Federal Judge Upholds Schedule I Classification Of Cannabis

A federal judge today denied a motion challenging the constitutionality of cannabis’ classification as a Schedule I prohibited substance without any accepted medical utility.

Judge Kimberly J. Mueller of the Federal District Court in Sacramento, California issued her oral ruling during a 15-minute court hearing today. Judge Mueller heard closing arguments in the case in early February but had postponed her decision on several occasions. Her written opinion is not yet available but is expected to be posted publicly by week’s end.

“At some point in time, a court may decide this status to be unconstitutional,” Judge Mueller said from the bench. “But this is not the court and not the time.”

Defense counsel intends to appeal the ruling.

In October, defense counsel and experts presented evidence over a five-day period arguing that the scientific literature is not supportive of the plant’s present categorization. Lawyers for the federal government countered that it is rational for the government to maintain the plant’s prohibitive status as long as there remains any dispute among experts in regard to its safety and efficacy. Defense counsel — attorneys Zenia Gilg and Heather Burke of the NORML Legal Committee — further contended that the federal law prohibiting Justice Department officials from interfering with the facilitation of the regulated distribution of cannabis in over 20 US states can not be reconciled with the government’s continued insistence that the plant is deserving of its Schedule I status under federal law.

Paul Armentano, NORML’s deputy director who served as the principal investigator for defense counsel in this case said: “We applaud Judge Mueller for having the courage to hear this issue and provide it the careful consideration it deserves. While we are disappointed with this ruling, it changes little. We always felt this had to ultimately be decided by the Ninth Circuit and we have an unprecedented record for the court to consider.

“In the interim, it is our hope that lawmakers move expeditiously to change public policy. Presently, bipartisan legislation is before the House and Senate to recognize cannabis’ therapeutic utility and to reschedule it accordingly and we encourage members of Congress to move forward expeditiously to enact this measure.”

In a brief filed with the court by the federal government, it contended: “Congress’ decision to treat marijuana as a controlled substance was and remains well within the broad range of permissible legislative choices. Defendants appear to argue that Congress was wrong or incorrectly weighed the evidence. Although they failed to prove even that much, it would be insufficient. Rational basis review does not permit the Court’s to ‘second guess’ Congress’ conclusions, but only to enjoin decisions that are totally irrational or without an ‘imaginable’ basis.”

They added: “Congress is not required to be ‘right,’ nor does it matter if the basis on which Congress made its decision turns out to be ‘wrong.’ All that is required is that Congress could rationally have believed that its action — banning the production and distribution of marijuana — would advance its indisputably legitimate interests in promoting public health and welfare. Because qualified experts disagree, it is not for the Courts to decide the issue and the statute must be upheld.”

Said Armentano, “The continued Schedule I classification of cannabis, in 2015, in self-evidently ridiculous. But unfortunately, the law may be ridiculous and still pass constitutional muster.”

He added, “The judge in this case missed a golden opportunity to demand that federal law comport with available science, public opinion, and common sense.”

Legal briefs in the case, United States v. Schweder, et. al., No. 2:11-CR-0449-KJM, are available online here.

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  1. Who do the people have to pay off to get laws changed in this country? Obviously, overwhelming public support doesn’t seem to matter in any way, shape, form or fashion to the so called representatives.

    If the representatives try and and say “well this is a delicate matter for some of the electorate” and they ignore the real numbers of the majority today, they should be reminded that they do that at their own peril.

    Is there any people in the Congress or Senate that actually care about what the people have to say about outdated draconian laws in this nation anymore?

  2. @Agnar150:
    Sadly, Mueller was appointed by Obama. Appointing Federal Judges is one of the perks and privileges of being President. As disillusioning as this was however, don’t lose faith; This case has a good chance of getting recognized by the Supreme Court considering that more than %50 of the U.S. population will have some form of medical marijuana enacted by the time 2016 elections gets California legalized and it works its way through the Appeals process. There is method to this madness.

  3. Meanwhile in Texas people are killed in drunk driving accidents almost everyday.Tell me why is this not considered a schedule 1 drug even thought it isn’t a drug we know it kills far worse than marijuana

  4. “Rational basis review does not permit the Court’s to ‘second guess’ Congress’ conclusions, but only to enjoin decisions that are totally irrational or without an ‘imaginable’ basis.” So tell me again how you don’t think classifying marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance isn’t “totally irrational” or “unimaginable”?!?! Give me a break!

  5. “I mean, if the government’s own PATENT on cannabinoids as neuroprotectants doesn’t qualify as an “imaginable basis” for descheduling marijuana from having “no medicinal value” than FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT DOES??!!)”

    Uhh, may I present the evidence?


  6. my first thought is that judge Mueller got a good payday from the top 1%to uphold the present schedule…. effin shame!

  7. Holy Kanneh Bosem! Saint Mary, Joseph and Jack Herrer! I just read the MPP blog stating CNN is releasing a Weed 3 report where President Obama is expected to restate his full support for medical marijuana and reduced incarceration!
    I knew he was playing coy! This really makes me wonder what people in power have to do to get prohibitionists off their trail.

    Now that this case is going to Appeals, the real question as Weed 3 airs this Sunday is what will Holder do right before Lynch takes the post as Attorney General?

  8. I’m amazed. This is like asking a child about the chocolate on their face and they respond with,”What chocolate?”, as if the truth wasn’t written on their face.

  9. I really just don’t get it. Congress made marijuana illegal by accident when at every turn; every single “negative aspect” of marijuana is not even a property of marijuana, but instead are properties of A) Tobacco (poor health from use) and B) Alcohol (accidents and poor health).

    Judge Mueller is brainwashed, because only if you believe marijuana to have to properties of Alcohol and Tobacco in order for there to be rational basis for Congress’ beliefs that marijuana belongs in Schedule One. You literally have to be a uneducated hack to reach this conclusion.

  10. “Marihuana” (popularly known as marijuana) was racially and illogically defined before it was scheduled.

    The Congress and the Supreme Court ignored the Necessary and Proper clause, so that definition stands.

    The court said, “Congress’ decision to treat marijuana as a controlled substance was and remains well within the broad range of permissible legislative choices.”

    Lawyers for the federal government said, “Congress is not required to be ‘right,’ nor does it matter if the basis on which Congress made its decision turns out to be ‘wrong.'”

    While marijuana should be a controlled substance, facts have shown that it should not be in Schedule 1.

    Marijuana does deserve this Necessary and Proper definition which many States have implemented to control that substance:

    The term “marijuana” means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    This year is a good time for the Attorney General to ‘right’ the ‘wrong’.

  11. And this is just perfect. Look, is that Stephen Colbert? “Marijuana is not a drug! I used to suck dick for coke!”

  12. I thought federal judges were supposed to be brave and not show such blatant cowardice. If our vote can’t make the required changes, revolution will. Violent and aggressive, global demands for a fair share of available resources.

  13. It seems that Congress makes rules for themselves that only they can change. This is not my idea of democracy! It flies in the face of everyone who believes in freedom, liberty, justice, and that they have the right to pursue happiness.

    I wonder how many in congress have been “purchased” by the rich (those even richer than themselves; like the Koch Bros). It is the .1% that is controlling the lives of the rest of us as far as I can tell. Marijuana will not be legal until that .1% decides to make it so.

    Chris Christie is 100% against any kind of legalization. I’m not sure if he is paid off or if he is really that friggin’ stupid!

  14. Marijuana will not be legal until that .1% decides to make it so. – Judy

    I believe Judy’s comment to be the plain truth…and those who believe otherwise to be plainly gullible.

    One could argue the history of American jurisprudence demands a Court ruling based on “common sense”.

    This decision defies common sense passing the point of malfeasance.

    When Judges do as they are told…We have been sold…to the highest bidders?

    I am an optimist by nature but view this decision as totally negative.

    Does Justice still reside in America’s Courts?…I can’t tell!

  15. Rational Basis Review is an affront to the Constitution. If it were in effect 95 years ago, we would not have needed the 18th Ammendment (Prohibition of alcohol). Alcohol was considered a scourge of our society, so by a Rational Basis Review Prohibition of it was within Federal Power to prohibit. What has changed? How has our Constitution become so ineffective and weak? Why aren’t those who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution been held accountable? Why do the Feds have the power to control if and when a State can be a laboratory of Democracy. Do States get that power from the Feds, or the Constitution? The Judicial Branch is supposed to hold Congress in check. If now isn’t the time, and Federal court is not the place, then when is the time? And, where is the place? Why is the Judiciary afraid to do their job?

  16. @Dave:
    “And I SEEN him!!”

    @ locked out of my shed, and others who fear the con$piracy of bribery;
    While there is no doubt that “campaign contributions” during a pending case is a very real problem within our “Justice” system, we could speculate a better story with the DEA’s threat machine and unlimited tax payer barrel of funds to tap into.
    But the reality is that a Federally appointed judge has to weigh out the timing of an appeal very carefully between Congress and the President’s agenda (especially the one who appoints the Judge, in this case Obama), any potential executive orders, the climate of Congress passing the Carers Act, and ultimately the will of the people.
    With Obama’s coy little announcement in favor of mefical marijuana scheduled during Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Weed 3 documentary scheduled 9-8central this Sunday, we can just as easily deduce there is an ulterior motive in Mueller’s decision that places the President in the limelight, right when
    1.attorney general Holder is about to retire
    2. Congress has had time to review the Carers Act
    3. Presidential candidates have finally had time to declare their position
    4. The latest Pew Poll shows increasing support for legalization, especially medical
    5. Handing the Appeal to NORML’s legal team does not end the Judicial review or the credibility of the Defense’s witnesses during the appeals process
    6. Obama can get into the “limelight” and steal some of Rand Paul’s thunder by descheduling marijuana medically and making legalization a presidential debate issue
    7. As the Brookings Institute reported, descheduling marijuana medically will be much easier for the U.S. to accomplish under international treaties compliance.

    In other words, Mueller passed the fame of descheduling to the man that got her appointed without quashing the question or credibility of the defense entirely. As Mr. Armentano said, NORML’s legal team never intended, no matter what the expense, to end this battle without appealing to the 9th circuit. And these Federal appeals ARE expensive, so let’s break out the checkcard and give the NORML legal team a donation for our money well spent!

    Between Weed 3, the President’s pending speech, 23 states and the District of Columbia, Attorney General Eric Holder’s record and comments from the new Surgeon General, The climate has never been this primed for descheduling medical marijuana by executive order. Congress has had enough time to chew on the Carers Act, and way passed time for them to do their job. The time is now Mr. President; tear this wall down!

  17. Here Here Mr. President – Tear down the wall!!!

    The wall divides us in a way that greatly damages our nation in ways most prohibitionists either aren’t aware of or in ways they profit from. The wall has to go Mr. President.

    Don’t count on the Do-Nothing Congress to get the job done! Show them you mean business.

    Yes We Cannabis 🙂

  18. Hillary needs to come out and take a stand on legalizing marijuana in the wake of any executive order. The Clintons don’t have a great track record with Bill’s S.O.D. Program in the mid 90’s that got all this unwarranted surveillance by the DEA, fabricated “parallel” evidence and asset forfeitures without due process into full swing. The Presidential thing to do is pull a Cuba like Obama and say “45 years of bad policy didn’t work and it ‘s time to try something new.” Don’t just try and hide your emails Billary unless you want to get your @$$ handed to you in debates by the “yes to legalization but no department of education” Libertarians. (God bless Rand Paul for the work he’s done with Senator Corey Booker, D-NJ, on legalization and reduced sentencing but some of the things Libertarians say when you corner them on policy is just goofy… What are we going to do with millions of poor children who can’t afford a private education? Feed them to the rich? Please. If it wasn’t for fairly taxed marijuana in Colorado we wouldn’t be having a Presidential debate about marijuana right now at all).
    As I’ve said before, even though the time is right for an executive order, Obama has to urge Congress to work together and reverse prohibition. Call them out. Or Another president could reverse an executive order…

  19. Mueller’s excuse is “not my job”. Really? What does she do? Saying “there’s no credible evidence to change its status”. This person sat through hours of testimony and didn’t hear a thing. Her saying “it’s the most dangerous drug.” is wholly irrational and unprovable.

  20. Sadly, this is what our elected and appointed “leaders” have become. Spineless blowhards, for sale to the highest bidder. Change will not come from above as we continue to see time and time again. It’s a shame really. This Judge had an opportunity to begin the healing process that this nation has needed ever since the introduction of the war on some drugs. Just like her peers though, she won’t cement a place for herself as a hero and patriot. Instead she is just another wart on the ass of the joke known as the Government.

  21. Judge Mueller’s written order is available here


    Attorney John Balazs has done an excellent job posting and keeping track of this case. Thank you sir for your service. People should read the link.

    One point that is very important to share here is that this case is not about descheduling marijuana, but instead the defense insists that the entire CSAct is unconstitutional, to which Judge Mueller responds:

    “If the court were to find that Congress acted unconstitutionally in placing marijuana in schedule 1, marijuana would no longer be considered a Controlled Substance because it is classified as a controlled substance only under schedule 1. Stated simply, if marijuana were absent from that schedule, [the defense ] could not be charged with violation of sec. 841 (a) and 846 and the sentences of 841, 844 would not apply.”

    Its as if Mueller is punishing the defense for tackling the whole CSAct while simultaneously throwing them a big bone to take to the 9th circuit; all they need is for the Attorney General to deschedule cannabis as allowed by the CSAct in order for the entire case to be dismissed.

    Its that simple. The defense doesn’t even have to establish Article III, or dig up medical marijuana patients directly discriminated by the arrest of the men in the defense, injury in fact, causation or redresability; Eric Holder could come out and deschedule marijuana during appeals and this case is over…

    That is, unless the defense wants to continue to take on the entire CSAct and fight this case all the way through trial to the Supreme Court. Armentano? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    If this is the case, Mueller’s written Order is paving the way; if the entire connection to discriminatory arbitrary classification, or in this case, the unconstitutional incarceration of the defense compelled by the evidence upheld, the credibility given to the witnesses, the Judicial Notice of the Surgeon General’s comments over the efficacy of medical marijuana followed by the rejection of the government’s objections leads up to a show down with the credibility of the government ‘s expert witness, Dr. Madras.

    So here’s your ammunition legalizers:

    Dr. Madras has never conducted studies on human subjects. Dr. Hart, witness for the defense has on over 12,000 patients to date.

    Dr. Madras contests the “high potential of abuse” for marijuana, but the Centers for Disease Control has no record of any cause of death directly related with marijuana on any subject controlled for 30 days from legal opiates, or alcohol and tobacco, which are not scheduled at all, and produce the leading causes of death currently recorded in the United States.

    Finally, the upheld evidence presented by Mr. Armentano shows indisputably that Dr. Madras’ report of “lower IQ” in adolescents should be stricken from the record non pro tunc by amendment. There isn’t any validity in Dr. Madras’ “expert” opinion here, because her research doesn’t carry any scientific merit. If the Judge wants to give Madras credibility based on her career status, then attack her character based on conflict of interest; as an employee of the ONDCP from 2005-2008 Dr. Madras was obligated to deny the medial efficacy of marijuana under the same unconstitutional CSAct in question, using our tax dollars. Therefore the testimony of the government ‘s expert witness should be stricken from the record having caused injury to the defense by arrest and threat of unconstitutional incarceration by the unconstitutional language of the CSAct itself.

    Mueller’s court had a responsibility under Judicial Review to read the CSAct if the entire Act was deemed unconstitutional by the defense. Providing NORML continues the appeal, whether Holder deschedules or not, Dr Madras’ role in the ONDCP is going to get noticed by a higher court and her testimony rejected. Mueller wrote:

    “To establish Article III standing, a party must show injury that is concrete (as concrete as prison?) particularized and actual or imminent, (10 years in prison imminent enough?) fairly traceable to the challenged action (its called the CSAct) and redressable by a favorable ruling. Irredressable Constitutional Minimum required that a party suffer an invasion of legally protected interest.”

    How much more invasive of a “legally protected interest ” can we find when a former head of the ONDCP who was obligated by law under the CSAct to deny the medical efficacy of marijuana gets to testify against medical marijuana growers as an expert witness?

  22. based on at premise, half the pharmaceuticals that are out there should be labeled schedule one.

    looks like our “let’s get government out of people’s personal lives” government is hanging on tooth and nail to prohibition.

  23. I had just graduated from High School in Cincinnati the year before marijuana was classified a schedule 1 substance in 1971. Remember the climate of the time. Protests against the Vietnam war were happening all across the country, led mainly by liberal hippies and flower children. The republican Nixon administration hated the hippies. For the first time in my life I saw the citizens of this country demand to their leadership that we GET OUT OF THE WAR. Nixon didn’t like that and I believe it was his way of getting back at the threat he perceived as liberalism. The entire Republican Party jumped on the bandwagon and next thing you know, pot was illegal with devistating consequences. Follow the actions of the Republican Party at the time. They’re the ones responsible for taking it away from us.

  24. Some of these old grey haired f–ks are still in, that were around when Nixon started this unfounded campaign of lies. Then the Reagan and Bush years and on and on. How stupid, “Just say no”. It’s so clear, $ is doing all the talking. From the bottom to the top. Sad, so sad, that our great country has come to this. How do we turn back the hand of time? I remember the Vietnam war! No i do not believe it was mearly a 10 year conflict! Just another $ deal, that the corruption of our leaders, fed us lies! We must protect our shores! Look at the massive revolt that our country had over that! I’ll again say, I am 62/w /f I’ve lived in Canada, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan. I’ve seen our politicians drive the wedges of racism in the early 70’s in the North, When I seen the faint line of demarcation, where there was so much hope. I have seen the absence of hatred of color in Canada to come to Texas a year later, and be aware of hangings! Through all these years I knew the truth, and I prayed that we wouldn’t keep going through the muck that our leaders keep getting us in. It’s all the same, Our sticking our nose in everyone’s business.(world treaty against drugs) Kennedy’s, King, Malcolm X, ‘Nam, Lennon, and all the shit since! MJ is just another example of the munipulation and subugation of the American people! Legalize MJ! It’s just a plant! It really shows us what the truth is! Keep toking!!!!!!

  25. This stance alone has the biggest impact on how people see our government in this time frame. Lie-ing cheating bastards who hold no regard for scientific evidence or facts. Not falsehoods perpetrated by naysayers. Why are people quite fastly finding no regard for our legal system. THIS IS WHY!

  26. Tobacco, Alcohol. Both of which have no medicinical properties (aside from red wine), yet they are not schedule 1 and individuals have the freedom to choose.

    My defense is no states have tobacco, or alcohol enacted medically. If cannabis was more harmful, then states wouldn’t be using it therapeutically.

    They would choose tobacco, alcohol. Ones that have death rates, are legal by age and do not have therapeutic properties.

    This is obviously common sense. You can’t regulate something that has no medicinal value and a surgeon general warning.

    Then make something non-toxic with medical benefits illegal.

    If all plants are given by God for man this could quite possibly be blasphemy.

  27. Since when has Congress not been required to be right?! When I came across this article the first time I skipped it, merely because the title made me angry. Same for the second time. The third time I decided I had to read it because I believe that both sides of ANY story deserve to be heard. I was going to hear this side. I was reading, not agreeing, but still reading, until I reached paragraph 9. “Congress is not required to be ‘right,’ nor does it matter if the basis on which Congress made its decision turns out to be ‘wrong.” I’m sorry, and maybe I”M the one who’s wrong here, but isn’t congress supposed to be RIGHT? Aren’t they supposed to be looking out for the American public, no matter which way this vote goes? The public elects these officials because we say that we trust them to do the RIGHT thing. Now, they’re saying they don’t have to. They can do whatever they want, as soon as they get in office. And people wonder why I’ve never voted. I’ve decided I’m going to register, though. And vote. This is too important.

  28. Okay, just ONE more post off topic… Or is it?

    A Congressional investigation of sexual misconduct in the DEA and other agencies in the DOJ (ATF, FBI, Marshalls etc.) reveals that sex parties paid for by cartels and U.S. Tax dollars have been the norm for the DEA since at least 2001, and all that 7 DEA agents received as punishment were two to ten days of suspension:


    The reason I bring it up on this blog is because we have all been so focused on Mueller’s decision on the 15th we have barely covered this scathing report released on the 14th…

    This decoy tactic of DEA-media distraction usually works the other way around… Every one is focused on a sex scandal, very reminiscent of the 2012 Summit of the America’s scandal where, after Congressional investigation it was discovered it was the DEA that showed the Secret Service where the prostitutes in Cartagena were. Meanwhile, no one paid attention to President Obama respond to international scrutiny from Latin American leaders over the failed drug war when Obama said “We will not be changing U.S. Drug Policy at this time.” (Of course he was trying to get reelected and support for legalization at the time… Just 3 years ago… was polling just below %50).

    My how the tables have turned.

    Now the main focus is on what we, legalizers, are focusing on. In this case it’s Mueller’s decision and the appeal of this case calling the constitutionality of the entire C.S.Act into question. Good job marijuana legalizers!

    The DEA having sex parties paid for by cartels and U.S. tax dollars? Tell us something that is surprising. In fact, since this Congressional investigation kicked off back when it was discovered the DEA was involved in the Secret Service scandal, leaving laptops and weapons in the care of foreign building managers that complained of “loud noise” and “prostitutes,” what really surprised Congress at this point was Michelle Leonhart’s defense that she has “no authority to discipline her own agents.”

    As Rep. Trey Gowdy R. SC, replied, “then what the hell do you get to do?”

    Uhmmm… Join in the sex parties?

    Attorney General Eric Holder is quoted in a memo reminding his Department of Justice about their prohibition of “commercial sex.”
    Holder’s exact words were,

    “I want to reiterate to all department personnel, including attorneys and law enforcement officers, that they are prohibited from soliciting, procuring or accepting commercial sex,” he said.

    ” prohibited” Holder said… Now where’s the irony in THAT?”

    Time for some legal regulation in ALL prohibitions.

  29. This is disgusting. Not only obvious tampering with this judge and her decision. The evidence was staggering and is staggering how schedule 1 is unconstitutional. Now where is the indictment for this judge and the few possibly DEA agents other law enforcement and politicians involvement in corruption and should be charged with conspiracy and many other charges. There is no reason why a Dr,patient, and growers should threatened by government, law enforcement or any agency… or fear of anyone or the law because a Dr along with a patient seek a healthier treatment along with growing or a farmer when it comes to cannabis. It’s time to build our nation. And better our health. Doctor and patient is a private matter and a part of our rights as Americans …the pursuit of happiness. So many things are wrong with policy and this Judge and judgement have committed a crime along with the few involved in our government that corrupted the outcome. We need to resolve those in power that have been undermining our nation’s foundation and trying to strip our freedoms and set the USA up to be destroyed and even overthrown. This issue is just one major destructive elements that has been aloud to practice such oppressive destruction to freedom. This power or law must be removed from government and leave it as a private matter between a doctor and patient. DEA doesn’t have to worry let them stop imports into the USA and end Latino drug gangs. Deem them terrorist. Leave Americans alone cannabis is not 1 problem. Stop turning an covering your eyes and allowing meth and the DEA meth drug operations inside the USA. Time to reschedule cannabis.

  30. Judge Kimberly J. Mueller of the Federal District Court in Sacramento, California showed her complete corruption and collusion with the criminal bosses in the U.S. Government in a rigged court hearing.

  31. How much kickback is this POS judge getting from the Drug War profiteers? I think when they open the books on these cases in the post-Drug War days it will be illuminating to say the least.

  32. “My court is not here to judge from right or wrong. Legal from not legal…just from unjust…it’s here to waste time….duh”

  33. Our Ruling Class Masters will allow us to do as they choose….if they choose…when they choose…based on their profit motives… and need for social control of an increasingly pliable and purposely dumbed down population/herd of exploited citizens.

    What does anyone in America really think they can do about that?

    Vote ?

    The Ruling Class is not elected…they are born…entitled…to rule as they plea$e.

    When I was a kid in the fifties, I was taught America was a classless Society and anyone could become President…the first lesson was a lie…the second part of the lesson was (ominously) proved true by the installment of G.W. Bush.

    We did not elect the actual Rulers of our Nation…they were born Rulers…

    Elected Officials govern.

    Rulers rule!

    Which one represents Democracy?

    Which one represents tyranny?

    Who elected Grover Norquist?

    Who elected the Koch Brothers?

    Who elected to give up their right to self determination?

  34. Nothing will change until a President promises to follow Science and then keeps that promise. Unfortunately, Obama has zero integrity. He sometimes says the right things but seldom keeps his word.

  35. @Erik:

    We elect our own self determination.- Julian

    I totally agree and as does The Constitution of The United States…but what is our recourse when our Courts/Judges ignore/violate that same Constitution when making life changing rulings affecting millions of Americans who believe themselves born free?

    What does the Constitution prescribe when any government or court fails to obey our Constitution?

  36. This just 5 days before Sunjay Gupta’s Doc Weed, Weed 2 and Weed 3. Just think about how many pharmaceutical companies that will lose business and even potentially go out of business if people go to a better alternative that won’t harm them. And furthermore, the things you can make with hemp products, clothing, paper, and building material just to name a few; can put some out of businesses out of business including the prison industry. Yes the prison industry, post prison systems are run by private corporations. They need men/women to be put in prison for nearly 0 cost of free labor in prisons and it is a multibillion dollar business. Moreover, it burns cleaner and more biodegradable than most products. So, what can you conclude from that. For me, it is a decision made with the influence of big business. You can’t tell me legalization would not be a good thing. She didn’t make this decision for the good of the people or what’s right, it is made for the good of the few.

  37. I have land in New Mexico and have dreamed of growing industrial hemp sent the 1980’s. Industrial hemp can make jobs in the USA that are badly needed. It will do a lot of good and I want to be a part but not sure where to go to start.

  38. Ha-Ha! Michelle Leonhart, director of the DEA has to resign in shame for remaining silent and complacent about the sex parties funded by cartels and tax payer dollars.
    At the same time Loretta Lynch’s nomination may be completed this week after being held up by Republicans to pass some twisted legislation on sex trafficking that will defund money intended to help victims of rape…

    In effect, this legislation will deter victims from prosecuting some guilty Congressman and DOJ agents from participating in sex parties with prostitutes… Often the victims of sex trafficking since prohibition of prostitution offers incarceration and exploitation instead of education and sustainable employment. Incarceration of prostitutes leaves victims of sex trafficking punished then baled out by their abusers…

    Can anyone say “Republican campaign scandal?”
    Didn’t Republicans learn what happens when you lift limits on campaign contributions when Nixon was busted in Watergate? Oh yeah; but it was Nixon who signed the Controlled Substances Act… Wait… How far back to prohibition, sex parties and prostitution go in the U.S. Government?
    Oh… Back then they were called “mistresses…” …clever, but they didn’t have social media back then either…

  39. Shit just got real. Michelle Leonhart was a Baltimore police officer. NPR just released the story directly after covering the Freddie Gray story. If the coincidences of corruption weren’t enough, Leonhart’s forced resignation after Congressional investigation discovered the Colombian sex parties and this legislation over sex trafficking holding up Lynch ‘s nomination are blowing up into a scandal that has only just begun to unravel. Light yerself up a bowl and read this:


  40. @ Eric, The Supreme Court.

    Looks like The Ninth Circuit and then Supreme Court straight ahead…and that could be (or not) a quite lengthy and (purposefully) protracted process?…unless our Congress does their proper job first?

    Your post above is hilarious!

  41. i think it’s getting so absured! didn’t the politicians see what the riots of vietnam did? all the police problems, drug arrests, control!

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