Congressional Legislation Introduced to Get the Federal Government Out of the Marijuana Enforcement Business

Legislation was introduced Friday in the US House of Representatives to permit states to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal interference.

House Resolution 1013, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, removes cannabis from the United States Controlled Substances Act. It also removes enforcement power from the US Drug Enforcement Administration in matters concerning marijuana possession, production, and sales — thus permitting state governments to regulate these activities as they see fit.

Said the bill’s primary sponsor, Democrat Jared Polis of Colorado: “Over the past year, Colorado has demonstrated that regulating marijuana like alcohol takes money away from criminals and cartels, grows our economy, and keeps marijuana out of the hands of children. While President Obama and the Justice Department have allowed the will of voters in states like Colorado and 22 other jurisdictions to move forward, small business owners, medical  marijuana patients, and others who follow state laws still live with the fear that a new administration – or this one—could reverse course and turn them into criminals. It is time for us to replace the failed prohibition with a regulatory system that works and let states and municipalities decide for themselves if they want, or don’t want, to have legal marijuana within their borders.”

Separate legislation, House Resolution 1014: the Marijuana Tax Revenue Act, introduced by Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, seeks to impose a federal excise tax on the retail sale of marijuana for non-medical purposes as well as apply an occupational tax for state-licensed marijuana businesses. Such commercial taxes would only be applicable if and when Congress has moved to defederalize marijuana prohibition.

“It’s time for the federal government to chart a new path forward for marijuana.” said Rep. Blumenauer. “Together these bills create a federal framework to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, much like we treat alcohol and tobacco. The federal prohibition of marijuana has been a failure, wasting tax dollars and ruining countless lives. As more states move to legalize marijuana as Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska have done, it’s imperative the federal government become a full partner in building a workable and safe framework.”

Similar versions of these measures were introduced in the previous Congress but failed to gain federal hearings.

To contact your US House member and urge him/her to support House Resolution 1013, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act and/or other pending federal marijuana law reform legislation, please visit NORML’s Take Action page here.

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  1. this is amazing news! For anyone who is well versed in American government and its function, what is a likely timeline for this to get passed (best and worst case scenario)? Very curious.

  2. You couldn’t consciously design a more counterproductive, callous, kroc of an excuse for a marijuana policy as the ONDCP and conservatives advocate should stand as the law of the land.

    “It’s time for the federal government to chart a new path forward for marijuana.” said Rep. Blumenauer.

    — my thoughts exactly.

    “Together these bills create a federal framework to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, much like we treat alcohol and tobacco. The federal prohibition of marijuana has been a failure, wasting tax dollars and ruining countless lives. As more states move to legalize marijuana as Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska have done, it’s imperative the federal government become a full partner in building a workable and safe framework.”

    Sure sound good to me.

    How about you folks?


    I’m raising money for STATE OF TEXAS VS WASHINGTON CANNABIS LAWS. AND ME . Please join me in supporting my campaign.

  4. Look all I know is I just want to toke when I want to and not be paranoid about being arrested .. I’m not looking to make profit just smoke ???? but I my self think this wont pass but ill be damn happy if it does .. Ps thank you everyone and norml for keeping at it ..if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be as far as we are today

  5. GREAT. (Sarcasm) Now the Feds want a tax? Pray tell, how much of a tax? I PROMISE if Coloradans have to pay $60 for an eighth legalization will fall apart, as most of us will REturn to the “black market”. We pay $25 and not a penny mor e…why cnt the average American profit from an accessible crop like marijuana

  6. GREAT. (Sarcasm) Now the Feds want a tax? Pray tell, how much of a tax? I PROMISE if Coloradans have to pay $60 for an eighth legalization will fall apart, as most of us will REturn to the “black market”. We pay $25 and not a penny mor e…why cant the average American profit from an accessible crop like marijuana? Oh that’s right…we don’t have $50,000 to invest. And a pre-emptive stfu to anybody from a 1930’s prohibition type state, because you have no idea what it is like when high grade costs $25 and you realize it isn’t ACTUALLY worth any more than that since it costs little (relatively speaking) to produce. ZERO OFFENSE TO ANY.

  7. HR 1013 (Polis, Colorado) is a much brighter step than HR 1014 (Blumenauer, Oregon), which establishes a 10-25% tax on cannabis. The likely drop of cannabis prices due to legalization notwithstanding, the government is taking too much of a cut which will ensure that the black market persists.

    HR 1013 is much more palatable, as it addresses the federal issue without throwing in the taxation component… even though the ATF is almost as nefarious as the DEA.

  8. Well of course the guys from Colorado and Oregon are on board. The question is, what about the rest of the state reps? Hopefully it makes the ballot and at least goes through procedure. It would be a marijuana-miracle if it passed.

  9. Praying this will pass. Please, allow people the freedom they deserve on this . Marijuana is harmless and everyone with a functioning brain knows this .

  10. Is there a link to Earl’s tax bill? I don’t see it in the “Take Action” link. That’s great his bill leaves Medicinal marijuana alone. But does the tax rate adjust annually for inflation and ongoing changes to Federal marijuana policy? Does it tackle the failures in the banking system? Are funds set aside for research and public education?

    [Paul Armentano responds: did not have links to the bills’ text upon introduction. The website is now updated and imbedded links to both both bills are live in the blog post.]

  11. No law has hurt America more than cannabis prohibition over these long years. Cannabis prohibition creates crime, and makes criminals of the innocent. It robs people in need of safe, quality cannameds which causes unnecessary suffering and even death. Cannabis prohibition wastes billions of taxpayer dollars annually. Our governing body should take a stand against this wasteful, dangerous policy, remove cannabis from the DEA’s schedule of drugs, and allow states to regulate according to their communities needs. Marijuana is safe for adult recreational, and quality medical use. The most dangerous thing about cannabis, is cannabis prohibition.

  12. @ HaMakom, good point; after all the years of prohibition, the negative propaganda,smear campaign Regan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush now the government wants a tax!!

  13. When WE THE PEOPLE GROW A BACK BONE AND TELL CONGRESS what they will do, it WILL GET DONE. NULLIFY THE FEDS. 1 PROBLEM SOLVED! As far as I can see in Florida GOVERNMENT, Can’t wipe it’s own ASS. As far as LOW CBD is concerned. LOOK to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Not any Federal agency. They want a 50% tax, NO.

  14. I would be pleasantly astounded and amazed if the Republican controlled Congress lets this pass… They have made it pretty clear they are not the party of the people (at least not for those without lots of $$$)…

  15. I fully support this move, completely and totally. BUT, lets get realistic here, there is no change in HELL this is going to pass a conservative controlled house. It is a move in the correct direction, nonetheless.

  16. This is fantastic news, but lets get realistic here. There is NO way in hell this is going to pass a conservative controlled house. Nonetheless this is definitely a move in the correct direction. Don’t get me wrong I wholeheartedly support this move. If it does get somewhere, possibly at the very least start serious dialogue about the need to free the plant. Sounds like Good News to me!!

  17. Good news despite tax compromise: an eighth ounce of cut/sifted budflower even at outrageous $60 is under 50 cents per 25-mg single toke– depending on how many twigs you diverted to the blender smoothie.

  18. My story is not a story, but facts. I have worn a prosthetic eye for 52 years which by now is very stressful, discomforting and is mostly a very depressing situation for me and always has been, if not downright irritating much of the time. When I take a few tokes, my stress and anxieties, discomforts, are subdued and I feel fine. I also have a chronic cervical disorder in my neck with several bone spurs and mostly diminished or worn out cushioning between the vertebrate, which is severely discomforting and painful. I have learned from experience that good marijuana is definitely the best medicine for me and I do not like to take those pills that the doctors are shoveling to us all. Also those pills are usually what is slowly killing us. Marijuana is not harmful to me and never has been harmful, but marijuana has many medical benefits without being addictive or without damaging other organs such as kidneys, liver, colon, bladder, eyes, etc. etc. I am so sick of having to go find the street dealer to get some low rate dank weed that smokes, smells and tastes like it was grown in somebody’s closet or bathtub. Then have to worry about getting busted with it on the way back. Which is what just happened again 2 days after Christmas this year. I’m 60 years old and am “Fed up and pissed off” at the way this backward government here in this state of Georgia is with my rights and civil liberties that evidently are far and few. The government doesn’t want prohibition to end because they build pride off of the pride they have stolen from their victims of prey. Under current prohibition I, like anyone else has to buy from the drug dealing informant that works for the postal service or the like and has been selling weed for many, many years with police protection. Ha! BINGO! This government is corrupted, all of them. I said I am 60 years old which also means that I wasn’t born yesterday! They (the corrupted government) have a lot of those drug dealing informants that deal to everyone that will pay $200 a bag for so-so grade stuff that doesn’t even come close to what went around a few years back. I’m saying the government has an “organized crime ring in operation for many years and that’s why pot became so expensive.” Their operation is allowing a certain choice few big wheel businessmen and politicians to indulge in make shift or covert grow facilities on private off road facilities and in warehouses to produce much of the weed that goes around. So they grow it , they jack up the prices, they have their informants selling it, and anyone that buys over one ounce at a time is subjected to being ratted on and busted for a felony, therefore the feds are more than likely in on the whole operation.
    I don’t want to stop here because I could write a very interesting book if I keep going. So, you get my drift. I know some of you will call this a rant. I assure you it is not. Something not only needs to be done about it and something HAS to be done about ending marijuana prohibition and restoring constitutional rights, citizens’ rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen and stop this government victimization program. As of the last 75 years, GOVERNMENT GREED rules this land. The government people are using and abusing our rights to become wealthy. The people should rise up and be heard.
    I’m sick of all this government corruption from one end of the spectrum to the other! The government is disgusting to many! Times are changing. I need my medicine dammit!
    So, there you have it. I believe we should stand up for our rights if we want to have the freedoms and liberties that are spelled out in our constitution. Also the excessive tax rates and price of weed in legal states is absurd. WE should be allowed to grow our own weed out the backdoor and that would eliminate the black market and government cartels. I demand my constitutional rights and freedoms, otherwise we live in a land of corrupted and scandalous government control. END PROHIBITION NOW!
    SIGNED: Bren Miles Harrison of Dallas, Georgia

  19. I can only support this kind of taxation if something comes with it, like erasing all non-violent marijuana offenses from everyone’s records!!!!!!!!! Marijuana users have already been paying and paying; make it legal, end the abuse and fix the problems from all the abuse.

  20. How about they push for hooka bars so it can actually BE regulated like alcohol. Do I have to buy my beer and only drink it at home, IF my landlord approves of it? No. I can go down to the bar and drink at my table until I pass out if I want to. Further, I don’t need my landlord’s permission to bring my beer home. Why should I have to ask for permission to smoke a bowl?

  21. One of the biggest problems that still face the end of marijuana prohibition is fear. Many people who agree that we must end marijuana prohibition are afraid of speaking up within their social networks and communities, myself included. I believe it is mostly the fear of being excluded from your community or condemned for vocalizing your support of marijuana and the paranoia of contacting your house representatives will somehow lead to getting busted for your personal or commercial use of the product. We need more social campaigns to legitimize the idea’s about marijuana legalization in a subtle way so as not to provoke the ire of others in your community that are against the idea and we need more people to get up and say, “Hell with it! I’m going to let the world know I support marijuana legalization and to hell with the consequences!” It’s those people – especially those people, whom no one in their community would even suspect them of using or supporting marijuana due to their upstanding status within the community, that need to speak out against prohibition so as to dislodge the pothead stereotype and push legalization efforts forward at a faster pace.

  22. I just used the NORML provided link to send a very edited response to my reps. Not to worry; I was very apologetic and diplomatc. However I did use the opportunity to drive home some points ranging fromsattes rights to the nebraska SCOTUS complaint against Colorado. I was trying to use all points to drive home the importance of national action.

    I’ll try to keep you posted on the email responses I get back

    Just breath a little.

  23. I remembet when i lived in co people would tell me that were not going to get legalized pot in co those people were wrong that is what pot haters want you to belive be not negative about things

  24. Chris, please grow a pair. If you will not secure your rights because you’re being lazy, then someone else will try and make you their slave. Isn’t this the lesson we learn from our history? The wolves are always there, waiting for a sign of weakness.

    Millions of us are just being denied our American Dreams because Crackers like hurts US via evil Marijuana Laws.

    We can send people to kill Nazis in WWII, but voting them out of office here is too scary???

  25. Two years ago I woke up with a “tension” headache on the left side of my head, with areas on top of my scalp and above my left eye effected. In 2013 I spent $8,000 in treatment by chiropractors, therapist, and doctors. With countless toxic meds that induced severe weight loss, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts. MRI’s, X-rays and injections to the back of the skull and neck gave no help. Eventually I was diagnosed with NDPH (New Daily Persistant Headche Syndrome), no known cure no known cause. I gave up treatments in 2014, considered disability as the insomnia from headaches and various drugs became unbearable. Fortunately my primary care physician had run out of ideas and wrote a certificate for Medical Cannabis, I remember him saying perhaps we’ll get a “two-fer”, I asked him to explain. He suggested that the treatment might not only address the pain but help with sleep. I was very reluctant as I work in a federally governed DOT realm, and while my state fortunately is a medicinal cannabis state, the Feds still classify cannabis as a schedule 1 no-no. While I had been involved with weed back in the 70’s and 80’s, Marijuana seemed like a part of my past I wasn’t interested in. I am active in church, don’t smoke or use alcohol so a dilemma presented itself. Well after a month of soul searching, anxiety and discussions with my wife I finally went to visit the local dispensary. NOW I’M NOT SAYING THIS IS EVERYBODIES CURE FOR HEADACHES, MIGRAINES OR ESPECIALLY NDPH; I can only speak for myself. I read about others on the web who discovered it “broke the headache, heavy meds, insomnia cycle”. For me I add a few droppers full of cannabis tincture to a cup of Ginsing tea towards bedtime, don’t necessarily feel a buzz, but allways get a good 7 hours or so of sleep, and that usually effects several days of difference to alleviate the cycle. Because of the constant threat of federally mandated drug tests I limit my treatment to once every two weeks usually Thursday or Friday evening. While I’d like to use it once a week, I am grateful for the overwhelming relief just a couple times a month provides. So tell me Hydrocodone, Oxiycodone, Tramadol, Amitriptyline, etc. etc. etc. or herbal remedy? My rant is only that, mine. Just glad as backwards as the state of Maine can be, someone fought for this before my life became ruined. I’d love to think the Feds will get out from in-between my doctor and me, but after 40 years of non-stop work, a career change beats chronic headaches….Thinking I’d like a job as quality control inspector in a dispensary….

  26. Had less than an eighth of bud on me for my lunch break, yes my boss and job allow a “smoke” break. Got pulled over for 72 in a 71 in Bell County. Had not smoked and it was in the trunk. DPS asked to search, I said not without a warrant. He then told me he smelled marijuana therefore had probable cause. Asked me to get out and I did, Calmly. I was then slammed against the hood by a white cop(I’m white clean cut and 29 years old….it’s all of us they abuse). They then ripped my car apart to find the eighth. I had also just cashed my paycheck for $700 which they said was clearly drug money. My mortgage is $800, still short lol. Anyhow, I got to Bell county around 10 AM, was put in general. Never had a record at all. Asked why if I only had an eighth he didn’t just give me a ticket as they can, he said because I had the cash I must have been going to get more. After sitting for about 4 hours I was moved to a cell with others. I was not given a phone call to tell my wife I had gone to jail for 8 hours. They put me in solitary because I asked more than 3 times to use the phone. Eventually let out, then put back into solitary because I was using phone to call my wife during a shift change, and the new co didn’t known I had permission so he just put me back by myself for another 3 hours. Finally booked in around 1am. As I was being released the officer had a bag he’d put my belongings and paperwork in, pulled out a citation, I grabbed for it to see which it was, and he damn near broke my wrist, and told me to go wait a while…..40 minutes later we tried again, I was polite as could be. He then gave me a debit card with the cash I had. I asked where my cash was, he told me “I just told you it’s on the card now” and then told me to learn how to listen, and waited another 30 minutes to be released around 4am. And on the way out told me he better not catch me with a smart ass attitude again. All of this for a few bowls worth of pot. Not to mention it’s costing me about $750. I used to love Texas, but I’ve seen a whole other side, and it scares me how ignorant and disrespectful law enforcement is.

  27. If they legalize it they better just let people grow their own. Some people dont want to or cant afford to pay ridiculous prices for it and dont like giving money to huge companys like the tobaco and alchahaul componys. Currently in the us you can brew your own beer or whine. And their is also no law against growing the tobacco plant most people dont make their own beer and whine because its too much work and they dont know how to turn tobacco into cigarettes but marijuana dosent need anything done to it. Its ready to use after just drying and cureing. Alot more practical to make your own. Dont regulate that just tax the people that are too lazy to grow their own or the people who grow it to sell it by makeing them get a permit to sell it. But dont mess with people whe only grow their own suply

  28. Government will still make their money from people who can aford it. Most people with money wont want to mess with growing their own. Only the ones that cant aford to buy it will grow our own

  29. this is absolutely awesome like a pipe dream come true I live in Iowa and I’m currently looking 4 ways to support House Representative 1013 I’m just a painter but without access to this beautiful flower well it just don’t make sense it’s time to stand up for what’s right are drug companies can dictate in lobby for do all that smart stuff with to make money what the hell who are the crooks

  30. @Dave Evans
    “Fear is that little dark room where negatives are developed”.
    I believe fear is at the root of what criminalized Marijuana. In the first place.the perpetrators of the conspiracy were afraid of losing their money.They used propaganda to instill fear in the people. The people feared their children would be lost to them.All this fear has perpetuated and caused all of the total devastation of the War on Drugs, and it will continue as long as people are afraid. Fear is a waste of time and is a destructive emotion. I believe fear is the base of all evil and negativity.If you move past your fear you will realize there wan nothing to be afraid of and you will feel liberated. So do not be afraid to stand up and fight for what is right. Like President Franklin D Roosevelt said “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself.”

  31. my biggest question is if What happens when it finally becomes legal and all those in jail get out for simple posession of marijuana? And will they be able to sew the government for false inprisonment? I can see lawers working on a class action lawsuits as I write this, well let’s hope for the best ??????????????????????????????????

  32. If this passes, I’ll kiss everyone’s ass. The prison industrial complex, healthcare industry, government surplus abuses, and political headbanging are threatening chaos if it does.

  33. It is taking so long here in Ohio to legalize even Medical Marijuana.I am a vteran and I hope and pray on a daily basis that the Ohio Legislature will pas the Law to legalize Medical as well as recreational Maijuana for all to enjoy.The real “fly in the ointment seems to be the Lt.Governor Mike De Wine,who seems to be a thorough Humbug who time and again vetoes all laws and petititions sent before him as unconstitutional with anything pertaining to the Legalization of Marijuana.Will this guy open his mind just a little bit to see the benefits of legalization? As well as filling the coffer of much needed Tax revenue for the state.How much suffering are they going to allow on their watch?Old folks in pain and people with other real medical problems can bebefit so very very much if these politicians in Columbus would only open their eyes!!

  34. Guyzipad2, The problem is even larger than what a class action lawsuit can fix. Many of states are much more corrupt regarding how they handle marijuana cases and almost every one deserves to be sued along with the Federal Government.

    Frankly, the pairing of State police and Federal police with their money sharing after stealing it are RICO violations!

  35. That would take the fuse out, and at end the Mexican pot lords. In order to stop the FAILED, war on drugs, we need to decriminalize drugs, and have supervised injection sites available for those of us who want them. Give them away for free, and the costs for these places will cost 3-5%, of the cost of the War on drugs, penitentiary’s, crime, armed robbery, and in turn, lower insurance rates, and so forth, I hope you see where this is going. You Tube: Brain development and addiction, a lecture given by a 25 year veteran doctor of addiction. He tells it like it is.

  36. @Nancy, thanks for that fearsome roundup of fear history. “Big pHARMa feeds off illnesses perpetrated by Big 2Wackgo, and both fear cannabis.”

    If you listen carefully, $igpuffin FDR says, “the only face we have to fear is the Fuehrer himself!” Tobackgo apologists like to wave disgruntled ex-addict Adolf in our faces, but most Bignazis were in bed with tobackgo:

    Goering owned a share in the Otto Boehnicke Zigarrenfabrik, Berlin. A box of dried up old $igars once belonging to Goering was on sale for $thousands on line a few years ago.

    Himmler liked being photographed with a $igar, google “Himmler cigar”. There’s a fancy wooden $igar box designed for Himmler with inlaid metal “lightning-SS logo” and deathsheads on it.

    Google “Goebbels smokes Hitler” to see a photo of ol’ JPG taking a hit off a $igarette right behind Hitler who is listening to a report from some military officers. Propaganda (i.e. Advertising) Minister Goebbels was on a pack-a-day or worse right up to D(death)-Day May 1, 1945.

    The last thing Lady G, Magda Goebbels, First Lady of the Third Reich, did after the 6 children had all been “snuffed” and before biting down on her own cyanide was to have a glass of champagne and a $igarette.

    Only need to watch what our own hitlers have been doing about cannabis recently to know what Adolf and his friends would have done about cannabis.

  37. Still no notes or summary for Earl’s tax proposal.(sigh) … Between this and Judge Mueller’s pending decision over the constitutionality of the scheduling of marijuana, I’m going to have to lay off the caffeine for a while. It’s a bitter-sweet suspense, but well worth the wait.

    Oh well, thanks for the live link Paul. We can always check in to the source later. 🙂

    After reading everyone’s posts here I have to say that clearly I’m not the only one forming the opinions and conclusions about conquering fear that we are all coming to. I find myself having the discussion of conquering our own fear over prohibition quite often with others lately. Nancy and Dave are correct in their assertion of fear being the source of what causes the evil we are battling. I feel like a nerd when I say this, but I’ve been quoting Yoda lately, “Fear feeds hatred; and hatred leads to the Dark Side of the Force…” Then I feel the strange urge to follow up by saying, “Hmm; The herb is Good for meditation, it is. HMmm.” (Sorry, not really that big of a Star Wars fan or anything, but I’ll be glad to take Yoda’s help in this fight any day… especially if he could use the Force on Representatives Jason Chavetts and Mark Meadows, y’know, like telekenetically drop them on the moon, or even better, change their identities and make them live in poor, minority neighborhoods near their own communities before prohibition ends. …Ok, now THAT was a RANT).
    And I would like to commend Chris for recognizing his own fear… having bravery and great spirit is choosing to step politely up to the face of hatred and violence to determine right or wrong, good or bad… even though you admit you are afraid. The reward is great pride and a deeper awareness of your opponent’s weakness.
    Remember our Congressman work for us… and if they are prohibitionists, they have never been more afraid than now. Always stand up to a bully. (In the case of “Amazing Father,” I would do so with a camera mounted on your dash board. Sounds like you need evidence for a civil suit).

    Finally, at Brent Miles, no, you’re not on a rant, and yes, you’re right about the informants. It’s no wonder that the government’s most sponsored propaganda all these years against marijuana has been the direct opposite of the truth; that marijuana causes “paranoia” and “schizophrenia”. Oh when will the Marijuana Madness ever end? Liars often like to accuse others of their exact crimes. It’s a guilty conscience thing. So when we hear prohibitionists talk of “mental illness” it’s usually because they are consciously guilty of creating it within society. When the sick and the over medicated are sent to the “illegal” dealer on the street, who as it turns out is a paid informant working on our tax dollars, it’s enough to make you sick all over again.
    But no worries; As one Republican lawmaker said after shutting the DHS down this week, “It’s no big worry; The Department of Homeland Security is self funded…” Ever wonder how THAT $#!+ works? Hint: Lot’s of confiscated assets and sold weapons and drugs. Gangster style… our tax dollars, until recently, have been nothing but a cover up for a prohibitionist crime ring within our DOJ. Americans know it, we’re just not aware of all the bad laws that create it. Only this time Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama had the balls to do something about it with some awesome executive decisions.

    Many of these informants are busted dealers that are held under coercion in exchange for prison sentences; often from fabricated evidence through the Clinton’s Special Operation Division out of the DOJ.
    Or in some cases, informants are foreign nationals whose visas are taken away as ransom and then they are issued what is called a “J” visa by the DOJ, which basically means you can stay in the country and see your family as long as you work for us at night and don’t tell your wife and kids why you do either. Needless to say, none of these informants stay married, they work countless hours while drug dealers play Russian roulette with pistols pointed at their heads, and their lives are no where near as “glamorous” as Whitey Bulger was depicted by Jack Nicholson in “The Departed.”(Mobsters get lonely too).
    Funny thing is, we could call DOJ and law enforcement informants state sponsored terrorists, or at least call their circumstance extortion, but “extortion” as it’s written in the penal codes of most states and counties actually protects the informant from prosecution for selling drugs, murdering or basically being a federally protected mobster in every major city in America.

    If you’re wondering how you can tell you’re dealing with an informant, I would have to ask you if you ever locked eyes with a rattlesnake. That little tingling feeling in your gut that’s trying to tell you “no deal?” Listen to it. That’s God’s intuition telling you to back off. That snake doesn’t want to bite you any more than you want him to; he’s probably saving his venom… not because he’s got bigger fish to fry… (they just milk those yahoo’s)… you know, he’s looking for a meal ticket; some punk kid wannabe gangster that makes an informant feel good for what he’s about to do to him. Whatever it takes to justify the whole hypocrisy… which is why racism often comes into play in these situations. And he’ll let you know if you can look a man in his eyes and listen.

    Ooooor, we could just lobby Congress, network with anti-prohibitionist with more money than ourselves and end prohibition. That would work too.

    When we put what we’re doing in that perspective, it is easier to appreciate how sweet the victory will be in ending prohibition at the Federal level, and how Good it feels to conquer our own fears and be brave, be polite, and be smarter than our opponents.
    Stay healthy and be Brave, my friends. We are in the climax of our American Cannabis Tragedy, making history that, God-willing, we can tell future generations.

  38. @Amazing Father – It is stories like yours that reinforce my belief that many law enforcement officers are just mean bullies! They really get off being nasty to the people they are supposed to be protecting and serving. As a group, I hate them!!!

    That said, I do believe there are some good ones out there; perhaps 5%…

  39. “House Resolution 1013, removes cannabis from the United States Controlled Substances Act”.

    It would seem to me that if cannabis was removed from the ACT that it would no longer be illegal.

  40. This proposed legislation is a no-brainer. Pass it NOW! I’ve smoked pot daily since 1967 (over 48 years), and am sick-and-tired of watching our tax dollars, along with government resources, wasted (now there’s a “word”!) on this nonsense. And let’s not forget the blatant racism these federal anti-pot laws continue to promote, and condone.

    We have MORE folks imprisoned in this country than anywhere on the planet, all over a harmless, NON-TOXIC plant. I’ve been advocating complete pot legalization since the late ’60s, and I’m optimistic I WILL live to see it!

    Stay High and Peace!

  41. At Julian, Thanks for the confirmation about my comment not being a rant! I know that PROHIBITION IS WRONG and that it needs to END now! I appreciate your comments on the facts of the matter that we all are addressing here. Just keep up the good work and SOON WE WILL OVERCOME OUR CORRUPTED AGRESSORS. If TWEETING helps to get the voters up off their butts and MAKE A STAND and get out there and VOTE TO END THIS CORRUPTED PROHIBITION GAME brought on to us by a greedy government that is conspiring against the will of it’s people. Then and only then “We The People” can be proud and free, with liberty and freedom that we so well deserve. Thanks for recognition & assertiveness in your comments! Let’s keep up the fight for what is just and “END PROHIBITION” “THE TABLES ARE TURNING MY FRIEND”

  42. Just legalize it! That’s enough of the legislation. Let’s see how fast we can get this (Washington, D.C. concept)of legalization on the national ballot for the voters to decide. Three cheers for Mayor Bowser of D.C. “We the people wish we had more good politicians like Mayor Bowser that cares about what “We the People” vote for!!!
    I think the courts and President Obama should just go ahead and save time by going ahead and nationally televising that cannabis is no longer illegal, that no more tax dollars will be wasted on this foolish, greedy victimization of the fine American citizens that deserve to have this natural medicine without ANY MORE HASSELES fro the government. No selling, but you can grow your own if you wish and if a friend, neighbor is in need of some good natural medicine or herbals, then we the people are hereby granted full right to give away freely to someone in need for no compensation. This will stop those cartels dead in their tracks!!! No more government sponsored drug dealing police protected informants on every street corner. And no more of government creating prisoners, stealing pride and building prisons to house victims of government pre-meditated crimes.

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