US House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Interfering With State Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp Programs

After a long debate that had the US House of Representatives in session until after midnight, the lower chamber of Congress cast a historic 219 to 189 vote to restrict the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from using taxpayer funds to interfere in state-sanctioned medical marijuana programs in the 20+ states that have enacted them.

This measure was co-sponsored by Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.), Reps. Rohrabacher (R-Calf.), Don Young (R-Alaska), Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), Tom McClintock (R-Calif.), Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), Paul Broun (R-Ga.), Jared Polis (D-Colo.), Steve Stockman (R-Texas), and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.). You can read the full text of the amendment here.

170 Democrats and 49 Republicans voted in favor of the amendment, 172 Republicans and 17 Democrats voted against it. You can view the full vote breakdown here.

“It would be hard to overstate the importance of tonight’s vote,” said NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “Approval of this amendment is a resounding victory for basic compassion and common sense.”

Added NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano, “This vote marks one of the first times since the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 that a majority of the members of a chamber Congress have acted in a manner that significantly alters federal marijuana policy.”

“The conflicting nature of state and federal marijuana laws has created an untenable situation,” co-sponsor Rep. Blumenauer said just before the House debate. “It’s time we take the federal government out of the equation so medical marijuana business owners operating under state law aren’t living in constant fear of having their doors kicked down in the middle of the night.”

The House also approved amendments that prohibit the DOJ and DEA from using funds to interfere with state sanctioned industrial hemp cultivation.

In February, members of Congress approved language (Section 7606) in the omnibus federal farm bill authorizing states to sponsor hemp research absent federal reclassification of the plant. Since then, five states — Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Utah — have enacted legislation authorizing state-sponsored hemp cultivation. (Similar legislation is pending in Illinois and South Carolina.) In total, more than a dozen states have enacted legislation redefining hemp as an agricultural commodity and allowing for state-sponsored research and/or cultivation of the crop

These amendments were made to the 2015 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Bill, which now must be approved by the Senate and then signed by President Obama.

NORML will keep you updated on this evolving situation.

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  1. Happy to see the progress, but it’s still beating around the bush. End this and return our police to the job we need them to do. Please for all or sakes.

  2. Ok I have a question? SC has a mm law but as written state would pay for our hell no they want this law to go away!! I say hell no I want my state to pay!. All the money that can be made by the stage they need to take care of patients!

  3. Great news….,now, lets hope the Senate follows suit and then at least the medical dispensaries can relax and provide their medicine without any worries. Also could open up the door for more states to go “medical” sooner. Also agree with Jimmypotseed and Dangcongress.

  4. in the olden days if a country sacked yer castle it was customary to migrate unto the field an take the balls oft the lead breeder bull i believe a time has came to fight back in a logical way (such as the illogical means of assulting plant loving persons) we the people need a team of hillbillies to fight back

  5. I’m glad to hear the loud “pop” of politicians heads dislodging from their ass’s. Now its time congress to hear the same “pop” and vote to reschedule marijuana so doctors and “prescribe” it. Not merely
    ” recommend ” its use. Big thanks go out to all involved in making NORML the voice of “us” the United States citizens.

  6. @DangCongress,
    Let them. Let the DEA raid recreational marijuana dispensaries whether they are in Colorado or in Texas. They will only strengthen our cause. The truth is an offense, but not a sin.

  7. Now the DOJ can’t go after medical businesses then they will probably pursue recreational businesses in Washington and Colorado instead. There is no mention of decreasing funding just rules on who they can target.

  8. I would say we the weed people might Save our Seeds; “save all of your seeds you get from weed; seeds can be kept for years stored well;

    The US Gov has a monopoly on MMJ Seeds; so we have to begin our own “MJ Worldwide Seed Bank”

  9. @Starmage,
    Thanks. Your link was much faster and easier to navigate than the resourceful Library of Congress website. It’s worth posting again, so bloggers and activists can find out how their Congressman voted;

    this is list of the votes and how each voted.

    Steve Stockman, R-TX and Steve Cohen, D-TN stand out as the only members to vote in their state parties. This list really puts into perspective who were up against, and needs to be passed around a few times. Sometimes its nice just to get high on hard work bearing fruit.

  10. I say we change the mission and start a war on big bankers and insurance companies.
    ‘Git on tha grrround, Massa Dimon !’

  11. New York Senate needs to push their Compassionate Care Bill through soon. June 19 ends the last Senate meeting then it’s off to the campaign trail. I promise that I will take a copy of the voting breakdown and use it as my election guide this November.

    And for all of the Senators who don’t show up to vote, I call you “chicken”.

    It’s time to stop thinking about pot like it’s a bad drug, and think of it as a much better option than drinking, nicotine, and even sugar in your coffee.

    We need to research cures for everything from juvenile diabetes to migraines, from erectile dysfunction to heart disease, from constipation to drug addiction, from PTSD to tooth decay. We know what it won’t do (turn us all into murderers).

  12. Hey Hey, Ho Ho !
    Cuckold Cuomo Gotta Go!
    He would rather you get your medicine from a dirty police evidence locker.
    Shame on all these dirty Politicans who have No Heart!

  13. Thanks for the links, there is enough of a voting block of users to get rid of these politicians that are impeding progress.

  14. I’m still here, been working. A short news story on channel 8 the other night stated that lawmakers in Wyoming, and/or Idaho understand that public attitudes toward marijuana are changing. Stay humble, and quiet. Work hard, do what you should be doing, don’t eat hotdogs, avoid ballgames.

  15. These things don’t seem to be happening soon enough. Maybe, it’s just that I want to see the laws change, and am being a bit impatient. It’ll be nice to see the day, when I can just walk into a Pharmacy/medical marijuana store. And then just present a recommendation to use pot. It’ll be nice not having to rely on people on the streets to get it for me, and possibly be ripped off. That’s a part of the laws, I really hate. Legalize it, and let us have it. It should be in the hands of respectful business owners. It should also be in the hands of private growers, growing only enough for them self.
    I would love to grow my own.

    Anyways. It’s about time. The feds need to keep their paws out of it. They like getting involved in too much already. It’s time to cut them off from being able to interfere in other States policies. If a State like PA, which might pass a medical marijuana law in the next few years wants to do so, it should be PA’s business. And the feds should stay out of it.

    Here’s Hoping. 😀

  16. @ Demonhype,

    Thank you. Thank you for putting the record straight. I try–I try–to remain as unpartisan as I can on these posts, but sometimes the truth simply has to come out.

    The truth, as you noted, is that 49 Republicans supported this measure to stop the DOJ raids on MMJ clinics, and, if my math’s right, 170 Democrats did the same. That’s ratio of more than 3-to-1. And going by the previous, what five or six, attempts for said vote to pass in the House, the Dems have been the ones leading the way to stop the raids EVERY TIME, and it has been the GOP that has obstructed that attempt EVERY PREVIOUS TIME.

    We too often want to keep politics out of this forum, (at least some of us do) and, like the mainstream media, refer to the government, or in this case, the House, as some nebulous entity that always votes the same way. The truth, of course, is very different. Throughout this “war on Drugs” the GOP has consistently led the way, has been the spearhead of the prohibitionists.

    It’s past time to drive home that point. Ladies and gentlemen, did you hear that? The GOP has led the way, in these past couple of decades, to keep YOU from legally smoking pot. Let’s get that out there in the open, and then we can have an intelligent discussion.

    For those of you who will be quick to jump on this post, I will be the first to tell you that there have been plenty of Dems who are equally guilty–not only of fighting legalization, but also fighting to keep the billionaires, their masters, in power. Most of them are what are referred to as Blue Dogs, Southern Dems (or as we used to call ’em Dixiecrats). They’re almost no different from GOPers. However, slowly but surely I believe the Dems are weeding out that vermin. You talk about RINOs, these are the Dem version–DINOs.

    Back to the point, in most of the pushes to legalize pot, it has been Dems at the forefront. It’s no accident that the two states that legalized recreationally are Dem-leaning states, and that the vast majority of MMJ states are blue. That is no accident. I don’t say this to try to convert anyone–you rarely can convert someone on a forum such as this-or to shame or piss off GOPers or (libertarians who seem to vote GOPer as often as not) but only to point out the truth.

    The GOPers are slowly coming around. As those who readily attacked Nancy Pelosi several months ago for coming out and saying she supported the rec legalization of CO and WA, you could say these GOPers are hypocrites who are only changing their minds because they see the way the wind is blowing. But I won’t say that–I will say that I welcome their change.

  17. @phrtao –

    What you say is definitely a possibility. However, if the DEA does this, it will be political suicide. The people of Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana and if the DEA doesn’t respect this, it could spell more trouble for them.

    Public opinion on this issue has changed so much that them raiding recreational facilities in Colorado and Washington would be a riskier than the medical dispensaries raids they did previously in other states.

    The tide is turning and right now, the DEA needs to worry more about not causing anymore damage to their image than continuing a highly unpopular policy.

  18. If your from New York spend 1 min to call the Senate Finance Committee Chair, Senator DeFrancisco at his Albany office: (518) 455-3511.

    Script: Hi my name is _____. I am calling to urge Senator DeFrancisco to bring the Compassionate Care Act S.4406B up for a vote in the Senate Finance Committee. We need comprehensive medical marijuana legislation that will provide relief for thousands of New York patients suffering from serious and debilitating conditions. Thank you.I’m calling every morning until end of sessions on June 19, unless it’s brought up for a vote.

    I spoke to a very nice person and it was refreshing.

    @ NORML-Please help make New York our next MMJ state. What else can we do? I’m not able to make meetings and events (I’m to screwed up from my battle with cancer).

  19. I have sent the following to every possible Senator. Everyone, I’m sure they’re waiting to hear from you as well.

    The HOUSE has just passed a bill to have Federal Law Enforcement ” Stand Down ” on medical marijuana in those States which have approved its use.
    I too have served my country and State for over 32 years in Law Enforcement, and I must say that after enforcing many of the laws relating to marijuana, I’m shocked that we have come to this. I am currently retired and have been for 10 years. I am Medically Retired from the California Highway Patrol, Sergeant was my last position. I was also a DRE, drug recognition expert, in several counties in our great state. I have arrested hundreds over the years and many for marijuana violations. However, after being disabled, bed ridden, pharmaceutically near to death while pending surgery, I found Medical Marijuana was the only thing that would relieve my pain. Studying further, I found that I and most of law enforcement, as well as the American people have been lied to. Im sure you know the truth. I’m sure you’ve read the Government Shafer report, Jamaica report, Canadian report, all on Marijuana and Hemp. There are several books available as well, Most of which you can find on my WEB site,, created after our President failed to answer my letter two years ago. The best resource I believe, is Jack Herer’s book “. The Emperor Wears No Clothes “. It may help render a fair and impartial vote, for the good of us the Americans. Please pass this on to other members I the Senate.


    Hey ! Do the right thing here…let our President Barrack Hussein Obama veto. Then we will blame him. Isn’t that what all of you have been doing all ready.

  20. Now all the states need to do is form lets say Cannabistilleries that are watched close by State and Government, treat it like Whiskey Bourbon back in the day.

  21. @Demonhype

    Yeah, I did see the voting breakdown. It’s old news. I didn’t see it as worth commenting on.

  22. @ Evening Bud,
    Very well said. For years I have researched and tried to uncover the patents that would compete with a legally regulated cannabis market to trace who is purchasing the GOP. The greatest, most well documented example are the timber and petrochemical patents owned by Koch Industries.
    Through “think tanks” and non for profits like “Americans for Prosperity” or the horrible “State Policy Network” Charles and David Koch have purchased the Tea Party. They made fools of them (As if a bunch of drunk colonists dressed in bad Indian make-up wasnt foolish enough the first time…) when the Farm Bill stalled in Congress earlier this year. The Koch brothers shut our government down so they could manipulate oil and energy subsidies to their favor and make billions while millions of Americans, including our veterans, had to wait on a payroll check.
    But you know what? Thanks to our grassroots support we passed the hemp research amendment through the Farm Bill anyway. The Koch brother’s greatest fear now realized, we’re even on our way to cut funding from the DEA to stop us from growing hemp or medicinal marijuana. This is truly amazing, when one considers how many Americans are unwittingly supporting Koch products as we speak, for everything from dixie cups to Brauny paper towels. (google “boycott Koch” for more products).
    All the racism, socioeconomic inequality, pharmacuetical hypocrisy, drug wars and drug prisons have all been satellite industries to disguise a few wealthy individuals who want to control and patent the price of timber and crude oil products… At the expense of human coexistence with our living planet.
    Right now, we could be trapping carbon making sustainable celulosic plastics using renewable hemp oil; not creating carbon emissions using finite crude oil. We could be trapping carbon by building and fueling our homes and vehicles out of hemp which many of us could grow in our own yards. Instead, Koch Industries has us using their more expensive, more flammable timber from Georgia Pacific, preventing forests from maturing into their full carbon trapping potential. We have our homes wrapped and insulated in their petrochemical, flammable homewrap and their flammable stainmaster carpets when we could be making all these products out of flame retardent, eco-friendly carbon trapping, more insulating, sustainable, renewable and durable hemp.
    Thanks to Kentucky farmers and Agricultural Commissioner James Comer we have some Republican defectors in the Koch Party. But clearly these two men have made marrionettes out of the GOP to protect their subsidies and lucrative patents… At the expense of American freedom and our right to pursue happiness.
    Like most Americans, I consider myself a moderate. I believe cannabis is both a liberal and conservative plant; it grows like a weed, frees our minds AND conserves more water than corn or cotton while teaching us to be self sustaining and be closer to God. What we really need is a Green party that stands for moderate SUSTAINABILITY. Screw all this liberal/ conservative bull$#¡+ we just need an agenda that focuses on agricultural and socioeconomic sustainability. End stop. Period. But with the money the Koch brothers are pouring into politics, thanks to bad laws like Citizens United, they think they can purchase our freedom or the very definition of Conservative by polarizing our representatives more than we are polarized as American citizens.
    …And then Friday happened. I opened up my NORML blog and read the news that Congress was not only slapping Michelle Leonhart and the Koch brothers in the face like the three stooges all lined up with the Tea Party, but Steve Cohen even got his $5 million-dollar amendment to take from the DEA and give to rape-kit backlogs so law enforcement and Congress can finally quit fu€king the football and do their job! (Im glad im writing or id be out of breath!)
    So the Koch brothers want to buy us with their two-faced non for profits? We gotcher non-for-profit right here, boys. Its called NORML. And you better watch your greasy petro-patents, cause were coming to your town and were bringin freedom with us.

  23. Dennis wrote:

    These things don’t seem to be happening soon enough. Maybe, it’s just that I want to see the laws change, and am being a bit impatient. It’ll be nice to see the day, when I can just walk into a Pharmacy/medical marijuana store. And then just present a recommendation to use pot. It’ll be nice not having to rely on people on the streets to get it for me, and possibly be ripped off. That’s a part of the laws, I really hate. Legalize it, and let us have it.

    It should be in the hands of respectful business owners. It should also be in the hands of private growers, growing only enough for them self.
    I would love to grow my own.

    Here’s Hoping. 😀

    To Dennis: I pay extra every time I buy MMJ !
    If I could grow my own I would save “hundred$”
    And no more worrying about “Police and Narcos!

  24. PS You know who is “not going to benefit ?

    The ones who will not benefit will be “the everyday ordinary “town street corner dealers”

    These folks will see a reduction in their income; which is good for me; “bad for them”;

    so I recommend to “dealer” folks: Work @ MMJ dispensary as a way to compensate yourselves !

    The Herb should have been legal decades ago !!

  25. PPS “and yes “The Marijuana Herb does “prevent; treat and or cure Glaucoma…”;

    So MJ does have “Medicinal Qualities…Period.

  26. This is an important, vital milestone in the fight to end Prohibition. However, careful reading of the language of the bill reveals that the DEA is not meaningfully restricted in their predatory tactics. Nothing in the bill prevents them from enforcing federal law. It prohibits funding from being directed towards stopping civic leaders from implementing and instituting medical cannabis regulation in their districts.

    That said, the extremely important symbolism of this bill’s passage is paramount. That the Republican controlled House garnered significant Republican support to secure passage points to libertarian leanings of about 25% of the Republicans who did support the bill. It also sheds light on the deep divides within the party itself. The fall midterms will reshape the House and Senate alike, and no one knows what the composition will be like until the fall elections play out.

    The Democratically controlled Senate is likely to pass the bill. The wildcard is President Obama. His stance on cannabis reform has been quite inconsistent over his two terms.

    Will this lead to meaningful reform in the coming months and years? Hard to say. No matter what, 2014 has thus far been an enormously positive year for cannabis reform, and the tide continues to flow in the direction of legalization. Praise your elected officials who passed the bill. Contact those in your district and let them know you support this bill and would like to see even greater reforms. AND GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

  27. Ronald, I feel bad for you, but I hope you’ll also see why I feel this way too:

    The issue isn’t the police were lied too, the police have been the ones doing nearly all the lying, oh, and arresting, then false testimony in court, ect… Using illegal tactics to harass and threaten people not doing anything wrong ’cause your soul is missing a piece of self respect… Yeah, “Boo fucking hoo”.

  28. @anne
    Well, I have to say, I do agree with you on many of those points. If not all.
    Yes, it will probably take away some money from street venders. Mayhap they should give some sort of licensees to them? Hm.

    I do know, marijuana is good for a lot. Including curing many different types of cancer. Skin cancer can be cured using an ointment from cannabis.

    Still though, thanks. xD

  29. Julian, you can trap carbon simply by making charcoal and then mixing into farmland. It stays in the soil for thousands of years along with improved soil quality.

  30. I just read the recent comments: I wanted to say: Norml and Paul are excellent writers; I do not know how Paul writes so knowledgably !
    The comments are sooooo interesting too…! So I thank the writers and posters ! Like mixing charcoal into farmland to trap carbon !
    Great reading folks…Thanks; Anne Connecticut
    ps I should not worry about “street vendors!!?

  31. Hi Dennis;
    Thanks for your reply; what you wrote is exactly how I feel ! I have been “in this battle for over 40 yrs”; I too am becoming anxious to buy weed “legally + better quality!

    However: I wanted to give you and other readers my Personal Testimony “Hemp Seed Oil”:

    I began to use Hemp Seed Oil + Hemp Milk as a Supplement about 15 yrs. ago as part of my Nutritional Protocol; I am a vegetarian; I began to read about how Hemp Seed Oil (and Marijuana oils/ointments) can “cure diseases of the skin: so I had this persistent “small wart” right on the top of my scalp for years!

    So one night I said what the hay; I will put some of the Hemp Oil on my “scalp and hair; so I carefully put pure 100% Hemp Seed Oil on “my scalp” on the “spot” for 7 nights; then lo and behold on the 7th day; the small wart came out of my scalp; like a “tiny white hard pearl”; I guess that was the “root of the wart”; best news? Wart never returned !

    When you use commercial remedies for warts; they can return; with Hemp Oil the Wart “virus + root is “wiped out”! Personal Testimony@ (pretty personal Testimony !!! @:)

  32. So in conclusion: I would say Hemp Oils and Marijuana oils/ointments “can…do…and will “Treat Prevent and Cure Skin Diseases”*
    (Vitamin B3 Niacin also prevents skin prob.)
    If you mix Zinc Oxide Ointment with Hemp Seed Oil (and or Cannabis Oil when available); you will double the cure rate for skin diseases !@
    (Vit. B3 Niacin also prevents skin prob.)
    The reason I can say “Hemp Oil cure diseases” is because I do not Sell Hemp Oils; if I “sold hemp oil” I could not say these words! (or the FDA would send me a “letter”!@@

    Final comment: “Free the God Given Holy Herb !
    Thanku Norml ! Connecticut is “almost Free”!!@

  33. The most intelligent and legitimate stand against the prohibition of drugs ever.
    Retired police Captain Peter Christ, This is an old post but worth reviewing.

  34. Thanks Grandma3d…that was interesting…ps to all…I have been having trouble getting any “potent weed” lately; so I have decided to go forward with the “MMJ Trial or IND”;(as an MMJ appetite stimulant;)because I am a Vegetarian I sometimes do not eat properly.

    So I will post any updates to my “trial; I will be applying as an IND.

    I contacted the FDA and they wrote: “Anne the sponsor for an IND does not have to be an M.D.

    So I am hoping an “N.D.” (naturopathic doctor) can file my IND to the FDA or ol’ miss

    There is an N.D. just 3 blocks from my “house”
    University Bridgeport Conn. is Naturopathic College and many N.D. graduate from there.

    So this is my plan I will keep all “updated”.
    Thanks to all and have a great day + summer.

    The IND application is “lengthy”. hugs + love@ THANK YOU NORML !@@:)


    I like to use the Herb’s Green Leaves for Tea.
    (which I cannot do if the weed is “rolled up; as is the case of the IND Ol’ Miss “green bud!

    have a great day…(puff puff)smile god luv us

    [Editor’s note: States that allow for ‘self-preservation’ (i.e., personal amount of cannabis can be grown by patient or designated caregiver): HI, AK, WA, OR, CA, NV, NM, CO, MT, MI, RI, VT and ME (AZ and MA, but with geographic limitations re how close they are to a medical cannabis dispensary). Where patients are prohibited from cultivating their own medical cannabis are MD, DE, IL, NJ, CT, NH and DC (and in all of the new ‘CBD/vapor products-only’ states like SC, GA, UT, MN, etc…).]

  36. pps fascinating about Julian’s comment on using Hemp instead of “old growth timber…!

    great news for our Forests ! thanks !

  37. I just read a report about a proposal to increase the licensing fees for medical marijuana in New Mexico to triple of the current amount. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen. What concerns me the most about the report, is that it shows that in our capitalistic economy, there is no end to our greed. When marijuana became ‘medical’, the price went through the roof. Now, governments are taking another look at the concept of tax and regulate as a way to increase overall budgetary revenue, which is okay, however, by the time everybody takes their giant slice of the pie, marijuana will become more expensive than gold. As it is, it’s already out of my range. Of course, this drives people back to the black market. It also drives people to consume other drugs, such as synthetic drugs and cheaper drugs like heroin. This is going to be a long, expensive process.

  38. @ Julian,
    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. You’re certainly right about the Koch brothers. They are one of the biggest menaces to our society today. They are using our system and their obscene amount of money to buy our government, and have done a thorough job of transforming our democracy into an autocracy, if not outright plutocracy.

    They rail and rant about the evils of government, all the while buying it out lock, stock and barrel. They seem hell-bent on taking us back to the bad old days of the Gilded Age.

    Only when they can themselves profit from MJ will they switch and begin supporting legalization. They are opportunists even more so than hypocrites.

  39. @Ronald Baker,
    It takes a great deal of guts to turn against the soul of your own career… Despite your dully noted cynicism towards the end there. Americans all too often blame and presume before we know what we consume. It would help you to confess how you feel about a career of arresting non-violent cannabis consumers, however, before testifying an educational post on a NORML webpage… if you dont want to hear a few unempathetic replies, that is.
    American society must allow forgiveness and access to legal, medicinal marijuana even to law enforcement if we are to ever see the day our cops will focus on real violent crimes instead of non violent marijuana posessions. Just as much, we must afford the same opportunity for any criminal to accept conscious responsibility of one’s crimes in lieu of excessive punishment or unjust enforcement without allowing criminals to grow and live to become aware of the harm they have committed; which is punishment many never mature to receive during incarceration. Clearly, our prison-for-profit quotas are an embarrassing failure to identify our self sustainability much less provide the kind of socioeconomic equality that Americans sought when we blamed drugs for our social problems back when the DEA was formed in 1972. Check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition… Although if you’re reading “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” Im sure you already have. (Jack did a wonderful job of linking Anslinger to the timber and petrochemical families behind prohibition… Its too bad he didnt live to see this day, but his work was hard-earned with respect).
    We need to stop spending on prisons, and start spending on education. No greater punishment can be made than teaching someone the love they denied from others. Forgiving is not forgetting.
    @Dave Evans, Ive read many of your posts over law enforcement. I cannot say they are misdirected; even if the source of evil is the Controlled Substance Act, life is all about choices; choices we all are free and responsible to make. With that said… Forgiveness and education are more powerful than greed and ignorance. And love is stronger than pride. We must tell those who are still in law enforcement, working for the DEA whether coerced or for greed, that they too will want this education, this freedom, this legalization. We all and our children will benefit from ending the prohibition or patent of every living protein and fiber in the cannabis plant; just as we all are punished when anyone, anywhere is incarcerated, abused, raped or killed for the injustice of prohibiting cannabis. It will never make sense while angry, but until we offer peace, education, sensible regulation and forgiveness even to those who would deny it, then peace will remain a fleeting illusion to be pursued but never attained. Jesus did not have to die on the cross… just as we dont have to forgive the corrupters of law… Not everyone is going to see eye to eye. But an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; and everyone will be blind and toothless… But let them live to see the harm they have done… And then be the judge of just punishment. Perhaps DRE and DEA officers could do community service planting hemp coastal barriers, or caring for patients with multiple sclerosis or parkinson’s disease that could have benefited from medicinal marijuana years ago?
    Ok, enough preachin, Dave. As far as carbon in the soil, this is still a common practise in Latin America and the Amazon among indigenous farmers. If it werent for deregulated miners and loggers, the old Indian slash and burn method could go on uncriticized. And if it werent for the ancient Indian practise of mixing carbon in the soil in the red Amazon clay, the now fertile land there would be useless for fruit, mast or crops.
    Unfortunately, the old controlled burn method has become more dangerous from here in Texas to California due to more frequent droughts. I burn down my planting fields in the early spring while the sticker burs are shooting up. A hose or a light rain is perfect to spread the coals from the juniper (cedar) bushes that we frequently have to cut down since they crowd out fields and soak up all the surface water. Just make sure the wind is low. If you’ve never done this before, ask your local fire department for help. In rural areas, you’ll be surprised with the cooperation you might get; (firemen get bored easily).
    @Anne, thanks for being so positive! When we consider to appreciate the benefits and healthy utility of cannabis and sharing this valuable knowledge with each other so we can improve our self-sustainability and quality of life, derrogatory comments against “recommendations” look pathetically depraved and contrary to sensible legalization.

  40. @ Norml; Thank you much for the interesting list which states allow “home grow” (self preservation); I see VT RI and ME allow “grow”

    This is excellent news; I lived in Maine before; Maine is full of Natural Beauty…
    I copied the list in case some did not read:

    [Editor’s note: States that allow for ‘self-preservation’ (i.e., personal amount of cannabis can be grown by patient or designated caregiver): HI, AK, WA, OR, CA, NV, NM, CO, MT, MI, RI, VT and ME (AZ and MA, but with geographic limitations re how close they are to a medical cannabis dispensary). Where patients are prohibited from cultivating their own medical cannabis are MD, DE, IL, NJ, CT, NH and DC (and in all of the new ‘CBD/vapor products-only’ states like SC, GA, UT, MN, etc.) Thanks ! Anne / Conn.

  41. @ Julian and Mexweed et al

    MMJ makes me feel “positive”; Thank you…Anne

    comment: If I grow my own I get “free weed”!
    If a dispensary grows: I pay “top dollar”;
    I have a problem with paying “for weed I can grow myself for free.”

    Marijuana is not a “commodity; MJ is “an herb’
    (albeit the most expensive herb in the world !
    Saffron flowers being the next most expensive!
    Do not buy Herbs: grow your Herbs. Thank you!@

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