Legalization Wins In 3 States! Only Florida Medical Use Falls Short

The election results were overwhelmingly positive for marijuana smokers last night, with full-legalization proposals being approved in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia. And even the one losing initiative, the medical-use proposal in Florida, won the approval of a significant majority of the voters.

Measure 91 in Oregon

In a convincing victory, Oregon voters approved Measure 91, which legalizes the use and cultivation of marijuana by those 21 and older and establishes a system of licensing, taxing and regulating marijuana sales under the auspices of the Oregon Liquor Control Board, with an impressive 55 percent of the vote.

More specifically, under Measure 91, adults will be permitted to possess up to eight ounces of “dried” marijuana and cultivate up to four plants. And they will be allowed to give up to an ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana products in solid form or 72 ounces of marijuana products in liquid form, to other individuals 21 and older; they can not be compensated or reimbursed for these transactions. Adults will be allowed to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana products in solid form or 72 ounces of marijuana products in liquid form from properly registered businesses. These limits are more permissive than those previously approved in Washington and Colorado, and may provide a model for other states to emulate.

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  1. So that totals 5 states. How many states canned alcohol prohibition before the Feds relented?

  2. Hey @ Robert.We All realize it took long enough THIS IS “FREAKING AWESOME” & A Long Ways to Go Yet But Things ARE DEFINITELY “SMOKING HOT” The World As we know Has so Much Potential For Major Change,I’ve Been A Smoker for 33 Years.And One Happy Stoner Blaze on!

  3. I pray this will effect Judge Mueller’s decision in the U.S. v. Pickard et al.

    Don’t give up Florida; 2016 is another opportunity. The longer the battle the sweeter the victory.

  4. Thanks to the devil himself Sheldon Adelson for donating over 5 million dollars to the opposition in Florida, prick scumbag bastard! He robbed hundreds of thousands of Floridians who needed this safe medicine and he should be tried by a jury of peers and hanged.

  5. You’d think all those old folks in Florida with arthritis would know not to vote against their interests.

  6. So, the Republicans,
    (just as bad as Democrats, just with a different emphases in FARKED UP,
    win over Congress-
    and one member of the House is shooting of his mouth about removing some areas’ legalization.

    My questions are:

    1) what are the results of the hearing(s)
    on the entire Federal appraisal of cannabis’ classification and legalities?

    2) What would actually happen if the people were for legalization but the politicians opted against, (being that they are effectively immune to such laws anyway).

    3) What can/should we do about it?
    (besides educate and help others to understand that lies that our society has been fed by the gov’t, big pharma/tobacco/alcohol, and the monstrous prison complex, etc. ???

  7. What i find ironic with these results is that 3 states legalized it but one state which was considering mmj (FL) didn’t approve it. Perhaps instead of slyly sneaking into legalization via mmj, activists should instead go for outright legalization. I am tired of activists using medical use as a gateway for legalization measures! If we instead just go for outright legalization instead of advocating for ‘medical’ use like a buncha Hippocrates and then springing to legalization from that.

    I have doctors in my family and they don’t wanna be bombarded by “patients” Just looking for an excuse to smoalk weed legally. They and I both know that cannabis has medical benefits but, for god’s sake, don’t increase the already ongoing widespread abuse of prescription medication (which cannabis would be if it was made medicinal in FL) and just legalize it for god’s sake. I’m sick and tired of people abusing the health care system just to get high legally! Just legalize it already and leave the healthcare industry alone with all this hullabaloo

  8. You guys are so lucky, but we have gotten a new governor in pa who will finally sign to legalize for median that they waited to be signed after we got Corbett out. Even just decriminalization with Wolf would help the majority of people to not be in trouble at all for having it on them. :Unitle we can sing the bill for legalization recreationally next.

  9. Feels great to see progress, tempered by the fact that I am in florida(The Horror!). Good show to all the voters in Alaska, Oregon, and DC. Thanks NORML!

  10. Can we say “cannabis users” NOT “marijuana smokers”. The term “marijuana smokers” smacks of prohibitionist propaganda – after all the substance cannabis is about so much more than just ingestion by smoking.

  11. Congrats to Oregon, Alaska and D.C. ! Florida fell short on a technicality that should not be in place. A majority is a majority. Don’t taint it with some BS 60% rule !

    We here in New York State will suffer on. We need to get rid of Cuomo and get the remainder of our legislators on board with what freedom of choice is all about. If we don’t, then we might as well outlaw booze and tobacco, for those are the real killers in our society, while on the flipside, cannabis has over two dozen medical applications. Ironic, isn’t it? It’s also very sad that we are still where we are here in New York.

    Once again, congrats to the states that allow its citizens to make their own choice at the voting booths.

  12. 2 more states and d.c..Love it,time to get an east coast state to turn over. 2016 should be a big election year for us,keep pushing and happy smoking.

  13. Answer to Galileo: None. Alcohol was prohibited by constitutional amendment. Since such regulatory authority was not granted to the federal government in the constitution, and it wasn’t assumed that the feds had such powers until the 20th century, a constitutional amendment was the only way to legally prohibit at that level (states could do so under their reserved powers).

  14. All of this, and not a g-damn word about it on CNN or other major news outlets. On election night, I saw a story on CNN about Oregon that was on the website for about any hour, then suddenly it was removed!?!?! Something very strange about that. The next day, I didn’t see ONE STORY on anything except the defeat in “Florida”, with the title “Floridians say NO to pot”…. Riiiiight… 58% is hardly a no!

  15. If descheduled by the Fed to equal beer, liquor & tobacco – do the States still have a right to ban cannabis use within their territory? Best case scenario, how quickly could the US see full legalization, everywhere? Could an executive order (by an act of God) be signed tomorrow & it be legal by the end of the week? Tall order I know, but realistically trying to imagine best case scenarios for even the most draconian States. Until the law is changed it is the lawmakers who commit a crime enforcing prohibition on this highly useful God given herb.

  16. I toke this one for all the people who suffered under repressive cannabis legislation feathering its intrusive collateral damage, just like the department of prohibition when it morphed into the DEA. Education is the key, not prohibition.

  17. DEA, another 0.00000000
    Hippies, another A+
    Hey ONDCP, DEA, why don’t you try taking responsibility, disciplining yourself, working hard, and holding yourself to high standards like the victorious hippies! Maybe you’d have something to show other than 1st place at every whining contest.
    On a side note, don’t change the words, when has that ever worked out good? Especially changing from smokers to “users”. Potheads is better.
    There’s a lot of long faces today at ONDCP and DEA, there’s a lot of crying going on, there’s a lot of withholding of sex going on tonight in DEA loser guys homes.
    There’s going to be a lot of whining on the part of prohibitionists, a lot of un-hinging, a lot of getting drunk, a lot of self-blame, a lot of envy – of our competency and success.
    F— prohibitionists, you losing losing losers at DEA and ONDCP lost fair and square like a f—ing bunch of clown idiots.

  18. Look at all the money waisted on politics why dont they take that money and use it for the people of the usa ,,do some real good, help the poor, help our vets. to many rich greedy basturds that control this country ,,its time the people rise up and take our great nation back ,,the majority is suppose to rule our country look at florida 58% voted for cannabis thats a majority to many bull shit rules have been implamented by the rich ,,this is not a fair society anymore,,,,,,,,, please (god help us) thanks again norml for all your help ,,texas really needs help it is the most corrupt state in the us ,,because of the border payoffs from the cartel i hope that someday this country can stop that damn cartel

  19. There shouldn’t been issues with it at all. No classification at all. Should be able to plant where ya want it, like parsley or rosemary. If grown like a crop for the hemp, plant it like corn or soya beans. The ability to sell on the market as such. Such issues over something that grows naturally.
    Florida is full of much older adults, to bad they dont realize how it would benifit them if legal. But I guess the chemical companies appriciate the belief in man made rather than natural

  20. I’m so upset by this.. I mean florida seriously… Come on people! Get with the program!! I voted yes for amendment 2! I still have hope for 2016!!!

  21. Dear NORML editors, when you get the chance, because I know you’ve been busy, what with the election and all, please update your Map on your “State Info” section, because I do want to look at that map with the FIVE burning roaches on it! I’m sure it’ll give me goose bumps. Hell yeah!

  22. I is so corrupt that Nevada-based billionaire Sheldon Adelson gave millions of dollars to fund vote no on 2. Basically medical marijuana was defeated by a propaganda war funded by a casino owner in Nevada. Why would he care so much what happens in Florida! We have tycoon media owners who think its their rite to decide what size drink we can have or if we can carry a gun. Our main stream media is owned by a hand full of tycoons who have a political agenda and use their networks to carry them out. This medaling tycoon from Texas should have stayed out of Florida’s business. Americans have to see through the deceptive news networks.

  23. I live in Michigan and I have the Michigan
    Medical Marijuana Card. I’ve been watching
    all this unfold in other States but I don’t think it’s time to whoop it up yet. What about this HUGE Business Tax the Feds are imposing
    on Recreational Dispensaries?

  24. I learn something everyday! I didn’t know that Flo rida was the new capital and had the right to change the Constitution,that 60% means majority rules.May be we should make it the rule for the Presidency or Governor or any Political Election!This truly is not a country of the people,for the people & by the people.This decision made in Florida should be headed for the Supreme Court!

  25. @RUT; Sheldon Adleson is primarily a money laundering representative for clients that have lots of dirty cash to clean through dirty campaigns. (I.e. Druglords, dirty mortgage lenders, etc.) Some of his biggest clients are in Florida. The casinos are just a facade for a dirty laundry machine.We need to vote on getting Citizens United overturned and end prohibition.

    @evening bud; Yes! Update! But i want more than burning roaches! We need a marijuana electorate map keeping our count on representatives and total U.S. Population with pro marijuana policies! And create a scale with marijuana on one end and Michelle Leonhart, David and Charles Koch, half of Congress, prison lobbies and Big Pharma on the other! (…looking VERY worried!) 🙂

  26. Patricia said – “If grown like a crop for the hemp, plant it like corn or soya beans”

    I wish you had not said soy. More and more information indicates that soy is poisonous and causes serious health problems, specially if not changed by bacteria.

    As for why it is illegal, politicians, especially American politicians, love having a “great evil” to grandstand about. It lets them have a career in politics without doing anything real (anything that is not graft and crony capitalism).

    It is far more difficult to be a politician who makes things better, is smart and wants to help, who believes in real freedom, who fights for what is really ethical… than it is to pander to the politics of fear and anger. Fear and anger are easy. Nearly all political careers over the years have been built on them. It is easy to cater to whatever hysteria gets votes. It is easy to jump onto the bandwagon. It is easy to make nutty claims that cater to people’s misplaced fears, especially if you use bigotry to do it. Prohibition (including cannabis prohibition) has always pandered to fear, hate and bigotry to garner support.

    With cannabis first it was Mexicans in Arizona (lock them up and toss them out of the state using “selective enforcement”), then it was black people & the ‘jazz’ people (jazz is 1920s slang for sex, and Jive is slang for pot) and also it was the ‘beat’ generation and then the hippies. Anyone who was not mainstream enough.

    In every case the ‘official claims’ were that pot made (Mexican, black, jazz, beat, hippies) *males* into sexual supermen, the became ultra strong on the stuff & the cops could not control them; also that it drove them to insanity and to violence too; and it made them **extremely attractive** sexually .. so much so that white women were powerless to resist their charms.

    Not a joke, or hyperbole… just history.

    In each cash the same lies were trotted out… “THAT GROUP’ (who the white American middle class already dislike) uses this stuff and it makes them dangerous (and we dislike them and do not trust them). When they use it they become : dangerous, violent, so strong our cops cannot control them and they WILL have sex with our wives & daughter (who will *like* it and also be helpless to say no due to the overwhelming sexual attraction pot gives them).

    It is so very easy to fan the flames of public furor & hysteria & so very profitable.

    Remember Preside Nixon? His career was all ‘fear, anger and bigotry’. He got his start in politicians by claiming to have found microfilm in a pumpkin! He claimed it was part of a cast communist plot through all of the US government and created the horrors of the “House Committee” – all there in a pumpkin; the ideal place for any soviet spy to hide their stash of microfilm. It was bologna of course.

    Later on Nixon relied on fear, anger and bigotry again.

    When Nixon had no way of winning his second term (the white middle class hated him) his advisors gave him a way. On the advice of his staff advisors he invented the “War on Drugs” – and after his death his advisors were very up front about this being the truth. So they invented statistics on heroin use and cannabis dangers that were utter fiction. They claimed that there was massive drug use and abuse in the USA, and pointed to black neighborhoods as the cause (which catered to the white middle class anti-black bigotry). It worked. It won him the second election.

    Meanwhile REAL heroin problems began to trickle into the USA as soldiers returned from Vietnam … because the CIA was manufacturing, selling and shipping tons of heroin in the “Golden Triangle” southeast Asian heroin trade, which was controlled by the very South Vietnam generals that the USA was supporting.

  27. RUT, its because he is proboly invested as well in the private prison industry where the majority of the workers that make 25 cents an hour there are non violent drug offenders so legalizing cuts into his investment..

  28. Thanks to all the old people who apparently never took reefer madness off the list of top movies to watch here in Florida we got screwed.. Sadly they are the ones who would benefit the most form Medical Marijuana but i guess they want to pass sooner in life from all the damage their prescription pills are doing to them…

  29. Dear Fatrow:

    “Can we say “cannabis users” NOT “marijuana smokers”. The term “marijuana smokers” smacks of prohibitionist propaganda – after all the substance cannabis is about so much more than just ingestion by smoking.”

    That’s fine, but how about you stop supporting the propaganda by agreeing with it that “marijuana” is a bad word? Just because a Drug Warrior invented the term (which isn’t true, Mexicans did) does not mean the word is useless. Marijuana is just the most famous kind of Cannabis.

    What you might think about saying is, “Marijuana is a beautiful thing.” “Medical Marijuana helped save my live”. “Medical Cannabis helped save my life.” Sounds the same. Straight up there is only one kind of “Medical Cannabis” which isn’t “Medical Marijuana” and that is Charlotte’s Web. This is literally only named _Cannabis_ variety that isn’t marijuana and also not hemp!!!

    If you seriously want more kinds of medical Cannabis which also isn’t a kind of marijuana, then get to breeding them! They don’t yet exist!

  30. Dear Sirs-
    It is a shame to see Marijuana being made a medicine then abused. It does not need to be a
    medicine to be abused. It get abused everyday without the medical classification. It’s not necessary. This country needs more mandatory education about addiction. I had no idea of addiction, even after it killed my father. It was still something that was half whispered about. I kept smoking weed and drinking on the weekend and getting no education about how they were connected. It took rehab. with a splash of AA to get any idea about the toxic mix going around everywhere. And, weed just kept the disease alive and on a back burner to kill me later. Alcohol is something I should never do. It’s not something I cant do, I just have to choose not to do it. Ever!
    And, I should never take opiates for pain, unless I really need relief from pain and also dealing with the drug dealing with me physic logically speaking. Just an everyday thing, like brushing my teeth or there will be pain, at some point. I’m just very sensitive to it. We all can be alcoholics or addicts, that why we all need the education. If you are not one or the other your chances of dealing with one or the other is extremely high. As it is passed on in the genes. They do not know whether it is passed on male or female gene prone. They have ideas about most prone genes, but no absolutes. Like everything without tests no absolutes.

  31. ^ yeah you’re right, cannabis isn’t for everyone. For some however, it’s a very safe way to cope with a lot of daily & lifetime symptoms. I would say it could help with addiction in many cases. If legal cannabis would prevent just one person from becoming an alcoholic or addicted to opiates then it would be a victory for mankind (specifically for those who live in the USA & as Julian pointed out above, also for people old & young everywhere in the world! Wow. THATS powerful dude!) Once quality cannabis is easily available for adults then it will be able to be consumed more efficiently & in less harmful ways than the current most common methods of consumption. It’s expensive, super expensive to afford quality cannabis consumption in states where it isn’t legal. Keep up the good work #Norml. So stoked for you guys & where America is headed!

  32. @ Julian,

    I like your idea. I personally plan on letting my Dem Rep lick her wounds for about a month–give her a chance to reflect on her own survival during the recent political bloodbath that Dems nationally sustained. But after that short window, I’m calling her office; and I’m going to assure her that my future support of her will be heavily dependent on whether or not she supports legalization. I’ve only voted for a handful of GOPers in my entire life; I will let her know that if the GOPer she is running against next time supports legalization, that person will get my vote instead. I’m sick of DINOs—and I’ll also let her know that.

  33. @KellymWeldin

    “…weed just kept the disease alive and on a back burner to kill me later…”

    1)Unless you paid someone prior to your expected death to write that confused pile of drible, i regret to inform you you are not dead.
    2)Marijuana was trying to save you from your alcoholism, you adle-bated twit.
    3)Marijuana has not killed a single human being in all recorded human history.
    4)and the fact that you said you would use opiates for pain and treated marijuana like a catylist for “disease” reveals you are either:
    A) dumb as a box of rocks, or
    B) a pathetic excuse for propaganda
    C) still high from your last brainwashed visit to rehab

    Please seek treatment before regurgitating nonsense on this blog. And I dont mean rehab; i mean go consume some marijuana and leave the opiates and alcohol alone!

  34. Prohibitionist’s new argument that today’s pot is stronger and as a result dangerous, should be answered by the fact that it takes less to have the same result, so users don’t get the more dangerous parts of the smoke.

  35. Fat Freddy,

    All the “Prohib arguments” are straight up dyslexic in nature. They keep saying, “the safest drug in the world will somehow lead to social ruin.” “Even though it is non addictive, it magically induces addictions for different drugs!” “It helps people realize racism is stupid and bad for society!” “Yeah, we know alcohol is a date rape drug, but we’ll just keep saying it is marijuana instead.”

    This is all these weirdos can come up with. It never sounded “good”. How did they ever convince normal people to support their twisted agendas…? Oh, they never did “have to”, just get 51% to believe in their stupidity.

  36. This is a formula for making “Prohib Arguments”:

    Take facts and multiply by fears both rational and irrational. Subtract guaranteed constitutional protections. Add Fascism and War Profiteering. And we get nothing resembling a “Free Country”.

  37. When are we not only going to finally make marijuana legal nationally but just as important become free from the fear of work force drug testing, especially in the states that have legalized it… It’s great to have recreational mm, as well as medical but most people still have to fear the “drug test” pretty hypocritical to me. Can we get some legislation to end testing for THC..?? is there any action being taken to stop this. I know that these companies that do random, and pre-employment testing are powerful lobbies and they make huge fortunes doing this. It has to stop for us to be truly free.

  38. congrats to Oregon, Alaska and D.C. but I feel that we have a very lo…….ng road ahead of us before we see the light of day on this issue. And I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot of hard work and money. Just remember if something is worth having it’s worth fighting for. I just hope that legalization happens before I leave this world.

  39. Obama could do plenty to restore the lost trust his supporters placed on him with one executive order to legalize it.

  40. Pretty crazy the uphill battle that Florida was facing. The voters basically said yes by a wide margin, it just wasn’t the 60% they needed for medicinal to go through.
    If you look at the numbers the state was in support of medicinal more so than California or Oregon when either state passed medicinal usage.
    It will be a landmark win when the day comes as one of the deep southern states finally gives way to accepting marijuana as a viable alternative medicinal option.
    Keep up the fight folks and look towards 2016!!!

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