Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US IA: Marijuana Takes Center Stage

    Clinton Herald, 02 Aug 2016 - CLINTON - Local organizations hosted a town hall on marijuana Monday, hoping to educate the community about the negative effects of the most commonly used drug. The event, hosted by the Camanche-DeWitt Coalition, Gateway Impact Coalition and the Abbey Treatment Center, discussed the myths and facts relating to marijuana use in the community. Steve Cundiff, co-chairman of the Camanche-DeWitt Coalition, said while working on a drug task force for 10 years, the force often arrested the same people multiple times and even arrested children of the people they had previously arrested.
  2. US IA: Edu: Editorial: Legalize Pot, Give Iowa a New Cash Crop

    The Daily Iowan, 20 Apr 2016 - Editor's note: This editorial is a part of our drug issue. Iowa, though it may not look like it, is predominantly an industrial wasteland. The state, according to the Natural History Museum at the University of Iowa, is nearly 99 percent terraformed; few pockets of untouched earth remain. According to Iowa State University, approximately 85 percent of this land alteration has been implemented throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries for industrial agriculture, specifically row crops such as soybeans and corn.
  3. US IA: PUB LTE: Legalize Medical Cannabis In Iowa

    The Gazette, 18 Apr 2016 - I completely agree with The Gazette's April 8 editorial "Don't delay expansion of medical cannabis" favoring the legalization of medical cannabis. As well as lessening the pains and suffering from cancers and epileptic seizures, I'm betting it will be found to also help with the discomfort of other diseases like Crohn's and IBS (which I have).
  4. US IA: PUB LTE: Iowa Needs Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Law

    Des Moines Register, 10 Apr 2016 - We applaud Gov. Terry Branstad for being open to the issue of medical cannabis [Branstad mulls medical cannabis expansion, April 5]. Over the past three years, thousands of Iowans have asked their lawmakers to pass this meaningful legislation to either get relief from a debilitating medical condition themselves or for a loved one. More than 90 of the state's most influential business leaders have signed a letter urging the Legislature to act. More than 4 of 5 Iowans support the passage of this legislation. And hundreds of local government leaders have lent their support to the cause. It is time for the Legislature to act. In the governor's weekly news conference on April 4, he stated that he is willing to work with the Legislature on this issue. The governor is a true statesman for taking this approach. Thank you, governor, for hearing the voices of Iowans on this issue and lending your support.
  5. US IA: PUB LTE: Marijuana And The Bible

    Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 08 Mar 2016 - Dear Editor: Another reason to allow sick citizens to use cannabis (marijuana / kaneh bosm) that doesn't get mentioned (letter: Mumbo Jumbo Blocking Medical Marijuana in Iowa, Feb. 29, 2016 Pilot-Tribune) is because it is Biblically correct since God indicates He created all the seed bearing plants saying they are all good on literally the very first page.
  6. US IA: PUB LTE: Q-C Physicians, End Medical Marijuana Boycott

    Quad-City Times, 07 Mar 2016 - I support medicinal marijuana as well as recreational marijuana, and have for years, one of which has been LEGAL in Illinois for two years. Just last month, the dispensary in Milan opened! I qualify for medicinal marijuana, according to the standards set up, and when I put that request to my doctors, and I have a cadre of them, they all ignored me.
  7. US IA: PUB LTE: Mumbo Jumbo Blocking Medical Marijuana in Iowa

    Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 29 Feb 2016 - Over the last two years I have learned a whole lot more than I ever expected or wanted to know about medical cannabis. I became involved in advocacy for this issue when I learned about the mothers of kids with epilepsy who were down at the statehouse every day talking to our representatives on behalf of their sick babies and children many of whom have up to 100 seizures a day. That was in 2014. The result of their blood, sweat and tears that year was a puny bill signed into totally ineffective and worthless law by Gov. Terry Branstad. In 2015 the Iowa Senate Democrats passed a comprehensive bill that would have helped people with many more medical conditions to access medicine that they need, a medicine that is legal in 23 states, but our House Republicans refused to allow it to go to the floor a vote.
  8. US IA: Edu: Column: The Road to Legalization: A Change in

    Iowa State Daily, 15 Feb 2016 - Since the stunning findings of the Shaffer Commission and Nixon's following attempts to disguise the truth from the American people, more than 16.5 million people have been arrested for crimes related to cannabis. Yet, more than 80 percent of those arrested were charged with minor misdemeanors related to the plant, costing tax payers in excess of $20 billion a year. The number arrested and the finical burden on American tax payers has done nothing to curb drug use in the United States. Furthermore, the legality of marijuana in several states has brought the reality of this failed drug policy to the attention of the American people.
  9. US IA: Pot Group Wins Free Speech Lawsuit Against Iowa State

    Manteca Bulletin, 23 Jan 2016 - DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - A federal judge ruled Friday that Iowa State University administrators violated the constitutional free speech rights of student members of a pro-marijuana group by barring them from using the university logos on T-shirts. U.S. District Judge James Gritzner issued an order granting members of the ISU chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws a permanent injunction which means university administrators cannot use a trademark policy to prevent the organization from printing shirts depicting a marijuana leaf.