DEA Agent Specializes In Stopping Medical Marijuana Efforts

Thursday, 20 June 1996

DEA agent Steve Morealle says his current duty is "...to travel the country to stop proposed state-level medical marijuana legislation...," according to statements made in the March edition of Libertarian Party News. Morealle is the same agent who fell under fire last winter from civil rights proponents for his participation in a rally held outside the offices of Boston radio station WBCN to protest the airplay of the NORML benefit CD, Hempilation.

In response to Morealle's self-proclaimed job description, Mass/Cann President Bill Downing sent letters to Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, the Massachusetts ACLU, and Congressman Barney Frank addressing the potential improper use of federal money and authority. Frank has previously engaged in correspondence with United States Attorney General Janet Reno and DEA Administrator Thomas Constantine over Morealle's actions during the Hempilation protest.

"The fact that the DEA is using America's tax dollars to fund efforts to effectively suppress any public discourse regarding medical marijuana that differs from their belief that marijuana has no acceptable medical use is highly offensive, if not illegal," stated NORML Deputy Director Allen St. Pierre.

Morealle also stated that he is employed to appear at public forums to counter individuals and organizations that the DEA considers to be leading advocates of marijuana decriminalization. Morealle said that NORML is the main force his organization must counter.

"I'm touched that the DEA feels they must employ special agents to counter NORML's position," said St. Pierre. "However, it's unfortunate that American taxpayers must pay the cost of such nonsense."

For more information, please contact Bill Downing of Mass/Cann NORML @ (617) 944-CANN or Allen St. Pierre of NORML @ (202) 483-5500.