For Lawyers

A Personal Message from Norm Kent, Esq. and Steve Dillon, Esq.

As board members of NORML, and longtime active members of the NORML Legal Committee (NLC), we urge you to join the NLC today.

We need your support and assistance as we move closer to our goal of ending marijuana prohibition.

Following a long and discouraging period during which elected officials tried to prove their fitness for office by proposing even harsher penalties for marijuana and other drug offenses, the tide has changed.

There are unmistakable signs today that the long nightmare of marijuana prohibition is coming to an end. Voters in 18 states have supported medical, decriminalizatiion and legalization efforts.

In cities and counties, from state to state, in the privacy of a voting booth, the truth of a failed public policy is being exposed.

Public attitudes increasingly support outright legalization with more than half of the public nationwide now opposing the idea of sending a marijuana smoker to jail, and three out of four supporting the medical use of marijuana.

We have won the hearts and minds of the American public, and we are beginning to translate that public support into public policy.

Why Should I Be Involved in NORML and Marijuana Law Reform?

The battle is not over.

Until we have successfully legalized the responsible use of marijuana by adults, we must continue our efforts to provide support and assistance to the victims of the current laws,.

As lawyers, it falls upon us to use the courts to move public policy in our direction. We must re-dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible legal defense for those who are arrested, until we can finally end prohibition and regain individual sovereignty and free choice for all Americans.

The two of us would like to challenge each of you to please take at least one pro bono marijuana case each year.

Many of these defendants have no resources, and lack the resources to hire competent counsel. That is where you come in.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The NLC?

Attorneys who join the NORML Legal Committee (NLC) not only receive a discount at NORML's CLE seminars, but qualify to advertise in High Times magazine, along with receiving our weekly online news releases and state and federal legislative alerts.

Participation in our legal committee also enables you to exclusive access to the NORML NLC's email list-serve, which shares emerging and unfolding legal issues almost instantly amongst your peers, from one coast to the other.

Additionally, NLC members are listed on NORML's popular webpage, where the victims of marijuana prohibition, their friends and family can turn to find competent and compassionate attorneys, especially those who specialize in criminal and drug defense work.

Last year, over 750,000 citizens were arrested on marijuana-related charges. NORML and its NLC is committed to aiding citizens ill-affected by our country's misguided marijuana policy.

Discount Registration Fees at NORML Legal Seminars

The NORML Legal Committee sponsors two legal seminars each year: one in Aspen, CO in early June; and the other in Key West, FL in early December.

Both NORML legal conferences are qualified for CLE credit by all states that require attorneys to earn continuing legal education credits, and they provide you with cutting edge defenses from some of the most respected criminal defense attorneys in the nation, from John Wesley Hall, who publishes, to Gerry Goldstein, a nationally respected lecturer who often opens his Aspen home to NLC guests.

Because your health matters in a very stressful occupation, these settings also offer a wonderful retreat and respite to renew your energy and spirit, majestic settings where you can learn from and lean upon colleagues who share your view on marijuana policy reform.

Once you join the NLC, you automatically qualify for a $100 reduction in the seminar registration fees, and before you know it, you will be signing up a friend or colleague to share the educational and spiritually rewarding experience.

Together we can make a difference!

Norm Kent, Esq Chair, NORML Board of Directors
Stephen W. Dillon, Esq., Vice Chair, NORML Board of Directors

If you have questions about NLC membership, please contact NORML by phone at 202-483-5500.