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Take A Marijuana Use Survey, Advance Science, Possibly Win iPod or $250 Amazon Gift Card

Some questions are directly about marijuana and some are more general beliefs and opinions. the survey also takes a close look at drug and alcohol use, some symptoms of anxiety and depression, and personality characteristics.
It’s markedly shorter than surveys in the past NORML’s highlighted and should intrigue most folks in the NORML community.

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$10,000 In Prizes Awarded In NORML's Pro-Marijuana Ad Contest

NORML’s survey and polling work indicate that a strong majority of Americans support both decriminalization and patient access to medicinal cannabis, but, frustratingly as exampled in the latest Zogby polling, only a strong plurality (44%) of Americans currently support actually taxing and controlling cannabis like alcohol and tobacco products.

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Dr. Grinspoon Needs Your Help Answering The Question: Why Do I Use Marijuana?

Author, Harvard academician, NORML Advisory Board member and respected physician, Lester Grinspoon, recently updated his webpage and is seeking cannabis consumers to contribute essays to his newly launched blog devoted to furthering understanding and appreciation of the way in which cannabis enhances a variety of human experiences.