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List of Figures (HTML)
Reference and Data Sources (76 KB)
Calculation of Race Specific Arrest Rates
(49 KB)
Map of United States Marijuana Arrest Rates, by County (2002)
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(97 KB)
Section 1. Marijuana Use, Characteristics of Purchases, Sales
(246 KB)

The Demographics of Marijuana Use
Characteristics of Marijuana Purchases
The Demographics of Drug Selling

Section 2. Marijuana Arrests and National Trends (679 KB)

Recent Marijuana Arrest Trends
Arrests and Marijuana Use
Marijuana Arrests: Analysis of Benefits
High School Senior Marijuana Use
Risk Perception by High School Seniors
Marijuana Availability to High School Seniors
New Marijuana Users
Drug Treatment Admissions
Emergency Department Mentions
Marijuana Potency
Marijuana Prices
Benefit Analysis

Section 3. Marijuana Possession Arrests (173 KB)

Marijuana Possession Arrests-General Trend
The Demographics of Marijuana Possession Arrests
Population, Use, and Arrest Percentages
Arrest Rates Based on the User Population
    Calculation of Usage Based Arrest Rates
Arrest Rates Based on Population

Section 4. Marijuana Sales Arrests (132 KB)

Marijuana Sales Arrests-General Trend
The Demographics of Marijuana Sales Arrests
Population, Sales, and Arrest Percentages
Arrest Rates Based on the Seller Population
Arrest Rate per Population

Section 5. Marijuana Arrests at the State and Local Level (983 KB)

State Penalties for Marijuana Possession
Marijuana Possession Arrests at the State Level
State Penalties for Marijuana Sales
Marijuana Sales Arrests at the State Level
Marijuana Enforcement at the County and Local Level

Section 6. Policy Analysis and Recommendations (126 KB)

Marijuana Policy Analysis - Conventional Wisdom
A Fresh Analysis of Marijuana Policy - A Reassessment of Partial Prohibition

Appendix 1. Maximum Estimates of State and Local Criminal Justice Costs of Marijuana Arrests by State (2000) (79 KB)
Appendix 2. Selected Local Marijuana Arrest Rates (82 KB)
Appendix 3. Marijuana Possession and Sales Arrest Trends 2000-2002 (119 KB)
Appendix 4. Minimum State-Level Penalties for Marijuana Possession (37 KB)
Appendix 5. An Analysis of Marijuana Policy (National Research Council, 1982) (362 KB)
Appendix 6. Marijuana and Health Research Update: Excerpts from Key Reports (153 KB)