Vote Expected Tomorrow On Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuanaTomorrow, the Senate Appropriations Committee will have to decide: Will they protect our nation’s 2 million lawful medical marijuana patients or subject them to the wrath of Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

The amendment they will be debating, known as Rohrabacher-Blumenauer, simply prevents the United States Department of Justice from spending any of our tax dollars enforcing federal marijuana prohibition against the 30 states which have now, or are in the process of, implementing a medical cannabis system.

Tell your Senators to protect patients by supporting the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment

There is NO moral reason to punish qualified patients and veterans from accessing marijuana for its therapeutic effects. Recently released data has revealed that the enactment of medical cannabis access is associated with lower rates of opioid abuse and mortality, and does not negatively impact workplace safety, teen use rates, or motor vehicle safety.

Yet, in a letter to members of Congress on May 1, Sessions demanded the end of Rohrabacher-Blumenauer, citing: “The Department must be in a position to use all laws available to combat the transnational drug organizations and dangerous drug traffickers who threaten American lives.”

This is the delusional leadership we have coming out of the Justice Department. A man who equates those suffering from PTSD, cancer, AIDS, and other dire medical conditions to members of violent drug cartels.

We cannot allow Jeff Sessions to be the only one communicating with Congress. SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR SENATORS NOW.

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  1. Weed helps so many across our country. Don’t take something away that is finally actually treating symptoms that are so hard to live with.

  2. Multi millions of dollars will be lost if not signed.The Black Market will thrive and crime will increase easily by 5 fold.Over 2 million people use MMJ for many different ailments and you think we have a Heroin problem now-watch what happens if this isn’t signed tomorrow!!

    1. I agree. If Jeff Sessions were to get his way, the black market would just get richer.

      And the opiod epidemic would just get worse. It’ll just make things worse, if they don’t protect the medical marijuana patients. Cannabis works better than my anti-depression medication which I am on. Nothing works as good as cannabis. It is also time to take it off the Controlled Substances thingy. LOL.
      It shouldn’t be schedule 1, it shouldn’t be on there at all. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe it to me. And they ought to have an insurance plan that would pay it for me. Or at least allow me to grow a supply.

      I bet the next person running for president will have it as part of their plan… at least I hope so. But we still have to wait 3 more long years.

      I would smoke some now, if I could.

      I hope legalization is around the corner.

  3. I should have the right to treat my illness with a natural medication. Pharmaceuticals are poison..

    1. That is a foolish statement Rebecca. I’m all for freeing the weed (as are most on here). But weed isn’t going to give a kid immunity to Measles, Mumps, Roubella, or Chicken Pox.

      It’s not going to fight infection or kill Cancer (although it will help your body fight it by increasing the amount you can eat).

      The point her is: Don’t fall into the hysterical trap of spouting bullshitt arguments. That’s what our opponents do. Pharmaceuticals save millions of lives each year. To say otherwise is to put yourself out there with the “Reefer Madness” people.

      1. Jim, you need to learn the difference from a vaccine and a synthetic patented pharmacuetical drug. Whole plant cannabis is vastly superior to the FDA approval process.

      2. I know the difference very well thanks. I was responding to a blanket statement that said “Pharmaceuticals are poison”. They are not. Even the synthetic painkillers you reference have their place. I like to smoke as well as anyone. And if I had some sort of chronic pain, I’d definitely be on the list for Medical MJ.

        But if I’m getting a heart valve replacement, pot is simply NOT the answer. You need a chemical that is going to knock you out AND stop your heart and breathing so that the doctors can do their work. You get the picture. Pot is not an option for serious surgery.

        This is just a single case in point. There are tons of others.

        Again, I’m no fan of big Pharma and am not under the impression that they are somehow “good” people. BUT to give a blanket statement like that is counter productive to the cause, because it’s just as stupid as Jeff Session’s remarks about pot.

  4. PLEASE just let it happen. It’s honestly just a matter of time- why not just make it happen already? I use it for back pain. Its expensive to have medical here in NJ too. Dr fee’s every 90 days, NJ registration fees, etc etc. It’s still far superior to taking xanax and opiate painkillers every day multiple times a day which caused me to nod off all the time and forget everything like I had dementia. Life is amazing off those drugs and using marijuana instead. This has never killed one alive mammal to date. It’s said to be impossible to take enough to overdose as well (15 lbs w/ in 15 mins or less would have to be ingested- impossible even if one tried. Can’t say that for any other drug on Earth.)

  5. I have stage 6 fibro, plus Neuropathy, osteoarthritis , & Marfan Syndrome.
    With Marian Syndrome I am missing a chromosome the effects all connective tissue. I am literally degenerating ever fiber of my being, every organ, bone,, the whole body is made up of connective tissue. My spine is also a mess. I have crazy muscle spasms.. I want my constitutional right to use, cannabis for my care. I have also had 2 forms of cancer and some other issues not mentioned. I know being this ill is rare, but it is all the more reason I should have access now. I have the right to live without constant suffering. I raised my children, paid a mortgage but had no way to know my health would fail. I need help now. I am allergic to most pain medication and many pharmaceuticals. I live in a 7 on a 1-10 pain scale.. I am asking, Praying for a chance at a better quality of life through Cannabis. Thank You

  6. Where are all of Trump’s little trolling bitches now? About how Trump and Sessions are all about states rights, and would never hurt the economy by eliminating mmj jobs? Hmmm?

    Where’s that little bitch MSimon now, anyway? Too chicken-shit for an honest conversation, apparently. But we knew that already.

    Trump supporters simply suck.

    1. During the election season I believed Trump (States Rights) was no worse than Clinton on cannabis.

      It may be that Trump was blindsided by Sessions. Sessions was at least somewhat conciliatory to cannabis 6 months ago.

      I believe the reason Trump wants Sessions gone is not the real reason. Or not not the only reason.

      Kid Rock for Senate may change Trump’s mind.

      1. Props to MSimon for coming back and respectfully responding to that. It’s hard enough to come back after believing one of the many many lies that Trump has said, but to then respond to a post with such anger so reasonably… I tip my hat to you sir.

        I don’t agree with your politics, but I do respect your response and I appreciate your willingness to admit at least one time when Trump didn’t follow through. Based on my interactions with Trump supporters (and some from the other side too), you are the exception to the rule. You have given me some amount of hope.

      2. @ MSimon,
        Ah, there you are. I’ve missed beating your ass on a regular basis. There is a satisfaction to it, like popping a tick.

        Now look. You know damn well that Trump was not “blindsided” by Sessions, so stop lying. Trump chose Sessions, and Sessions chose Trump, because they are ideological soul-mates. They are both corrupt and bigoted pieces of shit, which is precisely what appeals to the typical numbnut Trump supporter such as yourself.

        Trump and Sessions will have to meet their maker someday (that being, presumably, Satan himself.) But until such time, neither individual is capable of regret or remorse, or fundamental human decency.

        And Kid Rock? You gotta be fucking kidding. I like his music (“Cowboy” rocks, I also love “Bullgod”), but as a politician, he’s just another racist prick like you.

        See you at your next ass beating!

      1. @ Pete,
        I call for Trump’s little trolling bitches, and you show up. Like a cat chasing a string!

        Make an actual political point, and I’ll be happy to rip you a new asshole. But first, you gotta give me something to hit!

  7. Sessions can go after the weed as soon as the fed gov releases it patents on cannibus, and sessions arrests Monsanto. For poisioning the people of the US with roundup, and also gmo cannabus, it is not legal per mr sessions, so how did theyvlegally gmo weed,
    Whatcis good for one is good for all

  8. After 20 yrs. on Dr. prescribed narcotics ( Vicodin, and methadone) for horrific pain from migraines,( 3x a week ) and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I decided to try marijuana for my pain. I’m 62 and had used when I was younger. Now I am amazed at how I feel! I haven’t had a migraine for 16 months! My body pain has almost disappeared, and I feel hope again after all these years. Please don’t take my only hope and relief away. May God guide your heart. Thank you.

    1. ?
      My comment was;
      …”to the halls of Congress and the witness stands of our Federal courts.”
      I dont know what “H” was all about. Musta clicked too fast.

  9. Please legalize this natural God made medicene so i can treat myself without harmful effects of “legal drugs” this drug cures cancer. Do some research for yourself!

  10. I don’t care what these losers say anymore, I’m growing my own forever and sharing with my friends and family. This plant is a joy of life and co-evolved with animals, it is criminal to take this away. Nothing will convince me other wise, no bullshit Victorian-era law based on ignorance, deception, and lies will convince me otherwise.

    Come and get us jackass Sessions, you can’t arrest us all, along with the fact that our state police will not help you either, whom you desperately need.

  11. Ive been medically disabled for 17 years. Medical marijuana has helped me to decrease the amounts of opioid medication I took by 50-70%.
    Medical cannabis helps people with numerous medical problems and it’s less harmful than aspirin?
    And whether the AG wants to acknowledge it or not…it helps people depend less on addictive&harmful pharmaceuticals and actually could help with the opioid “epidemic” by giving not only people legally prescribed pain killers from drs but addicts as well other options beside methadone,suboxone,etc.

  12. Men need to be men again like the old days and take a stand against this bullshit. We have more than half the public support. This is all a lie. Do whatever you think is the right thing to do at all times. Fuck the law, the law is immoral, real men will take a stand. The real men who have taken a stand are the ones responsible for this getting legal.

    Where are the real men with balls out there? Anyone left?

    1. Yes, I believe their names are Dana Rohrabacher and Earl Blumenhauer. Damn! Spelt that on an old iphone again!

  13. My wife has been using Cannabis to relieve the terrible side effects from chemo and radiation. Please vote to protect her access to this much needed medicine.

  14. Cannabis is why I don’t take painkillers for my broken back, and why I am able to have a better quality of life with Ulcerative Colitis.
    Enough of the prehistoric reefer madness mindset!!

  15. THEY ARE THE EMPLOYEES WE R THE EMPLOYERS!!!! Why r people sitting around afraid to tell our employees what we want done? At any other job the employees would be fired. Why r they the exception? I say either help us to get better or in a LOT of cases continue to feel better or GET OUT OF OUR WAY!! It’s tht simple.

  16. If whoever does not vote for this, will not only, not get my get my vote,but every one that I can persuade to vote against them. I will give them a million dollars worth of free advertisement, all BAD!!!

  17. Marijuana treats many aliments without harmful side effects. Please allow those in need receive relief.

  18. Wishing Idaho state would pull their heads out like most of the states surrounding it. Being a former MMJ patient, it’s the only thing that gets rid of my pain and helps with my anxiety.

    Marijuana needs to be moved from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III.

  19. If one was to look closely they would see a major similarity between Donald Trump, Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions III, and the boogeyman. They are all monstrous and will do things to hurt you if they can.

  20. I’m a permanently disabled Texan that could benefit greatly from medical marijuana. It’s sad to think that I might have to move in another state because our laws are unconstitutional.

  21. Being a cancer survivor myself, cannabis for me is a must have. I am a wife, mother of three grown children and soon to be a grandmother and have shared my experience with cannabis with all of my children! My children know why I take it & they are in agreement. Cannabis helps with so many diseases and ailments!! I have friends with Parkinsons, cancer, fibromyalgia etc & this natural plant is helping them all where as traditional medications has failed them!!

  22. Voting has consequences. When Americans insist on electing drug war politicians then they can expect a drug war. Do drugs do time is back and it’s hilarious to see some on the left actually defend Sessions of late. Americans are a screwed up people.

  23. You can no longer continue to propagate these lies about marijuana. The cannabis plant has been around for thousands of years if not the beginning of time. It’s medical use was discovered and used by ancient Chinese and has been a staple of economy in several countries for just as long. Politics and big corporations can no longer force feed false propaganda about a plant that has presently and surely will continually prove to be nothing short of absolutely beneficial in a multitude of ways. Stop while you’re ahead or perhaps big corporations will be the only ones you will be able to look to for help. I do not believe Americans will stand by and let a radical ranter strip their children and/or themselves of this incredible medicine nature bestowed upon us by the hatred and bigotry and greed that seemed to take this country by storm. Remember the Revolution. Power to the Flower!

  24. Hello, I’m a Floridian who needs marijuana to become legal both for medical as well as recreational. My husband receives script for legal medical marijuana and like this month because state won’t pay for his script he’s not getting it filled because even though he’s full Medicare 100 percent disabled his medication he has to pay for out of pocket it’s be servere pain or eat and that’s his options he faces monthly. It’s funny government had no problem paying for his opiods which were slowly killing him now he’s got script that’s helping him and government won’t pay even though our state of Florida voted it amendment 2 in. So many are taking man made drugs synthetic killers of man. Cannibus oil has helped my husband out so much 9 months ago with just his first script he quit cold turkey smoking cigarettes and cigars which he had been smoking since he was 11.He also quit taking hand fulls of synthetic pain pills to get through the day to deal with his chronic pain. So please Congress I ask of you to consider the benefits of this whole country getting back on it’s feet healthy thinking, acting Americans able to heal cancer, desease, disorders, and medicate recreational where as folks can legally smoke marijuana and get natural soother instead of filling there bodies with synthetic, illegal deadly man made drugs both street drugs and synthetic man made prescribed drugs medications that are steady killing mankind and making mankind weak. Just think how much money the government would, can make by legalizing marijuana. Do the math take toll, survey, read the reports on all the states that have been legal for at least 1-2 years so amazing Amen. God bless you all. Peace. Thankyou sincerely Mrs. wages

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