State Polls

University of Montana Big Sky 2019 Poll

Fifty-one percent of registered Montana voters support legalizing marijuana.

New York: March 2019 Quinnipiac University Poll

Sixty-five percent of voters believe that adults should be able to legally possess marijuana for their own personal use, and 59 percent support its retail sale in their community.

Arizona: March 2019 Predictive Insights Poll

Fifty-two percent of likely 2020 voters favor legalizing the adult use of marijuana.

New York: March 2019 Marist Poll

Fifty-seven percent of New Yorkers approve of the Governor’s push to legalize the adult use marijuana market.

New Hampshire: March 2019 UNH Granite State Poll

Sixty-eight percent of New Hampshire adults support legalizing the personal possession of marijuana for those age 21 or older, and 80 percent approve of it being sold at licensed retail outlets.

New Jersey: February 2019 Monmouth University Poll

Sixty-two percent of adults support  legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and 68 percent believe that legalizing marijuana would boost the state’s economy.

Wisconsin: Marquette Law School Poll (January 2019)

Fifty-eight percent of registered voters believe that marijuana should be “fully legalized and regulated like alcohol."

New York: Quinnipiac University Poll (January 2019)

Sixty-five percent of voters support allowing adults to legally possess small amounts of marijuana.

Wisconsin: Consumer Choice Center November 2018 Survey

Fifty-six percent of Wisconsin adults support "legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and regulating it like alcohol."

Indiana: Ball State University Fall 2018 Survey

Seventy-eight percent of Indiana residents believe that those convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana should not serve jail time.

Minnesota: Survey USA October 2018 poll

Fifty-six percent of Minnesota adults support legalizing adult marijuana use.

Kansas: Fort Hays State University fall 2018 Poll

Fifty-two percent of Kansas residents “strongly support” or “somewhat support” legalizing recreational marijuana for individuals 21 and older to allow taxation by the state.

Rhode Island: WPRI/Roger Williams University October 2018 Poll

Fifty-six percent of likely voters say that the state should legalize recreational marijuana for those over the age of 21.

New Jersey: Rutgers-Eagleton October 2018 Poll

Fifty-eight percent of voters support “completely legalizing the possession and personal use of recreational marijuana,” and 79 percent support “allowing an individual to clear their record” of a past marijuana possession conviction.

Wyoming: University of Wyoming, Survey & Analysis Center Poll (October 2018)

Sixty-nine percent of residents believe that “those convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana should not serve time in jail."