Print and Distribute

Pre-internet, about the only way to receive NORML's written information was by U.S. mail or if you happened upon a NORML booth at a marijuana-related event, protest or concert.

Today, you can download and print out NORML/NORML Foundation's information anytime, day or night.

Most importantly, marijuana law reform supporters can now share that information with their like-minded friends/family, as well as to educate the general public (elected representatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow worshippers, etc...).

For nearly 30 years NORML/NORML Foundation has published The Leaflet, and most recently The Legislative Bulletin. These quarterly publications inform NORML/NORML Foundation supporters about the on goings of the organizations and general news about marijuana and marijuana legislation.

NORML Foundation's Freedom Card

Frankly, it is amazing how many thousands of citizens contact NORML annually seeking legal assistance because of a legal run-in with Marijuana Prohibition. That should not be too surprising considering that a citizen is arrested every 43 seconds on marijuana-related charges; 88% on possession-only charges.

That's over 735,000 marijuana-related arrests in 2000!

What is surprising is how often citizens do not assert their rights under the U.S. Constitution when they are being questioned by law enforcement agents.

The "right to remain silent" truly begins at the point of interacting with law enforcement not after the citizen has 1.) Been interrogated by police without the presence of legal counsel or 2.) Given law enforcement officials permission to search their person, car or property.

Frustratingly, by not asserting their Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure, and their Fifth Amendment right to avoid incriminating oneself, citizens make many thousands of otherwise defensible cases moot.

The NORML Foundation's Freedom Card [bold] is, like the old Master Card/Visa ads state, "the one card you do not want to leave home without."

Print out the NORML Foundation Freedom Card and give one to all your like-minded friends and family.

NORML/NORML Foundation's General Informational Flyer

NORML/NORML Foundation publishes a general flyer, which contains information regarding the great need to reform America's misguided marijuana policy, as well as information about NORML.

When an interested person approaches NORML/NORML Foundation and inquires, "What's this all about?" they're handed a NORML/NORML Foundation Flyer. (requires Adobe Reader)