Medical Marijuana

Washington, et.al v. Sessions, et.al

This lawsuit stands to benefit tens of millions of Americans who require, but are unable to safely obtain, Cannabis for the treatment of their illnesses, diseases and medical conditions.

State Of New Jersey v. Edward R. Forchion

Brief on behalf of Amici - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and Coalition for Medical Marijuana - New Jersey, Inc. (CMMNJ), in support of petition for certification.

Andre Lee Juwaun Maestas v. The Honorable Dean M. Fink

Brief Of Amicus Curiae National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws in Support of Petitioner

Keenan Reed-Kaliher v. Hon. Wallace Hoggatt

A joint Amicus curiae brief was filed on behalf of NORML along with the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice. The Arizona Supreme Court opinions state that neither prosecutors nor judges may interfere with medical marijuana.

State of Arizona v. The Honorable Cele Hancock

Brief of Amici Curiae Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice and National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Support of Real Party in Interest

Motion to Medicate

Motion to Amend the Conditions of Release

Jason Osifie v. The Superior Court of the State of Arizona

Medical marijuana and DUI per se Amicus curiae documents filed on behalf or NORML.

The People of the State of California v. Jere Alan Stormoen

Notice of Motion to Traverse Affidavit, Quash Search Warrants, Suppress Evidence and Return Property

United States of America v. John Clemens Marcinkewciz II and Shelley Renee Waldron

On Appeal From The United States District Court For The Western District Of Michigan, Southern Division -- Appellants' Initial Brief

Lyle E. Craker v. Drug Enforcement Administration

On Petition For Review Of A Final Order Of The Drug Enforcement Administration -- Brief for Petitioner and Addendum.

State of Maryland

Legal Brief on the Defense of Necessity