People of the State of Illinois v. Galen R. Maloney

Challenging Illinois marijuana laws.

To The President Of The United States

Petition For Clemency To Relieve Five Elderly Petitioners From Life Without Parole Sentences

Her Majesty the Queen v. Christopher Clay

Appellant statement of facts and legal argument

U.S. v. Zane G. Leeds

Proof Brief for Appellant

State of Iowa v. Carl Ervin Myers

Challenging Probable Cause for a Search Warrant

Recidivist Enhancements in the Aftermath of U.S. v. Shepard

Analysis by Felicia Sarner, Supervisory Assistant Federal Defender, EDPA

Booker Litigation Strategies Manual

A Reference for Criminal Defense Attorneys

All About Booker

Analysis of the Supreme Court decision in the United States v. Booker.

County of San Diego v. San Diego NORML, et.al

Decision of the CA Court of Appeals

Dispensing Medical Marijuana: Some Halachic Parameters

AUTHOR: Wallace Greene, Ph.D., adjunct professor of Philosophy and Religion at Fairleigh Dickinson University