New Mexico: Santa Fe Voters To Decide Marijuana Decriminalization Measure

New Mexico: Santa Fe Voters To Decide Marijuana Decriminalization Measure

Santa Fe, NM: City voters this November will likely decide on a proposed municipal measure to reduce local penalties for adults found to be in the possession of small amounts of marijuana for non-medical purposes.

The Santa Fe City Clerk’s office announced this week that the measure’s proponents gathered more than twice the number of signatures from city voters to qualify the measure for the fall ballot. The measure goes before members of the city council on August 27. At that meeting, council members will either vote to enact the ordinance legislatively or they will elect to let voters decide the issue this fall.

If enacted, the measure will impose a civil fine of no more than $25 for offenses involving the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis and/or the possession of marijuana-related paraphernalia.

Similar decriminalization efforts and/or votes are pending in cities across the nation, including Albuquerque; South Portland, Maine; and Wichita, among others.

Earlier this month, voters in a pair of Michigan cities – Hazel Park and Oak Park – decided in favor of local ordinances to depenalize marijuana possession for those age 21 or older. Voters in nine other Michigan cities, including Detroit, have enacted similar municipal ordinances in recent years.

Voters in more than a dozen additional Michigan cities will decide on similar measures in November.

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