Polling: Voters Support Marijuana Law Reform By Record Numbers

Record numbers of voters support regulating the marijuana market and oppose federal efforts to interfere or undermine state laws permitting the plant’s use or sale, according to nationwide polling data released today by Quinnipiac University.

Ninety-three percent of voters — including 96 percent of Democrats and 85 percent of Republicans — support “allowing adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes,” the highest total ever reported in a national poll. Among those respondents older than 65 years of age, 92 percent endorsed legalizing medical marijuana.

Fifty-nine percent of voters similarly support making the adult use of marijuana legal in the United States. That total is in line with recent polling data compiled by Gallup in 2016 which reported that 60 percent of US adults support legalization — a historic high. Respondents who identified as Democrats (72 percent) were most likely to support legalization. Fifty-eight percent of Independents also expressed support, but only 35 percent of Republicans did so. Among the various age groups polled, only those over the age of 65 failed to express majority support for legalization.

Finally, 71 percent of respondents say that they “oppose the government enforcing federal laws against marijuana in states that have already legalized medical or recreational marijuana.” This percentage is the highest level of support ever reported with regard to limiting the federal government from interfering in states’ marijuana policies.

The rising support may provide a boost for pending federal legislation, HR 975: The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, which prevents the federal government from criminally prosecuting individuals and/or businesses who are engaging in state-sanctioned activities specific to the possession, use, production, and distribution of marijuana. You can urge your members of Congress to support this act by clicking here.

The Quinnipiac University poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points.

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    1. I have blackouts and seizures up to 8 times a day, Marijuana is the only thing that has worked for me to helput control them. Marijuana should be legalized,there are more health benefits from it than any drug a doctor could prescribe.

  1. Guess who’s shooting off his mouth again?!

    $13.3 billion may not be a lot of money to people used to dealing in trillions, but what kind of a jobs policy does the Trump administration have to employ the people in the industry after he puts their cannabis employers out of business and they lose their jobs?

    It’s federal spending to shut it down, and you still got medical that you’re going to leave alone, you say. It’s more federal spending to fight the (Mexican) cartels and to incarcerate people. It increases unemployment.

    Prohibitionists, get this into your fucking heads: people are not listening to you; they haven’t been for a long time already; people will not recognize your injunctions to prevent new implementation or reverse a freedom already won; re-education camps and other camps are unacceptable in our country. Give it up!





  2. Gallup reports that GOP approval for full legalization is about %42, right around their own approval rating of Trump. Can we tell whose profitting from prohibition? It’s going to take more gerrymandering and voter supression to keep GOP seats during Cobgressional elections. Trump is digging his own grave.
    Enforcing prohibition on recreational is unsustainable.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Legalizing the adult use of marijuana actually polls far better than 42 percent. It peaked at 60 percent in the fall 2016 Gallup survey, and has been consistently over 50 percent for many years now: http://norml.org/library/national-legalization-polls.%5D

    1. We have record support for marijuana legalization, and an imminent federal crackdown.

      Again, I’m no scholar, but to my way of thinking, that’s a pretty good definition of “Fascist Authoritarianism.”

      1. Polling? Well yes. It is at about 60%. But politics in America is not National except for the President. And even there it is a function of the States.

        Politics in America is a function of the States. So how many States are we winning?

        We need to get National support up to about 80% to get enough States on board to correct the National errors.

  3. scheduling is the key to everything..
    cannabis is falsely, wrongly, incorrectly,
    classified in the highest poisons schedule
    for [heroin etc] – with no currently
    accepted medical use – this is plain wrong..
    cbd’s of natural cannabis are known to have
    specific beneficial effects in brain disorders
    such as epilepsy.. even grand mal epilepsy..
    if in any doubt, check out todays understandings, readily available..
    when a law is found to be actually wrong,
    uncorrupted process means simple correction..
    rescheduling cannabis is just such correction
    of old, wrong, laypersons false assumptions..
    wrong is wrong.. regardless..

  4. Leave pot alone their is good that comes with it be legalized for recreational the crime rates have settled down for the most part but also it brings in the state the extra money and other things that they need to have to help out with the state and cities the government is so crooked anyways they had to push the issue to get it for recreational and Ellie wanted to take it away there’s so crooked and the government shouldn’t never made it in the first place and to tell you guys the dead honest truth it should be legalized anyways it is just put here as a medicine back in the earlier times

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