DEA Stands Down: Allows Kentucky To Go Forward With Hemp Planting

The Drug Enforcement Agency is permitting Kentucky farmers to go forward with plans to engage in the state-sponsored cultivation of industrial hemp.

According to the Associated Press, representatives from the federal anti-drug agency late Thursday granted Kentucky regulators permission to import an estimated 250 pounds of hemp seeds.

The agency had previously confiscated the seeds, which Kentucky officials had ordered from Italy. In response, Kentucky’s Agriculture Department sued the agency last week.

After two federal hearings, as well as a face-to-face meeting with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), DEA officials on agreed to authorize the shipment of hemp seeds to go forward — ending the approximately month-long standoff. Kentucky’s first modern hemp planting may occur as soon as this weekend, the Associated Press reports.

In February, members of Congress approved language (Section 7606) in the omnibus federal farm bill authorizing states to sponsor hemp research absent federal reclassification of the plant. Since then, five states — Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Utah — have enacted legislation authorizing state-sponsored hemp cultivation. (Similar legislation is pending in Illinois and South Carolina.)

Kentucky lawmakers initially approve legislation regulating hemp production in 2013.

According to a 2013 white paper authored by the Congressional Research Service, a “commercial hemp industry in the United States could provide opportunities as an economically viable alternative crop for some US growers.”

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  1. I too agree the coastal areas and desert areas can be built up with drought resistant plants or with sea water grass and hemp plants

    According to the Discovery Chanel; Marijuana was first studied in Jamaica by an M.D. who “did experiments on dogs with Glaucoma” and proved “Marijuana reduces Ocular Pressure.

    What is interesting is…after tests on “Canines”; Doc went out and found” Native Jamaicans by the REEFS (sea coasts reef area);
    and Doc did “tests on these peoples’ eyes” and Dr. found these Native Jamaicans did not get Glaucoma (Ocular pressure). So this is how Dr. “first proved MMJ benefits “Glaucoma”.

  2. Trivia: So one of the reasons “Marijuana” is referred to as “REEFER” is because when MMJ was first discovered to “treat Glaucoma”; the Jamaicans tested were from the Coastal REEFS !
    Reefs are another name for Coastal inland area

    So hence Jamaicans were called REEFERS…
    I Anne am a “reefer” !!! Build up our Reefs !
    Save our Fish; Save our Turtles Save our Reef!
    Save our coasts!!! “Amen”…Green Plants Rule!

  3. What will happen when we go with H.Fords plan and grow a car, hemp was called the next billion dollar industry in the 1930’s. Tennessee has a couple of auto plants, we can say grown and made in Tennessee.

  4. I like the idea of using “old storm windows” to create “small outdoor greenhouses”; great !

    You have some important ideas for Ecology; have you considered writing a small “pamphlet”
    on these Ecological ideas; print the pamphlet and then mail this to Senators and Reps.?
    (or maybe create your own Hemp website? I would say Hemp is far greater than I thought!

  5. ps my idea is create “living plant floating Islands” near coasts for Sea Life to thrive:
    Maybe Hemp could be used…other plants too;

    If Hemp can create top soil for mature or young trees so much the better; only trees rocks and coral reefs can save our Coastlines;

    All in all Hemp and Ecology are synergistic. @

  6. I was wondering if maybe the reason Hemp does not require “pesticides”; fortunately” is because maybe the Hemp plant “does not flower so therefore does not have pollen; so Insects are not attracted. Or perhaps certain natural pesticides in the plant repel bugs too ? @ USA

  7. @ mexweed Maybe you could “copy and paste” your “Hemp posts”; then send all to “congress”
    keep posting your thoughts about “Ecology !!!
    I think your ideas are fantastic !!! My problem is “Pipes” ! how do you get “black gummy stuff from the pipe to make pipe better?
    how do you “reuse the black gummy thc residue?
    How to make a “one hitter”? thnx in advance!@@

  8. I am working on a chapter for a DUI book for attorneys. My subject is “DRE” or “Drug Recognition Examination.” To properly write the chapter I have read quite a number of the studies on DRE. With my moderately strong science background and careful reading, I am not overstating when I say that this is some of the worst “science” based on some of the most poorly designed experiments I’ve ever seen. I had to read a PILE of studies, specifically dealing with psychology, learning basics about experimental design. The principles of good science are the same. It is outrageous that anyone is being convicted of DUI based in whole or in part on the DRExamination. The scoring of the exam is rigged. What counts the most are the two portions of the exam that ask the driver “what drugs are you taking?” Various issues such as medical reasons, disclosed by the driver during the exam, are ignored in the scoring and in the conclusions reached. It is no surprise that blood-testing often finds the drugs that the driver has admitted they are taking. Ask someone what color their hair is, and then predict what color their hair is. It does not take much science, training, or real expertise to guess their hair color.

  9. Thanks @Anne for “living plant floating islands” idea, old crate and pallet discard lumber from town could be used to help nail its base together (note, don’t buy any scab new lumber, don’t pay anyone to kill a tree). And when enough legal hemp is being grown there will be trillions of hempstalks to use in addition to deadwood harvested from forests to prevent wildfires. We’ll import millions of refugees and “immigrunts” to help us with the work.

    This could take the form of “extended docklands” out from the land with a channel here and there to let boats through.

    (Don’t hesitate to steal any idea you find here in these NORML threads and republish anywhere you want.)

    Re cleaning out pipes, my expertise is limited to the kind found in the top two sections of”Make Pipes from Everyday Objects” and”Make a 1/4-inch Screen for a Single Toke Utensil.
    I’ll try to write an article on how to clean those out, meanwhile you can use a strong 2-inch safety pin to GENTLY scratch/poke the screen while sucking from the far end of the extended flexible drawtube (haven’t got one? Check out pvc (polyvinyl chloride).

    Other equipment to have in your kit includes q-tips and stickly pipe cleaners (which can be moistened with isopropyl alcohol to dab and dissolve tars). The type of screens I recommend making (#40, shaped into a cup and trimmed, see the article) can stand some abuse digging out and reinserting, before and after channel-cleaning time. No, I haven’t tried to reuse the “tar” internally, its thc value is probably very low. Vape 25-mg tokes instead of burning big hot pipefuls and you’ll get less “tar”.

  10. Hello…I have read some news stories of citizens being cited for “MMJ” when all they had was “Sesame Seed Oil” which tests like MJ.

    I read one case of a gal who’s children were “taken into custody” because the gal had MJ “Sesame Seed oil” in her system !

    If one is allergic to Sesame Seeds one cannot use “Marinol; the prescription: I do not know what the connection ‘tween MJ and Sesame seed.

  11. Hi Mexweed:
    I just read your post ! Thanks for the info !!
    (I copied your post for my personal files !!!)
    Thanks again ! Comment: I was reading on a website about how a province in “China” is “recreating the Hemp paper making business”
    The guy uses “hemp stalks: boils them and somehow creates paper; the uses for Hemp are great; I appreciate the “Pipe(s) information:
    (U wrote: “This could take the form of “extended docklands” out from the land with a channel here and there to let boats through… my thoughts exactly !
    Summary: Nature already holds all the answers; only a matter of “us understanding”; every day people are getting more into Nature…this is our best Hope…Luv + hugs AR
    Hope to meet you and other posters sometime! @ if in Conn. email me

  12. Take that prohibitionists.
    You couldn’t even prevent farmers in Kentucky from making a living off industrial hemp.

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