46 States to Go, Help Us Legalize Marijuana!

Dear NORML Members and Supporters:

46 States to Go, Help Us Legalize Marijuana!

Please allow me to wax nostalgic for a moment or two about the wonderful progress we have all seen in recent years, with a majority of the country now supporting and end to prohibition, and the adoption of various forms of marijuana legalization in many states. The political environment was not always so favorable.

When we started NORML in 1970, only 12% of the population supported legalization; 88% supported prohibition. It has been a long, slow and sometimes arduous effort, but we have finally won the hearts and minds of most is our citizens, despite the fact that only 14% are marijuana smokers. They have concluded that prohibition causes far more harm to society than the use of marijuana, and that regulating the sale of marijuana is the better policy.

With our recent spate of victories at the state level, currently 17 states and the District of Columbia (and several major cities) have stopped treating marijuana smokers like criminals; 23 states and the District of Columbia offer legal medical marijuana; and four states have fully legalized marijuana with state-licensed dispensaries. We have reached a tipping point in the decades-long drive to legalize marijuana, and with your continued support, there is no turning back!

And we can already see the benefits: for the fourth year in a row the number of Americans arrested on marijuana charges has declined. And these declines will only increase as we move forward with victories in additional states. We expect full legalization voter initiatives to be approved in 2016 in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine (and perhaps a few others that are only now being organized).

NORML’s Work Has Just Begun

In each of these legalized states, the real job of NORML is just getting started. When I founded NORML it was the result of some work I had done with consumer-advocate Ralph Nader, and I envisioned the organization as a Consumers’ Union for marijuana smokers. As a consumer lobby, we must work to assure the smokers have access to legal marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable. We must demand that the marijuana be tested to assure there are no molds or pesticides, and we need to know the strength of the THC and the CBD, and to know what terpenoids are present. These are basic consumer rights that we could not get when marijuana was only available on the black market, but which we have every right to expect in a legal market.

And to encourage the newly legal marijuana industry to abide by a set of “best practices”, we have established the NORML Business Network, to help consumers recognize “consumer-friendly” companies. As in any new industry, there are some whose only interest is to maximize their profits, but many of these new companies feel a responsibility to adopt higher standards. The NORML Business Network will help consumers distinguish between the two.

4 Down – 46 To Go!

We obviously have much work to be done before we totally end marijuana prohibition and stop the arrest of responsible marijuana smokers all across America. But we have made a substantial start, and the public support and political momentum is clearly on our side. With your continued support, we will see this fight through to a successful conclusion, and set a standard for the rest of the world to follow.

Please make a generous contribution to NORML today of $50 or $100 or $1,000 or whatever you can afford. If you wish to make a tax-exempt contribution, make your donation to the NORML Foundation. But please do your part to recognize the tremendous progress we have made over these last four decades, and to assure we continue that progress in the months and years ahead. Donate $50 or more and receive the new documentary DVD called ‘EVERGREEN: The road to marijuana legalization in Washington State’.

Thanks for being a part of this important campaign to legalize marijuana in America.

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Keith Stroup
NORML Founder and Legal Counsel

52 thoughts

  1. Voter initiative Florida. What about majority. Sounds like kids making rules up as we go. What a pack of Nazis.

  2. It’s time for all the potheads to stand up speak out and educate and get people to vote for the legalization of marijuana we cant do it from the shadows its the time we all come out and speak

  3. Cannabis need not be a scheduled substance any more than rosemary or thyme.

    The simple solution is ending the utterly failed and totally wrongful prohibition of a beneficial herb.

    Future Sociologists/Anthropologists will spend a great deal of time attempting to comprehend our current confusion/ misapprehension surrounding cannabis…and they will ultimately conclude cannabis was never actually the “problem”.

    They will decide Cannabis Prohibition/Criminalization resulted from a combination of racism and greed.

    The actual “problem” was human prejudicial ignorance and greed.

  4. “As a consumer lobby, we must work to assure the smokers have access to legal marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.”

    Education: users must be assured instruction in:

    (a) how to ingest SAFE, vape-temperature 25-mg servings from an appropriately constructed screened-crater utensil;

    (b)how to handgrindsift herb into CONVENIENT gradefractions: 1.0 twigs, 5.0 seeds (exclude for other uses); 2.5 = #16shake; 2.0 #16grind; 3.0 + 3.5 #32shake (kief).

    (c) how AFFORDABLE: with at least 900 single vapetokes from an ounce, the 25-mg-serving-size utensil provides 22-cent tokes from a $200 ounce.

  5. Marijuana won big in the last the elections.

    So did GOP social conservatives. They now control both houses of Congress. If they gain control of the White House, too, in the next election, you can kiss any hopes of re-scheduling goodbye. Science means nothing to these people. Environmentalism is a left wing commie plot. There are no limits to growth. An international conspiracy of scientists perpetuates the climate change hoax. My representative responded to a letter favoring reform by citing irreproducible studies from 30 years ago. My representative is a physician. Reagan and Bush 2.0 both even declared that the door is still open on evolution! Science means nothing to these people. It offends their notions of ideological purity.

    Have you ever taken a close look at this Barack Obama character? AJ Anslinger tried to warn us, “When a darkie smokes marijuana, he thinks he’s just as good as a white man.” Where else would Obama have gotten the notion that all men really are created equal and that any boy could grow up to be president in this country? This is directly attributable to the moral decay caused by the assassin of youth, the demon weed, marijuana, the worst drug of all.

    Seriously, though, they may decide to reverse the Fed’s hands off policy towards states that have legalized marijuana. Mitt Romney promised to fight marijuana legalization ‘tooth and nail’. Be assured that they will find the money for the drug war despite any budget deficits. Now that older folks like me are either dying off or finding marijuana useful against the accrued aches and pains of a life time, GOP conservatives remain the last major impediment to reform. They have cultivated the prohibitionists as a voting block. It’s part of their base. They will not yield to reform as long as they can win elections without doing so.

    Vote, people. Vote!

  6. Thanks for making possible for me to be a part of this important campaign to legalize marijuana in America.

  7. Also everyone shopping at Amazon use AmazonSmile and choose NORML for your donations. It doesn’t cost you anything and your supporting NORML. I will be doing my black Friday shopping on Amazon this year because of this.

  8. Cannabis need not be a scheduled substance any more than rosemary or thyme.

    The simple solution is ending the utterly failed and totally wrongful prohibition of a beneficial herb.

    Future Sociologists/Anthropologists will spend a great deal of time attempting to comprehend our current confusion/ misapprehension surrounding cannabis…and they will ultimately conclude cannabis was never actually the “problem”.

    They will decide Cannabis Prohibition/Criminalization resulted from a combination of racism and greed.

    The actual “problem” was human prejudicial ignorance and greed.

  9. “They will decide Cannabis Prohibition/Criminalization resulted from a combination of racism and greed.”

    Right and even the current police are busily trying to sell us on, “We the police themselves aren’t racists or corrupt, it is the ‘system’ that is the ‘source’ for this corrupt even though we paid for decades to maintain the corruption it is not our fault–somehow, magically.

  10. Search the google for “cut, sifted” rosemary, thyme, OREGANO, parsley, pennyroyal, peppermint, sage, savory, spearmint, tarragon, uva ursi, wormwood etc. 616 varieties most under $5/ounce and steep discounts for larger amounts. Cut and sifted means ready for a 25-mg toke in a 5.5-mm diameter Screencupleted Vapecrater. (In the case of rosemary, you might use a razorknife to chop the logs to 4 mm or shorter and try loading in 6-8 of them per Vapetoke.)

    Getting to know the entourage of interesting herbterpenes via Vapetoke is a way to save money and learn something while waiting for the great cannabis pricedive.

  11. “Have you ever taken a close look at this Barack Obama character? AJ Anslinger tried to warn us, “When a darkie smokes marijuana, he thinks he’s just as good as a white man.” Where else would Obama have gotten the notion that all men really are created equal and that any boy could grow up to be president in this country? This is directly attributable to the moral decay caused by the assassin of youth, the demon weed, marijuana, the worst drug of all.”

    Yes, no doubt. Barry got that crazy idea in his head from smoking that “devil weed”. Somehow he thinks he is as good as a white man, which is why they have been hysterical about hating on everything conservative thing Barry does. They are supposed to be the conservative party, but it is funny watching them try and oppose everything smart and effective Barry wants to do. Like they are trying to prove to the world that being “conservative” means arguing with the president because he is black…? Shooting down every good idea this guy has for what reason??? He’s arrogant (no that was George), He thinks he is King (no that was George), He just wants what he wants (no that was George and Bill), thinks vote fraud got him elected (no that’s your candidates that win after voiding legitimate voters, i.e. voter fraud).

    Rebublicans are busy lying to each other says that black come from other places by the bus load to commit voter fraud in every election! How would this even work? The only buses on election are taking elderly to the polls, not to poll after poll. They literally get mad when their fellow Americans go to vote and make up nasty stories about them.

    These idiots think black people have buses and are highly organized for committing voters fraud. Really??? How hard would it be to find the voter fraud bus???? How do you sign up for a ride??? And how does this work exactly without you getting arrested???

  12. “Environmentalism is a left wing commie plot.”

    Except it would invented by conservatives! This is how stupid our politics are anymore! Conservatives have voided everything conservative from their own party. They actually say retarded things like “conservation is a liberal scam”. WTF is wrong with these people??? Did they eat lead paint chips as kids?

  13. “23 States and the District of Colombia offer legal medical marijuana,”

    California alone can take us over the half way mark in 2016. Republicans can kick the beer can down the road, take their pills and smoke Big Tobacco all they want, there is NO STOPPING this avalanche of marijuana reform.

    Thank you Keith; This must all feel quite rewarding after decades of long, hard work.

    Once we pass the %50 mark of U.S. population that has passed legal medicinal marijuana laws, the debate is over. The question of “further research” will be decided by us getting off our @$$es and VOTING.
    More than half of the U.S. is telling certain prohibitionists in our government that they can take the Controlled Substances Act, stick it up an orifice and smoke it. Or… they can enjoy a vaporizer full of pesticide free, preservative free, fertilizer free, and spiritually uplifting and free cannabis with the rest of us. Life is all about choices… like CHOOSING WHETHER TO VOTE.

  14. Cannabis need not be a scheduled substance any more than rosemary or thyme.

    @Erik You have made a great point. The simple way to get cannabis out of the Schedules is to define marijuana in a way that conforms to the Necessary and Proper Clause, the Ninth Amendment and the Tenth Amendment. It goes like this:

    The term “marijuana” means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    There you have it. Unsmoked cannabis is not in the Schedule, but marijuana still is. Next, reschedule cannabis smoke.

    This year is a good time to inform your representatives to correct the definition of marijuana so that it unambiguously shows respect for our Constitution.

  15. Medical marijuana
    Herb is no doubt the back bone of a people, alcohol is the killer of these people.
    Recommended for relief and treatment of particular diseases. Add me now
    Some of these conditions include:

    1. Treatment for symptoms of AIDS (Berry White, Afghan Haze,Blueberry Kush)

    2. Glaucoma (Blue Diesel, Dream Queen, Blue Dragon)

    3. Neuropathy (diseases affecting the nerves or nerve cells) Ex. epilepsy(Grand Daddy Purple 2, Snow Cap Strain)

    4. Nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy (Great White Shark, Dream Queen)

    5. Pain caused by structural or psycho-physiological disorders. (Amnesia Haze, Banana Kush)

    6. Muscular spasticity and limb pain (multiple sclerosis or spinal cord
    injury) (Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Acapulco Gold)

    7. Symptoms of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s
    disease, Tourette’s syndrome (Mango Kush, Lemon Drop, Lavender Kush)

    8. Appetite stimulant for diseases of malnutrition (cachexia or starvation) (LA Confidential, Northern Lights, Mr. Nice)

    9. Nausea and vomiting (general) (NYC Diesel, Yabba Dabba Goo, Skywalker OG, Red Stem Afghani)

    10. Migraine headaches. (Sweet Tooth, Gods Gift, Super Skunk, Purple Urkle)

  16. Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural add me for top loud

  17. @ Dave Evans
    Voter Fraud ? just count how many “dead people” vote in every election !
    that’s the standard practice while voting democRAT !
    Lying & cheating their way to victory in 2008, 2012 .
    say goodbye to all your free stuff courtesy of the 2014 midterms, LMAO ,
    New York is a Blue state & is over run by corruption thanks to King Cuckold Cuomo & Spithead Chuckie Cheese Schumer .
    Every state that is controlled by a a democrat is a cesspool of corruption .
    Democrats miss slavery days. It was Abraham Lincoln who helped free people.
    Today’s Democrats want people in chains again. If you don’t believe me, how do you explain all of these arrests for simple marijuana possession. These large cities that have a marijuana arrest problem are controlled by the democrats who are screwing their own people who voted them in.

  18. Anonymous says:
    November 22, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    Pack of Nazis? More true than you know.

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.

  19. In Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift pens a ludicrous pretext for war.
    The “reason” for the war is insane; the plot, laughable.
    After his “grandpa” nicked a finger while peeling an egg from the larger end, the emperor decreed:
    “Henceforth, on pain of death, eggs shall never again be opened from the “big end”.
    The Emperor, by divination, knew “was was best” for his subjects.
    His subjects opposed the law; rebellions began.
    Lessor monarchs defied “the law”.
    War between Lilliput and Blefuscu ensued.

    In the book, eleven thousand people chose death rather than submit to “the law”.
    Books were written about the madness.
    Those books were “banned”.
    Also banned, further research into the matter.
    The story is silly, but the message is frightening:
    The truth CAN be denied.

    535 new emperors are now masquerading as Congressional appointees.
    They too act by secret divination.
    They too decree what is best for “the subjects”.
    They too disallow further research into the matter.

    Now a new war, more bizarre than Swift ever imagined.
    The pretext is still insane:
    Disallowing cannabis while permitting tobacco and beer, has justified the Federal Government of the United States of America, to “declare war” on Americans.

    But this time, no one is laughing.

  20. Anonymous says: November 22, 2014 at 12:09 pm “Voter initiative Florida. What about majority. Sounds like kids making rules up as we go. What a pack of Nazis.”

    Those mean political kids have big bank accounts in nearby Cayman Islands. They get rich by saying “No”.

  21. @Miles

    Thanks for posting this. An excellent presentation that had me standing up and clapping at the end, too!

  22. @Weed the People

    “Today’s Democrats want people in chains again. If you don’t believe me, how do you explain all of these arrests for simple marijuana possession. These large cities that have a marijuana arrest problem are controlled by the democrats who are screwing their own people who voted them in.”

    Do you really expect us here at NORML to believe that it would be any different if these cities had Republicans in control?

    If so, why?

    The ‘Land of the Free’ is now the greatest jailer in the world. Prohibitionists may not want people in chains, but they sure as hell want them in jail. Especially if they’re ‘darkies’.

    @Dave Evans

    Let’s see if ‘Weed the People’ can give us a reason to vote for the GOP.

    Give us a reason to vote Republican, Weed the People. HINT: obnoxious Internet troll crap isn’t going to cut it. Give us a reason.

  23. Galileo makes good points.

    I would add that the Main Stream Media–that propaganda organ built by and for the corporations (“liberal media my ass”)–has been delivering a steady drum beat of anti-marijuana propaganda lately.

    I have as one of my “most frequently visited” sites on my laptop, “latest marijuana news.” And for the past 3-4 months the articles, from around the country, have had a decidedly anti-legalization tone. Scare stories abound, from the marijuana-in-candy Halloween stories, to the pot shrinks the brain crap.

    My point is that the media is just beginning to push back hard (well not just beginning, they’ve always been against pot, but you get the point). As more states legalize, I believe they will become more sensationalist and more hysterical. My local TV news, which I only see when I’m visiting my mom, has always been that way it seems: crime, murder, drugs, etc etc.

    So, we have to be prepared to counter this coming onslaught, in any manner or form.

    PS–Weed the People!?! WTF? Try spending some time in Kansas or Oklahoma if you want to see oppression or repression. I’ve been to New York plenty of times–my wife’s from Buffalo. And I’ve been to Kansas, Oklahoma (and was born and lived in Texas). So please don’t tell me about the evils of blue states. I know three blue states where you can score pot legally; I know a hell of a lot of others where MMJ is going strong. I know that in my state, NM, the marijuana advocates are decrying the fact that a tea party republican, Susana Martinez, was reelected for 4 long years. That probably means NM won’t legalize for at least 4 long years! Gimme a friggin’ break!

  24. We have many friends and family with medical conditions who have used hemp. The results we amazing. The medical world couldn’t find anything wrong or what was causing issues. So they would keep referring out and keep adding meds that only had more side effects or didn’t work. They simply gave up and said deal with it, it because your aging, we see this all the time, or it’s all in your head. No results from medical feild. Weather it’s pain, anxiety, Nero issues, depression, sexual function, mirgrains and vomiting plus many others. Medications don’t work as well. One natural solution and relief from many issues. Even other testimonies of people who used hemp for many health benefits have had great success after long term trial and error attempt with medical communities. So if so many people are getting results why don’t you serious look at it? Or is it cause you don’t get millions of kick backs and donations and funding into your wallets from this business. How much would it take from your pockets if you told Pfizer we had a better solution to 20 differant health issues with one natural plant? That would damage the health care companies as you know it and the political wallets of the people in office. But we need to look out for Better ways. They look at it from the greed side of it. You look at it from a wellness and evidence and science based facts and proven results. How many times have you heard of hemp being recalled vs medications. The more I see people in need and read success stories the more I am convinced with proper steps it can be done right and safely. It about education. The most education about it is that you will be a druggy failure and it’s no good and it only to make you get HIGH. that is what I was taught and believed. But the more I research and study it the more benefits I see for it and would like to see it go through.

    You may also support NORML through our online shopping website site. It won’t cost you anything more than what you would already spend and purchase online anyhow. You may do all your holiday shopping and earn cash back from using our personal website with http://www.shop.com/ jamiller. We are proud supports of this movement.

  25. @SinnedAngel;
    It’s he who laughs last that’s he who wins.

    That’s a quote from the Bible… And lyrics from a Bob Marley song called “Babylon System.”

    Bob also says in that song, “Tell children the truth.”

    “Cuz we’ve been taken for granted,
    Much too long;
    Re-bel. Re-bel.”

    We’ve been rebelling with non-violent civil disobedience and self medication for much too long. Donate to NORML, DPA, MPP and LEAP. Purchase from Amazon Smile and choose NORML Foundation as your charity.
    Crowd source for pro marijuana candidates and donate to NORML PAC. Travel to legalized states and purchase commercially taxed state-legal marijuana. VOTE. Buy a vaporizer and some Marley’s.(soon to be released). This is how the revolution is winning, and this is how it will be won.

  26. Stories about children treated for seizures with extracts (no smoking/recreation use involved) is the introduction I use to discuss legalization with people who are not sure it is a good idea. It would be good to show the before and after- spread it on social networks for the sake of sick children who can quit having painful seizures!

  27. Hello Weed the People,

    “Voter Fraud ? just count how many “dead people” vote in every election !
    that’s the standard practice while voting democRAT !”

    Yeah, thanks for that example. See, this is what is called brain washing. The reason being, dead people do vote in every elect at an “undectable” rate. Meaning voter ID laws are much more likely to prevent a lawful voter from voting than it is likely to stop a fraud voter. The way these idiot laws are set up, you can show up at the polls with your photos ID, but since they already removed you from the registration, you can’t vote anyway!!!

    We will be able to find out exactly how many real voters that weren’t committing fraud have been illegally told they can’t vote.

    See, the far larger amount of voter fraud is being committed by Rebublicans removing legitimate voters from voter registrations on their broken theory these people are fraud voters.

  28. I coulld not agree more.Im writing a research paper on the subject. Here is a summary. Using the state of Colorado’s newly enacted laws as a template, the federal government should move to legalize marijuana. This move should be made for people using marijuana for medicinal purposes as well as those who are currently using it for recreation. The positive effects this move would have far outweigh the risks as demonstrated in Colorado where they are approaching the 1 year anniversary of legalization with no major disasters to report. One of the most positive effects would be felt in the field of medicine. New research has even discovered that a chemical compound found in cannabis called cannabinoids have been shown in lab research to halt the advancement of aggressive cancer cells. The legalization of marijuana could also provide economic gains. Employment in the state of Colorado’s marijuana industry is projected to keep growing for the near future. If legalization were to become a reality it would also mean that law enforcement would be able to redirect funding currently used to fight marijuana distribution.

  29. @Julian
    These days, I manage a knowing sly grin.
    I’m saving “the last laugh” for the end game.
    I do what I can .. wish it was more, but that’s what it is for now .. keep saying what I know, hope someone is listening.
    An ancient symbiotic relationship .. THC and sentient beings.
    I think about all those cave paintings .. smoke filled light from hemp fueled flames cast dancing shadows on the wall .. captured in charcoal .. synapses connect where none existed .. the primordial endocannabinoid journey begins.

  30. Myth of Voter Fraud

    It is important to protect the integrity of our elections.

    But we must be careful not to undermine free and fair access to the ballot in the name of preventing voter fraud.

    The Brennan Center’s ongoing examination of voter fraud claims reveal that voter fraud is very rare, voter impersonation is nearly non-existent, and much of the problems associated with alleged fraud in elections relates to unintentional mistakes by voters or election administrators.

    Our report “The Truth About Voter Fraud” reveals most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless — and that of the few allegations remaining, most reveal election irregularities and other forms of election misconduct.

    Voter fraud is not acceptable in our elections, but we must find a balance and not impose solutions that make it harder for millions of eligible Americans to participate in our democracy. – @Brennan Center for Justice

  31. “Buy a vaporizer and some Marley’s”– @Julian

    Caution here, some unhelpful confusion could result. If the sentence were spoken aloud listeners might assume it meant “some Marleys” (plural form) instead of “some Marley’s” (singular but genitive) resembling “some Marlboros”.

    Smarter (oops sorry that sounds like Kevin Sabet) would be to say “some Marley” (singular– i.e. some of the stuff, not $igarettes) as in
    “More Marley, Less Monoxide” (Vape Slogan). In fact, an article stated the new Marley franchise wouldn’t wRoll the herb in $igarettes. Maybe they’ll furnish cannisters of “cut and sifted” herb convenient for single tokes in a 25-mg format.

  32. Is Weed the People still trolling this blog? Didn’t you learn your lesson the last time we sparred or do I have to bring up the “Great Stink of London” again?

    It’s truly amazing what some people will make themselves or try to make others believe for 30 pieces of silver. Be careful that we don’t allow people like Weed here to reduce the elevation of our conversation into mindless dribble over partisan politics or racial “either or” debates.” We are all responsible for our failed drug policies, and anyone who attempts to foot the blame either on a drug or one another is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Remember, there were African American Congressman who unwittingly voted for the C.S.Act of 1970, because blaming drugs seemed like a good idea at the time. Stop the blame game. Deschedule marijuana.

    While I’m in the habit of quoting Bob Marley, here’s a good one for you Weed;

    “If you knew your history, then you would know where you’re coming from. Then you wouldn’t have to ask me: Who the Hell do you think I am?”

    In other words, being who we are changes over time… and so does our so called ideology. I pray you will grow into a more responsible understanding of your responsibility to a fairly taxed Democracy. Democracy happens with well balanced participation and cooperation; “A House divided against itself cannot stand,” if you wish to quote our first Republican.

    The very principal of independence from government that is preached among so-called modern Republicans is defeated by the absence of Democratic principle. An advanced, peaceful human society requires fair regulation and adjusted taxation so that the farmer can live self-sustained and we protect our resources using sustainable commercial taxation; instead of greedily prohibiting and patenting our natural resources for maximum profit and minimum sustainability. Marijuana is no exception to the rule. Indeed, marijuana is an epic example of the failures to prohibit living beings for profit at the expense of sustainable freedom. Any illusion of “control” in the “Controlled Substance Act” has been just that; merely an illusion under the veil of costly oppression and tyranny. For the controller becomes vistim of control, and the endocannabinoid so subtly becomes the exocannabinoid by the ephemeral glance of perception. After all, we are what we consume.

    While voter fraud is a persistent threat, the truth is that gerrymandering has cut up districts about as far as they can be cut, and the pendulum of our two-party system will be returning to a Democratic momentum at the very moment when California will be voting us over the %50 mark of Democratic pro-marijuana policies in 2016. Weed will have to think up some very creative new lies and derailing arguments for our continued entertainment. Prohibition is simply UNSUSTAINABLE. There simply isn’t any room anymore to entertain anarchistic ideologies for the sake of some fleeting illusion of segregation which doesn’t even exist in modern American society, except by the glutted delusions of the few wealthy pirates of patent and prohibition… And their purchased, wannabe neophytes that somehow convince themselves that if they vote with the oppressor, they too will be part of the “rich man’s club.” It’s the classic tragedy of the puppy barking at his own reflection and losing the meat out of his mouth. The prohibitionist’s days are numbered.

    Marijuana policy is both panacea and covers every major issue of American politics…

    Drug policy affects the legacy of disproportionate incarceration and violence afflicted by law enforcement to minorities as Obama questions the legacy he will leave behind, and hovers closely over the executive authority to deschedule marijuana. We can cover the investigations of racial disparity of primarily white cops and minorities only for so long without discussing the root cause of this inequality which lies within our drug policy and the WAY WE PAY OUR COPS. Or our Secret Service…

    Drug policy transcends immigration policy as we continue to deport criminals without reporting criminal records to the countries receiving deported gangsters created here in the U.S.
    Sure Republicans; let’s secure our borders… after we secure our domestic drug policy FIRST. “Foolish Pharisee; Clean the inside of the cup first and then the outside will be clean…”

    Drug policy directly affects our health care system, as Obama looks for ways to lower health care costs without having forced insurance companies to allow doctors and patients to determine the cost of health care. (hint: deschedule marijuana… the rest is up to us).

    We are not fooled by the purchase of our media, nor the purchase of our elected officials. We will not settle for racially based bigotry, voter fraud or the anarchy of libertarian arguments to end our hard-earned Democracy. We will have commercially taxed marijuana coexist with the subsidized and self-sustained small local farmer. We will have lowered taxes for medicinal marijuana patients and we will end the hypocrisy of the Department of Health and Human Services that both patents and prohibits marijuana to meddle in the lives of marijuana consumers to exploit our children.

    We will not be made too afraid to vote, we will not be confused by hatred either for our fellow man or for our government. We have lived the lies, the fear and deception of prohibition for too long to slow this momentum down. And to our enemies we shall maintain our freedom as we say to them, “You will want this education for your children…” Because we understand that forgiving does NOT mean forgetting.

  33. The legalization of Marijuana goes far beyond eliminating the persecution of a group of Americans who do not detract in any way from society, it is about getting back to our roots and the business of making America the freest, most equal society in the world.

  34. @Eric K Johnson. I don’t think voter fraud is a myth here in Arizona, where there are plenty of dead people and illegal immigrants voting!

  35. @Juanita

    “Once half the states legalize it becomes federally legal, correct?”

    I don’t think it’s automatic that half the states legalizing would change federal law. It would certainly indicate a national momentum toward changing the federal laws, though.

  36. Be careful that we don’t allow people like Weed here to reduce the elevation of our conversation into mindless dribble over partisan politics or racial “either or” debates.” – Julian

    The best way to eliminate trolls is to not feed them…they always leave to seek narcissistic supply elsewhere…trolls thrive on any form of attention…particularly negative attention.

  37. @ Julian,

    I enjoy reading your posts because it’s obvious that you put a lot of thought into them. You’re more objective than I can ever be and I envy that.

    I have to tell you that I am slightly worried about the legalization situation; there is plenty of pushback going on by the conservatives and the press right now, more than I’d expected. However, as we near 2016, that hopefully will begin changing again.

    We’ve seen that even during a “conservative” election cycle, such as that that we’ve just witnessed (November 2014), that progressive ideas can still prevail, the MJ legalization in two states, Ore. and Alaska being two examples. That’s a very good sign. And hopefully we’ll see the momentum continue in ’16, with the heaviest of heavyweights–California–jumping aboard the legalization train.

    I’ve decided that I’d like to join some MJ advocacy group (perhaps even NORML), and I’d planned on doing it in October or November; my work situation became too heavy, so perhaps I’ll shoot for after the new year. But, you can rest assured that I will stick with our cause, and hopefully help to push it through somewhere somehow.

  38. @Evening Bud,

    Thanks for vows of advocacy after the new year, yes there is much to contend with as the pseudoconservatives lastditchtry to fend off true Conservation (nontreekilling, nontobackgo)measures, and maybe because best results are from scheduling tokes before urgent (but more physical, least bureaucratic) work you might consider changing the username to

    Morning Bud

  39. Prohibitionists passed the 18th amendment and when the public passed the 21st to repeal prohibition of alcohol, the civil servants becamed the Drug Enforcement Agency. Lessons ignored then about social engineering led to crime syndicates, murder, gerrymandering, and politicians that believe their elitist legislation is relegating their own progeny to a future fraught with institutionalized discrimination and theft without due processes.

  40. @Evening Bud,

    I wouldn’t worry so much over the “pushback.” We become “objective” and inspired when we listen to each other’s life experiences and become educated as to how our economy and Democracy really works, which is what NORML is fundamentally about; a consumer advocacy group centered around education as a weapon against the exploitation of patented prohibitions.

    The story of American marijuana prohibition is the most educating tool i know that can teach us not only how Democracy can be compromised by our own ignorance, but how we can regain it with our own education.

    Knowledge is power. Agricultural Sustainability is a commodity more powerful than any credit we could ever “qualify” for. Cannabis is the most agriculturally sustainable crop intended for human coexistence with our planet that has ever coevolved in our primate history.

    What we are doing by ending marijuana prohibition is ending the illusion that one man must decrease for the other to increase, or that by submitting to the opressor we somehow become part of the opressor’s “club,” whether by race, religion or political affiliation. With commercially taxed, agriculturally and industrially subsidized and residentially free cannabis, what we in effect will create within American society and across the globe is a new era of enlightenment… A Green Age of innovation and agricultural sustainability that will lead us to investigate what new prohibitions or methods of incarceration will fill some quota? And what new incentives can we provide to reward our social workers and law enforcement to pursue violent criminals instead of nonviolent marijuana consumers? How does the way we pay our elected officials and members of public service and office affect their value of justice and socioeconomic equality? Should cops be rewarded for arresting 1 murderer per month or 40 non violent minorities in posession of marijuana? What if the emphasis on the survival of our civilization depended on our agricultural coexistence and not on our gerrymandered geopolitical dominance for the profit of a limited few?

  41. Mark,

    “Conservatives” have been telling each other stories about black folks. See, they actually believe they have some kind of, “Voter Fraud Bus” that takes blacks from district to district so they can vote over and over. You ’em tell how stupid it sounds and they swear over and over this is actually happening.

    Really? How does one sign up for the “Voter Fraud Bus”??? These people live in their own world of made up stats and facts. For example, Bedrock was a real place. Basically they claim white and black people have been on different evolutionary pathways since *before* the dinosaurs died out.

    You can make up the most amazing stories by mixing dyslexia and denial… Amazing or just Double Dumb?

  42. I meant Eric and Weed. Mark is some one else 🙂

    Just think about showing up to commit voters fraud: First, you have to pick a dead person to impersonate. Then you would have to organize as only one person can show up to attempt to use said dead person’s vote. The next person that tries to use that ID would be rejected and the plot uncovered. See, on the voters ID bus, not only would they need to names and addresses of dead people, but only all agree to use to those names only once–Which is impossible if there are enough of this going for it to matter.

  43. @Evening Bud,
    I wish to add you are a valuable asset to New Mexico’s NORML chapters. I apologize for going on a rant without congratulating you on your victories in Alburquerque and Santa Fe. Every little bit we do helps. While our donations, letters to Congress and votes count so much in this movement of Civil Rights we call marijuana legalization, we can’t underestimate the power of good ol’ fashioned community cooperation. Joining or better yet creating a local NORML chapter contains more power than we are often aware of. As my Godmother used to say washing dishes; “Look at how a single drop can clear up all of the dirty water; The ripples get bigger but someone has to start them.”

  44. Hey Julian,

    Thanks for the kind words. I hope I haven’t given the impression that I am now an advocate; I’m an advocate only in the sense that I preach legalization (almost non-stop) to friends and relatives. I am seriously considering becoming a member of some advocacy group after the new year, tho.

    Mexweed, and thank you too.

    It was great seeing the electoral “victories” in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Alas, that in Albq is only a “recommendation” that the city council consider decriminalization in the next vote. Yet, as you say, it IS a victory, and certainly puts the pressure of the people on the council to do the right thing. I know one of the Albq councilors who voted for decrim in Albq (Bernalillo county) is the fellow who, I believe, initiated the vote in the first place, and he’s vowed to keep bringing it up at the council until it becomes law.

    Best wishes.

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