PBS Special To Focus On Human Rights Violations And The Drug War

Thursday, 18 July 1996

PBS is slated to air a half hour broadcast entitled "Human Rights and the War on Drugs." The show will feature footage from a public policy forum organized by the Partnership for Responsible Drug Information (PRDI) -- a New York think tank intent on fostering open and informed discussion on drug policy -- as well as interviews with Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey, Prison Life Magazine Editor Richard Stratton, and Jamie Fellner of Human Rights Watch.

The segment is scheduled to air during the period of July 18 through July 24.

For more information, please contact the Partnership for Responsible Drug Information at (212) 362-1964.

Attention: Tune into CNBC's "America After Hours" this evening as the show will focus on the California Medical Marijuana Initiative. NORML board members Lester Grinspoon, M.D. and John Morgan, M.D. will be featured along with activists on both sides of the medical marijuana issue.