Think Tank Issues Guidebook: “How To Regulate Cannabis”

Think Tank Issues Guidebook: How To Regulate Cannabis

Bristol, United Kingdom: "Cannabis policy should be built on evidence of what will minimize the potential harms and maximize the potential benefits associated with the use of the drug," according to a new book, "How to Regulate Cannabis: A Practical Guide," published by the British think-tank Transform.

The 248-page book offers market alternatives to cannabis prohibition with the aim of "improving public health," "reducing drug-related crime," "protecting human rights," and "providing good value for money." The book addresses such issues as cannabis taxation, packaging, retail operations, price controls, and other aspects of regulatory policy.

"This book guides policy makers and reform advocates through the key practical challenges in developing and implementing effective systems of legal regulation," the authors state. "This book arrives in a world where multiple jurisdictions are already debating, developing or actually implementing models of legal cannabis regulation."

An executive summary of the guidebook is available online here:

Transform is a charitable think tank that campaigns for the legal regulation of drugs both in the UK and internationally.