Florida’s Amendment 2 Falls Just Short of 60% Needed

Florida’s Amendment 2, which would have legalized medical marijuana, fell just short of the 60% support required for passage.

With 95% of the vote counted, analysts are projecting the amendment will end up with just a hair over 58% of the vote. While not enough to make it a part of Florida’s constitution, it was still a strong showing of support for medical marijuana in a campaign that faced unfriendly voter demographics and a very well funded opposition campaign.

“By no means is this a rejection of medical marijuana in Florida, as the results show that a strong majority of Floridians support it,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “We hope state lawmakers will honor voters wishes in 2015 and act to pass medical marijuana legislation. This was a hostile climate for us and an ideal one for them, that they only got 43% of voters to agree to maintain prohibition of medical marijuana is more a defeat for them than us.”

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  1. I think this is BS!! over HALF of the state voted yes, why the hell should we have to have 60% when over 50% is for it???? I think we should go by 51% of the votes… i feel like my vote didnt even count… Politics can kiss my ass… ill never vote again because its all rigged!! Eff this BS!!

  2. A vast majority of the no votes were 65 and older as well according to the breakdown. I have little hope in Florida’s government doing the right thing and drafting legislation that will actually make it to the vote over this measure though. This is a state known for it’s pharmaceuticals – they care about money, not helping people with safe, legitimate alternatives.

  3. A victory for us in the way it got the attention of crooked lawmakers on all sides of the isle, but i worry about what this means over the federal case of U.S. v. Pickard et al; without %50 of the U.S. Population with pro marijuana legislation , im afraid the Supreme Court wont hear an appeal on the unconstitutional status of the scheduling of marijuana. Looks like a two year appeal until 2016 for ending prohibition. But looking at it from another perspective, thats only 2 years away, and what does President Obama have to lose now with executive decisions like descheduling? Still very exiting, despite the odds.

  4. The Florida legislature will never pass real mmj legislation. That’s why we needed a constitutional amendment, so they would be compelled to act. John Morgan did a great job getting it on the ballot, but he was unprepared and failed miserably to address and combat the negative ads funded by Sheldon adelson. Voter turnout was high, big$, scare tactics, fear, and lies won the perception battle. Florida remains in the stone age for now.

  5. God be with us all and the patients in need. Regardless this shows everyone the MAJORITY of voters in Florida support compassion and safer medicine in the form of Medical Cannabis. God bless everyone who has worked so hard and everyone who voted today (except the no on 2 folks! They have shown their ignorance and propagated further evil in this war against sick people) Fight the power!

  6. Florida is the only state that demands 60 percent of the voters to pass an amendment.
    57 is not 60.
    57 is a majority, and this amendment should be passed.
    Where else in a democratic system does a majority not win?
    Simple minded sheep keep all of us oppressed and without our natural rights and freedoms.
    I am so finished with the dumb down brainwashed weak minded fools…

  7. The same people who voted against it are the ones that will need it, due to the age factor of Floridian snow birds and retirees that live there. They are completely brain washed about marijuana from false government washed up old men ideas. What a shame.

  8. Real sad that the battle was lost due to propaganda about the way the state constitutional law was written. Calling it a vague and full of loop holes for drug dealers. It is hard to see how this tom foolery still works in duping the voters. The various branches of florida sheriffs and police departments get about 1 billion dollars direct from seized property. This makes it easy to justify hiring more officers for the great war on pot. Florida law makers want to craft laws that prohibit the use of the whole plant especially the part that makes you feel good. Pain pills make you feel good when you are hurt,why shouldn’t marijuana. Florida will drag their feet as long as possible in decriminalization. They make a fortune on paid probation,about $40.00 per visit. A great money making enterprise. Keep giving young people criminal records for doing nothing great leaders of Florida! YOU GOT 4 MORE YEARS!

  9. As a FL resident I am now embarrassed and disgusted with the turnout of Amendment 2. I guess there are people who will sleep easier tonight knowing that people who are sick will still face incarceration if caught with marijuana. This is absolutely outrageous and I will be leaving this state asap.

  10. It’s hard for me to be upset when a state and district both just legalized it. The older voters will be gradually replaced in time.

  11. I can’t believe this didn’t pass. And to say it was the 60 and older crowd is a bunch of B.S.. From what I saw and heard from the mouth of babes was, the fact that, all that thought it would pass, but then again they were not all out there voting either. So close… wake up non-voters you lost it for us.

  12. Its a sad day in the state of Florida for the thousands of Florida citizens that suffer from depression, seizures, diabetes, or the multitude of other serious illnesses that can be helped with medical marijuana. Clearly, the majority of voters in the state of Florida want access to medical marijuana. The governor of the state of Florida was re-elected with 48% of the vote so why would the medical marijuana amendment need 60% of the vote to be approved? THE WHOLE THING MAKES NO SENSE! Why didn’t anyone challenge the 60% standard before it was placed on the ballot?!

  13. the 65+ sure aren’t shy about taking the social security benefits us millenials won’t be seeing though!

  14. 65+ demographic votes no? They don’t have a problem getting the social security benefits us millenials won’t be seeing!

  15. The voting machine my ballot went into kicked it out two times, they had me put it into another (COMPUTER)voters before and after put their ballot in and it went through! I’m VERY Suspect that we were not counted for MMJ. @58% it should be passed, 60% is not a fair shot at anything!B.S. B.S. B. S**T

  16. They didn’t pass the bill because locking up minority for marijuana is a million dollar business. If they legalize it then it takes away there probable cause claw! Modern slavery

  17. Here’s how screwed up things are. Under Drug War era tax codes, Schedule 1 narcotics are set at a 80% to 90% tax rate. Sounds like the old Prohibition tax code and the revenuers.
    Colorado dispenseries ar paying between 80% to !00% federal tax rates. I guess if a dealer gets busted, He’s really getting busted for not paying taxes.

    Legalizattion only takes place at the State level, then these tax rates remain.The only way to stop that is to remove Cannabis from schedule 1.

  18. Another thought. This was not a ballot initiative. This was a Constitutional ammendment. That’s why the 60% vote requirement. Changes to a governing document require higher levels of concent. Look on the bright side. All of those newspaper polls showing it under 50% were dead wrong. And the opposition didn’t drive the vote down anywhere near that low. You guys did great.

  19. We just need to start doing what they are doing in other states. Start mass smoke ups in front of the state capital building. City hall. Governors mansion. Eventually it’s going to pass across the entire country. How can you smoke recreationally in the capital of the US and not in any state.?

  20. I am disappointed in Florida’s result, but i do believe that maybe 5-13% of the voters that voted no, are wanting to wait at least a few years to see how marijuana laws play out in Washington,Oregon, Colorado before making marijuana legal into law. If im Norml i would try 2016 with Florida again. 57% is really close and im sure by that time most states will want in on it, with Oregon, Alaska, Washington D.C getting all that revenue anyways.

  21. Well my lease is up in Feb. I have this state a try but if they want to keep running things like its 1920 then I’m fuckin outta here. California here I come, I’ll gladly pay your taxes and abide by your laws since you are clearly years and years ahead of FL

  22. Just Florida being backwards as always. Can always drive up to Georgia now. Their Gov just said screw it. We also reelected Rick Perry by just thousands of votes yay… can’t wait to move to Colorado.

  23. Florida:

    The only state where a majority vote for an amendment and it doesn’t pass, yet a minority vote for governor and they are elected. Irony has a new name. But! Oregon is the perfect example. Lost the legalization vote by much more than this did, gave it 2 years, and came back harder and stronger! Not to mention, most of the people who vote against it here are elderly/retirees. In 2 years time a slew of them will die(unfortunately) and will take their ignorance with them. We are guaranteed to be legal in 729 days at most, hopefully sooner but with Florida lawmakers if you hold your breath you’ll be in much more dire need of the medicine while it’s still illegal. Nevertheless, we showed that the majority of us have it right, and we should still be proud, we’re almost home, don’t give up!

  24. Damn Florida got robbed big time, your fellow voters and politicians fucked you guys, I live in California and I’m pissed off for the Florida residents that where in support of this amendment.

  25. legal or not I’m not going to listen to the government. Government of Florida screw what they think I don’t give a damn I’m going to smoke my pot and be healthy and not be in pain rather they want me to or not screw them I guess the black market still keep the money

  26. The real issue is campaign finance laws or lack of them. It seems whoever has the money to fund misleading and fear-mongering ads gets the votes. this happens to GMO bills when Monsanto and the likes spend millions on adds to protect their profits. Most people that I’ve talked to are against amendment 2 because they think it will allow easy access to pot for kids. If you ask a middle school or high school student if it’s easier to buy weed or a 12 pack of beer, they will tell you it’s weed. Alcohol is legal, so you need to have someone of legal age with an ID to break the law and purchase it for you. Pot is available everywhere on the street with no restrictions except it is against the law. Unfortunately, most people can’t think for them self and go by what the TV tells them.

  27. I feel bad for all the sick people that needs it, but I do not feel bad for all the pot heads that were using this as an excuse for them to use drugs what they need to do is rewrite the amendment so only the ill could be cure. That would never happen because of politician and pot heads.

  28. As far as I’m concerned Amendment 2 passed with 58%. Smoke um if you got um……Who changed this and for what reason.

  29. This is all crap people who seriously need it like my dad cant get the help that he needs. They wont pass a harmless medicine but will give out narcotics to kids are you kidding me more people die from alcohol then marijuana. People who velieve this is wrong needs to do their research before they deny something that could change the way of medical helps patients with everything why florida ????? Why cant they open yalls eyes to see the true facts. Wake up America!!!!!!

  30. This is very dissapointing. The irony about the 60% supermajority requirement only passing with 57% is just the icing on the cake.

    In the same election cycle that allows congress members to legally grow, possess, and transfer marijuana in DC, Florida denies the right for patients to get medicine. Just seems rediculous.

    I hope the 57% of florida voters who voted yes on 2 continue to make their voices heard.

  31. After listening to all the radio stations and reading several blogs its come out that the voters between ages 18-30 were still listening to their parents opinions one, guessing at which response sounded good. Some don’t even understand the purpose of an amendment so just voted no to all of them. Uneducated voters are what kept us from getting this amendment passed.

  32. This is bs. I am over 65 and voted for it. Someday all the people that voted against it, may need it. Since when is 60& needed to win. Florida sucks!!!!!!

  33. The results of yesterday’s vote seems kinda fishy. All the results for everything else were in fairly early. Why did it take so long for them to determine the results for Amendment 2? Sounds like the “Powers that Be” had plenty of time to tamper with the voting process, just like they did here in Florida in the 2000 election. with Gore vs Bush. Gore shoulda been president then & medicinal marajuanna should be legal now, but I guess that’s the way politics work in the sunshine state.

  34. So confused. How can a majority want something and it not pass. The other Amendments did not require 60% or did they? Oh well. I guess the word Democracy is a farce since i was always taught that meant the majority rules… not in this case.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Florida requires a supermajority to amend the state constitution. This is a threshold that is unique to Florida.]

  35. How can any candidate win with just a simple majority and a 58% winner turns out to be a loser versus the other 42% candidate? If this is democracy I learned all wrong stuff at school and in life…….

  36. I am 60 years old with Stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and don’t have the time to sit around and wait to see if 2016 will bring different results. I can’t believe Flori-duh didn’t pass this amendment. My husband and I have had it with the stupidity here. We’re with those of you who are moving to more like-minded states.

  37. I was a state resident of California in 1996 when the nail biting results were published 51% yes / 49% no in favor of medical marijuana. Seperated by tens of thousands of votes, the old adage, Every vote Counts, became reality to me. I was not aware that 60% was needed until I awoke this morning. How come someone did not make that more clear. It almost should have been included with an asterik on the ballot itself. I feel not only blind sided but ill informed.

  38. There are several reasons to attribute the non-passage of Amendment 2 in Florida. The financial backers in the No On 2 amendment are one issue, low voter turnout is another. The 60% passage requirement is another. I noticed a statistic in the NBC exit polls in the Race by Gender category too. I am not even a political analyst, but there is disparity in the NBC Race By Gender exit poll statistics among men and women of the same racial culture by 1%-4%, in some, and 17% in another. The no votes on the over 60 year old demographic statistic is understandable to me because old school prohibitionist philosophies are more ingrained. I live in the Midwest, I do not see any hope for the sustained progression of Cannabis legalization at the moment. The midterms were a holocaustic slaughter of the Democrats in Governor races, Senate, and House control nationwide, in my opinion. Our compassionate, steadfast, and noble president will probably be using the veto pen exclusively. I have supported any decriminalization or legalization efforts there, all along. I saw Guam, Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia results, but it does not give me hope.

  39. Jason, this doesn’t affect the “pot heads”, it affects those who are sick and suffering. This amendment was for MEDICAL marijuana, so I don’t know where you got the idea that this was for the “pot heads”. The “pot heads” can just continue as they have been and will still have access to marijuana, with or without this amendment. It is the sick and suffering who are most affected, as they will have to put themselves at risk to obtain it.

  40. Hey…I’m over 65 and have been using mj since I was 16! There are a lot of old stoners in Fla. aware enough to know that banning something people want NEVER got rid of that thing!

  41. I live in FL and promoted Amendment 2 for several months. Unfortunately we only had a 25% voter turnout in Broward and Miami-Dade, which are democratic strongholds. The 75% non-voters lost it for the entire state! I have no faith in our legislature to deal with this issue next year, especially with Rick Scott in office. This is a very sad day for us Floridians. It will need to be addressed in 2016 and until then I will just have to suffer for 2 more years with insane back pain.

  42. “We hope state lawmakers will honor voters wishes in 2015 and act to pass medical marijuana legislation. This was a hostile climate for us and an ideal one for them, that they only got 43% of voters to agree to maintain prohibition of medical marijuana is more a defeat for them than us.” – See more at: http://blog.norml.org/2014/11/04/floridas-amendment-2-falls-just-short-of-60-needed/#sthash.qUzRGKhk.dpuf

    The demographics of a highly successful thought control program is evident in these numbers.I understand the reasons but not the lies told us as children.

  43. Yep, Florida is for Losers.

    Look all you piece of shit crackers down there, your people have already spoken and voted Medical Marijuana legal by 58% of the vote. At this point, any police still arresting legitimate medical users are nothing but fucking criminals!!!

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