31 States Are Considering Marijuana Law Reform, Is Yours One of Them?

At post time, there are 31 states that currently have pending marijuana law reform legislation. These measures deal with a wide array of topics including decriminalization, record expungement, medical access, and full legalization. 2015 is shaping up to be one of the most active legislative sessions on record for the marijuana legalization movement, but these bills won’t pass themselves. It is absolutely crucial that you, the stakeholders and voters, get engaged in the process and apply pressure to your state lawmakers to urge them to support these measures.

Reaching out to your state officials is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse using NORML’s Take Action Center. Simply consult the landing page to see if your state has pending legislation, click on that legislation, enter your zip code, and a pre-written email will be sent on your behalf. Once you have taken this initial step, we strongly encourage you to follow up by contacting your lawmakers directly and speaking to them on the phone. If politicians don’t hear from their constituents on these pieces of legislation, they remain unlikely to support them when they are called for a vote. Click HERE to see the full list of pending legislation. Recent additions include:

Don’t forget to check out the full listing here and check back frequently as new alerts are added and old ones are updated with the most recent information.

Together, we can make the country a little more NORML. Together, we WILL legalize marijuana nationwide.

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  1. Texas is considering a cbd-only bill. I don’t think that is enough, but it would definitely be helpful.

  2. I hope and pray Kentucky makes it legal. I suffer from chronic pain from nerve damage osteoporosis fibromyalgia four disks deteriorated. Neuropathy I really get relief from medical marijuana better than pain pills I tried it once I was was convinced it was just what I needed it really took my pain away. Please Kentucky consider those of suffering who can benefit from marijuana.

  3. I duly sent my state Reps emails, asking them to vote for legalization. A big thanks to NORML for making the process easier than it otherwise probably would’ve been.

    Hate to beat the proverbial dead horse here, but it appears that the Republicans may try to defeat this legalization attempt. We’ll see.

  4. @Mathew
    Check out http://www.TexasNorml.org
    You would be surprised how many bills are hitting the state legislature this year from hemp to medicinal to HR 507 to decriminalize the small possession of marijuana to a $100 fine, no jail time, which has already been introduced in the House and is in committee.
    Please take the time to link to “action” here at the top right of this webpage and politely write your State Senator to co-sponsor HR 507. It’s better than 700,000 Non violent Texans incarcerated per year!

  5. Can’t believe Oohio is leading the pack
    could be legal in 9 months by ballot.
    Maybe the law makers in Columbus can get off their butts
    and pass a bill to beat the ballot

    BIG THANKS TO NORML for making of such interesting times.

  6. Kansas has no compassion for its patients rights or their healthcare decisions. With a quarter of a million deaths nationally every year from petroleum based chemicals pushed by chemical companies calling themselves big pharma, when will americans wake up to the disrespect handed out by their controllers? They don’t care about your health, their only desire is to protect their profits.

  7. Iowa will be the last to do anything in the next years. If you are thinking ever about moving here or even passing thru DON”T DO IT!!
    If you get caught with just a gram of MMJ you will get a $1,000 fine and could do jail time. The GOP is running this state and ruining peoples lives.

  8. I don’t see anything here about Idaho. I will call our state lawmakers and ask why Idaho has no marijuana legalization legislation pending.

  9. Wisconsin had a vote on the back of the ballot on whether or not we should decriminalize marijuana during the gubernatorial election and we never heard the results of the poll. And from what I hear Walker just won’t have it.

    The people want weed legalized here, but not the politicians.

  10. @Mark I, please try to avoid hyperboles that could confuse readers and discredit the NORML site. I haven’t seen that figure of a “quarter million deaths annually” from petroleum-based pHARMaceuticals anywhere previously, but you could extend your concern to the $igarette “golden holocaust” recently estimated at 480,000 deaths annually in US!

    The best priority role of marijuana law reform is to

    (a) help PREVENT 800,000 Americans a year (as recently estimated) getting hooked on tobacco $igarettes with a 40% chance of premature death and a Surgeon General 2014 estimate of $289-BIL. US yearly costs for “$moking-related illness”, and

    (b) if you so wish, thereby PREVENT pHARMa companies from cashing in as presently on a $135-BIL. share of those costs for “medical care”.

    Please give consideration to the likelihood that legalizing and de-demonizing cannabis will result in removal of “Drug Paraphernalia” laws that deter use of VAPORIZERS and flexdrawtube one-hitters (not as easy to hide from your Mom or the cop) and drive minors toward concealable hot burning overdose monoxide Joints which have been described as a “Trojan Horse” luring children into $igarette addiction.

  11. Philly NORML is working on improving the MMJ legislation in Pennsylvania. I read what they want, and it looks good; sure beats not being able to vape or smoke as is written in the current bill.

    I’m pleased to see that NBC is going to produce Buds, and hope that it will be pro-cannabis enough to persuade other states to legalize both medical and recreational. Industrial goes without saying that it too ought to be legalize.


  12. I would like to inform NORML that Mississippi has an Initiative #48 to Fully Legalize Cannabis and Hemp.You guys seem to be over looking our efforts.MS will Legalize and Regulate Cannabis like Alcohol.Visit our FB page or our website http://yesonproposition48.org/ and check us out for yourselves.We will succeed,Thank You

  13. Hey guys, Ohio is a State too! We currently have four ballot initiatives in the works. There has also been a CBD oil bill introduced. Just trying to get Ohio in the spotlight too. It seems like we are always overlooked in these kind of stories.

  14. @voice:
    Idaho is one of the states belonging to the same District of States under Judicial Review by Judge Mueller in the case of the United States v. Picard that heard evidence over the Constitutionality of the scheduling of marijuana. Judge Mueller has about three weeks to decide on the case. Watch for it.. A likely decision for the Defense will affect the laws of Idaho in ways neither of us have yet imagined…

  15. What this article fails to mention is that Mississippi has the bi48. We are currently collecting signatures to get on the 2016 ballot to legalize and decriminalize Cannibis in our state!! The state itself is looking into the medical use We The People hope to take this all the way to insure no one else is denied medical use or that a father or mother sits on jail for a plant that is actually very healthy for you. Please help support our bi48!! Im tired of Mississippi being last at everything! Just once let’s be in the forefront of this much needed change!

  16. NYC Mayor de Blasio met in a private meeting with one of the police union leaders, Edward Mullins. If this meeting did not result in legalizing cannabis in NYC in order to pay for some of the things the police want in their collective bargaining contracts, then there needs to be another one, and another. Quid pro quo, the police union members want something and the money has to come from somewhere. Politically it’s the low-hanging fruit when it comes down to ignoring the federal prohibition compared with trying to raise taxes on things that are already taxed. DC’s legalization has been dubbed the Wild West of Weed back East because that dick from Maryland, Harris, and every prohibitionist like him. NYC needs to be the other bookend on the East Coast to DC. NYC may lag DC a very short time to avoid pitfalls of DC which isn’t allowed to regulate. Then fill in the middle megalopolis.


    Feds need to drop the charges not just against Larry Harvey but also drop the charges against his family. I understand they don’t want to foot the medical bill for Mr. Harvey; the others should be dismissed via a medical defense and the fact that cannabis is now legal at the state level.


    Go New Jersey, maybe with NYC raking in ca$h on the other side of the river things will speed up exponentially there, despite Christie.

    Definitely diggin’ Jared Polis’ legislation to get the feds out of cannabis prohibition.

    Looking forward to Nebraska and Oklahoma dropping their lawsuit against Colorado! So if they carried on with the suit and happened to win the whack-a-mole game, doubtful, then …

  17. Did any one see the news this morning ? They “the government are going to blame marijuana on the American sniper killing. They say it was marijuana induced killing. Can you believe that ? Using marijuana to put the brakes on legalization across the states.

  18. Please update information for Wichita, Kansas!

    Marijuana Sentencing Reform is on the ballot for the city General Elections, April 7, 2015, in Wichita, KS. Marijuana Reform activists collected sufficient voter signatures on Election Day, Nov. 4, 2014 to put the reform on the ballot with the City’s Mayoral race. The initiative will reduce the penalty from 1 year in jail and $2500 maximum fine to $50 fine and no jail for the first offense in a year.

    In addition, the Kansas Sentencing Commission has proposed a bill, HB 2049 to “defelonize” the first two marijuana possession convictions. Kansas is in a self imposed budget crisis and they are looking to save money. There are only minor fine reductions, not like our City Marijuana Reform Initiative, which reduces to a $50 fine maximum fine and no jail.

  19. Big steel don’t want us to grow a car, plus the 10,000 other products made from marijuana.
    We would never have to cut down another tree.

  20. colorado and oregon pitch new federal pot framework they introduced seperate bills on friday that would regulate mj. like alcohol and tax the drug at a federal level……… bill submitted by jared polis colorado and a bill submitted by earl blumenaur of oregon..i think we are finally getting somewhere it will soon be legal nation wide ,,lets pray it happens soon ,,,,no more schedule 1 BS

  21. I am so embarrassed to be part of Georgia these days. It use to be a very good state a very progressive state where jobs were plentiful and paid good money. If you wanted to live in the south this was the place to be, however since the Republicans have taken over the state legislature and the Governors seat it has become nothing more than a throwback to the 1960’s full of racism and bigotry. Jobs are scarce and low paying with an unemployment rate almost twice that of the rest of the country. They are without question a pathetic bunch.

    Georgia should have been the first state in the South to legalize hemp and marijuana but I’m afraid as long as this state is Republican there will be nothing advanced at any level on any subject that will truly benefit the people statewide.

    Governor Deal has said there needs to be more research for medical marijuana which is nothing more than Republican stall tactics used when conservative politicians (the moral authority) don’t have the stones to deal with a subject supported by the American people on a scale of 60%. Anyone with half a brain knows that all the information and research you need to know is right at your finger tips and sitting on most every desk in this country for all to learn.

    Georgia is governed by a bunch of backwoods rubes that is more interested in seeing people in jail and their lives ruined than free to choose. The bigots are killing our state.

  22. @My Ohio

    My mom told me today (2/21) about legalization getting on this Nov ballot, but I don’t see it anywhere on this list. Where is everyone getting this info?

    [Paul Armentano responds: This page is specific to state legislative efforts, not initiatives. To date, the Ohio effort is still in the signature gathering phase.]

  23. Hemp for PA? Jeez. Our problems are soon over. Let the good times grow. Unwind yo mind. Token # of states, 31+4=420.

  24. Well it seems like NH will have weed decriminalized very soon and its about time. At least we have medical marijuana though the Gov has been very slow in implementing it and there wont be any medical dispensaries open until October 2015.

  25. Illinois law denies safe access to medicinal cannabis therapy to any one convicted of a cannabis felony.

    I thought the singular purpose of medical marijuana laws was to protect patients from being designated as “criminals”?…eh?

    Prohibiting/Excluding the thousands of former drug felons from this law will only ensure the continuation of the non-taxed/non-regulated Black Market…bear in mind the guy on the corner doesn’t check ID’s or care what drugs her/his “customer’s” consume…give it a think?

    This wrongful exclusion should be amended from this poorly crafted “law”…sooner rather than later?

  26. Thank you, Bill Maher! Thank you again for calling for cannabis to be legalized!

    I just read the article, and watched the video excerpt of your show on Huffington Post.

    It was right on. People in prison for pot absolutely need to be pardoned. Thank you for urging President Obama to pardon them, too.

    Bill Maher is ridiculing prohibitionist double standards and hypocrisy, and rightly so. When will the NETWORK late-night comedians’ corporate handlers allow them to lambaste cannabis prohibition and the prohibitionists? NBC is supposed to be producing Buds, and I’m thinking the show can’t just be about taking cheap Cheech and Chong and Pineapple Express and Half Baked pot shots, and survive for long. (Pun intended.) I’m thinking Buds might be along the lines of Cheers but with cannabis. Then I’m wondering when or if Weeds will go to another channel for reruns, Fox running the reruns.

    I sure hope something positive for cannabis legalization happens soon in Pennsylvania. There’s a hearing for MMJ coming up soon, but that might be as far as it gets. The sooner medical cannabis is legal in Pennsylvania the sooner the public can see cannabis is NOT the devil’s weed prohibitionists have be making it out to be, because they will see people benefiting from it. Then the state can legalize adult recreational, something the federal government should have address a long time ago, which is why the states have to turn around and do it anyway without the blessings of the feds.

    Thanks, Bill. Thanks, NORML.

  27. What about the Carolinas? It would be great to hear good news in North Carolina, at least?

    [Paul Armentano responds: Please click the link to the Take Action page. South Carolina has decriminalization legislation pending: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/51046/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=15328. Both N. Carolina and South Carolina also have medical marijuana legalization legislation pending: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/51046/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=15637.%5D

  28. Louisiana has a bill filed for medical as well.


    [Paul Armentano responds: HB 6 uses the term ‘prescribe’ rather than recommend. Since cannabis remains schedule I under federal law, it is not legal for doctors to prescribe the substance. But they can legally provide oral or written recommendations. NORML is urging the sponsor to amend the language of this bill.]

  29. @Oracle, I’m sure you’re right, legalized medical mj will kill off demonweed dogma in PA. Meanwhile, I looked up and found Pennsylvania in recent years has risen to 7th leading tobacco-growing state! Uh oh. Will hot-burning-overdose $igarette “burley tobacco” marketers let

    (A) cannabis legalization also bring with it legalization of heat-not-burn vaporizers, flexdrawtube one-hitters, now banned as “Paraphernalia” (paranoia-infernal-alien) to substitute for high-profit hot burning overdose $igs, or

    (B) cannabis substitute for tobacco?

    Watch out, after all that investment in tobacco equipment and skills, those buzzards might “rather fight than switch”…

  30. Wow, West Virginia just introduced a medical bill. I never thought I would live to see the day. I feel like I just woke up in the Twilight Zone. I hope my state has more gumption and sensibility than I’ve ever given it credit for. Please pass! My head is still spinning, just can’t believe it.

    [Paul Armentano responds: You can contact your Senate member in support of the bill here: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/51046/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=15739.%5D

  31. Ya’ll keep leaving out Louisiana on your list. Why?
    We have the politicians on our side, the governor said that he would sign the bill.
    We are working hard on getting this issue passed in Louisiana. Please help us out , and help us out. Louisiana has the highest cancer rate in the USA.

    [Paul Armentano responds: The Louisiana legislature is not yet in session. The pre-filed medical bill uses language that renders it moot (calls for a physicians ‘prescription’ rather than a ‘recommendation). We have reached out to the sponsor and requested the language be amended.]

  32. I see the northeast, and the western states looking to legalize and make marijuana a legitimate commodity. The southern states will most likely be the last hold outs.

    L E G A L I Z E I T ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  33. I see quite a few comments on Republicans trying to put an end to legalization. I am no fan of ANY politicians, esp the GOP, but what you should understand is that many wealthy political/politically connected people have a vested interested in keeping AS MANY PEOPLE in jails/prisons as possible. I see “the powers that be” legalizing in the future, but before you rejoice, know that they will only switch tactics to refill the prisons with marijuana related DUI offenses, all while they collect great big piles of $$$$ from the tax revenue. They will have the best of both worlds. I am disheartened to think that after we may “WIN” this battle, we will only be at the start of the war. If you dont think $ is their motivation, ask yourself- what redeeming social benefit do alcohol or tobacco have? How addictive are they, and how destructive are they…yet legal. Because big $ talks and all of us “dirty pot heads” walk, and if they have their way it will be walking in shackles.

  34. “…and if they have their way it will be walking in shackles.”

    Yeah, well, they wouldn’t want to send the wrong message, kids might think they live in a free country.

  35. @ Mexweed

    I can drive just out of town, and see field after field of tobacco in the growing season.

    In the late 1990s, Penn State folks from their agricultural faculty did a survey on farmers who would be willing to grow hemp. Ralph (rest in peace) basically funded it. When the tobacco companies got wind of it they got the farmers a better quality tobacco to plant, a hybrid that would fetch them more money, which was the death knell to the early hemp legalization movement in the Commonwealth.

    People do not raid the tobacco fields because they prefer to buy the finished product, i.e. cigarettes, cigars, etc.

    When you get into Amish territory, you see a lot of tobacco. The Amish call cannabis grown for medical or recreational use “green corn.” They must hide it well, or not many of them are planting it because law enforcement does fly-overs looking for it, and I don’t see it in the news for Amish getting busted. They’re not connected to the electric grid so they can’t be growing it indoors. Sometimes on that show Amish Mafia they deal with the subject matter of “green corn.” I rarely watch the show.

  36. So sad the S.E. U.S. is far behind the modern times, and worse yet can”t seem to break the mental chain that prevents self rule. AL is still hoping drive in movies make a come back.

  37. I don’t see Louisiana on this list !
    how in the world are we passing up this revenue when on the news every day they are crying about the state budget.
    They have more minorities incarcerated for non violent drug related crimes than any other state. Wanna save money? LEGALIZE NOW !

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