A Pathway Towards Marijuana Legalization: The Significance of the Democratic Platform

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropAmong all the speeches and balloons and revelry of the recently completed Democratic National Convention — a convention that has already made history by nominating a woman for president – was a far less obvious, but important change in the Democratic Party platform. For the first time since marijuana was made illegal on the federal level in 1937, a major party platform has embraced a strategy they describe as a “reasoned pathway for future legalization.”

That’s right. While many mainstream elected officials remain skittish of endorsing or embracing potentially controversial social issues, the 2016 Democratic Party finally could no longer ignore the changing attitudes towards marijuana legalization reflected in the national polls, and evidenced by the growing number of states that have already moved in this direction.

The precise text of the history-making marijuana amendment was as follows:

“Because of conflicting laws concerning marijuana, both on the federal and state levels, we      encourage the federal government to remove marijuana from its list as a Class 1 Federal Controlled Substance, providing a reasoned pathway for future legalization”

In other words, the Democrats endorsed the strategy legalizers have been following since 2012, when we first legalized marijuana in Colorado and Washington, despite the continuation of federal prohibition.

Now let’s be honest. We have all seen over the years that the national parties tend to adopt a platform favored by their candidate, which is then almost immediately ignored once the candidate is elected. The platform is a campaign tool, and it is malleable, so as not to box anyone into a position he/she is uncomfortable with.

Nonetheless, seeing the words “a reasoned pathway for future legalization” in the Democratic platform is truly empowering for those who have worked so long to try to get our state and national elected officials to embrace an end to marijuana prohibition. It provides political cover to any and all elected officials who have known all along that prohibition causes more harm than the marijuana it is intended to protect us from, but who have feared an honest position might endanger their political careers.

The Bernie Sanders Factor

We all recognize that Sen. Bernie Sanders had the strongest pro-legalization position; and that his publicizing that position during the hard-fought campaign, and fighting for those provisions during the platform debates, caused Sec. Hillary Clinton and her supporters to more to the left, first endorsing the medical use of marijuana, and most importantly, agreeing with Sanders that the states should be allowed to continue to experiment with full legalization, without interference from the federal government. That is a significant improvement over her earlier cautious statements calling for more research, and should assure us at least four more years to demonstrate to the public that legalization is an effective program with few if any unintended consequences. Thanks, Bernie, we are in your debt.

Incremental Change

With social issues, occasionally progress comes in bold steps, especially if the courts get involved and determine that an existing policy is unconstitutional (e.g., Roe v Wade on abortion rights or Obergefell v. Hodges on gay marriages). Of course, each of these victories was preceded by decades of litigation, so they too were not exactly overnight successes. Change takes time in this country, and generally occurs in incremental steps, rather than by big steps.

But the courts have consistently refused to hold marijuana prohibition is unconstitutional (with the exception of a state decision out of Alaska back in 1975 (Ravin v  State ) holding the marijuana laws were unconstitutional as applied to personal use amounts in the home). So we don’t have the luxury of designing a strategy to win this fight with one big, successful court decision. We will have to win legalization through a combination of voter initiatives in the states that offer that option, and passing legislation in the other states, a challenging task that almost assures those states will be among the last to change.

But prohibition has been in effect for 80 years, resulting in the arrest of more than 30 million Americans on marijuana charges, many serving time in prison, alienating generations of young people and severely limiting their ability to get an education and advance professionally in their chosen careers. If necessary, we can certainly spend a few more decades (and I believe it will require a decade or more to finally treat responsible marijuana smokers fairly, including ending job discrimination, unfair child care policies, and unfair DUID provisions) to repair the damage caused by prohibition.

For the first time in my lifetime, a major political party has suggested they too recognize the need to move towards legalization, and away from prohibition. It was certainly not the headline of a convention that nominated the first female candidate for president, but it surely was a wonderfully hopeful sign of things to come.

By the next quadrennial conventions, even the Republicans may have found the courage to state the obvious.

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  1. Marijuana legalization is neither “left” nor “right,” and it is a tactical error to identify it as either one. All that does is to provoke partisanship in opposition. Voices have been raised in favor of reason and common sense in this arena on both sides of the “left-right” aisle.

    1. I’m frequently telling people, especially those that are more right leaning, that cannabis re-legalization is a bipartisan issue. Bipartisan, for and against. It usually comes as a surprise to them.
      What is most exciting to me is that it is more apparent now that it will be federally legal soon. I suspect 5-10 years. Maybe even sooner.Especially if California does legalize adult-use this year.
      Unfortunately, I live in Minnesota, and law enforcement has a LOT of say about it. So, even after federal RE-legalization, it will be a long time before MN allows adult-use. At least they won’t use the excuse, “But, it’s federally illegal!”. Just stupid.

  2. I hope.
    I hope.
    They should realize the *War On Drugs* is a failure, as it isn’t stopping anyone from using.
    And the war on Pot, is just dumb.

    So I hope she wins. And I hope she follows through.

  3. “A reasoned pathway to future legalization” Sounds Good, sounds very good if any can believe Hillary Clinton. But, even if, reasoned means how can she make the profit, future means any time it becomes more profitable than Obama’s prison, forfeiture bonanza, or why hasn’t it happened already?
    Trump has stated he is for State’s Rights- let them decide their own marijuana policies, but also strongly supports medical marijuana.
    I’v been using growing marijuana over 50 years, been to jail may times for it, forfeitures, fines, community service, the whole wrath of the law. I believe Trump will respect people’s need for marijuana, and will facilitate the safe reasonable use of it. I will smoke one and vote for Trump.

    1. Well, you thought wrong. Voting Trump is like committing espionage. Dumbasses like you are what’s wrong with our country.

      1. If you believe anything Hillary says then you are in fact the dumbass. She’ll do and say anything to get elected, because she believes its her turn to be president. The GOP has always been for states rights to decide. The democrats have had 8 years to do something, but when asked about legalization, Obama dismissed it as simply a joke. If you believe anything Hillary says look at her answer to whether she lied or not, or the fact that FBI director Comey said she was “Grossly Negligent” in her handling of classified documents, but she said she did nothing wrong. Gen. Patraeus did essentially the same thing but WAS brought up on charges. I’d rather wait for legalization under Trump, and have the US better off, then have Clinton screw up America time after time for 4 years. They say that Obama hasn’t tried to undermine the legalization thats has happened, but look at the raids on dispensaries in CA, the fact that the DEA (which is a branch of the presidency) hasn’t rescheduled cannibis, or the fact he has done nothing to aid decriminalizion/ legalization/medical efforts and you can easily see the true colors of the Democrats(I wouldnt say they’re the colors of FREEDOM).

    2. Trump would have Chris Christie making policy, and he has no interest in legalization. Gary Johnson is a win win

  4. Funny how you didn’t talk bad about the democrates but did with the Republicans a few months ago. Hope future articles are this way for now on but I would suggest you change the pic on this from Hillary, she’s not a good example for Democrats after all that has happened in the last several weeks. But something tells me you support her.

    1. Well like every political issue, norml activists have to pull favors from politicians to get what they want. So endorsing Hillary isn’t so bad if millions of Americans that are being jailed and stamped with a bad reputation for smoking marijuana no longer have this issue. Everyone wants a president to just give everyone what they want and that is literally impossible. One step at a time.

  5. A Jerry Brown Democratic National Committee member introduced a hemp and marijuana amendment during the 1992 Democrat National Platform hearings, but it only received 14 votes and failed to pass. Just a mere 24 years ahead of his time.

  6. Agreed, and I extend my thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders as well!

    And may I just say, now that the Democratic National Convention has in fact completed, and a finite amount of time has passed since then, that we have just traveled a “reasoned pathway to the future” and are, in fact, IN THE FUTURE — SO LEGALIZE IT, ALREADY! NOW, GODDAMN IT, NOW!!

    Fuck the DEA. It’s time to defund and disband the DEA. They had their chance to deschedule cannabis, and they consistently refuse to do it. They refuse to serve the American citizenry; that makes them a rouge agengy. They are useless, violent and ignorant. They are parasites. They serve no good purpose. Who fucking needs ’em, anyway? I wonder what it would take get rid of the entire agency?

    1. That is a very uneducated statement. It’s one thing to feel strongly about something but at least back it up with an educated response and response. It is people like you that wether you see it or not are keeping marijuana nay sayers on the winning team….

  7. You’re having fun with these Trump supporters aren’t you Keith? 🙂
    We can only imagine some of the hate-filled diatribes NORML has to edit from pasting Hillary’s face up on the blog and singing “Some day” to the Republican platform! (Cue the Third Party-too-good-for-Sanders-supporters…)
    To be fair, the Republican National Committee pissed on the third rail by leaving out at least medicinal marijuana reform in their platform. Platforms are a reflection of the values that a party shares that influence voter identity and participation… Hence our vote.
    Even state Republican platforms in places without voter initiatives like here in Texas did include at least industrial hemp and improvement to the Compassionate Use Act, which shows just how far out of touch the National Republican Party is even with its own voting constituency.
    But before we get into another math lesson about why no third party candidate has a real chance at becoming President this November, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that voting for our local government like Mayors and city councils is where we need to start our focus, then work our way through the NORML Congressional Scorecard (type “scorecard” in the custom search above), and please, PLEASE focus on the A-B Senators and Reps this election season;


    After the way the treasonous Republican House killed the Veterans access to marijuana and after the insubordinate, unpatriotic language of Drumph who had to be shamed into donating to veterans when he said he would, the Democrats have got the Senate in sight and should grab as many House seats as possible if we all get our Democratic voters out and vote!

  8. About darn time. I will be voting for candidates that favor legalization no matter what party. For now Dems have my vote, Since I disagree with Repubs VP choice and Chris Christie hanging round with Trump. They also did not include legalization in their platform Dems did.

      1. To avoid giving the Conservatives an issue to run on.

        I have no reason to vote Republican this November. Maybe next time if they change their tune on weed and run a real candidate.

      2. Read the article, moron. Dems ARE for it. It hasn’t happened cause everyone wants to do it perfect … Certainly will never happen with Trump or ANY Repugnicant… You’re probably a stupid southerner to say that. Slavery is NOT ok, Jim Bob. How would you like to be the slave?

      3. I get so sick of people who just assume that if someone is from the south, that they must be stupid, or just because someone is stupid, they must be from the south! There are a lot of intelligent people here, and a lot of stupid people who moved here from the NORTH.

      4. I would also like to add, a lot of northern voters moved here and voted in Republicans like Rick Scott, and Rubio. But you can’t always go by the D or R after a name, consider Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, a Republican pretending to be a Democrat. We missed the vote for medical by 3 points because the set the goal at 60%

  9. This platform won’t change my vote. I won’t vote until action is taken. It just seems like thier just trying to get more votes by adding this to thier platform.

    1. Yeah, you’re right Cajun, vote for the party–GOP–that wants to keep pot illegal, that wants to keep sending pot smokers to prison. You’re logic is truly incredulous.

  10. Deny the GOP the White House this election. Now’s the time, NORML fans. The conservatives will change their tune on prohibition for the next election.

    If not, don’t vote for them then either.

    1. The Democrats have had 8 years. So far nothing other than States Rights. Which is also Trumps position on recreational.


      Trump – I’m for it 100%
      Hillary – It needs more study.

      Do you think Hillary is getting donations from the cartels? When she says “There is too much money in it” it makes you wonder.

      1. “The Democrats have had 8 years. So far nothing other than States Right.”

        You’re so selective in your statement.

        Let’s see, Obama had 8 years to send his AG after the four states that have legalized. He had 8 years to send in the Feds to close the clinics, 8 years to tie up legalization in those states in court, 8 years to use his bully pulpit to decry legalization in those four states.

        But he didn’t do any of those things. Things that plenty of conservatives and libertarians assured us that he would.

        Somehow I don’t think we would’ve seen the same scenarios play out had the old War Horse, John McCain, been prexy, or the plutocrat himself, Mitt Romney.

        Romney’s 2012 prexy campaign website, which is still up, quotes the Mittster thusly:

        “People talk about medicinal marijuana. And you know, you hear that story that people who are sick need medicinal marijuana. But marijuana is the entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs. I don’t want medicinal marijuana; there are synthetic forms of marijuana that are available for people who need it for prescription. Don’t open the doorway to medicinal marijuana.”

        That’s right, kids, Mittster was recommending friggin’ synthetic marijuana!!! Yep, we should put the GOP in control of the white house!

        In truth, the Repubs that we really need to send packing in this election are the Senators and Congressmen. The GOP-dominated House has routinely rejected all efforts to legalizize pot on a national scale.

        Those conservatives and libertarians who scream loudly about Dems hindering legalization somehow always forget to mention the much more brazen role the Republican party plays in keeping pot illegal.

      2. While access to medical marijuana is important, it’s a distraction at this point. If Trump does not legalization, then he’s not pro-marijuana.

        Simply, legalization benefits everyone and the GOP has proven that this is not their position.

  11. Yes, let’s be honest, indeed!

    The campaign platform will change following the election. Look at the Trudeau effect in Canada. Do they ever campaign without deception?

    You see, I, and a few million other voters won’t vote for the Hillary platform. The Clinton machine is not trustworthy.

    Voting in Clinton while expecting positive cannabis legislation is a sucker-move.

  12. Keith, very well put!

    Like many others here I am often frustrated by the relative slowness of the MJ legalization processes. But change is indisputably happening, the continual complaints of the naysayers notwithstanding.

    I don’t like to harp on the naysayers, but am astonished sometimes by their seeming unwillingness to acknowledge even the most obvious of advances in our cause.

    I’m hoping at least one or two more states can join the freedom parade this year (particularly California, as I believe legalization there will have significant consequences).

    And I’m damned glad the Dems are doing the right thing here! (Thank you Bernie!!!) Maybe, just maybe, one of these days the Repubs will join us in the 21st Century.

  13. Do you think god fearing people should choof up and chillax,let’s see Donald and Hilary smoke a reefa on tv.now that wood make my day

  14. It’s a good start, I live in Alabama if something is not changed on the federal level not even legal states have a chance much less the states such as I live in. Please Help…

  15. At this point in time I do not trust the Democrats in office to actually do much if anything. My opinion and feelings are based on their past behavior and convictions. I think that it is only because of Bernie Sanders that they have added these words to their platform.

    The fact is that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are both prohibitionists. If they do anything I think it will be pretty minimal and it might take years.

    I challenge them to prove me wrong about this. Please prove me wrong!!!

    As for the Republican party, they should just shrivel up and wither away. There is no way in hell I can support the Trump/Pence ticket.

  16. More evidence that drug war money and everything else that competes with a legal domestic cannabis market from Koch to coke is retreating from Trump and going to the lower ballot in Congress;


    Drug war prohibitionist and casino owner Sheldon Addleson, after initially pledging $100 million to Trump’s campaign appears to be directing his money into localized efforts to stop marijuana legalization, outspending the traditional prison guard lobby in California;


    But that anti-marijuana Sheldon-money is still dangling in front of a broke Trump campaign that went millions under budget after the conventions.

    At the same time that Republican prohibitionist money is looking more tempting to the GOP than ever, Tim Canova is looking at the best polling ever to replace the Democrats biggest prohibition fund-raiser, Debbie Washmoney Shultz;


    1. It should be pointed out that the reason Adelson hasn’t dumped his money into Trump (yet) is not because they didn’t agree to stop medical marijuana when they met personally; its because Trump doesn’t even have a business plan or an outreach organization. He just spends his campaign money on his golf course and kisses Putins’ @$$ for the loans he’s gonna need from the Russians after Hillary hands his orange @$$ back to him in November. Great way to run a country. (What a douchebag).
      The point is this is freeing up drug-warrior-money for campaigns in California and Florida, so we need to step up our game and donate more locally to AUMA and state campaigns.

  17. The Demos had 8 years under Obama to deal with MJ. All we got out of POTUS was being laughed off. Fuggedaboudit!

    Trump is fine with states making their own choices regarding MJ. His policy is not a step back at least. Trump is not a social conservative.

    So do we elect more of the same with security risks and corporate sellouts included or throw a brick through the window of Establishment politics? Sanders is gone so the only brick left is the one with Trump’s name on it.

    1. Hold up. President Obama allowed the “state experiments” with legalization to proceed and continue, when our prohibitionist opponents were screaming at the top of their lungs for the Feds to come in and shut down the embryonic legal medical marijuana scene. I for one am grateful for that — as an American, and personally as a medical marijuana patient.

      Do you think McCain or Romney would have shown such tolerance, had they been elected President? Hell no; you know damn well they would have done everything they could have done to shut it down, had Obama not beaten them. I voted for Obama twice, and never regretted it once.

      Gotta remember: we’ve been on the losing side of the Drug War for over half a century. We have enemies, and we gotta be clear-eyed about who they are — and we gotta take our friends where we can. Trump ain’t no friend to marijuana legalization, if for no other reason than, apparently, he isn’t morally capable of grasping the concept of social justice. On the other hand, Hillary has signed on to non-interference, and rescheduling. It ain’t true love; but it’s better than a kick in the nuts!

      You want to invite the Trump Circus of Hate and Violence to interfere with marijuana legalization? Not me!

    2. “Trump is fine with states making their own choices regarding MJ.”

      Do you honestly know what Trump’s opinion is on the MJ issue? He’s gone back and forth, as he has on virtually every other issue. He’s someone who lies so frequently and effortlessly, that I’m not sure what he actually believes on ANY subject.

      I don’t like Hillary either, but believe she will follow the Dems’ general philosophy of allowing the states to “experiment” with legalization. With her, we have a party platform, and a candidate, Bernie Sanders, who I believe will keep her going in the right direction.

      With Trump we have no guarantees about anything. Are you really willing to put MJ legalization in the hands of the GOP? Really?

      Although my state of NM is hardly a barometer of the goings on in the rest of the country, I do believe that the vote here last year on whether to decriminalize MJ or not reflects the general situation in the country. The measure was defeated, with (I’m going by memory here) 18 Dems voting for, and 4 Dems voting against. All 17 GOPers voted against decriminalization.

      I believe you would find results not too dissimilar in most states in this country. The GOP, IMO, is still the biggest obstacle to legalization in the country.

  18. The DNC wasn’t the only party to nominate a woman, the Green Party has Jill Stein. They’re making history by nominating a criminal that was exposed for rigging the election and still got the ticket. That’s history.

    I’m also not thrilled about Hillary’s stance on marijuana legalization. Hillary would likely avoid the subject once in office, like Obama has.

  19. The word legalization is in the Democratic platform, but this election wouldn’t be the first time Democrats took the cannabis community for granted, then turned around and not follow through for us. Wouldn’t be the first time they took my vote for granted.

    NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is resigning. I hope the next person in the job is pro-legalization because I have been waiting for Mayor Bill de Blasio to do something FINALLY that is pro-legalization, you know, since it’s long been rumored that he and wife and folks like cannabis.


    In State College, Pennsylvania, seat of Penn State’s main campus, the borough has decriminalized cannabis. The Shit is that any Penn State University property has to enforce both the state and federal prohibition, so that the university does not lose state and federal financial funding. So if a student is caught with pot off campus in the borough it’s decrim and they don’t have to worry aboout losing student aid, BUT if they’re busted on campus they can lose state and federal student aid. So ain’t shit changed since Rob Kampia and folks were protesting in front of Old Main. We need to make progress to eliminate the loss of state aid by legalizing adult recreational in Pennsylvania. The state finances are in the shitter, and the budget the legislature just passed still is NOT fully funded. Hello. Hey, you Pennsylvania politicians! Hello! Legalize it! It’s your source of money. Hello, anybody there?


  20. How long are people going to be dumb enough to believe these lying politicians? They will say anything to trick you into voting for them because most people are so naïve. You should all know by now the politicians lie everyday. The government has marijuana at schedule one, when the fact is they have a patent on marijuana for medical. Just look it up. It’s all about the money, money to them is more important than your life, line up all the politicians and have them take a drug test, if there jobs are so important they should test! I would guess more then half fail .

  21. The only thing i have against Clinton is she has caused 4 people to die in bengauzie and she lies threw her teeth.. how can you trust her? just like obummer said he would legalize and he didn,t do it! what makes you think Clinton will? i no longer trust any of these rich f–ks to run this country ..all they really want is to fill there pockets and there familys pockets// we the people need to take back our country god bless this mess/// sanders should have ran a 3rd party to vote for him ///i believe he would have won

  22. Now that the Democratic Party has basically endorsed legalization, I wonder if they will do anything before the upcoming presidential election of significance. if so they will definitely get my vote, if not I still might vote for Gary Johnson.

  23. This is a move to pander & prey on those whom believe eitherparty rep. Chris Christie has already opened his blow-hole to claim “enjoy it now while you can, when I get in office I will get rid of any state sanctioned use”. Hilary is no better, she is just wanting to stir the crap off the bottom of the pond to hopefully get support. If legal orvmedical use is to happen; it does need to start w/the politico’s on the home front. ND delegation gets a zero. Elect the people whom will honor the constituents wishes. Vote out those who don’t! Take a look at who is promising what, go back & look at their history to see if they honor those promises. Hell, you might even find some of those is lost emails, broken promises or promises lost in the heat of battle. Since when did being a person w/ a genuine medical need become a criminal for wanting to just feel better. Respect those Vets & others hurt in the line of duty. Vote out those whom give us NO RESPECT!! Are WE the only one’s whom can see the king/queen are wearing no clothes. Party affiliation has no merit in this race. Get out the vote, if you dont vote you have no voice. And WE need to speak up, nice & loud!

  24. Showing a photo of Hillrod and discussing the possibilities of favorable marijuana legislation is disgusting.If the country hasn’t realized that this sleazebag will say anything to get elected,they would deserve what they get. Has ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ever stopped any of you from smoking ? Please , as another writer wrote…don’t get political with NORML….

    1. “Don’t get political with NORML…”? Uhm… You do realize the acronym stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law? We have a NORML Pac. You should really browse this website. Check out the Congressional Scorecard. Citizen lobby. It’s what we do.

  25. Those words, those beautiful words: “a reasoned pathway for future legalization”.

    We can begin down that pathway by first decriminalizing “the marijuana plant”, then reach the end of the path by finally rescheduling marijuana. At the end of the path, we can look back at to see what we have accomplished: a re-legalized plant, and reasonably restricted uses of that plant.

    The DEA has literally interpreted the existing text of the current federal definition of marijuana. That interpretation has taken cannabis away from the People, and caused much harm. The pathway should begin by advocating for the restoration of cannabis to the People by reforming the federal definition of marijuana to distinguish the plant from the substance.

    That reformed definition would be a holistic interpretation of the existing text of the current federal definition, while maintaining the reformed definition’s current Schedule along with the debatable prohibitions of the current definition. It would look like this:

    Sec.802.(16). The term “marijuana” means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L. which is prohibited to be grown by or sold by any publicly traded corporation or subsidiary company.

    The advocates can then press for rescheduling of this reformed definition. Good reasons for proceeding down this pathway are identified here:


    Before you start down this pathway, read these references:

    See the current definition of marijuana, and the Schedules here:

    Other uses for the plant Cannabis sativa L. are in Sec.7606 on page 264:

    Advocates can display this pathway formula on T-shirts:

    99% * 0.3 * 710 => 420

    This year is a good time to start down this reasoned pathway. It won’t be a shortcut, but it might actually be a short path.

  26. Platforms? Yes the two are 180 out. With the Democrats more supportive.

    Now about medical cannabis:

    Hillary – “It needs more study”
    Trump – “I’m 100% for it”


    Trump – “It is up to the States.”
    Hillary – “There is too much money in it”

    I dunno. Making this a partisan issue might just get Trump elected. So good for you guys. Great work. Even if it is not what you intended.

    1. I am not surprised, alas, by the selectivity of information put out by the Trump apologists on these boards.

      MSimon, I’m not picking on you, but feel I have to use your post as an example. You give Hillary quotes that support your argument, but
      neglect those that don’t.

      On September 14 of 2015 (last year) she said, “I would support states and localities that are experimenting with this [legalization].”

      She also said that same week, at Luther College, that she would not crack down on cities and states with legal marijuana.

      Did she evolve on the subject? Of course she did. (But she made those statements before her debates with Bernie Sanders.)

      How about the Donald? He appears to be quite enlightened about marijuana legalization–these days.

      In October 2015 Trump said, in regards to Colorado’s legalization of Rec MJ: “I say it’s bad. Medical marijuana is another thing, but I think it’s bad, and I feel strongly about it.”

      So, you see, the Donald has evolved on the subject too. He has his finger testing the wind every bit as much as she does (though you wouldn’t know that by the howls of derision directed at her on these boards).

      The difference–and this is an importance difference–is in the two parties. The Democratic party has also evolved on MJ legalization. The GOP is still stuck in the 1950s on MJ legalization. I’m amazed that those who scream loudest about Hillary’s prohibitionist past have nothing to say about Trump’s party’s prohibitionist PRESENT.

      And the GOP has a stranglehold on the House of Reps, (thanks to gerrymandering) the body that actually initiates laws. The Republicans in the House have stifled all attempts, even in the past two years, to advance any forms of Rec MJ legalization on the federal level.

      The GOPers on the downtickets, even more so than Dishonest Don, much be defeated in November.

      MSimon, I have to add that you’

  27. An idea whose time has come though it seems inexorably slow at this point….40 years plus of continual smokers… and 4000 plus years of history really should be the deciding factor. Legalization federally is the only way to assure that the plant can be utilized to its fullest potential.

  28. Clinton is nothing but a Nazi in disguise. I am Voting Johnson again and I bet if he got into the debates his popularity would significantly rise and would actually have a chance at winning since everyone hates Clinton and Trump.

    1. That’s why they won’t let him in. The Republicans, Democrats, and the media are in cahoots together to keep other parties.

  29. I read again that Hillary’s position on Cannabis is to make it a schedule 2 for researching purposes. I don’t trust Hillary!

  30. NORML Board member Bill Maher even goes so far to call Trump such a threatening infection if “someone told me pushing marijuana could make her loose Ohio, I’d shut up about marijuana. I know! And my piss has seeds in it!”


    Fact is our non-voter-initiative swing states pull a heavy sway on marijuana policy. So the most effective thing we can do to advance marijuana policy in general is support local Congressional races with candidates who have the best grade and platform on legalizing marijuana. Candidates like Tim Canova in Florida.

    Cue the NORML Congressional Scorecard;





    1. Hey Mike, exactly what is it that makes you think we forgot about Biden? He is a friggin’ jerk for what he did to support the drug war and I think most of us are very aware of it!

  32. The only party that has consistently worked towards decriminalization/legalization is the Libertarian Party. The Democratic Party, as well as the Republicans, will say whatever they want during election time but then completely change once into office. Remember Pres. Obama’s promise not to go after medicinal marijuana? You really expect anything different from Hillary?

  33. Anyone who votes Republican and isn’t rich is stupid or evil. Only morons would do something that ridiculous…

  34. Showing a picture of that sleazball with ANY relationship whatsoever to the ongoing marijuana legislation is enough to make me quit after 50 years. Barrys ” fundamental change” didnt change the DEA’s position on marijuana now did it? That fraud that calls himself president probably burns on the back steps of the White House while laughing that it was OK for him to puff with the ” Chume Gang”… you and me? different story.

  35. I smoke 24/7 yu better see a medical marijuana patient I well win this vote100./. It makes trouble then hang my ass! I used it for my illness.i want to help me get around I have a metal trouble? best thing help in life

    1. Oh… BlackMetalMikey… (Deegan? Why Deegan?)
      I implore you to write here again after consuming marijuana without any other popular substance; not alcohol, no tobacco; just you, some marijuana and youre desire to type the truth. That is your challenge. 😉

  36. People don’t you understand voluntarism is the way to go. Are current system is a failure. We need more localization. Look up Lysander Spooner and his thoughts on things it will change your life for the good.

  37. It’s about time that major parties started embracing legalization and (I get really tired of saying this so let me be clear) Hillary Clinton is not the first female candidate for U.S. president. The first was Victoria Woodhull. She was the People’s Party candidate in 1872 against U.S. Grant and Frederick Douglass was her running mate. The pair had no chance of winning being candidates of a minor party and being a White Woman and a Black man. But that’s not the point. She was the first female U.S. presidential candidate and I wish people would stop saying Hillary is the first.

    1. Warren,
      Thank you for an enlightening post amidst a sea of comments ranging from the well-founded to thrashing schoolchildren who appear they are just angry its not their birthday.
      I rarely go back and read much less research posts from two weeks back, but I read up on Woodhull and would agree she was a viable candidate for President despite being under the Constitutional age of 35 first and foremost because the media at the time did not care either way about her age, and if anything can be ascertained by our current election is that the media controls the American electoral rules and process;

      “In 1872, Woodhull ran for President of the United States. While many historians and authors agree that Woodhull was the first woman to run for President of the United States, some have questioned that priority given issues with the legality of her run. They disagree with classifying it as a true candidacy because she was younger than the constitutionally mandated age of 35. However, election coverage by contemporary newspapers does not suggest age was a significant issue. The presidential inauguration was in March 1873. Woodhull’s 35th birthday was in September 1873.”

  38. Marijuana is a plant used in Medical Treatments for more than 6000 years. iT IS NOT A NARCOTIC. It is not a gateway drug, that is OPIODS I am 64 and have been denied the opportunity of beneficial employment because of my personal Right to Freedom. I have waited long enough. I am Medically Educated as a Caregiver, Cultivator, Preparation of Medical Tinctures and Infusions and great food. I want full legalization NOW. I could be in my grave at Hillary’s pace. Unless the DEMOCRATIC PARTY will Remove Completely from the Narcotics Schedule on DAY ONE, I’M VOTING LIBERTARIAN.

    1. Please dont waste you vote on gary johnson. I am also a Libertarian but guess what, they have no chance to beat Hillary. Trump is far from perfect but still 100xs better then Clinton.

  39. You either vote Gary Johnson or Trump. Clinton will not help this nation. Clinton is a liar and a traitor she will stab you in the back and leave you in a shark tank. Trump is about profit and cannabis and hemp farming and products will profit. Trump has to hear from people and make sure Chris Christie and Juliani doesn’t get the AG job. If you think Clinton is an option you might as well jump off a bridge. If Gary Johnson won he would have to fire his establishment vp and others. You gotta look up Trump he has played the field and even before the election stated we needed to end the drug war. Really you gotta stop making your judgments off of this weeks or todays news propaganda. Clintons are blackmailing and paying for all sorts of propaganda…and yet they are the dirtiest and belong in prison …they are responsible for treason and murders…. the list is massive.Don’t buy into the democrat/republican this or that… most of both these so called parties are the same beast. Vote Trump or Vote Gary Johnson period.

  40. Gary Johnson wants to legalize. Hillary wants to “study”…WTF why are you backing her and not Gary?

  41. If you seriously think Hillary Clinton – who has received huge sums of money from the private prisons via super pac – will follow through on ANYTHING written in that the Dem Platform you are sorely mistaken. “She will say Anything and change Nothing” – Obama 2008
    Vote third party!!!

    1. Until there is a 3rd party that can beat Hillary Clinton then there is no choice but to vote Trump.

  42. They been lying for how many years professionally and people buy into placating nauseous verbal love from Politicos as to how they see 80% of the citizens point and will get to it when whatever time they wish. Have voters gone cranially constipated to buy into the cult of freaking change hogwash again? Stay tuned. Willie Nelson for write in candidate. And a war on homelessness at home!

  43. If you believe that Hillary Clinton will do anything good for marijuana then you are fooling yourself. She is bought and paid for by big pharma the same as Obama and the rest of the political class on both sides of the aisle. Wake up people. Donald Trump has been against the war on drugs long before he wanted to be president. Why do you think both republican and democrat leaders hate Trump so much? Its not because he is soooo scary like the mass media spin would have you believe. Its because he will end buisiness as usual in Washington. Stop believing what you hear on CNN. We have a chance to take our country back from the donor class and their politician puppets.

  44. I have been talking pills made from m. arijuana,:to control my epilepsy.
    Sense I have been taking the pills, I have not had one siezure, even when I do an epilepsy test on myself. I use to have them all the time. Why is marijuana illegal it seems to have a loyal medical benifits

  45. If Dems are so for it, why wasn’t it decriminalized at the federal level when they controlled Congress, and had a president that supposedly supported that as well? I don’t think it’s a left or a right thing. Neither should it be. Making it thus, allows disingenuous politicians to use it as a political football; making promises they never plan on keeping. There are people on both sides on the aisle that support this issue, for a variety of reasons; many good, and some not. We should cultivate those that are willing to fight the good fight with us, and take the rest with a grain of salt until they show their hand.

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