, like Howard Beale in the great 1976 movie Network, called upon America to tell the government to leave us the hell alone in our living rooms; that you are a human being and your life has value.

Beale railed that we should all get up, go to our windows, and shout out loud, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore.” It’s time for us to do so; time to speak the truth from the beaches of South Florida to the ports in Seattle to the sediment that is Washington, D.C.

Sixth, so how do you do that? Send NORML a couple of bucks and join our member’s base. Go to Café Press and buy one of our gold buttons or t shirts or hats. Wear it proudly. Walk down the street with it and watch how a friend says, “Right On.” You deserve to celebrate. You are on the right side of history. You always have been.

Seventh, you don’t need a gun to stand your ground and be proud. You see, you have never really been the criminal. It’s the laws that locked you up, took away your freedom, and jailed your friends that have always been criminal. It’s the justice system that was more unjust than just.

Look, NORML is not asking for everyone to be allowed to smoke pot in an elementary schoolyard, and we never have been. And we are not asking you to drive high and be stoned all day either. We never have. We are asking that you be able to drive your own decisions freely, without the fear of arrest and prosecution. Tell your congressman if he can get probation for snorting cocaine you ought to get a reward for just smoking a joint.

Eighth, get educated. Be in front of the debate. Surf our website. Learn about hemp and cannabis and decriminalization or legalization. Be able to speak intelligently and argue cogently for your cause. Hell, yes, there is a big difference between shooting heroin, smoking meth, and using a vaporizer to inhale high quality THC cannabis. Marijuana eases stress, reduces muscular spasticity, retards glaucoma, and treats the side effects of chemo.

Yes, responsible adults can distinguish between products that are good for you and stuff that is real bad. It’s a simple debate to win. We make similar choices everyday when we buckle our safety belts and look both ways before we cross a street.

Ninth, your local newspaper editorial boards are speaking out as well. Dozens of major newspapers have now endorsed marijuana decriminalization. All are doing op-ed pieces pro and con. Do not let antagonistic and regressive articles go unchallenged. Write back and be heard, in print, on the net, and in public. Speak out.

Tenth, well this last bud’s for you. Tell me what you think. Neither NORML nor myself has all the answers. This is a column on the NORML blog with room for comments below. Our national office does large things with small numbers. We still need your advice and input; your concern and commitment. So here is your chance.
Talk to me and the rest of the staff. Fill the space below with your wisdom and words; the direction you want NORML to go. We have been working together for decades, but there are still roads to ride, joints to roll, and paths we can take together.

You tell me, what’s next?

A national symposium in Washington, D.C.?

A nationwide write-in to the Obama Administration, telling them finally and firmly to back off from using federal agents to enforce marijuana prohibition laws? It’s time they did so, don’t you think?

Let me know.

If you want to reach me personally, you can on twitter, @normkent.

Thank you.

Whether you are baking in Colorado, shoveling snow in New York, or sunbathing in Florida, have a great New Year.

Onward and upward always. We will get there together.

-Norm Kent, Chairman, NORML Board of Directors

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  1. Wow, what a message! Amazing. What a way to lead the charge. I didn’t know NORML had its own Billy Graham.

    I don’t know about you, but I am sending in 20 bucks, buying a t shirt, and hell, yeah, a write in to the hypocrites at the Obama Administration would be awesome.

    Thank you NORML for being there, Norm Kent for leading the way, and Keith Stroup, wherever you are, you will always be my hero.

  2. I would like to thank NORML for all the years of support of getting cannibis out in the open and not giving up or backing down. I do plan on getting on board with Oklahoma NORML, we have a lot of work to do in this state. I know we can get there. I did not think that I would see the day that prohibition would ever come to an end but now I know it will as long as Colorado and Washington continue to lead and show the rest of the world this can be done responsibly.
    Again thank you and keep fighting for us.

  3. We need a series of national televised debates, each one focusing on one or two specific aspects of cannabis. Let’s start with the IQ and mental health issues surrounding early use in teenage years. Let’s get these studies out in the open and tell everyone how they were done, and let the public decide if they’re valid. The mental health study had been debunked. Not everyone knows this.

  4. We need the states that have accepted the medical use of cannabis to tell the DEA to remove cannabis from the federal classification that says it has no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. Cannabis now has accepted medical use in 20 states, and each of them is “in the United States.”

  5. I’m a daily smoker of MJ and have been since I was in Vietnam in 1969. When I got out of the Army in 70, I thought MJ would be legalized in only a few years. Thank you for your crusade not just for me but for everyone who needs this medicinally. Feel free to publish.

  6. Thank you for your contributions to sane cannabis policy. I don’t know whether to trust Charlie Crist, he did flip from GOP to Dem. Though I feel I may qualify for medical cannabis if it was legal in Florida, I don’t see this coming into law here. There is complete control over government by the GOP. The legalized example so far is grossly overpriced from comments I have read. Legalization is all about freedom, freedom to grow your own. Outside the money scam system. Without that, this will turn into another capitalistic rip off. I read cannabis can be mass grown for twenty cents an ounce. Greed never ceases. I still don’t trust Crist. I’ve mostly voted Dem. Keep up the good work Norm.

  7. News coverage of legalization is very popular right now, and as long as people keep speaking up about the choices they should be allowed to make, the news will keep reporting on it.

    Washington has no choice but to address the obviously. The public has decided on legalization already, it only comes down to making sure elected officials get the message ASAP.

    It’s not enough to wait any longer. The time to end Prohibition is now, and save people from criminal records they don’t deserve.

  8. Great pep talk! Thanks for all your hard work over the years.

    Can you swing it so that Cuomo’s executive order for MMJ gives Mayor DeBlasio cover to allow retail cannabis, you know, Cuomo essentially has called off the state dawgz from interfering in anything cannabis in The Big Apple?

    As New York goes, so goes the nation.

  9. Thank you Norm for at least mentioning a vaporizer! The progress made so far on the cannabis front is a prelude to a second, far bigger task, in which cannabis advocates should participate importantly: eliminating the #1 health disaster in the history of the human race– nearly 200,000,000 deaths in less than two centuries and counting– from H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide $igarette smoking.

    This is where I wish you could revise your statement to excise references to “rolling joints”– why ever BURN 500 mg of anything, with the carbon monoxide and combustion toxins causing symptoms enemies blame on cannabis, when there is a way to vaporize 25 mg servings with a cheap one-hitter, provided it has a screen and a long drawtube attached to the butt end.

    Have you noticed how many articles about cannabis in the past year had a picture of a “joint”, or someone smoking a “joint”, at the top? Does the world need more sneak advertising for the $igarette companies? Children see that and think cannabis users approve of $igarettes, pure and simple! Kevin Sabet trumpets warnings against “Big Marijuana” repeating the crimes of “Big Tobacco”– that can be PREVENTED, and the “Big Tobacco” empire ended, by eliminating big joint “rolling papers”.

    Please, Norm, denounce “joints”, kill the “cigarette” format, save a billion lives in the next century, and win a Knowitwell Prize for NORML.

  10. Beautifully written sir. I must admit, the face of Cannibis is being slowly changed. People realize that this is not only a medicinally viable alternative to percription drugs, but it is fun!

    The biggest way we can see change is to come out of the grow closet and say. “I AM AN HONEST HARD WORKING AMERICICAN CITIZEN THAT SMOKES CANNIBIS. It has not affected my life negatively in ANY way. We go to work, we pay our bills, and our taxes, and instead of having a beer I partake in Cannibis. (You have no idea how hard it is not to shout that out at church!)

    Like Moses did.
    Like George Washington did.

    Like MILLIONS of Americans do every day. I live in a neighborhood with 4 disabled people, they would all benefit from this plant, but they have all told me “I can’t break the law just to make myself fell better.”

    think about that for one minute.
    Parkinson’s disease. Lupus disease. Degenerative disc disease, and cancer.
    On one block, four lives could be changed.
    Smiles could be on their faces, facing dying could be a little more bearable.
    If I hadn’t found Cannibis I would not be walking.

    We aren’t criminals, we are the new face of Cannibis.
    I will no longer be ashamed of this life altering plant.

    What if we all pulled together and met up in a respectful mature way with our leaders to change their hearts about US?

    I am in Dallas, looking forward to contributing to the cause!

  11. Vaporize .Thats all I do now. But I just want it legal either way. Let’s be real.
    We have to focus on freedom to use first, how to use it second. I agree we all ought to do more to help Norml nationally. We should all become members. Send a message with numbers ……I have spent enough on pot over the years. I can spent something more on NORML. You guilted me, Norm 🙂

  12. This may be a hard thing, but could a part of the Norml website be devoted to which upcoming officials support Cannabis? 2014 is a Mid-Term election year. Sometimes it is tough to find out if my elected officials stand with us and you’re our lobby group…(and good job btw)so you may be in a better position to inform me. I want to vote the ones that don’t support it…..out!

  13. I have been following the news updates with interest. As an herbalist who devoutly believes in the value of herbs as medicinal I shout kudos to all who have persevered to see the milestone now happening in Colorado.

    I place value on all herbs for their healing properties and pot is no exception. I find it most interesting that as the research is freed from prosecution and condemnation that more benefits from its use are surfacing.

    Please take a look the information regarding its affects on treating seizures and Epilepsy. Imagine being some poor soul who suffers from 200 seizures daily.

    See: http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/07/health/charlotte-child-medical-marijuana/
    for more information and let’s all keep on keeping on in our endorsement of the right to exercise our freedom to decide.

    I want to see the day that recreational and medical use are legal in South Dakota. Let’s rattle the doors to capital building until they are flung wide open.

  14. This article left me with tears in my eyes… I am young, and I have my own stigma of a dumb highschool stoner placed on my head, and a 6 month probation to serve because someone thought they could “help me get off that stuff” by turning me in. However, I know why I do what I do, and being in the public school system I hold no harsh feelings for the label placed upon me…a “dumb stoner” is a pretty accurate one for most of my peers. I live in Texas, and because of the laws here I am forced to stay in constant exposure to shady dealers who sell anything and everything and want money, not safety or health of their customers. It’s my opinion that the chronic fear of discussing the subject of cannabis openly has left some of the smokers as uneducated or worse than those who support the prohibition. These are kids who just want to get high, and they don’t care about the consequences and they actually believe that they are detrimentally harming themselves by smoking. I am of the opinion that the most important step to take right now is education, circulating the facts as much as possible. In the article above “get educated” was one of the steps to take and I think it might be the most important one. We live in a time where even if you are on the right track your adversary will point out every mistake and inaccuracy in your argument and discredit you for them. So be right, get the facts and be absolutely and unequivocally certain that you are RIGHT. We have the responsibility because in most debates you are still the suspicious contestant. People will be skeptical and even outright prejudice against your argument so you can leave no holes for them to crawl through. It isn’t fair, because the adversary is not held to this standard as much as we are, but we are held to it, and we must summon the passion for this fight that we hold and motivate ourselves to know everything that there is to know and to share our knowledge with the world so that maybe, someday soon, we can escape this prejudice and suspicion, and be respected and supported by the nation who’s freedom we fight for…and we do fight for it. For the laws that crush our personal choice to be disbanded and the mindset of openness and freedom that will permeate our civil due process and ultimately make us all a little happier, and this dear country a little bit better for those who follow us.

    Fight the good fight, and toke on 🙂

  15. The good writers and researchers at NORMAL can and should improve Wikipedia articles with new data and references, create new pages on related words and topics not covered by the wiki, and expand to other nations which will need your guidance and knowledge. Thanks for referencing Phil Ochs, someone who would have appreciated your fine work. Happy New Year and Russian Christmas (Jan. 7) to all there.

  16. Under Fourth:
    New York Gov. Cuomo is getting attacked for hopefully allowing medical marijuana access to sick patients. I would prefer full legalization like Colorado but something has to happen now.
    As a cancer survivor I have been on every pain killer made by big Pharm. and all I got was depressed and constipated. I openly discuss my cannabis use with my doctor and how I was able to get off almost all of my meds, he said he hears that a lot from patients.

    So this brings us to Rob Astorino, who is discussing his run for NY Governor. He is already talking about Cuomo’s decision and how it’s bad for New York. Really? Say this to my face!
    1. Rob Astorino is getting an angry letter from me.
    2. Cuomo is getting a donation and a thank you card.
    3. NORML you are getting yet another donation from me as well.

    Like TheOracle said “So goes New York, so goes the Nation.”

  17. Write to your local Representatives ! Vote for compassionate cannabis. Talk openly to your neighbors, co-workers, and strangers about the need to change our laws, not just your friends who you already know agree with your position. This will help reverse the taboo that surrounds cannabis. The ball is already rolling, just keep pushing it the right way. Do not use stero-typical speech such as toke, bong, and others to keep the conversation above the fray. Good work America!

  18. NORML is under appreciated Been in the trenches a long time. Not one of these fly by night groups . Great column Good points.
    . My goal would be for the White House to hold a nationwide summit and conference to plan new federal marijuana laws that free weed from prison penalties. A new Sheaffer Commission, just have Kent or Allen St Pierre or Dr Sanjay Gupta as the chair.. About time!

  19. Thank you Norm, you made me feel “Norml.” Some powerful truth has been written on this blog to inspire active participation in our Democracy. As we gather the strength and determination to live up to your battle-cry, I thought about what we could contribute for an agenda to cannabis legalization. I thought about folk heroes like Johnny Cash who sang for those in prison, or Bob Marley who sang for rebel music or Willie Nelson who sometimes just sang about marijuana cuz it feels good. So I wrapped up everything you said and I wrote this song: enjoy.

    I Aint Afraid to Smoke Weed Anymore, by Julian Olinick

    I aint afraid to smoke weed anymore.
    In Colorado you can buy some at the store.
    We dont need your penatentary,
    We dont need your damn Drug War.
    And I aint afraid to smoke my weed no more.

    Well its medicine by law near half the states.
    But the sick are still behind the prison gates
    Jesus gave’m the healin oil
    So we could all be free,
    n said “What yee’ve done to them
    …yee’ve done to me.”

    So I went to city hall said “Did you see?
    There’s a baby girl been killed in custody.
    Heard they took her from her momma
    For smokin peaceful herb.
    We need to kick that prison profit to the curb

    So I Aint afraid to smoke weed, thats for sure
    We need to make sure that its safe,fair n pure
    With no herbicides, no need to fertilize,
    We’ll grow compost tax-exempt,
    And we’ll show you the difference between weed n hemp.

    I tell you brother, its marijuana madness.
    But there’s one thing that still turns my heart from sadness;
    All that propoganda about weed
    causin us psychosis?
    It turns out it’s really treatment
    in right doses.
    But you dont have to take my word from me.
    It’s in the journal of neuropharmacology.
    But dont you ask those guys from N.I.D.A.
    And dont ask the DEA.
    They’ll just lie n steal and throw your ass away.

    I think its time we make those @ssholes pay.
    Time to show all those bad cops another way..
    But not with silence or with violence;
    That defeats our whole ambition;
    There’s always Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

    An I aint afraid to smoke my weed no more.
    In a vaporizer along the park’s grass floor.
    In a pipe r in a bong,r all rolled up ina song
    Then go to Norml and donate a little more.

    America may we all start feeling well!
    May Those who patent hate all go to Hell!
    If we can unite a liberal
    and a libertarian,
    Maybe we can smoke some herb and own a gun?

    May we grow r own hemp foods, homes and fuels!
    Then we can all respect the law and doctor’s rules.
    And while we all aint preachin
    To turn our kids to fools,
    We could be growin hemp to invent stuff in our schools!

    For those of you think hemp will get you high
    Did you ever want to stop to question why
    Were makin plastics out of crude
    And ethanol from corn
    While hemps been outlawed long bfor I was born

    The Marijuana Stamp Act of ninteeeen 37
    Sold the family farm, our slice of heaven.
    The ethanol model T…
    Our self sufficiency…
    But we can bring it all back,
    Just you and me.

    Cuz we aint afraid to smoke our weed no more.
    The lies and hate aint workin anymore.
    You can take your prohibition
    and just join us at the door
    Cuz we aint afrAaAaaaaaaaid…

    To smoke my kine bud lemon diesellll…
    AaAnny MOoOoOoooooooooorrrre…

    Thank you, NORML.

  20. The thing I’ve had to work hardest to overcome is.” he’s just a stupid pothead ignore him.” Educate yourself yes! Eggs ready, aim….

  21. Great point by @Alek Hand, push EDUCATION now. I wonder if I can clarify something about those kids he mentioned who actually believe they harm themselves by smoking but don’t care.

    “Smoking” till now has meant H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide joints; MAPS/Norml in 2007 showed a joint yields 25% cannabinoid delivery, a vaporizer 46%, i.e. kids using a joint waste almost twice the money (parents say, “irresponsible!”) AND expose themselves to carbon monoxide and combustion toxins (“duh”) to get the same amount of THC. If those figures are correct, educate everybody to it– and see drug-degraded mental symptoms like NOT CARING ABOUT CONSEQUENCES (Not-C’s) disappear from the user population.

    @Ray, Re: Rob Astorino, or any suited pol, instead of sending him an ANGRY letter do as Alek says, send him an EDUCATIONAL one– smoothly and cordially instruct him how after cannabis is legalized, vapes and one-hitters (use and possession now discouraged by pro-$igarette “paraphernalia” law enforcement) will prevent stonermonoxide ineptness and produce a society more genial AND more cooperative, eliminating class warfare and terrorism forever.

  22. I sincerely wish more people would focus on the two most important points (imo) regarding cannabis in the US today. Schedule 1 listing must end. Period. Now. Period. There is little point investing energy, resources and time in developing systems which are made meaningless due to continued Schedule 1 classification. The second point is regulation of cultivation, fine for commercial and industrial organizations – not so fine for private citizens. Just as with Schedule 1 listing, this is something which must end now and be accepted as a constitutionally guaranteed right. I, and every other citizen, have the unalienable human rights to possess, cultivate and consume any beneficial plant on private property, barring infringement on the rights of others by that exercise of basic human rights. Growing cannabis for any personal use on private property is not an activity open to regulation by any governmental body under the Constitution.

  23. Thank you Norm, excellent article, I have known the truth for a long time, but did not get involved until the prop 19 occasion, since I have done all I could to help out, still feel the concern most do that live in the other 48, but at least now I know we can and will win this, The thing I want to live to see is grow my own, just because it is a lovely plant, I do not mind buying from folks who have killer strains or paying taxes, but over my mind and body I am sovereign. Bless all of you who have dedicated so much time in helping all of us achieve this!

  24. I applaud your enthusiasm and am grateful for everything NORML has done for the movement since its inception in (if I recall correctly) the ’70s. But, I think it is too soon to call this a victory. As long as MJ is listed federally as a schedule I drug then we are just one Republican administration away from seeing all our hard work wiped out. Remember: MJ is COMPLETELY illegal in MORE than half the states and in those places where it enjoys some form of legality it is hanging on by a thread. Even in NYC, where it has been nominally decriminalized, cops use whatever laws are at their disposal to oppress the people. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but there are still plenty of dark shadows ahead too.

  25. Watch this police video of a recent traffic stop and seizure of a Massachusetts medical marijuana patient’s medicine. The officer claimed he went through a red light, this is what he is basing his traffic stop on. Watch and see, the car behind this man went through the red light, not him. There was no traffic violation.

  26. Great article and awesome the way you told off Nancy Grace tonite. Marijuana crime wave?
    What was she smoking?

  27. I think it would be extremely helpful if your organization could identify and list which politicians are for legalizing (or at least decriminalizing) marijuana vs those who want to maintain the idiotic status quo! We want to know who we should vote for. I, for one, refuse to vote for anyone who would have us locked up and put in prison for making a safe choice that the majority of Americans believe should be legal!

  28. @Dave, since you have access to your computer, go on line and read several hours about how to grow herb in your own house or garden, keep reading till you’re sure you know enough to get started. If millions of families raise a plant or two at a time hardly anyone will ever get caught and there will never be any Big Marijuana that Kevin Sabet worries about.

    How to take money out of pot: BOYCOTT the filthy vulgar word “pot”. It’s used at stupid places like casinos.

  29. A sage and wonderful counsel.

    So far,though, I’ve have not found it possible to forgive those most responsible for the war on medical marijuana. I think they should be exposed and held accountable with the same cruel zeal they exhibited toward their fellow Americans.

  30. @ Mexweed, you are correct our politicians need to be educated. I will remember that, it is very good advice.

    New York Gov. Cuomo is looking to provide medical marijuana to patients, at least he said so today. New York also has a legalization bill and other marijuana bills that have yet to be sent to the Senate to be voted on, for some reason they are never presented for a vote.

    @ NORML: like Miles said, I would also like a way to see which politicians support what aspect of marijuana access. It would really help when I’m voting. Is there anyone doing this? It would be a real game changer since 55% of the vote controls the future legalization.

  31. As I get request for support for backing anyone running for any office I ask them about how the feel about marijuana reform and ending prohibition. Then I make sure they know my feelings and why. I remind them that a greater percentage of voters believe it’s time to bring prohibition to an end. I know you can’t always believe what they tell you. But at least they know I’m watching how they are leaning.

  32. Thanks everyone for the kind words and thoughtful comments.

    Feel free to keep the cards and letters coming, and let me know how you think I do on Nancy Grace tonight.

    She is having me back as a guest at 8 pm for round 2 of our legalization bout.

    What should I tell her this time ?



  33. How about how Dronabinol, the active ingredient in MARINOL®, is synthetic delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC). Why synthetic when an all natural product already exists? Many politicians think this is a drop in replacement for the real thing but we know it isn’t.
    I’ll be watching.

  34. To me a crime wave is a lot more than the videos Nancy showed. The incidents were isolated and making BHO is dangerous but even in states where prohibition is strictest houses explode. The argument of addiction is her biggest, Nancy has her addiction, her drug of choice. But Norm, our drug of choice can not kill you. The nine year old smoking pot? He will live to get an ass whooping and hopefully an education by his parents, but if it were alcohol, cocaine, crack, or airplane glue in a paper bag he could be dead. The argument that we need to continue prohibition needs to end. Only when we as a nation can agree to spend our resources and money on real crime and not worry about some high 9 year old in a skate park with his friends. If Nancy wants justice, find out who gave the kid pot and kick his ass, not blame you for it. Kids are dumb enough being kids, they don’t need anything else to make them do stupid things. Norm you were set up, just remember that the more air time legalization gets the sooner it will be here. Thank you for being our voice.

  35. “If I had the chance I’d say it your face
    Start thinking for yourself or leave the human race
    There is no time for making the mistake
    Of letting them get away with preaching and teaching what is fake”

    Ray, it is just neurotic. They think it somehow makes it “safer” if it is made into a pill or some other non-enjoyable form, like an anal suppository. If you enjoy it, it might be habit forming–like that really matters when it isn’t addictive??? They just brainwash people into not even understanding they are talking about. Seriously, they engineered it so you have to put MARINOL in your butt hole. And you can’t tirate you dose, they put so much THC in it you can actually have psychotic breaks hours after you take it. They engineered to be about as disgusting and dangerous as possible–on purpose. Great fucking people.


  36. Education is the key. If people are educated with the truth and not politicized propaganda, their choices have a better chance of containing some of the freedom of choice we think our constitution guarantees.

  37. I live in Tuolumne County CA and the board of Supervisors are trying to stop all out door grows in this county, already arrested all collectives, our inculed (today’s health collective) we are doing what we can to educate the board, but law enforcement has every one so afraid that we are standing alone. need help!

  38. Action alert: everyone call their Congressman and Tell them to support h.r.2562 the Marijuana Business Access to Banking Act. This is the greatest vital component to stop the drug war in its tracks we have available.
    Whether were talking to a willing Congressman or Nancy Grace, the best argument we have to end prohibition is as follows:
    The marijuana community is neither violent or unmotivated community of “couch potatoes.” We are a healthy, intelligent community of enlightened Americans who have been violently incarcerated, separated from our families and sometimes even tortured and killed to prohibit marijuana: which after all, is a nonviolent medicine that has killed no one in all recorded human history.
    I would ask mrs. GRace to retract her shameful statement that “pot smokers are nothing but couch potatoes” …would she have the heart to say that to the face of a dying child with cancer? Or to the parents of Alexandra Hill, the 2 year old that was murdered last year by her foster mother in an unsupervised, violent, private foster prison for babies just because her parents admitted to smoking marijuana?
    America must cease to incarcerate and take state custody of innocent people such as the children of marijuana consumers just to profit a private an unjust and immoral drug-prison complex.
    And by the way, whatever happened to the child in the Colorado playground that ate that cookie? Death? Illness? What if it was your child? Would you be more concerned if the cookie had matijuana in it or legal prescription meds that kill 110,000 Americans per year and rising?

  39. Nancy Grace is the poster child for prohibition!

    She is completely ignorant about the truth on this subject and has made her living as a prosecutor. I’ve always thought she was a stupid unhappy angry b*tch and she really made it apparent recently that I’ve been right about her.

    It would please me to never hear or see her again!

  40. While I have the opportunity to talk directly to you Norm, I want to expand the discussion from our better arguments to end prohibition to discuss the best legislation, the best strategies and the ultimate benefit of where ending cannabis prohibition is going to take us.
    Legislation: for the short term, marijuana banking and the hemp amendment to the Farm Bill would be the better place to unite and pick our battles. Not because they trump ending prohibition all together, but because they have a more realistic chance of making a quicker impact in Congress.
    For the long term overturning the Marijuana Stamp Act of 1937 and the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 is our ultimate goal at the Federal level, but as Cheyanne from Texas NORML once told me, everything starts by influencing our state and local legislators.But as we approach 25 states with pro medicinal marijuana laws, it may soon be time to step up the federal strategy:
    The Strategy: Despite their recent refusal to hear cannabis legislation, the Supreme Court is pro marijuana legalization. Because they cannot and will not interfere with state policies, they have to allow more than half of the states to pass marijuana legislation before they can even hear a case. When the Danny Chong case came out, I begged Chongs lawyers not to sue for collateral or accept a settlement. I said open up a DannyChongFund.com and sue the DEA fir being unconstitutionally organized under the Controlled Substance Act for allowing our chief law enforcer, the attorney general out of the DOJ, to legislate marijuana policy. Think about it: We would not allow a judge to carry a badge and a gun while wearing the robe; its a conflict of interest; a license to kill that motivated our founding fathers to create the three branches of Democracy we should still have today. There is no reason why we should allow cops to lobby and write our laws either. The Supreme Court must nullify the C.S.Act in its entirety, including the executive privilege, asset forfeitures, and unconstitutional S.O.D. evidence fabrication program amended by law enforcement to the Act. And while youre at it, the Marijuana Stamp Act is in violation of the commerce clause.
    The greater benefit of marijuana: Freeing prisoners is merely the prerequisite to the greater benefit of ending marijuana prohibition. Ultimately, the self-sufficiency and freedom from an agrarian revolution- the inspiration cannabis supplies to just grow our own gardens with more variety and connection to the soil- will enhance our health, quality of life, communion with the earth and God, and turn us back from the lethal corporate, genetically engineered, terminator seed, life-patenting mono-culture of agricultural production that is tearing at the very fabric of human coexistence with nature.
    Ultimately where cannabis legalization is taking us is a return to our natural heritage as human beings; to a Golden-Green Age of renewable, celulosic and sustainable innovation from energy, to housing, transportation, fuel, food and medicine. Who knows? Perhaps with a greater achievement of public knowledge and agrarian enlightenment, we will finally figure out as a society that money cannot be eaten.

  41. “…Green age of renewable, cellulosic and sustainable innovation from energy to housing, transportation, fuel, food and medicine.”

    Listing those varied interests reminds us that cannabis can help to free up the DIVERSIFIED MIND from the imprisonment of “concentration” on a narrow task or “speciality” which unfortunately, in today’s “economy” domineered over by corporate armies with chain of command, is where the money is.

    So often just one toke of cannabinoid is enough to “remind” you of hundreds of fascinating and IMPORTANT ideas, issues, inventions which you “don’t have time for right now when I have to carry out precise instructions and earn the paycheck”.

    But thinking over, cross-referencing those many issues is what it takes to see “the entire picture” and devise a generalized strategy for reforestation, climate protection etc.

    PS. Hemp is #1 best precursor crop for TREES.

  42. Nancy Grace said, “I can’t understand how the people of Colorado say standby and watch this happen”. It is easy dumbass lying bitch, they want it to happen. Are you afraid you and your fellow goons will have one less tool to use to marginalize innocent people, hmm Nancy?

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