Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US AZ: PUB LTE: A Real Solution

    East Valley Tribune, 18 Feb 2018 - Thanks for publishing Kathy Inman's outstanding letter: "Marijuana Solution" (Feb. 11). I'd like to add that about seven years ago before and after my hip-replacement surgery, I was taking about six Vicodin tablets every day.Now, thanks to medical marijuana, I take no pain pills. Vicodin can and does kill thousands of people every year. Cannabis, on the other hand, has never killed anyone. For those who oppose cannabis use don't buy it. Don't buy it. Don't grow it and don't use it. Period.
  2. US AZ: Column: Out With A Whimper

    Tucson Weekly, 28 Sep 2017 - Maricopa County Attorney loses legal battle with tail between his legs Earlier this month, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of the state's medical marijuana industry by quashing a long-standing legal assault by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.
  3. US AZ: High Time Hold Up

    Tucson Weekly, 21 Sep 2017 - Your meds are safe for a little while longer. Congressional lawmakers bought a little more time for the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment by extending the current federal budget with a disaster relief bill signed by President Donald Trump earlier this month. The clause is set to expire with the rest of the bill on Dec. 8.
  4. US AZ: Huffed And Puffed AG Sessions' Marijuana Crackdown Fizzles

    Tucson Weekly, 31 Aug 2017 - It looks like Attorney General Jeff Sessions has run into some problems in his crusade against the marijuana. While the new Department of Justice administration has long been mounting pressure against the marijuana industry, the latest suggestion from the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety is to, well, do nothing. The subcommittee was announced months ago and tasked with developing a legal avenue for Session's marijuana crackdown. However, the Associated Press reported the group "has come up with no new policy recommendations to advance the attorney general's aggressively anti-marijuana views."
  5. US AZ: PUB LTE: Overhaul Time

    Daily Courier, 07 Aug 2017 - Editor: Thanks for publishing Rita Shyrocka'™s outstanding letter: "€œCrisis€™ is on government'€™s shoulders"€ (7-19-17). I'€™d like to add that in 1972, when President Richard Nixon launched the war on drugs, the federal budget for the drug war was $101 million. Last year, the federal budget for the drug was over $25 billion - a 250-fold increase.
  6. US AZ: Column: Dead Letters

    Tucson Weekly, 10 Aug 2017 - Sessions' correspondence to marijuana states is full of smoke and mirror While certain federal administration officials take to Twitter to air their grievances, those stuck in last century use more traditional means for their loosely-supported rants.
  7. US AZ: Marijuana Benefits Abound As New Policy Looms

    Tucson Weekly, 15 Jun 2017 - Despite the upheaval of the current presidential administration, some things just haven't changed, like acting DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg's Obama-era insistence last month that "marijuana is not medicine." Though he also stated that he'd "be the last person to stand in the way" if medical uses of marijuana rise through the FDA process. (Here's where we count on Sue Sisley's research in Phoenix.)
  8. US AZ: Sinister Substitutes

    Tucson Weekly, 06 Apr 2017 - Major anti-pot campaign funder lands DEA approval of THC drug amidst flurry of lawsuits Ethics is a hazy argument when it comes to marijuana. On one hand, opponents of legalization argue that the plant is harmful to society and individuals, and therefore should not be used. "Good people don't smoke marijuana," remember?
  9. US AZ: High Hopes For High Times

    Tucson Weekly, 01 Dec 2016 - Arizona continues efforts towards legal marijuana The failure of Prop 205 may have been a sobering realization for some, but others still have high hopes for the future of marijuana in Arizona. Several new efforts have popped up to change the landscape of Arizona's marijuana landscape since voters rejected this year's recreational proposition.