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  1. US DE: Marijuana Legalization In Delaware Facing Staunch Opposition

    Philadelphia Daily News, 15 Feb 2018 - DOVER, Del. -- A task force studying issues surrounding marijuana legalization in Delaware is wrapping up its work, but it remains unclear whether there is enough support among state lawmakers to legalize recreational pot use. The task force issued a draft report Wednesday and plans to present a final report Feb. 28.
  2. US DE: LTE: Marijuana Isn't As Harmless As Claimed

    The News Journal, 17 Dec 2014 - I read Jonathan Starkey's article "Will Delaware Legalize Marijuana" with great concern. The history of the tobacco industry in the United States has shown that there is tremendous profit in selling addictive chemicals for recreational use. A growing marijuana industry in the United States is applying lessons learned from the tobacco industry to marijuana. Unfortunately, the public and legislators are not being adequately informed of the dangers of this drug. The use of marijuana is associated with memory impairment, impaired motor coordination (often resulting in motor vehicle accidents) and impaired judgment.
  3. US DE: Marijuana Legalization Finds Support In Del.

    Washington Post, 21 Oct 2014 - Advocates of legalizing marijuana should be pleased: Legalization has strong support in Delaware, a 2016 target for the movement. Legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use enjoys 56 percent support in the state, while just 39 percent oppose legalization, according to a new poll from the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication. And the breakdown was the same when the sample was limited merely to registered voters, says Paul Brewer, CPC's associate director for research and professor in the Department of Communication and Department of Political Science and International Relations. - --- MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom
  4. US DE: An Anti-Pot Tirade Goes Up in Smoke

    Daily Times, 02 Oct 2014 - Immigration lawyer and columnist Christine Flowers calls cannabis consumers the "lowest common denominator" in a recent piece. The truth is quite the opposite. The last three U.S. presidents admitted to an experience with the devil's lettuce along with scientists like Carl Sagan and possibly half of the NBA. In fact, 100 million Americans have tried cannabis.
  5. US DE: Del. Attorney General: State Needs Independent Crime Lab

    Daily Reporter, 24 Apr 2014 - WILMINGTON, Delaware - Attorney General Beau Biden says a recent investigation of a state drug-testing lab overseen by the medical examiner's office shows Delaware needs independent crime laboratory. Biden said in a statement Thursday that the state needs to build its own crime laboratory.
  6. US DE: Gov. Jack Markell Revives Plan to Open Medical

    Dover Post, 17 Aug 2013 - On Thursday, Gov. Jack Markell Sent a Letter About His Proposal for the Medical Marijuana Center to Legislators Who Sponsored a 2011 Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana Use in Delaware. the Center Was Put on Hold Because of Potential Conflicts With Federal Laws. DOVER, Del. - Gov. Jack Markell is proposing to revive a plan to open a medical marijuana center in Delaware.
  7. US DE: 12 Pounds Of Marijuana Sent To Real Estate Agent

    Summit Daily News, 29 May 2012 - REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - Rehoboth Beach Police have arrested a Colorado man they say shipped 12 pounds of marijuana to his real estate agent. Thirty-six-year-old Andre Dismuke of Denver was charged Saturday with trafficking marijuana and numerous other drug offenses. He was released on $10,500 bail.
  8. US DE: LTE: Young People Need To Get High From Life

    The News Journal, 20 Feb 2012 - Our children are learning how to smoke marijuana to get a false sense of gratification or high without exerting the necessary human effort to obtain individual achievements and personal excellence. That's why I believe school dropout rates, juvenile delinquencies, drug killings and gangs can almost always be linked to recreational use of drugs like marijuana. True human gratification or highs are obtained from personal achievements and individual excellence such as getting good grades in school, receiving school honors and recognitions, graduating from schools and colleges, obtaining a good job and receiving job promotions, purchasing your first car and first home, creating great inventions that benefits society, starting your own business, getting married and having your first child.
  9. US DE: Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate

    Newark Post, 11 May 2011 - In a lopsided 17-4 vote, the Delaware State Senate gave a final OK to a House-revised version of the medical marijuana bill and sent it to Gov. Jack Markell. "I'm grateful that my fellow senators have acted in the interest of our fellow citizens who are suffering terribly from some horrific diseases," said Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry, D-Wilmington East. "I am grateful to Gov. Markell for his support of this legislation." Markell praised Henry for her leadership on the issue.