Coming Out Green Ad Campaign

Tuesday, 05 May 2015

Dear NORML members and supporters,

With survey after survey, state legislative reform after state legislative reform and vote count after vote count at the polls, it would be hard not to recognize the current political trend of cannabis prohibition's waning support among the general public in America.

However, and ever vexing, despite the big swing in public opinion in favor of legalizing cannabis, the vast majority of cannabis consumers and supporters in America remain largely politically invisible to our elected policymakers. While a number of states in 2016 are expected to join Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington State in legalizing the production, sale and taxation of cannabis commerce--Maine, Massachusetts, Arizona, Nevada, California, and possibly more--there still needs to be more done to hasten needed cannabis law reforms.

In this vein a new and well done public service announcement campaign in favor of ending cannabis prohibition was released recently by Green Flower Media. Producers hope that this advertisement is the first in a series.

Coming Out Green

The Coming Out Green campaign has garnered over 20,000 views online and has started to receive requested personal stories from viewers on why they support legalizing cannabis (for future Coming Out Green ads).

Generally speaking, less than 1% of America's approximate 40 million cannabis consumers, producers and sellers have gotten 'political' regarding their support for legalizing cannabis (in other words, well under 1% of the country's direct stakeholders in ending cannabis prohibition are members or donors to non-profit reform organizations like NORML, DPA, LEAP, ASA, DRCnet or MPP).

Pro-cannabis law reform advocacy campaigns like Coming Out Green being successful can only aid in the overall effort to change the country's antiquated cannabis laws.

Thanks to Green Flower Media for caring and sharing!

Cannabem liberemus,

-Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
Washington, D.C.