Cannabis Extract

Survey: Medical Students Rarely Exposed to Scientific Data About Cannabis

“The use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes has been legal in certain jurisdictions of the United States for several decades. It is stunning that the medical establishment largely remains unwilling to acknowledge this reality and that so many health professionals in training continue to profess willful ignorance about this important topic.”

California Marijuana Laws

California: Governor Signs Bill Prohibiting Doctors from Discriminating Against Medical Cannabis Patients

“The passage of AB 1954 brings an end to the this long-standing and discriminatory practice. With dozens of studies showing that cannabis often leads to a reduction in pain patients’ use of potentially more harmful opioids, it made no sense for doctors engage in this sort of flagrantly discriminatory and destructive behavior.”  

Florida marijuana laws

Florida: Health Officials Enact Emergency Rules Imposing Cannabis Dosing Limits for Qualified Patients

“These arbitrary and unnecessary limits were established without input from either the patient community or from those physicians who specialize in providing oversight to medical cannabis patients. They will likely result in creating unnecessary confusion and they will place an undue burden upon patients and their doctors.”

Oklahoma marijuana laws

Oklahoma: Governor Signs Legislation Temporarily Halting Any Further Expansion of State’s Medical Cannabis Industry

“Rather than embracing Oklahoma’s robust medical cannabis industry, politicians have instead sought to abruptly tap the breaks. This legislation is largely a solution in search of a problem and it is directly in conflict with the ‘free market’ principles so often espoused by those elected officials on the right side of the aisle.”