Legalize it!

Dark Money Prohibitionists VS The People

Last week, a new Super PAC was launched with the sole purpose of halting our progress. This shadowy dark money group has committed to spending well into the six figures on efforts to target and take out elected officials who support legalization. No doubt this group will also be spending big this fall to try and defeat legalization ballot measures across the country. We need to be able to answer their attacks head-on.

Cannabis Extract

House Lawmakers Advance Bipartisan Bill Facilitating Clinical Cannabis Research, Allowing Scientists to Access State-Approved Marijuana Products

NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “These common-sense regulatory changes are necessary and long overdue. The reality that nearly one-half of US adults have legal access to these multitude of cannabis products, but our nation’s top scientists do not, is the height of absurdity and it is an indictment of the current system.”