Patients Ought To Be Skeptical Of Proposed CBD-Only Legislation — Here’s Why

In recent weeks, lawmakers in several states have moved forward with legislative proposals to permit specific strains and/or extracts of cannabis possessing high quantities of the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), but otherwise maintaining criminal prohibitions on the whole plant.

But is this new direction in the best interest of patients? As I wrote in a recent column for (republished with permission by Cannabis Now under the title “Patients Ought To Be Skeptical Of Proposed CBD-Only Legislation — Here’s Why”), I believe the answer is ‘no.’

Ultimately, patients should not be unnecessarily forced to decide between either accessing the whole plant or its isolated components. They should have safe, legal access to both, and politicians, even well-intentioned ones, should not restrict patients’ right to choose the most suitable option.

Below are excerpts from my commentary. You can read the entire text here.

Patients Ought To Be Skeptical Of Proposed CBD-Only Legislation — Here’s Why
via Cannabis Now

[excerpt] If the plant ain’t broke, why fix it?

For longtime marijuana law reformers, the ongoing political conversation surrounding CBD is instructive. It makes it clear that many politicians’ public opposition to the idea of patients using marijuana therapeutically isn’t because of supposed unanswered questions surrounding the plant’s safety or efficacy. Rather, it is because lawmakers oppose the idea of some people getting high from a naturally growing herb. (The fact that patients can get equally high or even higher from FDA-approved synthetic THC has, for whatever reason, never been an expressed concern of either lawmakers or prohibitionists.) After all, the very same politicians who argue that marijuana isn’t medicine because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA or who allege that the substance hasn’t yet been subjected to sufficient scientific scrutiny utter no such public objections to the idea of legalizing patient access to CBD – a schedule I compound that hasn’t been reviewed, much less approved by the FDA, and that has been clinically studied far less than cannabis.

Perhaps most ironically is that were it not for the advent of legalized whole plant marijuana, a policy change publicly opposed by many present day CBD-only political advocates, lawmakers (and anti-pot groups like SAM) today wouldn’t be aware of CBD, much less advocating for it. The reality is that it was the stakeholders in medical marijuana states, and those who provide for them, who have done the most to explore and promote cannabidiol as a legitimate therapeutic agent. And they were able to do so because they, unlike most federally licensed medical researchers, had access to the whole plant.

We’ve been down this road before. Not long ago, lawmakers and anti-marijuana zealots were dismissing patients’ desire to access the marijuana plant because they alleged that the THC-pill Marinol could adequately meet patients’ needs. Patients and their advocates were skeptical of lawmakers’ claims then, and properly so. Now many of these same politicians are once again dismissing patients’ calls for whole plant medicine by claiming that products and strains containing CBD alone only will suffice. Patients and their advocates ought to be equally skeptical once again.

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  1. its typical that these slimebags would find a way of fucking people out of options like this is some sort of communist dictated democracy. it takes a real douche bag/ nazi too pass this sort of law just because of their own subjective views rather than the views of the people they are passing it for. its like if mormons were nazis thats where people like this would fit into being described

  2. Paul has hit this one out of the park, but here’s another wrinkle to keep track of– the hostility to one compound rather than the other “because it is the one that helps you (or, oops, someone’s kid) get high”.

    I’ve tried to turn Dr. Freud’s Third Eye (or Ear) on that phrase and hopefully figure out what they hate/fear about the “get high”

    Linguistic clue: what if “high” or “get high” was the VERB that goes with “eye”, just as “hear” goes with “ear”?

    I.e. “get high” means uberpotentiate the ability to see/perceive, to see things you otherwise don’t see (and which the fascists prefer everyone “not-see”, get it?). Uh oh– someone’s kid starts to see/perceive things, relationships, moralities, opportunities their owner/groanups don’t want them to see.

    And THC is reputed to confer that dangerous, controversial, unwanted “ability” on some owner/parent’s kid surely leading to rebellion and family disaster from said owner/parent’s perspective.

    The heroic tragedy story handed down to us about 1914 is that the groanups around Europe plotted and schemed and made deals to send troops to support each other resulting in conveniently killing off millions of uppity, maybe revolutionary young men (mostly white ones, no less).

    If by some luck a bigger percentage of those young men had learned HOW TO METABOLIZE THC in 1913 (instead new “mild” H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide Camel $igarettes were introduced, easy to carry with you and inhale hurriedly before trench combat etc.), they might have figured out “forbidden solutions” such as political ways to head off the war or personal ways to avoid the draft. Instead US $igarette consumption allegedly doubled 1913-1918 and you know the rest.

    Today the PIG$ (Punishment-Industrial-Government-Syndicate) has a vested interest in demonizing THC because (forget medical, recreational) its Inspirational, Occupational use by millions of young workers could head off more profitable wars, imprisonments, nicotine enslavements etc.

  3. What exactly would CBD-only accomplish? Sure, it is an good anti-inflammatory, but that’s only part of effective pain management. What exactly do these proponents suggest? Taking CBD-only extracts with oxycontin?

  4. The hole thing makes me sick. What right do these alcohol drinking little pompous ass people have to tell anyone anything about marijuana ? I should go tell N.A.S.A. how to fly there rockets.

  5. I find it hard to believe after witnessing the cruel efforts against medical marijuana that these people are by any stretch of the imagination well intentioned. We’ve seen decades of this drug war cruelty rigging the government to thwart the development of marijuana as medicine. THC helps me learn my limitations due to Asperger’s Syndrome. CBD ain’t gonna help with that.

  6. The reason for the CBD bandwagon is that it’s seen as a face-saving public-relations move by the prohibitionists who are losing very badly in the court of public opinion because of the widespread publicity given to the “charlotte’s web” strain of cannabis that’s been successfully used to dramatically improve the lives of children suffering from severe seizure disorders. These kids weren’t helped nearly as much by any of the toxic prescription medications. Of course, this is a nightmare for the narcs–not because they empathize with the kids and their families, but because it gives cannabis a good name as a useful, safe, and necessary medicine. So they yield just enough to try to get those kids off the television and the you-tube. The fact that 95% or more of other patients won’t have access to beneficial herbal preparations is of no concern. The CBD-only, or anything-but-herbal-cannabis bills, are just another trick to keep the police in the business of dictating health-care decisions instead of leaving it to the doctor and patient. The feature about it that stands out to me is the denial of equal protection of the law–picking a few favorable patients as exceptions while continuing to criminalize everyone else. It is no coincidence that the Alabama bill was brought in because a policeman’s child was afflicted. We live in a police state, and the police really and truly don’t think they have to live by the cruel and repressive rules they enjoy enforcing against the rest of us.

  7. The prohibitionists don’t believe in democracy. The will of the people is precisely what they fear. I have often tried to ask politicians and police spokesmen whether, if the public supported legalization and the laws were changed to permit it, would they accept and abide by it?

    None ever said, “Yes, I would respect the will of the people.”

    Always, the response was, “That will never happen.”

    They said it with confidence, because they INTEND TO NEVER LET IT HAPPEN.

    That’s what we’re up against. Try it yourself, with your representative or local sheriff or police chief or district attorney. See if you can get on video.

  8. CBD by itself can be harmful in regards to some cancers & our natural immune system responses.

  9. I smell a Rat or is that a Weasel?
    Why only CBD? Shouldn’t it be in addition to what the majority really wants.How about outright legalization nationwide? Land of the free, home of the brave!!!

  10. Cocaine and methamphetamine are schedule 2 drugs, they have been deemed to have some accepted medical value. Seriously? Meth has been proven medically acceptable but not cannabis. The damage meth can do to a human body is horrying, while long term cannabis use has been shown to actually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Raw cannabis, hemp seeds and smoked/vaped all have numerous healthy benefits that far outweigh its dangers. The more people that become educated, the quicker this ridiculous treatment of hemp/cannabis will be fixed.

  11. It’s outrageous they want to stop people being ‘high’ in the first place when all being high actually is, according to Dr Bob Melamede PHD, is increasing all your senses sampling rate of life.

    These warped individuals are trying to restrict our very experience of life.

    They are the problem.

  12. A personal view: A couple of years ago while living in BF city Idaho ( I will leave it to bloggers here to guess where Butt F%%#k city Idaho is ) I was going from door to door with a 17 page long, very restrictive petition to bring medical marijuana to the sate of Idaho. It was early spring and I approached a man doing yard work. No, he replied in an angry manner, “I would never support marijuana legalization”. Returning home, discouraged, I thought it myself, “what the hell had I been doing on the other side of town asking a total stranger for permission to engage in an activity that should be of no concern to him.” While its true that getting high is against the beliefs of the Mormon religion, myself, and many others do not share in the beliefs of this false religion, and see nothing wrong with “getting high.”

  13. Thank you Paul for keeping the cannabis legalization conversation centered about our freedom to grow our own. I know thats what im fighting for. Growing are own food, medicine, fuel and building materials using less water and no herbicides is the heart and soul of the cannabis movement. This is a very well constructed argument against the likes of Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline whose profit model is based on patenting individual molecules, powdering them into a pill and scarying them down our gullets.
    This takes us back to Dr. Gupta’s spotlight on the patenting argument. What about herbal strains being patented out like GW Pharmacueticals from London? How are select companies being given patenting authority to sell marijuana for specific illnesses while Colorado dispensaries get a list of “guidelines” from a DOJ that could still legally bust them for everything they’ve got?
    I know, I know, “for profit.” Thats why NORML is non-for-profit.
    I guess my major point is that amidst all this cannibanking regulation, the focus really needs to be on cannabinoid patent “507“ and our Constitutional right to have access to grow fertile, organic cannabis seeds.
    How about a CannaBill-of-Rights? When we write up our right to grow seeds and our own gardens, the literature becomes biblical. Isnt that in Genesis? “God made all seed bearing plants and herbs to use.” Of course, as my father pointed out the bible also says that “…He will make a mess out of your science.” We can assume “He” would be titled as any lover of chaos who would trade the fortune of the earth for man-made profit. If im going to quote the bible, I may as well mention that both Timothy and James warn us of prohibition. The authors were referring to religion, but remember that Jesus was not only challenging Ceasar’s title of living God and emperor, Jesus was turning from the Jewish tradition by using Kaneh-Bosem, the Holy Healing Oil, not only on the priests and kings but on the sick and imprisoned.
    Sarah Benet’s 1937 book on hemp entertains the ingredients of the Healing Oil to be made, aside from olive oil and fragrances, of cannabis as well. Certainly the cannabis of 2000 years ago would not be as psychoactively potent as the medicine we have access to today, thanks in large part to 70 years of profit-motivated cultivation due to “high demand” under prohibition. But as an historical document as well as gospel the bible teaches us that prohibition has been tried before and great civilizations fell at its cost, from the pharocies of ancient Egypt to the Holy Roman Empire to… The United States of America? Or are we saving our great nation in time from the failures of prohibition?
    Cannabis prohibition has been tried before and failed violently. Patenting any life form, or life-giving molecule or resource is a form of prohibition.
    Keep Your Highs on the Prize.

  14. I agree 100% with Paul Armentano, and Oliver Steinberg articulated the rationale on the part of prohibitionists very well. I couldn’t have put it better myself. They’re doing it only because Charlotte’s Web gives cannabis a good name.

    Pennsylvania is so much in the hands of ardent prohibitionists that they won’t even acknowledge Charlotte’s Web is effective, and they won’t even feign the appearance of caring about kids with Dravet’s.

    As Paul puts it, the whole plant should be available, and it should be available to all patients and not just those who would best benefit from the Charlotte’s Web strain. The whole plant should be available to all patients, and all strains need to be available to patients. Other patients will other types of ailments need other types cannabis, some with high THC, high THC-A, and a variety of combinations of THC and CBD ratios.

  15. Thanks for getting the ads to run on Comcast! I heard they’re running so far only in New Jersey. I certainly hope they widen the availability, and make New Jersey more like one of the more cannabis-friendly states out west.

    So it’s looking like Ohio has a ballot initiative for MMJ. It’s too bad Pennsylvania or New York doesn’t have the ballot initiative so that cannabis could be legal already. I’m sure Governor Kasich will try to dissuade the voters from approving the ballot initiative. He’ll speak out against it to influence the voters, instead of letting them decide all by themselves without any kind of intimidation from his bully pulpit.

  16. “None ever said, “Yes, I would respect the will of the people.” Always, the response was, “That will never happen.” They said it with confidence, because they INTEND TO NEVER LET IT HAPPEN. That’s what we’re up against. Try it yourself, with your representative or local sheriff or police chief or district attorney. See if you can get on video.

    Oh yeah, I’ve had these “conversions”. And now the police have indeed convinced me they are PIGS. They are better than us; didn’t you know? Its all about training the police to think like shit about the very people they are protecting. In the USA, there is always a group(s) of folks designated to take shit from everyone else and it is usually our government leading the charge. They need victims; and keep looking for new ways to victimize. The fastest way to piss off a Corrections Officer–call ’em what they are a prison guard, you might just get assaulted so carry pepper spray and your camera and witnesses with more cameras.

  17. @Oliver Steinberg:

    ” Of course, this is a nightmare for the narcs–not because they empathize with the kids and their families, but because it gives cannabis a good name as a useful, safe, and necessary medicine.”

    I would say that it’s a nightmare because it makes them look like horrible grinches and monsters, keeping sick people from getting their medicine and not caring if sick children suffer. Maybe they don’t empathize with the sick children, but they certainly don’t like the PR problem it creates for them. Prior to this, they always had the PR advantage, dealing the sob stories about the “harms of drugs” and parading around the poor, pitiful victims of drug addiction, and screaming to pro-legalizers that the blood of those victims is on our hands, for wanting to legalize and/or being “soft on crime” and not being willing to sacrifice our rights to protect the country, and what monsters we are.

    Now, not only is a rising majority aware that the Drug War they touted is a failure, that the harms of drugs (esp. marijuana) aren’t as bad as previously claimed, that most of the harm of drugs has been directly caused by their “tough on crime” techniques, and that our draconian efforts to catch drug criminals has eroded our own rights and our own safety for no gain….now WE have the sob stories, the emotional tales to persuade by feeling, on top of having all the facts on our side.

    Well, we always had all the facts on our side, but facts are often not as persuasive as emotions (unfortunately, most people are stupid), and now they don’t have the lock on the emotional arguments. Not only have their own emotional arguments been proven to be their own fault, caused by their policies, but now we have the victims to trot out on the side of legalization. And that drives them NUTS.

    “None ever said, “Yes, I would respect the will of the people.”

    Always, the response was, “That will never happen.”

    They said it with confidence, because they INTEND TO NEVER LET IT HAPPEN.”

    Well, this is somewhat true. They have been saying “That will never happen” for decades, usually with snide comments about “pipe dreams” and a hateful snicker. That was when they had the majority on their side and thought it would always be that way. They even said as much–that pro-legalization people were in the minority, that every time it reaches a vote it ALWAYS loses, and for GOOD REASON, so GIVE UP, STONER. They never seemed to mind if it reached a ballot and never seemed to bust their asses blocking it from a vote because they knew that it would never get the votes.

    Now, of course, they say that because they are actively doing everything in their power to force it not to happen, in bold defiance of the will of the people. They’re doing everything in their power to isolate the issue from the will of the people, to ensure that it never comes up for a vote again, because now they know it is no longer a lost cause and will win everywhere it gets on a ballot.

  18. Why are these “Law makers”,so fixated only on THC & CBD when their are at least 70 other cannabinoids with their unique properties,and what about the beneficial medicinal properties of TERPENES? have they even taken those into consideration?

    Here is an excerpt from the HIGH TIMES article:TALKING TERPENES
    by Martin A.Lee quoting Dr.Ethan Russo in the British Journal Of Pharmacology:

    “Alpha-pinene (essential pine oil), the most common terpene in the plant world and one often found in cannabis, is a bronchodilator potentially helpful for asthmatics. Pinene also promotes alertness and memory retention by inhibiting the metabolic breakdown of acetylcholinesterase, a neurotransmitter in the brain that stimulates these cognitive effects.

    Myrcene, another terpene present in numerous cannabis varietals, is a sedative, a muscle relaxant, a hypnotic, an analgesic (painkiller) and an anti-inflammatory compound. This musky terpene contributes mightily to the infamous “couch-lock” experience, Russo maintains.

    Limonene, a major terpene in citrus as well as in cannabis, has been used clinically to dissolve gallstones, improve mood and relieve heartburn and gastrointestinal reflux. Limonene has been shown to destroy breast-cancer cells in lab experiments, and its powerful antimicrobial action can kill pathogenic bacteria. (Lemon Kush, anyone?)

    Linalool, a terpenoid prominent in lavender as well as in some cannabis strains, is an anxiolytic compound that counters anxiety and mediates stress. In addition, linalool is a strong anticonvulsant, and it also amplifies serotonin-receptor transmission, conferring an antidepressant effect. Applied topically, linalool can heal acne and skin burns without scarring.

    Beta-caryophyllene is a sesquiterpene found in the essential oils of black pepper, oregano and other edible herbs, as well as in cannabis and many green, leafy vegetables. It is gastro-protective, good for treating certain ulcers, and shows great promise as a therapeutic compound for inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders because of its ability to bind directly to the peripheral cannabinoid receptor known as CB2.

  19. PEOPLE YOUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT SERVE YOU IT IS YOUR ADVERSARY! Americans have lost their freedoms to the wills of incompetent leaders who try to control the masses based on non scientific rhetoric. The marijuana issue is the perfect example of the way the government works for you. Our people are led by people who use fake fears to get their way. The “home of the brave people are being controlled by fear”. You should be most fearful that your government will put you in jail for smoking a plant that is proven harmless.

  20. Hey, I know!! We can sell licenses for sex and charge extra for an orgasm!!!

    Unlicensed orgasms are a gateway drug and they must be stopped!

  21. I’m looking for a job in the cannabis sector where I can learn how to do each job in a cannabis retail store or medibles store, from busboy to stock, inventory person, sales, security, then assistant manager, bookkeeping, the whole nine yard, you know, having to know each job so I can run my own cannabis shop and I’ll have to then train the employees. I live on the east coast, and when the laws change back here and people are staying home instead of driving to Colorado and Washington and some of the jobs there shift to other parts of the country I want move back and be a multiplier, you know, work with my local cannabis community and have my own enterprise, work with a group of people to run things, maybe have a chain.

    I wrote the ArcView Group but no response. Nada. Nothing. I mean I want to learn how things ought to be done before sinking my own capital into the enterprise, only to lose it because I don’t know what I’m doing. Oaksterdam U might be helpful, but I don’t want to stay in the downtown hotels at those prices, and they don’t even let you medicate in your room.

    It looks like if you live in New York or Pennsylvania or any other east coast state, they’re not having any conferences or expos to help multipliers, you know, people who will multiply the number of seed to sale cannabis operations to make sure medical refugees in states without MMJ and to make sure recreational users can choose cannabis over booze or butts.

    I saw the ad for the Colorado cannabis job fair. Pennsylvania has a Liquor Control Board like Washington, so when my home state legalizes it will probably follow Washington’s structure, which would be the better place for me to learn and come back to PA to work with willing lawmakers such as Leach, maybe Folmer, to get things started. Someone has to do the groundwork, and someone has to bring back the knowledge to train people to serve the needs of the cannabis community in Pennsylvania. I mean, I don’t want to give up my decent day job just to move to Colorado or Washington for just any old position in the cannabis sector. I have a higher education, higher operational aspirations so that I can legally get my medicine, but also so that countless thousands now and millions later through the years can have legal access to cannabis. For right now, I have a certain level of bills I have to pay and can’t throw it all away. That would ruin my plans to help Pennsylvanians gain access to legal cannabis.

    If I come out of the cannabis closet before having the proper training and backing, my current employer will fire me and I’ll lose my license to practice. Senator Folmer is for Charlotte’s Web, but Daylin Leach is for outright legalization eventually. We need some progress in PA. I can’t make these conferences to these exotic far away places like Aspen or Key West because I have only like two weeks in the summer when the family takes vacation and when I have saved enough money to attend these planning sessions to rub elbows with the movers and shakers in the cannabis community. It’s all so frustrating not being able to get my medicine, and I’m not going to the street. I just have to continue to do without it. Argh!!

  22. Now that CHARLOTTE’S WEB is the new Rosa Parks story, the breakthrough moral parable etc. think of the process from now on as like We have a train moving here, and now must provide for safety down the road, steer this thing carefully, arrive safely in Liberty Street station.

    Reach for E. B. WHITE, a literally white (maybe with tiny purple flourishes) Budstrain which (vaped at 385F197C in a Long-Drawtube One-Hitter) helps note-takers, secretaries, cartoonists, responsewriters (likeyouguys), wikiversity editors, editors, Wikipedia editors etc. etc. design and post educative how-to guides from grow to toke to aftertoke (exercise, music or labor time depending how much money you need to make.

    Try to redesign each job toward giving it more exercise or music value while not sacrificing meeting the quota.) Exert maximum Creative Ambition during a four-hour zone after any toke or pair of tokes. Fast except water first hour, except chewed citrus or melon 3 more hours.

    Safe Landscape Maintenance, removing stubble, fallen branches, unwanted weeds from outdoor areas making woodsy places more visitable by both kids and parents. Construct bandstands, handrails, porches, balconies, stairs, ladders, carts, dollies partly from harvested log and pole roundwood. The last bureaucratic secretarial needs will gradually be covered and serious outdoor planet improvement cooperatives will start.

  23. 1. Not everybody benefits from low-THC/high-THC strains. Some patients require high THC strains.
    2. Even the young patients benefiting from Charlotte’s web and other high CBD strains sometimes need high THC strains. A number of families of kids with Dravet’s syndrome are finding that the high-CBD strains alone are not always effective in controlling symptoms.
    3. The move among some legislatures to accept some low-THC strains is merely a cynical attempt to appear to be on the medical marijuana bandwagon without actually allowing medical marijuana.
    4. We all have the right to use whatever strains we please. We should not allow our politicians to presume to know what’s good for use nor should we allow their condescending attitude towards those among us who choose to use cannabis for purely recreational purposes. This is a free country and living in freedom means allowing your neighbor to do the same.

  24. Why not take the alcohol out of booze
    the caffeine out of coffee and nicotine
    out of tobacco!

  25. To deny people use of the whole plant is to say “As long as we can continue to arrest the black and minority population, we need to deny everyone use of marijuana, except for cute white children children with Dravet”.

    “All drugs are bad.”-Michele Leonheart

    She has got to go and our President needs someone who knows what they are talking about to head the DEA. Harry Anslinger would be very proud that our mixed race President is still allowing the federal government to keep our jails FULL of young black people.

  26. To begin with I am not to sure about what being said here. I belive this is a step in the right way. In Texas they belive in the marijunan boogy man. Just talking about marijunan in a good way a person can loss there jobe. If this is the only way we can get help for the persons who needs it in Texas then good this will start to how the good not the bad side.

  27. Getting “High” means getting “Happy”. What’s wrong with raising people’s spirits? Don’t worry, get happy!

  28. @TheOracle,

    1. Check out local PA law enforcement about “paraphernalia”– can you start up a Long-Drawtube One-Hitter shop? (Read about “Socket Wrench”, “Barbed Hose Nipple”, “Choomette” (handlestick) etc. in the “Make Pipes from Everyday Objects” article.)

    2. If you can’t quit your money-paying-but-drug-test day job at least start by creating a work room in your house where you can start to make utensils, show them to friends, try to find partners to help create the marketing structure further down the road (maybe it will take a year or more before cannabis legalization knocks out “paraphernalia law enforcement” which really protects H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide “butt$” against competition from Harm-Reduction Equipment.

    The One-Hitter may be only 90% as good as a Vaporizer but it can be hand-massproduced from cheap parts, that’s why it’s strategic.

  29. We as a people know the Government is responsible for dumb us down, allowing us to breath foul air from spraying chem trails overhead, poisoning the water, food with cancer causing chemicals..funny how this stuff is coming back on all of them that is destroying this planet.

    When are we going to STOP supporting bad Senators and Congress persons, whom we know will not support the will of the people.

    We need to fight to put real people in place in the Senate and Congress that have our best interest at heart.

    We want the WHOLE PLANT..just like you want Alcohol and Cocaine, wild parties that take away your inhibitions, so you are subject to misery on a sinister level…they are happy with that action..they love chaos..until it hit their house!!!

    I hope you are at peace with this kind of lewd conduct in our Government. We put them there..and we can not put these kinds of people back in the drivers seat again…ever!!!

  30. So, along with the changes that took place in medicine as a profession, where chemically synthesized molecules could be designed and patented, based on their similarity in shape, size, morphology, and isoelectrical properties, into fashionable mimicry drugs, which do no act or appear to the immune system as “self” vs. foreign invader molecule.

    Marinol was the synthesized pharma version of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and that was given as eye drops to people with glaucoma, like GHW Bush. Marinol is pure THC, it is like a super-potent hash oil extraction. The most common side-effect is over-dosage (caused by differences in number of drops per eye), and the most common side-effect is sleep.

    We learned that CBD is an important modulator of THC, like Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). It takes the “anxious” edge off of cannabis. CBD is present in industrial hemp, but is not a psychoactive compound, it only modulates the psychoactive properties of THC.

    To makes claims that CBD or THC, should be regulated into the “proper” proportions deemed by the same incompetents who depend on the scheduling system of arbitary opinions fed by propgandist misinformation, not a toxicity-based system that would be, that is, appropriate at the very least in consideration of the so-called harm that the govt babysitter has, the duty of watching your every move and ensuring you don’t harm yourself, say from simply driving a car while UN-impaired, while eating pathogen tainted produce from the market (E coli, the bacteria found in poo, sporadically infects crops that are located near the manure lakes that result from factory farming, or packing in animals like sardines to live their lives standing knee high in excrement, the antibiotics are used as a preventative and growth promoter, considering the poisonous, mechanized system of factory livestock husbandry. More suffering equals less overhead, more profit.

    To claim that cannabis has no accepted medical use, but then use the terms CBD and THC as if there suddenly are therapeutically advantageous benefits to be gained, is a wholesale admission of intellectual dishonesty that disregards CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, THCV, etc, as parts of a plant that adapts to suit the needs of its bioloically interited care-taker, humans who co-evolved with the plant, the first ever cultivated, starting the agrarian revolution, where humans could begin to control their food and its timing instead of treasure hunting for it.

    If they want CBD only, then it’s because they admit the medical use discreetly, silently, without stating it as a medicine. Presumably this sort of under-handed tactic that is transparently crooked, can alter legislation regarding medical palliatives, based on properties they’ve called non-medicinal this whole time, regardless of the later shame of being a sycophantic supplicant to the prohibition profiteers.

    What they are advocating is monoculture is crops toward a conventional “ideal” which is flawed from its conception. Monoculture of crops is a destructive, non-sustainable, non-biologically sound way of growing “just this plant, not that one.” Cannabis has co-evolved with us and like other valued crops, has properties that influence us to maintain our symbiotic relationship to the first garden plant, the first cultivated source of whole protein nutrition and omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids, essential during development.

    First they say, “no industrial hemp” in order to destroy what is clearly competition to synthetic fibers, synthetic plastics, inferior staple crops.

    The US is the only industrialized nation that does not use hemp in its economy. Even when the US can impose it’s own puritanically sounding drug war onto other sovereign states, they’re not stupid enough to ditch hemp as a resource. The US is fine with that, because intentional removal of hemp from industry is wholly unreasonable, beyond fanatical paternalism for “safety’s sake.” LOLOLOLOL but not within our own borders.

    Any mention of calls for CBD vs. THC ratios is an admission, an acknowledgement that they can claim these molecules are significantly disparate in their effects on people (which are therapeutically active effects, such as those provided by medicines).

    Monoculture is the road to hell, paved with good intentions.

    The drug war is hell itself, merely posing, shamelessly, as good intentions, but ultimately is nothing more than intl banking corruption, institutionalized violations of human rights and the sovereignty of nations, the longest costliest war that is a failure, cannot be won by definition, and is therefore a perpetual money-maker for the most opportunistic, unscrupulous entities that control the drug war like pieces on a chess board. A game to make money, at the expense of suffering and lives.

    And now they want monoculture of what they see as imminent legalization and repair of broken, criminal policy, the liberation of cannabis, human companion, from the control of (pardon me but) feeble-minded, immoral money junkies and cowards.

    What they want is extinction, and the concession they are making is to accept that CBD and THC ARE INDEED therapeutically active.

    If only dialogue and debate of the sort that was prominent on Buckley’s Firing Line (agreement or not) were still normal fare for television. Our discourse helps us arrive at solutions to better our society. Flashing images of irrelevant non-news stories does nothing but push emotional buttons, most people who watch the news, can’t summarize the cherry-picked stories only hours after watching, besides weather and sports or the one major international news headline for the day (one about fear, not policy) plus irrelevant crap and human interest stories.

    They can’t even talk about CBD and THC while simultaneously discrediting these as therapeutic treatments, some of the known medical properties of cannabis, to date.

    THC and CBD are all-carbon containing molecules. The sort of dopamine activating drugs like nicotine, cocaine, heroin, caffeine, are all compounds called alkaloids. They contain at least one atom on nitrogen, usually as an amine group, hence the suffixes on those drugs (amine –> coca-ine, caffe-ine, morphine, hero-in[e], amphet-amine, methamphet-amine, nicot-ine).

    Alkaloids are toxic, promote chemical dependence due to tolerance, and are demonstrated to reduce lifetime expectancy more than prolonging it.

    Cannabis contains not a single nitrogen molecule and is not detected like alkaloids by our immunities as a toxic poison that must be degraded and excreted, like alcohol and alkaloids.

    Instead, cannabis derived cannabinoids are at home in the body, leisurely mimicking the normally made endogenous cannabinoids like anandamide, regulating our mood, immunity, and life rhythms in the face of stressors and environmental/commercial contaminants.

    Our co-evolution with the plant most likely facilitated this mutual relationship and symbiosis.

    They can’t talk about CBD or THC or making up contrived new policy when they have to admit they are therapeutically active first to make any assertions at all about how it “ought” to be grown.

    Learning from the failed drug war, here is a proposition: it’ll grow everywhere, unimpeded, in any proportion of the active compounds, as nature intended, and the bobble-heads whose derriers occupy seats of authority can try as they may to please the master of puppets at the top of the breath-taking inanity. They don’t realize the contradiction they are making while making appeals toward agricultural monoculture, historically proven to be a recipe for failure.

  31. Just to add to the sub-topic of patenting biological organisms as a commercially lucrative intellectual property, or patent.

    One cannot patent a biological organism. Even if it is bred meticulously to produce nearly the same plant and inherent potential every time, from seed as a true-breeding strain. Selective breeding might be considered the most rudimentary means of shaping genetic progression by choosing the sexual partners, and is the means through which we have certain breeds of dog that each look like a distinct species itself, although they are all of the same genus-species, Canis familiaris, the family dog, who also co-evolved with humans in a mutual relationship.

    These cannot be patented.

    Only genetically modified crops can be patented because there is proof (they did it by hand, at the molecular level) of modifications that another person had not thought of previously.

    When the Bureau of Narcotics was created to give jobs to ne-er do wells whose work consists of appearing to actually do work, was to figure out a test for cannabis use.

    Their studies found that the intra-ocular pressure, the volumetric pressure exerted on the eyeball from the internal fluid, is reduced in patients who have consumed cannabis. They thought they had a way to bust people when they serrendipitously discovered another medical use of cannabis, to preserve the vision of those whose eye-pressure is so great as to cause eventual blindness (glaucoma).

    This was great for law enforcement, right? No…because the test is proof that cannabis is medicine which trumps the scheduling priority, of arbitrary judgments of substances (which are not ‘legal’ alcohol and tobacco), making the law untenable from the start.

    This lowering of intra-ocular pressure caused by cannabis, in a predictable, reproducible, almost universal physiological effect, was patented, not by the US govt., but I believe a private entity. The patent does not give ownership of the plant, or claim any entitled property of the genus Cannabinacaea, at all.

    If GW is going to patent a whole-cannabis product, they can only patent the process they use to extract the plant and how they mess with it in the lab.

    IMO, Sativex will fail, not just because of imminent legalization, but because it’s nothing more than cannabis placed in a saucepot and mixed up then liquified. They might add special “ingredients” like glycerol-based solvents, but they are taking the plant, simply altering it physically, then re-selling it under pharma privilege.

    What person would choose their marked-up, health insurance related, unnecessarily complicated way to get human medicine used for thousands of use without their “mashing up and containerizing”

    There are many patents regarding cannabis, but none of them claim to have “created” the plant. This is opposed to some group like Monsanto which has patented genetically modified plants/seeds, resistant to their herbicide, Roundup. Not only are your plants going to be coated with chemical pesticides, they can actually resist the poison.


    Commercial convenience at its illusory best! But at a certain cost.

    Too bad extinction is what usually follows monoculture, because that’s what [intentional] lack of biological diversity does, and too bad (boo hoo) that plan will fail miserably.

    I am curious about this patent mentioned earlier in this or another topic, as being held by the federal government itself, first because the government is not meant to act as a commercial body with a self-interest in wealth production through intellectual property.

    And no biological organism can be patented, not even “purebred” F1 cultivars, because selective breeding cannot establish the ownership of the organism by intentionally manipulating it, since the changes are unseen at the DNA level, but are seen in the phenotypic level, or expressed traits that are notable.

    Even if the broken govt (idiots filling the seats of what should be leadership, not dereliction of basic job duties) has a patent so what?

    What is even worse than a government patent, is a government schedule. Claiming that it fairly owns intellectual property regarding a plant (not of the organism itself) it controls politically, making it easier to obtain lethal injection drugs than cannabis. If this were not so insanely stupid the prohibition would be less insulting though still savagely brutal in its execution of public policy meant to be a costly failure while intentionally causing massive devastation to everyone, not just users of cannabis who are likely endocannabinoid deficient.

    There was another patent, for a drug called Rimonabont. The pharma company responsible used this reasoning: pot causes munchies, and so if we can block the cannabinoid receptors, then people will lack appetite and lose weight. Weight lo$$ drug!

    So they designed a molecule that looks like a cannabinoid, but does not release from its receptor binding site, thus blocking normal cannabinoids, and blocking normal cellular functioning, which depends on these receptors (otherwise they would not be there). Rimonabont was like taking a key, sticking it in the lock, and breaking the end of the key off, so that nothing will open the door.

    They released Rimonabont to the public as a diet drug. Then the people who were taking the medicine….starting killing themselves.

    They proved that cannabinoids are powerful and necessary mood regulators that are essential for NORMAL functioning.

    They pulled the drug. Probably no one served jail time for another get-rich quick scheme that ended up killing people. Such are patents

    Who cares if the govt claims ownership of a patent when it illigitimately claims ownership of a *scheduling system* that is dishonest and criminal in and of itself, by its very nature, using ambiguous terms to create a never-ending judicial gridlock to grow the prison population and control market competition….just like they always warned, “the Reds are coming” and “commies don’t like free markets and competition that’s why they are bad.”

    The drug war is about destroying market competition, to convert it into underground economies and organized crime. It does exactly what cold-war speech makers said is wrong with Communism, in the name of saving you from yourself and your decisions.

  32. Thanks for the advice. I was looking a getting together with a group of people to form a limited liability company or a corporation to run a bunch of cannabisnesses from seed to sale, could be a chain, could be a franchise from Colorado or Washington. I’m looking for a mechanical engineer to develop a prototype for a highly efficient vaporizer that is multi-chambered. Exactly why is something I don’t want to say. If anyone is interested, please let me know and then I will ask NORML to give you my private contact information if they would be willing to oblige.

  33. They are only interested in what Parts Big Pharma needs to make the cannabis drugs out of. They’ll Patent it,somehow..and then they’ll own every herbal remedy out there,every kind of weed in every crack in the sidewalk. Sinister Sons Of Satan. As for the Body Politic, no real hope there either. They are told, take the Money OR the Bullet. They have plenty ideas where we are concerned.None of those ideas are any good for us. No,not at all. Hot Tip : Stop drinking tap water,and eating so many poisons… Times getting short people.

  34. Ok, Monsters,I mean Monsantos prolly working 27 hours a day to make GMO Cannabis. Hows that for macular degeneration. LOL Sure won’t do Cancer patients much good for their appetite. Try to remember,Lies are True,Bad is Good, Everything with these freaks is upside down and twisted. And they have All the bombs bullets and caskets. And the Camps,TV and Radio,Food,Water,Gas masks…What don’t they have? Private Contractors,don’t forget them. All paid for with our labor,and our taxes. Made from dirtying our air cutting down our trees and mountaintops.Killing any animal,insect,children. whatever gets in their machines way…They just take it out. Do you really think there is a chance? Besides a Living GOD..? These folks really are SO Evil. I Can’t believe they’re Human. This Must Be A Spiritual War.

  35. @Oracle, forming a company sounds great, I wonder at the choice to go with a “highly efficient” vaporizer (dozens of companies already doing that) when a 90%-efficient-vaping Long-Drawtube One-Hitter would be so much cheaper– and more democratic: a wider spectrum of workers could participate in more regions and countries, more millions of users could be converted from deadly (t)rolling papers more quickly.

    If you feel like your role is that of a specialist expert in one strategic part, the present missing link is a proper Mesh #40 SCREEN for a one-hitter. Billions of those will be needed within a few years, yet almost none of the screens sold at head shops today are properly designed for use in one-hitters (must be pre-curved into a cup-shape).

    An article in progress,”How to Make 1/4-inch-diam. Screens for a Single-Toke Utensil” needs re-editing, additional pictures and diagrams, etc. This article can be built up into the ultimate worldwide training manual which pro-cannabis activists in Hong Kong, Brisbane or Tierra del Fuego can read, learn how to make the product, fly to your town and work in your shop for a month or two getting hands-on experience, then return to their root country with a load of materials to start up a One Hit Head Shop enterprise.

    @jimmy, I’m glad NORML has the space for your coverage of important relevant issues such as monocrop, factory farming, synthetic drug substitutes for whole herb, etc., which however I fear doesn’t reach as many readers as it could. Like Oracle you need to start a company, maybe of co-editors and writers, to woprk up those writings, tailor them to different venues, and publish. A$$hole Lyndon LaRouche over time had $40 million at his disposal to hire young writers to help him publish pictorially attractive, grammatically proofread magazines etc. demonizing cannabis, get John Lennon killed, infiltrate the White House etc. etc.

  36. Ok so here is my afternoon rant.

    Harry Anslinger wanted marijuana scheduled Class 1 because he believed habitual use of marijuana would cause people to become violent. I believe Cheech and Chong proved this wrong (sorry about the reference but it is appropriate).

    Back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s people used to buy morphine from the drug store and use it in the streets. Harry was 12 when he saw a morphine addict screaming in pain on a street while someone would run to the druggist for more. This began Harry’s crusade against drugs.

    While working as a Railroad Officer Harry found a Insurance fraud case which saved the railroad a lot of money, he was soon promoted.

    He then moved up more into government, and Harry saw what he believed was a dramatic increase in kids using marijuana and wanted it to stop. In all actuality it was the Mexican and Indian population as well as the “Negro’s” <— (Not my word's please understand this law was created from racial tension.) who play Jazz music separated from the white women.

    At the time marijuana was sold by the pound costing only a few cents. A couple of dollars at today's rate. Harry looked for specific murder cases where marijuana was involved and of course found a few. Completely disregarding that murders happen for all sorts of reasons, also by people who have never even touched a drug.

    He brought his bill for a vote before the internet, before live TV, before cell phones, even before the newspaper had really good delivery. (Don't forget who owns the newspaper anyway, and could control what was printed).

    He made his case ignoring the LaGuardia Commission who saw no problem with marijuana being legal, or a danger to society. And under the quiet murmers of our lawmakers, during a depression era and war stunted America, the bill was passed. Our jails became full, our Federal Government created an agency to create jobs and FOOD WAS REMOVED FROM OUR MOUTHS.

    I have more, ask me about William Randolph Hurst. Paper, logging, hemp? Need I say more.

  37. And to all of you dispensary owners buy,the real estate around your stores. If your area is depressed, make weekend apartments, tear down some ratty old buildings and make private parks for smokers, or vaporizing. Screw the banks, buy all the land you can with cash, develop a friendly ADA environment where I can fly in and stay and an airport shuttle will take me right to your shop and I can wheel myself right out into a beautiful open air, secure, safe setting.

    I can look at our country’s beautiful Rocky Mountains again and disassociate the pain I’m in for a while.

  38. its the same reason as always. money and lobiest. I have a prescription for marinol. my DISCOUNTED price for one month ? $ 1500.00

  39. It just shows the narcissism of politicians. That they should be able to dictate a patient/doctor relationship. Weed works, always has.. Always will.. It’s been used for thousands of years.. Politicians need to back off their personal beliefs. Slow their role and remember who put them in office. You know who’s shaking right now? Pharmacy Companies like Purdue pharma. Pretty soon their poison won’t have monopoly of the medical industry. It won’t be long till this passed. The pressure is being out on government for reform. My home state of florida tends to be very conservative. I think if the mmj law passes. It will be the straw that breaks the camels back. Pretty soon NORML will just be NOM.

  40. @Mexweed-E.B. White? Sounds yummy, will look into it but seeing that I’m from New York I can only get the one strain available from our street dealers. It’s probably imported from Mexico. Can’t wait for my vacation to Colorado.

    Rob Astorino(R) has admitted he tried marijuana in college. I Admire his honesty and as someone who has tried it, he can not deny the feel good high. People who are ill, sick, or looking for an alternative for alcohol or pills need this.

    It’s not for everyone but we don’t need to lock up teens and adults for its use do we?

    Last year New York sent two bills to the Senate floor for a vote but the senators never brought the Bill forward for a vote. Once again it will be brought for a vote and Senate republicans are expected to block it.

    Greg Ball(R) is one of those republican senators who still believes marijuana is the catalist in the gateway theory. He needs to go.

    Dean Skelos(R) needs to bring this up for a vote NOW. Every day that passes is criminal. We need new smart leaders who actually know what they are doing. The writer Stephen King actually believes that marijuana should be a cottage industry. I do to.

    Gov. Cuomo (D), brought an old complicated law back from obscurity and the dept. of health still has no information on their web site about how to get a card or access to marijuana.

    I think all of our politicians are waiting for the feds to back off, admit defeat and reschedule marijuana. If we vote for pro MJ politicians we can bring back medicine, repurpose the DEA, and educate our children with true information not scary lies.

    We need all parts of this plant, even wheat is more dangerous as a plant than marijuana, ever hear of Celiac disease? We don’t outlaw wheat do we? What the hell happened that we outlawed hemp?

    Marijuana is Spanish for good feeling.

  41. For personal reasons I won’t be commenting on this site in the future. Its been a pleasure to exchange ideas, and debate the path of cannabis Legalization.

    Ray Walker Jr.

  42. It is the war of the Catholic Church and all the denominated Christians making war against the Protestants. The Anglican Church of George Washington aka the Church of England was not Protestant but actually a private denomination of the Catholic Church. Other than divorce, all the doctrines remained intact. One of the first things Washington did was send the Militia into the Appalachians to kill Americans who refused to pay tax on Whiskey both Catholic paradigms, the one of licensing and taxation. How else can we have a two party system based on prohibition, taxation and incarceration championed by the buzz kills of our society? How can you have a bunch a buzz kills and even call it a party?!? So who do we call stupid? More important what should we do about it?

  43. Ray,

    Is it Harry Asslinger? Damn! All these years, since 2009, when I blogged how certain strains of Sativa can raise your IQ by making you smarter as a working high and recreational high I was calling him Harry Asslicker! Henchman for Randolph Hearst Publications. Do I smell a boycott or what? That perspective of Sativa, I believe change the perspective of many towards recreational Marijuana which was legalized in Colorado and Washington. Is there anything like a good clean sativa without brain fog to clean out the brain fog?

  44. We are so lucky to have people like Paul Armentano to translate and break down the Nazi agenda of these bills. Of the “Only my kid can have treatment but your kid can die” style of legislation and government. Hats off to Tara Franks and MexWeed to the way they jump started the blog. I love the Mexican Weed of the seventies. The cheap commercial with the clean sativa high. Sativa can jump your IQ 50 points. Ritalin and Risperdal can drop your kid’s IQ 50 points. Can you say, frontal lobotomy in a pill?

  45. Now that I have read all the posts, I can say that weed does make you smarter. I rest my case. I think it is time for the Pot Party. The Tea Party is dead. It has been co-opted by the Tea Baggers, aka the Neo-Cons of the Republican Party who are against outright legalization while hemming and hawing to the contrary. The Progressives are dead after they co-opted my 1%-99% analogy whose mantra is taxing the rich. By kicking the Wall Street bankers off our money and funneling the money back to the local banks to us, we could get rid of the income tax to pay the interest of letting us print our own money just so they can use that money to pay and prop up bureaucracies like the NSA who have the power and resources to blackmail every Congressman and Politician and put them under their thumb to push their agenda.

    Agendas like the corpocracy. A denomination of the Catholic Church under the license of the Rothchilds to give special rights to a publicly traded entity that diminishes the rights of the private sector while they call the corporations the private sector and then call us lazy slackers because they sell us predatory student loans for an education that costs dollars on the pennies for a decaying and dying industry that is far beyond our ability to afford and repay. And then pass legislation to lock us in and destroy us as the only kind of debt that is not absolved by the filing of bankruptcy. Or making loans charging a sub-prime rate only to find that the real rate is much higher producing a principal that is much higher than what your house or property is worth making it hard or impossible for you to refi and force you into default.

    The oligarchy have systematically co-opted and destroyed every avenue that is good about America and the World. An oligarchy is like a monopoly but a handful of entities control most if not all of an industry, such as 5 corporations controlling 90% of the hamburger industry, pizza industry, the oil industry, the banking industry, etc.

    They put rat genes and insecticides in our food that is killing off the honey bees. They make self terminating seeds that can produce food but not another crop at a premium that prices out poor nations and kills the production of native indigenous crops causing massive starvation.

    It really is all about the money. If were to produce a genre of knowledge we could funnel the money back to us and create our own industries. Pot could replace half of all their medications with equal or superior results at pennies on the dollar. We could use computers to do our own education that will teach more in a year than 20 years of college for pennies on the dollar. We could eliminated the income tax, the sales tax and of course the property tax. No more widows losing their house and being thrown out into the street because of taxation!

    By basing the dollar on our GNP instead of a commodity like oil or gold, the money would be based on us and not on them using precious resources to co-opt our nation and people. Since we know how big that is we can limit the government to 12% of that with 6% of that going to the states. We could use the internet to monitor the Congress and governmental agencies so it is them and not us that is under the microscope. We can set up an agency of the people and by the people to police the government and put the weight of the penalties and incarceration on them and their corruption rather than on us. After over 200 years of tyranny the Declaration of Independence states that there is time to redress and change our government should it be found that it is less than perfect. How about we start with this:

    No Taxation of the Representation!

    Put that in your bong and smokei it!

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