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  1. US NM: Marijuana Debate Stirs Up Governor's Race In New Mexico

    Lexington Herald-Leader, 19 Apr 2018 - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jeff Apodaca on Thursday called for the expansion of New Mexico's medical marijuana program and for legalization of recreational use, saying the poverty-stricken state is missing out on millions of dollars in tax revenues and jobs that could be spurred by the industry. Apodaca released his plan solidifying his position as a supporter of legalization as the race for governor heats up.
  2. US NM: New Mexico 5th Graders Accidentally Ate Marijuana Edibles At

    The State, 18 Jan 2018 - 5th-graders thought they ate ordinary gummies. But then the room started spinning. One student passed out. Another fifth-grader said she couldn't see.
  3. US NM: Pot Enterprise Stuck In Limbo

    Albuquerque Journal, 02 Sep 2016 - Partners in Planned Medical Cannabis Chain Blame State Obstruction Duke Rodriguez's plan to build a statewide chain of cannabis retail stores has hit a snag. Rodriguez, owner of Ultra Health LLC, contends that state regulators have slow-tracked his request to open at least 14 new stores, most in communities that now lack dispensaries.
  4. US NM: Column: Marijuana Prohibition Alive And Well

    The New Mexican, 14 Aug 2016 - Marijuana is just one of many issues in which the government is so far behind the people, it's beyond funny. The Drug Enforcement Administration proved this again just last week when it announced that after weeks of reviewing a petition to reclassify marijuana so it's no longer a Schedule 1 drug, along with heroin, Quaaludes and various psychedelics. Some who follow this issue were optimistic that the DEA might might actually reverse its long-held ironclad Reefer Madness policy. Perhaps the DEA would would reclassify marijuana as a Schedule 2 drug - along with cocaine and methamphetamine - or even lower.
  5. US NM: State Bar Cautions Lawyers In Pot Business

    The New Mexican, 12 Aug 2016 - Some Attorneys Given Pause by 'Gray Area' Between State, Federal Cannabis Policies Nine years after the New Mexico Legislature legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, the state's lawyers are feeling uneasy about clients involved in the cannabis industry.
  6. US NM: PUB LTE: A War On Drugs Or Drug Addicts?

    Albuquerque Journal, 09 Aug 2016 - IT IS WITH bewilderment that I read the article in the July 28 paper ("Gov. backs shutting teen addict center") that Turquoise Lodge is closing its adolescent unit due to "lack of demand." Couple that with the state handcuffing addiction counselors, it seems that the "war on drugs" is seen by our health officials as a "war on drug addicts." These are not evil people who freely choose to stay addicted - they are sick and need help, not the turning of our backs!
  7. US NM: OPED: NM Should Legalize Rec Use Of Pot

    Albuquerque Journal, 08 Aug 2016 - Colorado experience shows it's a winner Well, it's been long enough since Colorado became one of the first two states to approve recreational marijuana legalization in November 2012. The rumor was that New Mexico was taking a wait and see stance before embarking on it's own legalization.
  8. US NM: Column: Scared Youths Can Pay Price In War On Drugs

    Albuquerque Journal, 30 Jul 2016 - SCARED YOUTHS CAN PAY PRICE IN WAR ON DRUGS This is the time of year parents start worrying about back-to-school stuff. For those with college-age kids who will soon go off to live by themselves, there's an extra bit of preparation to think about.
  9. US NM: Column: To Stop Violence, End War On Drugs

    The New Mexican, 12 Jul 2016 - Without a doubt, we Americans are in a bad way. The senseless deaths last week in Baton Rouge, La., Falcon Heights, Minn., and now Dallas are devastating beyond comprehension for the victims and their families. Each shooting also is an act in a shared national tragedy. The problems go down to the very roots. The question of whether, as a country, we are headed in the right or wrong direction can no longer be answered simply with reference to policy matters such as the economy, education or foreign relations. Instead, we face the fundamental question of whether we, the people, as a single people, are holding together and can hold together.