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After 32 years of being out-front on the need to change America's marijuana laws, NORML/NORML Foundation hears every conceivable idea or notion on how NORML is supposed to end marijuana prohibition.

Unfortunately, this is not the way policy changes occur. While NORML plays a crucial role as an organizing force and an important information resource, NORML cannot end marijuana prohibition.

Only public-spirited citizens can do that.

Citizens educating and effectively lobbying their elected representatives (most especially members of Congress) will end marijuana prohibition.

That's how things work in a democracy.

Frustratingly, because most supporters of marijuana law reform remain politically silent, our basic constituency is largely invisible. Our elected officials, already lobbied heavily by anti-drug bureaucracies (e.g., DEA, ONDCP, FBI, local and state law enforcement agencies, etc...) and private companies that benefit from marijuana prohibition (e.g., drug testing companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc...), tell NORML's staff and supporters that they do not hear enough from those who favor reform.

This must change.

Judges, disappointingly, have largely been enlisted in the 'war on drugs'. They are unwilling to apply basic constitutional protections to end marijuana prohibition.

The courts, as they are currently constructed, will not effectively end Marijuana Prohibition.

The Executive Branch could certainly use the "bully pulpit" to champion for a change in marijuana policy. However, this seems highly unlikely under the current Administration.

So that brings us back to the legislative branch as the best avenue for change.

There Are No 'Silver Bullets'

Simply put, there are no 'silver bullets' that will make the wasteful and ineffective prohibition of marijuana go away.

The U.S. Congress created marijuana prohibition in 1937 and only they can effectively end it.

As concerned citizens, we must continuously, politely, but forcefully, educate and lobby our elected representatives on the great need to end marijuana prohibition once and for all.

If You Know Your Zip Code, You Can Be An Effective Marijuana Law Reformer

Here are THREE important things you can do right now to make sure that you're doing everything you can, in the most effective manner, to advance marijuana law reform:

1.) Contact Your Elected Officials!

2.) Sign up for NORML's weekly e-zine and indicate your state so that you can receive timely 'Legislative Alerts' from NORML;

3.) Support NORML's longstanding marijuana law reform efforts today by making a generous donation.