The Fear of Pleasure: Why CBD-Only Legislation is Not a Real Solution

Most of us were caught off-guard by the rush of states this year that approved the limited use of CBD-only marijuana extracts because these traditionally conservative states had heretofore rejected the medical use of marijuana. So it seems worth a moment to consider how this occurred, and what it means on a grander scale.

But first, a little recent history.

Throughout this year’s state legislative season, a total of 10 states enacted laws seeking to provide limited access to medical marijuana products that contain high levels of CBD and virtually no THC for qualified, typically pediatric patients suffering from severe and disabling seizures: Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin.

On one level, this unexpected embrace of the medicinal qualities of marijuana by states that previously rejected the concept must be seen as a favorable development. These serendipitous adoptions reflect a degree of compassion not obvious in the previous legislative debates in those states.

But it is far from certain that these laws will actually help the young patients they are intended to help.

First, such products are primarily only available in a handful of states like California and Colorado and none of these new state laws create a viable in-state supply source for such products. Further, even if a patient from out-of-state could find these products in California or Colorado, it would be a violation of federal law (and also likely state law) to take the medicine back to their home state.

And while some of these laws attempt to establish CBD research projects at their major universities or research hospitals, recent experience demonstrates that few universities or research hospitals are willing to enter this confusing field while marijuana remains a federal crime, and those that may be willing to take the bait will face a steep and long learning curve before the first patient will have high-CBD extracts available.

This legislative rush to CBD-only extracts also suggests (1) the degree to which elected officials are influenced by popular media, (2) their willingness to pick and choose the science they like (while ignoring the science they do not), and (3) the strong puritanical impulse that remains a factor with many elected officials.

And it all relates to the “Gupta Effect”. When CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report highlighting how high-CBD marijuana products control debilitating seizures among children suffering from Dravet’s syndrome (the most severe form of childhood epilepsy) went public, few Americans had even heard of cannabidiol. Most people were familiar with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that principally accounts for the “high” that marijuana smokers enjoy, but had zero idea that CBD even existed.

Dr. Gupta, who had previously uncritically accepted the federal government’s consistent claim that marijuana had no legitimate medical use, when confronted with actual children whose lives had been transformed following their use of high-CBD marijuana extracts, understandably felt misled by the government’s anti-marijuana propaganda, and went public with two special programs introducing the importance of high-CBD extracts in reducing or eliminating seizures in these children.

In the second program Dr. Gupta made it clear that while CBD appeared to be the primary therapeutic ingredient for this class of patients, he also made the point that some level of THC was also required, because of what he termed the “entourage effect.” Without the THC, the CBD would either be less effective, or in some instances ineffective.

It’s embarrassing that so many of our elected officials would get their scientific understanding of the medical properties of marijuana from a popular television doctor, instead of conducting their own research into the available science, before moving legislation forward. But better they be motivated by a celebrity doctor than continue to ignore the benefits of medical marijuana altogether.

Of which there are a myriad.

The marijuana plant is one of the most studied biologically active substances of modern times. A search on PubMed, the repository for all peer-reviewed scientific papers, using the term “marijuana” yields nearly 20,000 scientific papers referencing the plant and/or its constituents, nearly half of which have been published just within the past decade. In addition, more than 100 controlled trials, involving thousands of subjects, have evaluated the safety and efficacy of cannabis and/or individual cannabinoids.

Most recently, a review of FDA-approved marijuana plant trials conducted by various California universities concluded, “Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification (for cannabis) is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or that information on safety is lacking.” The best summary of this research can be found in the publication Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids, available on the NORML website. So the basic research is available for all who care to learn.

But few elected officials appear to be aware of this considerable body of science. Rather, the common refrain is to claim they cannot support the medical use of marijuana because the only evidence is “anecdotal”. These officials prefer to remain ignorant because it reinforces their preconceived notion that medical marijuana is a hoax perpetuated by those who simply wish to get “high”.

So what this latest rush to approve CBD-only marijuana products demonstrates, more than anything else, is the degree to which our public policy can frequently be influenced by a strong strain of puritanism that remains alive among our elected officials. If it feels good, it must be bad!

These many state legislators were willing to show some compassion by allowing the medical use of marijuana by these poor children suffering from multiple, disabling seizures, so long as the marijuana did not make them feel “high” (i.e., feel better!). These legislators are against pleasure, and if the use medical marijuana includes the feeling of pleasure, then it cannot be approved.

Excuse me, but is that not the purpose of using medicine when one is ill – to feel better?

Admittedly, for some of these puritans, the association of the word “high” with the use of marijuana may lie at the heart of the problem for them. Marijuana has long been demonized by conservatives, law enforcement, and many in the medical community, and that has spilled-over to the marijuana “high”.

If they understood that the marijuana “high” makes the user feel better, and that seriously ill patients almost always want (and need) to feel better, perhaps they could overcome their fear of medical marijuana. But for now at least, it is clear that in their view the marijuana “high”, like marijuana itself, is something to be avoided by responsible Americans, even if that precludes the use of medical marijuana by seriously ill patients.

It is time we moved beyond the notion that pleasure is bad, and stopped treating the marijuana “high” as something to be avoided, when it makes patient feel better. For them, feeling better and feeling high is often the same.

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  1. Keith,

    You’ve been doing this long enough that you have it figured out. I can’t add or subtract from anything you’ve said. So, thank you for being there and doing what you do.


  2. “It’s embarrassing that so many of our elected officials would get their scientific understanding of the medical properties of marijuana from a popular television doctor, instead of conducting their own research into the available science, before moving legislation forward.”
    -Keith Stroup
    This is some of the best written material from NORML I’ve seen in a while. Every blog is good, but occassionally ya’ll come up with some real classics. Thanks.
    Prepare yourselves everyone for the faux-pro CBD-only Republicans. The agenda from the GOP is to hoard THC to the bitter end, squeeze every last penny out of asset forfeitures and even ignore their own party that desires to tax and regulate legal medicinal marijuana.
    Keep on slapping medicinal-denying Congressman in the face with FACTS, NORML, like my own Rep. Lamar Smith, who astonishingly defies the medical use of marijuana because the “FDA” says so.
    These unAmerican hypocrits need to do some community service taking care of epileptic children for a few months.
    Dr. Gupta; We need a “Weed 3” that demands that D.H.H.S. Patent 6630507 for “cannabinoids as neurological protectants,” needs to be made “open source,” for the sustainability of all life on earth.

  3. Come on, it’s not that the legislators want to ignore the evidence to maintain their pre-conceived notions about the “evils” of marijuana. They want to remain ignorant of the facts–and, of course, the very real damage and pain they are causing to very real people everyday with their views–because they are in the pockets of very rich Drug War profiteers, like private prisons and drug testing companies. They want to take their blood money and spend it on toys for themselves without feeling like they have blood on their hands.

  4. I believe that Americans should not be so puritanical in their thinking. It is not the kind of thinking that will further us as a people, as a nation, and prevents us from enjoying freedoms that should be ours.

    Leave the strict puritanical thinking to the Taliban and their ilk.

  5. I agree completely. I very much think that some of these bills passed partially to make the legislators feel good, and say that they’re saving the children, or even say that they’re advancing medical marijuana, when I think these are dead end laws in some states. Now that these laws are in place, when we come back and push for more, they’re going to say “We knew it, you just want to get high and call it medicine!” I think these laws will make the fights in these states tougher going forward.
    We simply need to fully legalize, and simplify the whole process!

  6. Unless you’ve had the experience of getting “high,” you will equate it with alcohol intoxication. the odd thing about pot, however, is that no matter how strong the stuff is, or how much you smoke, even the strongest high is actually a very subtle feeling, not something that disables you like alcohol does.

  7. and if this is puritan in nature, doesn’t that make the laws unconstitutional? As in, freedom from religion?

  8. This was a well-written article and the author makes a very good point. A lot of people who are against marijuana arent against it because “its bad for you”, theyre against it because it makes you feel good and gets you high.

    Ive asked people before if they would be against legalizing a hypothetical drug if it had no negative health effects whatsoever and was completely non-addictive. Some of them said yes, because it would still get you high.

    Their responses go to show that a lot of the prohibition mentality is not concerned about public health, but instead just some puritanical desire for you not to feel pleasure. This kind of bass-ackwards mentality angers and sickens me. So you think someone belongs in jail for merely seeking pleasure? What a filthy attitude.

  9. It’s time that politicians start earning our vote, instead of the people giving it away. They understand power better than their puritanical views. Just look at how the libertarian wing of the repub party is breaking ranks and siding with Steve Cohen.

  10. Once again Andy Boy Cuckold Cuomo is showing how ignorant he is.
    Such a coward !

  11. We all know that marijuana is the answer to cancer ….we know that the government is the reason for it being kept from the American people … It is called population control….

  12. Very excellent article. I agree completely that it’s high time (no pun intended) we’ve left Victorian era puritanism behind. If I’m not mistaken we have at least 45 years of science claiming cannabis should be immediately removed from schedule 1 (if not all scheduling. Cannabis has even been making its rounds on major TV networks with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s two part program. Hell, if you ask anyone except perhaps some conservative grandparents, you’ll find that most people these days agree it should be in the same legal category as alcohol or tobacco.

    It’s just insane and leaves me downright infuriated at times that we’re still facing prohibition in 2014. Thank you NORML for all you do to end this injustice against the human race!

  13. Yes, and the country already knows marijuana isn’t a problem. There is only 3-5% of our population that actually believes marijuana is dangerous. The rest that agree with them are just sheepeople that don’t want to offend the crazies. For example, Mormons say even tea is too mind altering for people and will lead you into danger–even though they all know and realize this is total bullshit, they still pretend like it is real. The USA isn’t a Mormon (Moron) country, so take the crazy shit back to your ugly churches and stop trying to legislate your dumb religion onto other people. You puritans are working for the Devil, ’cause when you can’t think straight, who else do you thing you’re working for??? UH??? Locking innocent people in jail because you sinned and feel bad about it is just another sin because you didn’t do anything good–just solid work for the Devil.

    Puritans = histrionics.

  14. Marijuana has long been demonized by conservatives, law enforcement, and many in the medical community, and that has spilled-over to the marijuana “high”.

    When I watch CSPAN, I’m often amazed at the lack of comprehension of science and the scientific method. A few days ago I saw Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) suggest that because plants will grow better with higher levels of CO2, climate change is not a problem. True, but this experiment controlled all other parameters in the greenhouse but CO2 to find this out. I can tell you from sad experience back in my back to nature, hippie commune days that if you don’t vent your greenhouse as the seasons warm, your plants will wither and die from the heat. Senator Graham comes off as either disingenuous, proudly ignorant, or just plain dumb.

    Conservatives literally believe that somehow their ideology transcends science. Remember how they belittled Malthaus and limits to growth years ago. You could also see it at the hearing on medical marijuana in Texas that you recently blogged about. When the truth started coming out, suddenly debate was cut off and a vote immediately taken. After all, what good is science and information if it runs counter to your preconceived ideology?

    Incidentally, I had noticed something in reading about using medical marijuana to relieve depression among elderly in assisted living institutions. I was struck by the fact that the relief the found was essentially from the marijuana high. I didn’t know if I should say anything, because as noted in the blog, the high has been demonized. I congratulate you on your foresight in simply printing this truth. I think it’s a good move for medical marijuana in the long run. It good for patients, too. We could all suddenly find ourselves a patient tomorrow, even conservatives.

  15. When you hear the prescription drug commercials on television cannabis doesn’t even come close to having some of the adverse effects in small print and fast-speak.

    People can benefit from the non-CBD substances in cannabis so what if the medicine doesn’t taste yucky and doesn’t constipate you and is, let’s say for the sake of argument, practically nonaddictive. You can split hairs on whatever practically is.

    It’s not yucky, and doesn’t need to be injected.

    These politicians have swallowed their own lies, believe as this shit in decades of anti-pot public service ads. Maybe they should watch some of the parodies on Youtube. Ads from people who had their minds made up. If it’s on tv it must be true, so now the same for Dr. Gupta and other tv doctors who didn’t just stay at a Holiday Inn Express, and the politicians gobble it up. The rest of their mindset on cannabis is based on 1937 era notions and science, which is ridiculous. Why restrict your knowledge of cannabis in 2014 to that of 1937? You wouldn’t restrict your level of medical care to that available in 1937, you know, so any medication or medical device or surgical procedure that has come about since 1937 you would automatically exclude? Why would you refuse a polio or some other immunization, antibiotics and other meds since developed, do without chemo or radiation and on and on?

    Prohibitionists said cannabis had no medical use. They were wrong about CBDs. They block the research, giving market advantages to foreign companies like GW Pharmaceuticals, jobs, like hello, not in America. Prohibitionists are wrong about one of the upsides to high THC cannabis being a euphoria. It’s okay to take something for a headache, and some headache tablets have added caffeine.

    So like Russ Bellville, prohibitionist politicians prefer to roadblock cannabis for people who can benefit from the strains that are low in CBD just because people can get high off it. Why is getting high off it a bad thing anyway? So you have all these people who have to suffer because a side effect is they would also be getting high? Are these people inbred? I still remember watching that bastard Orrin Hatch on C-SPAN treating reform group spokespeople like absolute shit during hearings and bitching them out because Ed Rosenthal and George Soros didn’t show and shit.

    Can we speed legalization up? Can we get both Oregon and California to legalize recreational this fall? It was Oregon trying for this fall, then California trying for 2016. Anything on the east coast? No retail here yet.

  16. Big pharma $$$ is behind it and its a loophole around legalizing MJ !!!! it is wrong – so wrong !

  17. Good article, Keith, thanks.
    I’d like to point out that limiting people’s choice of guilty pleasures to a set size list just because the law-givers don’t want the political fallout of allowing one more evil, in fact violates the 9th amendment:
    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”
    And holding on to a bad law based on unscientific reasoning that is blocking scientific debate and research, violates the 1st amendment:
    “…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  18. This is where western medicine is missing the boat. For millennia ancient healers practicing indigenous medicine have known the value of treating the spirit as well as the body of unwell persons. THC has proven neuro-protective properties along with the ability to safely raise spirits. Much safer than prescribing benzos or ssri’s.

  19. @Weed The People – Chris Christie isn’t going to win any awards for demonstrating any semblance of intelligence or compassion either. Him and Cuomo should ve ran out of town along with John (bonehead) Boehner. At least we need not be concerned with Eric Cantor continuing to hold back our progress any longer!

  20. Generally I agree with Keith’s points here but am hesitant to blame the prohibition on overly strong (skunk?) Puritanism. There is such a thing as good Puritanism, even Cannabis Puritanism. Check out and Derek Williams’ article “TokePure” against the pernicious European tradition of a “joint” with admixture of $igarette tobacco.

    Some Americans may not know that if you are offered a drag on a “joint” in Europe there’s a 2 out of 3 chance it contains tobacco! This is done on the basis that the tobacco would help to get a piece of hashish started burning, or by some persons who ignorantly try to get “more smoking” out of a small amount of cannabis. Zap– hooked for life! All European countries today have WORSE $igarette addiction statistics than the USA!

    A “blunt” may have nicotine in the cigar skin wrapper, and “wRAP” stars with tobacco-sounding names like “Tupac” and “Cool” were paid by Big 2WackGo to include references to “blunt” in their “wRAP” songs.

    Flexible drawtube one-hitters and vaporizers solve this problem– you serve a 25-mg single toke and no tobacco need be included, that’s Puritanism when we need it.

    I am troubled also by emphasis on “high”– what does that describe anyway, a condition? a state? Why not describe the endosomatic response to cannabinoid as a process, a behavior? Instead of “feel better”, how about “work better”? We need the exercise.

    Try HEMPA–

    Hasty Energy Metabolism Performance Art.

  21. @fireweed….this is EXACTLY what those who do not use or fight against need to know. it would change many, many minds if they would only understand the benefits of the buzz and responsible use of cannabis. it does not take much to become just a little more ‘comfortable’ in my opinion . as a consumer for 32 years,{now hair tested to keep a good job I have had for 36 years) and would gladly give up alcohol all together for the right to consume a small bit of cannabis after a long workday or for the start of a productive weekend!(cannabis is rejuvenation for the mind) how can we help those people see what consuming cannabis really does for ones peace of mind? thank you for bringing that up my friend!

  22. MOST
    POLITICIANS WANT TO LOOK LIKE THEY STABBED A BIG PIG IN THE ASS WITH OUT MUCH POLITICAL RISK !! That is what is happening here. They want to keep arresting good people for nothing. Americans should be ashamed of their elected officials because after all we elected them. Maybe we should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this continue with out voting these jerks out.

  23. @locked, terrible to read that carpetbaggers have dishonored the job you held so many years, but are you so indigent that you wouldn’t have time to transition into an independent business using the same skills you have new plus a few more?

    Get some friends together Friday night and have a Founders’ meeting, start an LLC or something.

    I am convinced cannabis conveys competency is handcrafts especially, so I’d say aim to maximize the physical work element in your new job. Do you have a work room with a sturdy bench where you can make art, birdhouses, category-boxes, dibble-sticks?

    Have you gotten experience using craigslist or other on-line resources to market things, or publicize yard-sales? Maybe you can invent a job for yourself at a nearby church or activity center, leading seminars teaching how to do what your present job has taught you?? How about landscape maintenance– clipping low branches, picking up deadwood and scrap lumber discards to haul to your studio and make into new products?

  24. @Demonhype and Keith,
    You’re both right. Not either or, but both and more.
    Some of our Congressman are genuinely suffering from P.L.A.D.; Passive-Learning-Affluenza Disorder: A common social disease acquired from accepting too much money from prohibitionist special interests and receiving their purchased, institutionalized education from whatever they watching on TV in College.
    But No worries! Dont even bother googling the cure; we all know the remedy is a vaporizer and some lemon-diesel kine bud. 🙂

  25. Social playing and pleasure are as necessary to healthy human existence as sleeping, breathing and eating a balanced diet.

  26. I have stage 4 lung cancer. I am interested in CBD oil, and I live in Iowa. How can I get it?

  27. Thank you for the first articulation we have seen of this insidious fear of pleasure held, mostly unconsciously, in our culture. Bringing this into our awareness is the first step in allowing for the possibility that pleasure really is OK!

  28. Agreed, Mr. Stroup, puritanical leanings of politicians are a major obstacle. In fact, these politicians are playing both fields on this issue. On the one hand, passing a meaningless bill on CBD or MMJ allows them to stand tall for patients and families, while giving them cover against attacks from their opposition in election campaigns. On the other hand, if the winds blow the other direction, and puritanism prevails amongst the electorate, they can then say they refused a more permissive bill because they too oppose people getting high.

    Cynically, all politicians appear to be full of sin in and of themselves. Ideology is merely the method of rhetoric, to be wielded and seized in pursuit of power and prestige. Witness the shocking fall of Eric Cantor to an unknown Tea Party candidate; Governor Como’s ridiculously restrictive legislation; and Pope Francis’ denunciation of legalized cannabis. In all instances, rhetoric, in unfounded assertions, was or is now being used to manipulate public perceptions, and in some manner, votes.

    The solution is for advocates to get off the comment boards and get involved in politics. How many here regularly put on their Sunday best and meet with legislators, prepared to ask questions and to provide answers to objections? How many will join their local NORML chapter and participate in their activities? Advocacy is hard work. It’s a passion for the issues, and more importantly, substantive action, that produces influence.

    And there’s that pesky voting thing. In most districts, less than 20% of registered voters turn out for primaries, and the figures are only marginally better for general elections. Who here will exercise their civil rights and get involved in the process?

  29. What I don’t understand is why do they consider CBD oil illegal – with little to no THC in it – seems like CBD oil would be legal.

  30. In a strange way,in the context that Keith has put this in, talking about pleasure being considered a sin’, reminds me of the biblical old testament God in genesis, forbidding
    Adam and Eve from eating from the “tree of knowledge.

    An apple or possibly an apricot tree, considering the mediterranean geography that the bible was transcribed in,and how the word “Lord has been mutated into the word “landlord”, meaning owner and renter of property.

    Hey landlords( global elite) this plant was designed in nature with the appropriate cannabinoid profiles according to the specific climates that it has evolved in, like the apple tree or any plant that has adapted to us or vice-versa.
    Quit behaving like you are Old- testament Gods,because you are far from it…the garden of Eden belongs to everyone of us.

  31. Rather than hope for a Puritan change of heart we might just sit back and watch the state collapse on its own over-indulgence in power. The LA Times reports today that Gov. Brown’s prison reform has added $2 billion in costs to the taxpayers and shifted the burden to the counties. The prison population problem can be traced partially to “three strikes you’re out” laws, which could also be called “three strikes we’re broke.” In their fear, the people voted in these tough on crime politicians but trying to catch us all is going to break them.

  32. @Tomi – They (The DEA and a few other morons) consider anything that comes from the marijuana plant to be illegal. In some cases, like big pharma, it would interfere with their profits so they are motivated to keep any part of the miracle plant illegal…

  33. @Fed-up- “Quit behaving like you are Old- testament Gods,because you are far from it…the garden of Eden belongs to everyone of us”

    You could easily be referring to the foolish new Pope!

  34. Greetings: Good to read the posts; I learn a lot from these writings; I too agree “a high CBD marijuana crop” would not have as many “thc medicinal properties; such as a better mood; maybe marijuana is a natural antidepressant such as St. John’s Wort Herb.

  35. maybe mmj cures many diseases and the gov prevents research to favor “prescription co’s.

    One can buy Hemp Seed Oil in any health food store or online @ Manitoba Harvest . com

    Mike: you might as well begin with the seed oil; also a new “prescription drug has been approve by the FDA: will get more info…@@)

    I would contact your Representative in Iowas; (request more info on CBD Marijuana Oils etc.)

    you will get a reply; go to state gov website.

  36. I like Anne’s comment. Requesting information on CBD marijuana oils in Iowa would be hilarious. You have to leave Iowa to get it, so the state obviously can’t give you any information on it. If you really want to get the full story, talk to State Representative John Forbes, the only pharmacist in the Iowa Legislation, and the main reason we even got this far here in Iowa. He gave a great speech to the Drake University School of Pharmacy earlier this year, which you can find on my website at:

  37. Hi Carl; I read your petition for MMJ Iowa: I thought your website says: “CBD Oils were signed into Law by The Gov. on may 14th; 2014”

    You say in your post: “you have to leave Iowa to get (CBD Oil); so I think Mike should contact his Representative for more info. Anne

  38. To MIke:(my info not intended to treat disease
    1. You can buy CBD Hemp Seed Oils anywhere in the US; the Hemps seeds are illegal; however Hemp Nutrition is legal@; I would go for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Oil;
    begin with one teaspoon a day; increase dosage

    “Hemp Seeds and Oils; including Hemp seed milk
    have been used to treat: TB; and other disease
    Cancer is a genetic disease; genes are Protein
    so low protein meals might alleviate symptoms.

    The name of the FDA “drug” is FDA NEWS RELEASE
    (note: this drug is for a certain type of “lung cancer” only: check with your Dr.)

    For Immediate Release: April 29, 2014
    Media Inquiries: Stephanie Yao, 301-796-0394,
    Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

    FDA approves Zykadia for late-stage lung cancer

    Breakthrough therapy drug approved four months ahead of review completion goal date

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today granted accelerated approval to Zykadia (ceritinib) for patients with a certain type of late-stage (metastatic) non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

    Zykadia is an anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) tyrosine kinase inhibitor that blocks proteins that promote the development of cancerous cells. It is intended for patients with metastatic ALK-positive NSCLC who were previously treated with crizotinib, the only other approved ALK tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

    The FDA granted Zykadia breakthrough therapy designation, priority review and orphan product designation because the sponsor demonstrated through preliminary clinical evidence that the drug may offer a substantial improvement over available therapies; the drug had the potential, at the time of the application was submitted, to be a significant improvement in safety or effectiveness in the treatment of a serious condition; and the drug is intended to treat a rare disease, respectively.

    The FDA is approving Zykadia under the agency’s accelerated approval program,

    Zykadia is marketed by Novartis, based in East Hanover, N.J.

    For more information:

    FDA: Office of Hematology and Oncology Products

    FDA: Approved Drugs: Questions and Answers

    FDA: Drug Innovation

    FDA: Breakthrough Therapies

    NCI: Lung Cancer

    RSS Feed for FDA News Releases

  39. “according to Dr. Ronald Hoffman: a high oil and low sugar diet can prevent “cancer growth:

    So I would recommend you immediately begin to use different oils: such as “Olive Oil; Hemp Oil; Almond Oil is very important; you might want to research “Apricot Kernels; will post.

    I would begin by eating salad with oils daily.

  40. ps add “almond butter” or “almonds to Salads”;
    Dr. Hoffman recommends Salmon often too. pps
    Dr. Hoffman is a graduate of “The Albert Einstein School of Medicine”: so I think he knows what he is talking about ! Eat Apricots!

  41. Cannabis oil was signed into law in Iowa on May 30, 2014, by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. The law does not allow cannabis oil to be produced in Iowa, so it’s just a very limited form of decriminalization. I expect the Iowa legislature will try to amend it next January in 2015, but it’s hard to say. Talking to your state representative or state senator is a great idea. Please do.

  42. Mike in Iowa, if all else fails or not.. You Tube, How to make a quick batch of Rick Simpson Oil.
    I also have cancer, all the “medical professionals” offer is Poison, Cut, Burn!
    It is insane to me that a nontoxic herb is illegal and/ or limited in de-criminalization.
    It is all about money, we all know that!
    Doctors, Big Pharm, Attorneys, (the list goes on & on) have got rich from a Herb being illegal!
    I write the elected “officials”, wondering IF they even read emails from the public or only from their drinking buddies!?
    When I was 16, 40 years ago, I was writing Legalize Marijunana on my book covers!
    Rambling On… Enjoyed reading, thank you!

  43. Thanks Carl…I am sure Mike appreciates the info; I think you refer to CBD Marijuana Oil; sounds good. To Mike: The name of the website: (read the testimonies)
    another website is:

    Medical News Today Opinions

    Many seeds/berries have the nutrient Vit B17″.
    Apricot Seeds are legal; buy Apricots; break the Pit; and eat the Seed inside…”Vit. B17″!

    Believe this or not: the USDA “banned the cultivation of Bitter Almond Trees !” I also read: “Clove Trees were banned in another nation; except for those registered with Gov.!
    Hemp Seeds/Crops are registered in the USA..!@

  44. ps to Mike: I would begin by going to any Natural Health Food Market: buy a “bottle of Pure HEMP SEED OIL;begin with 1 tsp. a day;
    increase to 3 tsp. a day; drink tea or coffee.
    Dr. Hoffman:
    Then I would investigate Apricot Seed Kernels.

    contact me@ if u want
    Mr. Vale was cited by FDA for promoting cures!

  45. Trivia and final message: Apricots + Almonds (possible natural preventative techniques…
    (including Omega 3;6;9; Omega Hemp Seed Oils)
    Trivia: “The People of China are so poor; they cannot afford to buy real Almonds; so what happens is: Apricot + Peach Tree Farmers “save the Pits and collect the Seeds:
    then the Chinese farmers sell the “Apricot + Peach Seeds labeled as Almonds!!
    my comment: If millions of Chinese people have been eating “APRICOT AND PEACH SEEDS”; for centuries and the Chinese do not “get sick from these seeds; then why does the FDA label Laetrile Vit B17 as a possible “harmful ingredient”?

    Every day tons of “fruit seeds are “wasted”!@+

  46. Keith – I am very upset about DEA saying they need FDA’s approval. I thought Eric Holder held the power to control the drug policy as per the controlled substances act (CSA 1970). The Shaffer commission report concludes that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. FDA has not even approved nicotine they only control how is it marketed.
    Is FDA commissioner M Hamburg making misleading statements about what the FDA can do with marijuana ? As the plant is a genius with 3 species and many subspecies under it – which can not possibly be eligible for FDA approval – they approve pills that have patents – intellectual knowledge that has an owner.

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