Poll: 56 Percent Of Likely California Voters Back Legalization

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Poll: 56 Percent Of Likely California Voters Back Legalization

San Francisco, CA: Fifty-four percent of Californians support legalizing marijuana for adults, according to polling data commissioned by the Public Policy Institute of California and released on Monday.

The percentage of respondents favoring the notion that "the use of marijuana should be legal" increased three percent since pollsters last posed the question in October 2014. Fifty-four percent is the highest level of support for legalizing cannabis ever reported in a PPIC poll.

Support was slightly higher among likely voters, with 56 percent favoring legalization.

Democrats (65 percent), Californians age 18 to 34 (62 percent), Independent voters (61 percent), and whites (60 percent) were most likely to favor legalization. Sixty percent of Latinos and 57 percent of Republicans opposed legalization.

California is one of several states where voters are expected to decide whether or not to legalize and regulate the use, production, and retail sale of the plant in 2016.

For more information, please visit California NORML at: http://www.canorml.org.