USDA Releases Official Workplace Policy on Marijuana, Highlights State and Federal Law Conflict

In a memo obtained by NORML, released in late May, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) clarified their drug policy in light of the growing number of states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use.

In response to inquiries regarding the department’s policy for employees in states that approved recreational or medical use of marijuana, the USDA strongly reaffirmed that their drug testing policies concerning marijuana are still very much in effect, regardless of state law changes.

The memo states that, “use of Marijuana for ‘recreational’ purposes is not authorized under Federal law nor the Department’s Drug Free Workplace Program policies.” It then elaborates that, “accordingly, USDA testing procedures remain in full force and effect.”

This policy is largely still being enforced due to marijuana’s current status as a Schedule I drug at the federal level. The USDA described their current ongoing policy by stating that “USDA agencies test for the following class of drugs and their metabolites: (a) Marijuana, Opiate (Codeine/Morphine, Morphine, 6-Acetylmorphine) and PCP; and (b) Cocaine, Amphetamines (AMP/MAMP, Methamphetamine, MDMA). These drugs are listed in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA)…as Schedule I and Schedule II drugs, respectively. Schedule I drugs are substances, or chemicals defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. They are considered the most dangerous of all the drug schedules and invite potentially severe psychological or physical dependence.”

Citing the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Medical Review Officer Manual for Federal Agency Workplace Testing Programs, the USDA also made clear this policy applies equally whether marijuana is being used for recreational use or medical purposes:

“State initiatives and laws, which make available to an individual a variety of illicit drugs by a physician’s prescription or recommendation, do not make the use of these illicit drugs permissible under the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program. These State initiatives and laws are inconsistent with Federal law and put the safety, health, and security of Federal works and the American public at risk. The use of any substance included in Schedule I of the CSA, whether for non-medical or ostensible medical purposes, is considered a violation of Federal law and the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program.”

“The USDA’s stance on testing employees for marijuana use, regardless of the laws of the state in which they live, is unfortunate,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “Patients will be denied effective medicine and individuals will be denied civil liberties being given to their fellow state citizens. This situation highlights the fact that the existing, inherent conflict between state laws seeking to legalize and regulate cannabis for recreational or medical purposes and federal policy, which classifies the substance as illicit, are ultimately untenable. To resolve this conflict there must be a change in marijuana’s federal classification. Without such a change, we will consistently have a lack of clarity and ongoing conflict between public sentiment, state law, and federal policy.”

You can read the full USDA memo here.

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  1. I’m always amused by this Federal Drug Free Workplace stuff. Diminished productivity they cry! You can’t smoke a joint on Saturday night, but you can spend 10 or 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a day hitting up on nicotine. That’s at least 30 minutes a day wasted on consuming a physically addictive carcinogen. It’s perfectly legal, though.

  2. Enjoy it while it’s still in Schedule 1 , because once it is rescheduled, you anti-pot warriors will need to find somewhere to stick all those specimine cups. I have an idea where you can stick em. Keep up the good fight, Norml!

  3. I can’t agree more with Galileo above. I am a navy doctor working at a large clinic. I often have to park near the cigarette smoker’s smoke spot in the back of the parking lot. Often there are 10 or more government healthcare employees sucking down cigs, and then putting them out on the ground cause the tiny bucket they have overflowed and never was emptied… ( Meanwhile I am subjected to random urinalysis). The hypocracy, ignorance and backwardness of it all is mind blowing! The CSA classification of drugs has really no basis in reality and can’t get re-written soon enough.

  4. @Galileo Galilei: What’s funny is that illicit drug use has a marginal effect on the workplace, and drug testing programs actually reduce both productivity AND workplace safety. It reduces productivity by creating a de facto master/slave relationship between the company and its workers and shows the workers that they are not only not valued, but are regarded as company property. It reduces workplace safety by disincentivizing accident reporting, as people often will avoid reporting accidents–and, by extension, safety hazards–for fear of being drug tested, either because they are using or because they simply value their physical rights and do not want to be subjected to submissive urination. Unfortunately, this does serve to artificially improve the safety record, as injured workers will hobble on a broken leg rather than report. Also unfortunately, this is exactly what companies like: not only do they get paid with tax dollars for drug testing their employees (and screening out people with inconvenient health problems illegally), they get to enjoy a better safety record while avoiding making any safety improvements, between the employees not reporting problems to be fixed to begin with.

    So where did this myth of increased safety and productivity come from? Well, the safety myth originated with the “Firestone study”, which was not a study at all but a speech purportedly given at a Firestone conference. The actual speech touched on substance abuse in the workplace, but focused on alcohol abuse with only the smallest aside regarding illicit drugs, but somehow got blown out of proportion by outright lies by the drug testing industry reps to the point where people believe it’s not only a legitimate scientific study but that it focused specifically on illegal drugs without a mention of alcohol.

    Another source was a study where they started drug testing everyone in a safety sensitive company for five years and supposedly saw a decrease in workplace accidents. Take a look at their chart and it seems legit–until you look at all the data and discover that workplace accidents had been steadily decreasing for several years prior to the point of drug testing, and the drug testing program didn’t even make a hiccup in the data. So they did a little statistical sleight-of-hand and only presented the data from the point drug testing began, essentially taking credit for a safety trend for which they were not responsible. Again, lying.

    The myth of productivity improvement came from the “RTI study”, which was at least an actual study, but also suffers from the same BS as the prior study. They entered into the study biased from the start, intending to show the massive problems that drug use has on the workplace, but even then they couldn’t find any significant detriment to the workplace from illicit drug use. So they just took this one, rather spurious, metric they had used and used it to claim millions of dollars of lost productivity from drug use in the workplace. They did a survey of households and compared the annual incomes of households where no one admitted to using MJ to households where at least one family member admitted to using MJ at least once a month. (Already you can see, if you have a brain cell in your head, that there is a major problem since we’re comparing not actual users against non-users but self-reports of use. The National Workrights Insitute has their own study showing that, while companies that drug test have fewer drug users than companies that don’t drug test if you go by self-reporting alone, when you follow it up with some aggressive drug testing you find that over 50% of those “non-users” in the drug testing companies are LYING–and are most often on hard drugs and not on MJ.)

    So they found out, using this rather unreliable metric (for that and many other reasons), they found that households that had at least one person admitting to using MJ made a certain percentage more on average than households where no one claimed to be a user. And they not only decided to use that–the metric of personal income–as a measure of productivity (which is bullshit–I’m being worked infinitely less hard for $14/hr than I ever was making minimum wage, and with infinitely more respect given me), but they multiplied that amount proportional to the general population and claimed that “millions of dollars” were being lost in productivity to drug use in the workplace. And they have never done more studies on that, they have just increased the number from year to year to keep up with inflation, resulting in the “billions and billions of dollars” figure we are given today.

    So, yeah, the claims of drug testing improving workplace safety and productivity are based on outright lies, spurious studies, and unrepresentative data. Which is no surprise, considering the entire drug testing industry is based on the same, and so is the failed Drug War it serves.

    More people need to know about this, too. Too many people believe falsely that drug testing protects them and protects their boss’s profits, even some useful-idiot MJ users who are MJ exceptionalists. They really believe that it at least saves them from the “hard drug users” who are sooo dangerous and they don’t want any damn cokeheads working with them at the office–except for the fact that they’re ALREADY WORKING WITH COKEHEADS, even with the submissive urination–oh, I mean, drug testing–policies being enforced against them, and that won’t change after MJ gets off the list of testable drugs. The fact that drug testing actually increases hard drug use in the workplace is definitive proof that it’s completely useless to catch “cokeheads” or any other such hard drug users, due to the laughably short detection time. If you use MJ and support drug testing, you’re endangering yourself for essentially no benefit at all. In fact, anyone who supports drug testing is endangering themselves for essentially no benefit at all. Is it really worth it to take the risk of false positives (up to 30% of all positive drug tests) and open your bodily privacy to a search and seizure method that has pretty much zero regulation or enforcement and, thus, can be a window into your private medical conditions/treatments/history and provide your employer or potential employer to information they are not entitled to and can use against you, all for no benefit whatsoever? To take that risk, even if you’re not a user of illicit drugs, and still end up working next to the oft-despised “cokeheads”? To piss in a cup in order to “do your part” in fighting the “cokeheads” and keeping them out of the workplace, only to end up working with more “cokeheads” than you ever would without drug testing?

    Like I said, useful idiots all.

    To find out more, you can use this list of links:

    Still trying to find the time to blog again. I think once I get my workout regimen cemented I’ll be able to start a blog schedule. I really do want to promote this conversation about the frauds perpetrated by the drug testing industry.

  5. Oh, yeah, another metric of “lost productivity” is the claim that workers who use MJ use more health care and have more absenteeism than non-users. Which is another elaborate lie, effectively a self-fulfilling prophecy. What drug testing supporters don’t tell you is that that increased absenteeism and higher health care use is padded by drug testing programs. That is, the increased health care use is almost entirely comprised of company-mandated rehab for failing a drug test and that increased absenteeism is entirely comprised of the time they are forced to take off for the aforementioned rehab. When you take out these factors, which are created by the drug testers themselves, you find that MJ users actually use LESS health care services and have LESS absenteeism than non-users.

    Independent studies have also shown MJ users to be MORE productive than non-users. And I speak as a non-user myself.

  6. @Thomas: I hope it will be that easy, but there is still a belief, based on nothing, that drug testing must continue to protect us from the “hard drug” users, despite all evidence showing that it’s entirely useless for cutting down hard drug use in the workplace. But there are still plenty of people who believe this lie, including some useful idiot marijuana exceptionalists. For example, OpenVAPE is drug testing their employees to send a “message” about the “hard drugs” (which is, of course, only going to make sure they have a lot of “hard drug” users in their workforce, ironically enough). Any OpenVAPE customers reading this should seriously consider boycotting OpenVape, and tell them why.

    Russ Belville featured it on his Youtube channel:

    We need to nip this marijuana exceptionalism/pro drug testing BS in the bud in this movement, or things are not going to get much better even with legalization.

  7. Truly, these piss testing facilities aren’t tough enough. The law isn’t the law until every man and woman in America is passively urinating into submission!
    Ill tell you what we need is to get rid of all these dodgers carrying someone else’s warm piss in their underwear CHEATIN the SYSTEM! What we oughtta do is round up every American and makim drop their chones at Robert Dupont’s house! That,s right! We’ll place a federal airport in front of Robert’s house, sitm in the middle of 12 toilets, a slop-trough for a urinal and let him WATCH EVERYONE PISS! I mean just STARE atcha! Now THAT will put the JUSTICE back in the Justice Department! No one in the U. S. Allowed to urinate unless at Robert Dupont’s home or Federally registered drug-testing facility!
    I believe it is my patriotic duty to piss for my country. If i catch a kidney stone waitin in line, its because i LOVE LADY LIBERTY! Im a PATRIOT, dammit!
    ..Oh say can you pee!

  8. It is the scheduling of the plant in the first place, that makes it legal for the USDA to enforce this policy! If cannabis were classified as what it really is, it never should have had the classification of a drug. Great work NORML! Dan Corse, KZOO-NORML (Sub Chapter of MINORML!) Dir. of Communications.

  9. Well, well well! What an exciting, new idea! Let’s publish policy, and re-enforce it with the same blah, blah, blah that the justice dept has been blabbing for decades!

  10. Why on earth did America ever decide to let the government take control of what people put into their bodies ? Prostitution and prohibition laws originated from religious people and they both infringe on a persons right to control their own life. Separation of church and state was put into our constitution for a reason.Let the church people clean up their own act and stop trying to control the world.

  11. “If marijuana is not legal in the next five years, I have no faith left in humanity” that is a quote from pineapple express. The marijuana industry is growing yet the government still wants to fight the legalization and taxation of marijuana. The main this I believe is that too many jobs are partially funded by marijuana users, growers, and sellers. Think about all the doctors, layers, police, district attorneys, judges, probation officers, the DEA, and correctional officers. Did you know that most of our american jails house more marijuana users than any other prisoners with higher even violent offences. And tax layers pay to keep these people locked up. Do you know how much it coasters over inmate per day? $62.29. Per inmate. How many images to our prisons, and county jails hold? Well, Not a small amount.
    So as you can see it makes a lot of people a lot of money to keep it illegal and label hard working Americans who like to smoke a joint at the end of the day, criminals. Its already being experienced in Colorado and California. And is making major waves. And money. Over 21 billion in the first year. Now I think if we gave it a chance in each state how much could be made, how many people would use at ease, and not worry about the police coming and taking you from your children, wife, or family. The federal government know that this would profit greatly that’s why its being tested and is already a major profiting industry. If marijuana was decriminalized and legalized taxed, regulated like alcohol or cigarettes, in every state would put drug dealers, traffickers and manufactures and not to mention the cartels, would not be able to sell marijuana bc it would be cheaper sold in stored. Gang violence would go down as well as crime all together. Not a major drop but a percentage, no doubt about it. If its sold cheaper than street price, dealers would have no leverage on the situation. Therefore no reason to sell it. Then you know what you are getting as well. Fresh medicinal flowers. Supporter or not, everyone wants to SAVE money, instead of paying 62$ a day per inmate so they can eat. Tax payers hard earned money should be spent on things for the city, things this city needs. Paved our roads, safer intersections, clean up our children’s parks, make our not so safe parts of town, safer. The major money that could be made here from a nation wide movement would bring CHANGE and I’m not talking about the change Obama promised, genuine change. Not selling out, generic, outsourced, change. If we the people come together demand and vote, we can make a change that can change american history forever. We can be apart of history. No longer will police label people as criminals for smoking a joint, or growing for personal use. Its time to make a stand, to take hold of our rights and make a change. This wile benefit both sides of supporters and non supporters. I hope every one of my readers can open your mind and realize what can be done if we come together. In got we trust. We can do anything!

  12. Yes.All this Crap Is About To CHANGE! Take Them Nasty Cups And PITCH”UM KEEP IT UP NORML

  13. Using out-dated science to impose the Lawrence Welk/Billy Ghram morality over liberty continues.

    Life. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness: What’s so hard to understand? Oh, wait. Lokk who we’re dealing with.

  14. Get pass out drunk every night, crash car, beat wife. That’s ok

    Smoke Joint on Saturday night. Lose Job

  15. The greatest thing President Obama and Eric Holder can do is to reschedule marijuana right before they leave office.You think the Republicans are crying now, that would send them all off the deep end, after all, this is one of the main reasons so many voted for President Obama.So many have been screwed over by these fascists since Reagan was at the helm, sure would be nice to live in a free country again…

  16. @NavyDoc

    Thanks for commenting. It’s good to see a doctor concur! Gives me confidence I’m not just deluding myself.

    The whole bass-acwards war-on-drugs-except-for-nicotine thing seems downright Orwellian to me. The country bought it! Creepy…


    I got a kick out of your saftey study lying with graphical sleight of hand. One of these days I’m going to write a satirical paper exploiting every dirty math thrick I can think of to support some bizarre sensational story. I dunno… Like maybe prove that Elvis was the reincarnation of Nostrodomos something.

  17. I would like my tax dollars being spent on something different than testing for cannabis. The USDA is way behind the rest of the country in thinking that medical cannabis and recreational use is the same. 80+% of Americans now favor the use of cannabis for medical use and 54% for the total legalization . The House just passed a bill to stop the funding from the DEA for using tax dollars to hunt down the suffering and the sick who need this medicine and the Senate will also be voting soon on a bill to do the same. This is not 1937 it is 2014 catch up already!!!

  18. what you have here is another example of the seemingly coincidental dovetailing of big business and puritan religious objectives. the puritans want everyone to live according to their standards and have some sort of allergy to the idea of taking a substance that feels good. Maybe ice cream is a sin too? big business promotes this by tapping into the fears of these sheltered narrow minded people to convince them that their very life may be at stake in the workplace because of those bloodshot-eyed stoners that are out to corrupt their children with their tye-dyed hooliganism.
    Of course all the statistics are false and they know that. businesses get a huge discount on their workman’s comp insurance if they escalate the drug testing regime in their company. the drug testing industry is constantly on the lookout for new forms of outrage where they can instill a sense of need for their services. it all goes around supported by nonstop bullshit and gets shoved down our throats as good for us.

  19. Schedule 1 classification is a lie about this drug that our government keeps portraying to keep arresting people. The fact is every day people are being arrested and having their lives ruined over this perpetuated lie. Creating JOBS AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR CITIZENS FREEDOM. THE LONGER OUR LEADERS DRAG THEIR FEET LIVES ARE RUINED. So take your time politicians what the hell you have only had 70 years to untangle this propaganda. Oh how do they call them public servants!

  20. No surprise there. Too bad for folks subject to the USDA neofascist policy based on federal neofascist policies and laws. Like, HELLO! Casablanca! The surprise is not really surprise. Just legalize it already!

    I know I’m not voting for prohibitionists, so a Republican in 2016 is out–so far–so I’m stuck with a third party vote throw-away because they’ll never get elected OR Hillary Clinton, it’s looking. I don’t even see her giving any hints, not even a wink, wink, nudge say no more, that she will legalize. She can’t even give a straight answer about cannabis on CNN. Just get cannabis out of Schedule I, Hillary, and all the research we and you want to happen can stop being impeded by the Drug Enforcement Administration. If Leonhart or whoever takes her place, someone soon, gives the go-ahead, green light, just gets the hell out of the way, it can happen. That’s the way to get the DEA the hell out of the way.

    Another thing is to legalize cannabis banking to get the IRS and the SEC to stop effing with the cannabis community. The banking sector is keeping on its good two shoes, and that is impeding investors from setting up business, operating a business, buying stock in publicly traded cannabis companies, preventing tax deductions, and so on, blah, blah, blah.

    After Washington is online Barry needs to allow legal cannabis banking. Period. I would precede that by replacing Michele Leonhart as the head of the DEA. Is Kerlikowske willing to take the job and facilitate legalization? Is he too compromised, then no? Is he disillusioned with prohibition, then maybe? Hillary’s ass doesn’t look like she will help the cannabis community toward legalization.

    Out of Touch
    Hall & Oates

    The Beat Goes On
    Sonny & Cher

  21. I don’t even blame them. The fact that MJ is still in Schedule I is a disgrace, but that’s part of federal agencies’ rulebook.

  22. The Schedule One classification of marijuana will still remain in effect, in hopes that the former president Bush’s dream team will come back to power.

  23. “State initiatives and laws, which make available to an individual a variety of illicit drugs by a physician’s prescription or recommendation, do not make the use of these illicit drugs permissible under the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program. These State initiatives and laws are inconsistent with Federal law and put the safety, health, and security of Federal works and the American public at risk. The use of any substance included in Schedule I of the CSA, whether for non-medical or ostensible medical purposes, is considered a violation of Federal law and the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program.”

    No, wrong lunatic. Norml, this statement is histrionic. They explain that simply because marijuana is on schedule one, it “put the safety, health, and security of Federal works and the American public at risk.” The only way to connect these dots is by making them up! How, exactly does being on schedule one make a material dangerous? These people actually think backwards. And they commit perjury just to maintain their status quo.

  24. I’m so sick and tired of our government , I can work next to a woman who comes to work everyday smelling of alcohol or work next to someone who is so out of it from prescription drugs and they can keep their jobs (secretary jobs) yet I don’t have the right to smoke a joint on my day off for fear of losing my job (even tho I never miss work and my productivity is good) People seriously need to start protesting and make their government listen. It’s a known fact alcohol is one of the biggest killers and so is tobacco YET IT IS LEGAL. Unless your a doctor or operate mmachines or any other dangerous Job THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO PISS TEST. People have more power than they realize and if we all pull together we can force them to change the law.

  25. Our government because of marijuana’s schedule I status makes themselves out to be fools. To say that marijuana is more dangerous than meth and is just as dangerous as heroin is ludicrous. The american public sees through this and that is why we have legalization taking hold. I cant wait to go back to Colorado where we can be free to smoke weed. I have two friends who have lung cancer and neither of them smoked pot. I didnt have the guts to tell them to use marijuana to help in their recovery.

  26. Hello again: I enjoyed reading everyone’s replies…I agree with all the posters…thnx

    According to The Discovery Channel: “Medical Marijuan is the world’s greatest known “appetite stimulant and stomach calmer”; when I had the flu years ago: I used MMJ (one puff at a time)and I was given “Belladonna Extract by MD; Belladonna also calms the stomach if given in small amounts via prescription…so yeah Nature has the Answers hidden in the “cells of plants” !!
    ps good hearing from you Navy Doc!+ everyone!!

  27. ps Banana Extracts can be used for “Potassium”

    this is the kind of medicine I believe in…!

    to Julian : that was a funny rant…kudos! 🙂

  28. there is abundant evidence that personal use of cannabis does NOT increase workplace accidents/absenteeism/health care costs. In FACT there is evidence (ask me and I’ll give citations) that regular cannabis use REDUCES health care costs, in that there is a decrease incidence of the most common inflammatory-related diseases with its use.

    this essentially becomes discrimination, not of race, creed, etc., but of biology. It says that those whose systems are equipped to enjoy alcohol are favored over those whose systems are more receptive to marijuana.

    those that use alcohol are more likely to come in with hangovers or just off kilter from being up all night over the weekend while the pot smoker comes in on Monday with no such hangover.

    more and more becoming a human rights issue

  29. @ Anne,
    And video cameras in every bathroom in America! ( Especially those strip joints up Wisconsin Ave in DC; i wanna see what kind of drugs Congress is on!)
    When were through laughing at these jackasses we seriously need to donate to NORML.
    I just heard on the radio this morning that the Affordable Care Act is expanding drug treatment and mental health to be covered under health insurance. The time is NOW to write sensible marijuana regulation. If we do it right, we have the opportunity to provide people with medicinal marijuana and bring down the cost of health care and draw back the growing mental health crisis in our nation.
    The way laws are written now an expansion of trestment centers will lead to a racket of waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars; empty buildings with ghost lists of marijuana patients that neither exist or require “treatment” (unless the treatment means more weed).
    The problem with our health care system is all the costs are set by insurance who inflate the expenses. Obamacare is great in that its providing more access, but to a sick system that is designed to make Insurance snd Big Pharma rich with fraud and overinflated costs.
    Its cheaper for me to fly my family to Mexico to get adequate health care.
    We need to be allowed to GROW our OWN medicine; our own cannabis.
    If we’re going to spend on health care, great, but if the focus remains on enforcement, profit-based treatment and iinsurance regulated costs instead of LETTING DOCTORS AND PATIENTS DECIDE what treatment, costs and quantities of Home Grown medicine we consume, then the problem gets worse, not better.
    Read the Fast Metabolism Diet. Hemp is on the menu. Guess whats not? Chemicals, pesticides, genetically engineered crops or prescription medications. Were destroying our livers and lives with what so called “treatment” centers are prescribing. Monsantos is salivating at the opportunities…

  30. “The time is NOW to write sensible marijuana regulation.”

    1. As @Julian notes, an expansion of treatment centers may lead to a racket– children offered a choice of treatment or jail will choose “treatment”, jobs will be created for treatmentizers, and prohibitionists will cite the amount of treatment “needed” as evidence that cannabis harmed someone.

    2. Interesting that for the first time, in New York, legislation acknowledges a difference between “smoking” (still forbidden) and vaporization (admissible for medical clients). Well and good! But I would add, add EDUCATION in the art of using a cheap (handmade from $1.29 worth of parts) Flexible Drawtube One-Hitter as a vaporizer!

    (Hold the heat source, such as a lighter flame, far enough below the opening that the air entering upon a 25-mg loading of sifted particulate herbflower is 385F/197C or thereabouts– don’t ignite till after several seconds allowing nutrient to vaporize out.)

  31. It’s time we out marihuana prohibition for what it is: A law used to incarcerate people for no reason other than it’s perceived danger to a purist society. No scientific research at all went into this law.

    Cannabis is less dangerous than drinking water.

    Water intoxication deaths per year: 15
    Cannabis deaths per year: 0

    So maybe we need to send the DEA out to eradicate the country of water.

  32. Republicans should demand Obama go wee-wee into a cup before signing each Executive Order. He’s a federal employee, and NOT ABOVE THE LAW

  33. Persecution from jobs since 16 for pot is ok. Drink booze destroy liver, beat wife and live off state is ok. Nice to be 42 these days…. Fuck the world.

  34. “The problem with our health care system is all the costs are set by insurance who inflate the expenses. Obamacare is great in that its providing more access, but to a sick system that is designed to make Insurance snd Big Pharma rich with fraud and overinflated costs.
    Its cheaper for me to fly my family to Mexico to get adequate health care.”

    That does have as much to do with having insurance as it doesn’t. The reason isn’t insurance companies, it is our supreme court that said the insurance companies are required to pay for the last 6-15 people who saw the doctor before you did. And without insurance they might give the bills for the last 15-20 people that didn’t pay. The problem is they keep rolling the costs forward and making everyone else pay for a system that costs too.

    Healthcare cost need to go down, not up!!! Insurance does not address this issue. This another area on control over society that congress does have, but were rather leave us hanging in the wind.

    Obama Cara is a step in the right direction, but look how all the dumb fucks have reacted to a tiny fix in this broken system??? They hate it and actually do want a more fully broken system. They call a fully 100% capitalist system, socialist. Their “beliefs” are a series of retarded ideas that don’t jive together, their brains don’t work right (even though they are on “the right”) and they really need to smoke some marijuana to achieve a different perspective.

  35. As you all know from my posts; I do not support medical marijuana; However, I do support full legalization. My views for medical marijuana stems from seeing too many lines at MM distributors overwhelmingly filled with 20 something’s compared to the actual actively diseased patient. It’s embarrassing, when has or youth become so fragile so afflicted with “Fibromyalgia”….right.

    Furthermore, Medical Marijuana is not natural-it’s manufacture to potencies I feel are dangerous. The natural plant is balanced and inherently safe; unlikely these manufactured strains.

    So in closing legalize it and let the plant be.

  36. Been working, no pee test yet. As far as I can tell my new employer likes me just fine, I’ve been with them about 6 weeks now. Does the anti-drug want to lie about it again, dopers can’t work and need to be on welfare?

  37. Random drug testing “A Prisoner in my own body” by Joe Nickelsack. So hows it feel America to be a prisoner in your own body? The audacity that some other human or should I say sub-human can traject this audacity against another human is just pure evil.Why was this ever allowed? It just goes against every grain and fiber in a free thinking person’s soul.It’s so infuriating to think that we as a people could ever be subject to this personal degradation and invalidation.Just goes to show you that the elites think we as a whole are just a bunch of garbage to be discarded like a piece of trash.What ever happened to Life, Liberty, and The pursuit of Happiness? When they take away our ability to earn a living then what are we supposed to to do, dry up and blow away? I guess that’s the way they see it. Someday there’s going to be hell to pay and that day is way overdue.

  38. Marijuana has many medicinal values; to say Marijuana does not have Medicinal value is ridiculous because Marijuana probably has more Medicinal Value than any known Herb !
    Marijuana is a multifaceted Medicinal Herb !!
    I agree Marijuana can be incorporated to AHA !

  39. “The audacity that some other human or should I say sub-human can traject this audacity against another human is just pure evil.Why was this ever allowed? It just goes against every grain and fiber in a free thinking person’s soul.It’s so infuriating to think that we as a people could ever be subject to this personal degradation and invalidation.Just goes to show you that the elites think we as a whole are just a bunch of garbage to be discarded like a piece of trash.”

    It is not legal!!!!! This is the main problem with many of our laws. They are not written by good or decent people trying to order society, but by sociopaths trying to disorder society. You explained how the law is being used to disorder society, which is the exactly opposite reason for having laws.

    So why do stupidos still support laws like this that are scams? Maybe because our two main politcal groups, the Demoncrates and Rebublicans never stop lying and mis-representing us?

    Pretending these nazi-inspired, cracker bullshit laws are legal in the US of A is our problem. Allowing prosecutors to lie to our faces just so they can keep these criminal statutes in the law books is our problem.

  40. Olease people lets work together to get this Good medicine off Schedule I drug at the federal level…

  41. Please!!! people lets work together to get this Good medicine off Schedule I drug at the federal level… –

  42. Time to change out some people in the USDA. Yep time for change. We need a new holiday and call it National Don’t Buy Any Gas Day. Wonder if anyone would notice?

  43. Wow. This is incredible. Like another poster stated, I believe it was Galileo – I love how cigarette breaks are okay, yet weed needs to be criminalized. Cigarettes obviously kill. Weed does not. Alcohol kills. Weed does not. This is not rocket science…Its so simple a child could understand it. Yet children are taught they should oppose weed because it is a bad drug. Says WHO? The government? The media? There is more good that can be done in the world through weed than with any cigarette or glass of alcohol ever could. is a great site with lots of info.

  44. @Dave Evans,
    Good posts. Perhaps we need to hot box the East wing of the Capitol and pass a law that takes our health care out the hands of insurance and law enforcement and leaves it to a community garden managed by herbalists and doctors. I agree some Congressman need to achieve a different perspective from the tired old “puritan tough on crime” bit, but let’s not kid ourselves; these “perspectives” are jaded by profit unjustly acquired through bad laws like the C.S.Act. We need to cut the profit engine first… Which is precisely what were hanging on to in the Senate over DEA budget cuts…
    But only after hotboxing Congress. Ok, vapor-boxing… (can we even DO that?)

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